Best fastest wireless charger in India 2021- Buying Guide


Best fastest wireless charger in India 2021- Buying Guide


Best fastest wireless charger in India 2021


Chargers are essentials If we have any gadgets like smartphones, laptops, etc. you need to have the best chargers to charge them so you can keep using your gadget without any hinder.

What If you have a wireless charger that does not require any plug to charge and can charge them anywhere you want to.

The wireless charger is something is in the market for a long time now for about 7-8 years, but it has become popular and gaining popularity though it has grown slowly.

But many customers in the market requires wireless charger to use, as it is quite convenient, so Let’s discuss the Best fastest wireless charger in India 2021 with their detail features.


Best Wireless Charger


Special Features

1. RAEGR Arc 500 Fast Wireless Charger

2 Years Warranty 

Fast charging and slim design

2. Belkin Boost Up Qi (5-W) Wireless Charger 

2 Years Warranty 

Temperature control function for safety

3. Anker Power Port AK-A-2513011 Wireless Charger

18 months warranty

Non-sloppy Charging pad and Safe to use.

4. SKYVIK Beam 2 Wireless Charger

1 Year Warranty 

Suitable for Qi-enabled gadgets and appliances

5. Amkette Power Pro Air 600 Wireless Charger

1 Year Warranty 

3 Different charging positions

About: Best fastest wireless charger 


1. RAEGR Arc 500 Fast Wireless Charger


Best fastest wireless charger in India



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The first in this list is RAEGR Arc 500 is wireless charger as it is light in weight so user can carry anywhere & suitable for all Qi-certified phones.

It is very safe to charge as once the smartphone reaches 100% charger instinctively goes to sleeping mode, this feature really helps to extend the smartphone’s durability.

Internal elements designed in such way that it doesn’t heat beyond the acceptable limit, the external body design of Fire-resistant ABS quality and hold out in high temperatures as well.

Charging will be automatically stopped when it detects any coins, knives, scissors, bank cards at the range where it cannot be acceptable, the package contains two USB Type C cables for flexible adapter connectivity. 

C to C cable suitable for iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max, Galaxy N-10, 10+, etc, A to C cable suitable for other iPhones and android phones.

Key Features: 

  • Perfect for home and office use.
  • Case Friendly & suitable for all Qi-certified phones.
  • Fast charging and slim design.
  • Designed to maintain resistance on a slippery surface.
  • 10-W Fast Charge Method: QC 2.0-3.0 Adapter Required.
  • 5 Fast Charge Method: QC 2.0-3.0 Adapter Required.
  • 5-W Standard Charge Method, Use any Brand Certified Charger.
  • 2 Years Warranty against manufacture defects.
  • 1 Year additional warranty with T & C.
  • Do not charge with Phone case charger speed may affect.
  • What is in Package: Charger, C-C USB Cable, A-C USB Cable, how to use Manual & Warranty card.


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2. Belkin Boost Up Qi (5-W) Wireless Charger 


Best fastest wireless charger in India



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This Wireless charger safe to use as a temperature controller make sure to get safe charging, LED monitor gauges phone range & charge flawlessly without any interference from harmful objects.

Wireless charging comes with enhancing charging stand, perfect to charge throughout the day or even can keep overnight for charging no need to worry about low battery due to its 5-W charging power.

Charging stand device suitable for any appliances that have Qi technology also includes Apple, Samsung, Xperia, LG, Sony, Nokia, Google, and many more.

The main feature is LED lights that indicate either your device connected properly, also helps the user to know if any harmful object between the device and charger.

Key Features: 

  • Well built and sleek design.
  • Safe to use due to its Temperature control function.
  • Best for Qi-enabled devices up to 5-W.
  • Qi-certified and perfectly match any Qi-compatible smartphone.
  • Representation Method makes easy chat, web browsing, and more
  • Case connectable up to 3-mm & 5 Watts wattage
  • Connectable with most of the iPhone & Samsung Galaxy.
  • What is in Package: Wireless Charging Stand 5-W, Installation Guide & Micro-USB Cable
  • 2 Years Warranty.


