What Is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair? India 2021


What Is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair? India 2021


What Is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair? India 2021


It’s all about luxury in life and every human being is lookout for comfort from your busy and unhealthy lifestyle, yes massage is a very important and healthy way to keep your body in shape and fine.

But a few years back life was not that hectic and people do not look out for massage sessions, then it was only elders due to age used to get a message to their body, but now with time, even the younger generation starts to feel the pain and stiffness.

Well, I know you are here to know about zero gravity massage chairs but it is vital to