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3. Anker Power Port AK-A-2513011 Wireless Charger


Best fastest wireless charger in India



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This wireless charger is a very stylish, trendy, and very sleek design, charge the phone without any cable so users can enjoy time without any halt.

Charger characterized in 2-way fast charging and Normal charging, faster one feature with 10-W power supply, which is suitable for smartphone & prompt 3.0 Anker charger.

The normal charge helps 5-W for normal charging in devices especially for Qi-enabled devices, easy to use and carry due to their slim design.

No sloppy charging pads help to keep charging pads steady and maintain safety without any problem.

It has many safety protective features like temperature control, which protects from overvoltage which keeps the user away from the current.

Connectable devices with most of Samsung Galaxy & also suitable for Note 5 , Note 8, Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL

Key Features:

  • Fast Charge Method allows wireless charging faster.
  • Eliminates protective cases to ensure effective charging.
  • Non-sloppy Charging pad and Safe to use.
  • Wattage: 10 Watts.
  • Indicates Charging status & Energy efficiency.
  • Compact build Make sure simple and convenient charging.
  • Suitable Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  • 18 months warranty.
  • Included Elements: Wireless Charging Pad.


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4. SKYVIK Beam 2 Wireless Charger


Best fastest wireless charger in India



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SKYVIK BEAM Wireless chargers probably one of the most popular brands in India as their product allows its users to charge their devices in an easy way, with no need for wire & easy to charge anywhere.

The best thing about this charger is users can keep using the device while watching videos, calling, or messaging due to its well-inbuilt coil technology.

Users can charge the devices horizontally or vertically as per their comfort, the device fits perfectly anywhere as the charger has unique silicon rubber at the base which is in the position of 60-degree angle which makes the device very flexible.

It is safe to use as there are some safety functions inbuilt in this charger such as controlling temperature & prevents short circuit.

Charging automatically stops its services once the charging reaches 100% this helps to save the durability of the phone.

This wireless charger charges phones quickly thanks to its 7.5-W & 10-W, this is suitable to charge the apple and Samsung phones.

Key Features: 

  • Non-Slippy mat, Solid and slim design.
  • Charge fast with many protective measures.
  • Helps in horizontal and vertical charging.
  • User-friendly Cases up to 6 mm thick.
  • Suitable for Qi-enabled gadgets and appliances.
  • 1 Year Warranty on Manufacturing Defects and Six Month on Accessories.
  • What is in Package: Wireless charger, Micro USB Cable, and how to use Manual.


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5. Amkette Power Pro Air 600 Wireless Charger


Best Fastest Wireless charger

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Amkette doesn’t compromise with the quality of charging, this charger comes with a 2 coil system which ensures complete flexibility, user can utilize it in both ways flat and standing as per convenience.

No need to worry about low battery or to wait to phone charge up to 100%, user can listen music or make calls while charging as the device can be kept in horizontal or vertical, also user can keep phone flat during charging.

Charging speed is the efficient user can use phone’s original adapters with this wireless charger, Charger keeps shield with the short circuit as well, as it is short circuit proof, please keep away from metal cases or any other harmful elements.

To protect from Over-heating, it has designed with Polycarbonate material quality, once your device is fully charging charger automatically turns off so it removes the risk of overcharging.

10 W gives prime charging and supports to most of the Samsung galaxy models, 7.5 W provides best charging for i-phones models and 5-W gives the ideal charge for standard Qi-supported devices including Samsung Galaxy S6, LG Nexus 4, and more.

Key Features: 

  • Comfortable for use & Twin Charging Coils.
  • 3 Different charging positions.
  • The sleek design can carry anywhere.
  • 3 coating of Protection, Safe to use.
  • Different power methods for different devices.
  • Qi Certified & Smart LED identification.
  • Most efficient charging speeds.
  • What is in package: 1 Wireless Charger, 1.2 M Micro USB cable & how to use manual.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty.


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More about Best fastest wireless charger in India 


After discussing the Best fastest wireless charger in India, let us discuss a little more about the advantages and disadvantages, things to consider while buying chargers, and a conclusion.

Advantages of Wireless Charger:

  • The first thing and very important one is you do not require electricity, today we almost travel for work or for holidays wireless charger can become quite handy.
  • If you are traveling or staying anywhere in the hotel you don’t have to keep them on charging and go out as you can easily carry them with you, so you won’t be worried about the phone.
  • This helps you to stay connected with your device without any disturbance and it is the safest way to fetch power to your mobile.
  • Another advantage of wireless chargers is that you do not have to wait for the device to complete the charging, as you can enjoy your favorite movies, videos, also can take calls and messages while charging.
  • It can be durable and can enjoy its services for a long time as it has more life than cable chargers, also they are very portable and movable as these chargers come in a lightweight and slim design.

Dis-Advantages of Wireless Charger:

Every product has its benefits and can have disadvantages as well so let us discuss the disadvantages of wireless chargers.

  • The wireless charger may not charge your device as fast as cable chargers, cable chargers are more effective and help to charge quickly than wireless devices.
  • The second thing is though with the latest technology there is some wireless charger who are light in weight they are still bit heavier than wire cables.
  • The wireless charger does not necessarily charge your every device especially older smartphones as they do not have QI support, but now the latest one does have the QI support so before buying please do read if your smartphone can connect to the wireless device.
  • The wireless charger can be a bit costlier than the cable chargers.



Buying guide:

Before buying anything, we must consider some things in order to get the best and durable product, so let us discuss the things to consider while buying wireless chargers.


Stand, Oval, or Round Shape Chargers: 

There are a variety of shapes available in chargers you may select as per your convenience every one may have their plus points and minus points as well.

Rounded or oval size chargers look stylish and easier to carry than stand chargers you just have to keep your phone for the charge.

Whereas Stand chargers may provide you the flexibility to charge in different angles where you can enjoy your videos while charging and also can take calls and messages.


Qi charger:

There are many types of chargers available but we will suggest you go for Qi, but before that once see which gadget you want to charge & charger.

It should be using both structures or else, they may not work, though Qi is most widely used for the latest smartphones, i-phones always better to read the details.


Charging Speed: 

You should know what power your device requires and accordingly take your decision on wattage, though most of the phones can be chargeable up to 7.5 wattages but always good to read as this helps to charge your phone quickly and if the wattage is not supportive then it may cause the problem to your device.



Most important choosing branded chargers see here is the complication as many people think about cheaper chargers.

Which may work fine but in long term, they may not be durable and they also can cause the issue to the devices like they create an impact on your phones battery life and your phone may start running slow.

So, we will suggest you buy the best-branded product as we do not have to invest again and again as they are long-lasting and do not cause any problem to your device.


Auto Turn off: 

This can be optional but with new technologies, there are many brands who provide this option, this actually makes sure to turn off the charger once your device is full this helps to enhance your battery life.


Easy & Safe to use:

Your charger should be easy and safe to use if the device has the features like solid build, anti-skid body, and heating control option then it would be better as they provide you complete safety.


Durability and warranty:

As we need to use any product for a longer time, we must see the warranty, though most of the brands provide a 12 to 18 months warranty but always better read.

This also depends on each brand what they offer some may offer a 1-year additional warranty as well but with terms and conditions.

You may have to register or call customer services within a given time frame after purchase to claim an additional warranty in the future.


Budget and Price: 

This depends on your budget there are many affordable chargers also available, chargers price ranges between 1000 to above 5000.


Read the Instructions: 

Always read the instructions carefully before using them so it will be easy for you to operate and you can take important measures to keep your charger long-lasting and durable. 




Please always be aware & check the phone’s back (or case) not attached with any iron, metal, coins & other metal objects like credit cards, debit cards, etc.

Most of the time to charge your phone remove any protective covers like mobile cases from your phone and place them gently over the charging pad.

The charging pad is connected to a micro USB cable to enable power in the device while concluding to make sure to store your charger in a safe place when not in use to maintain its quality and longevity.

Hope this article on the best fastest wireless charger in India help you to know about charger in detail but if you have any query please post your comments we will be happy to help you.



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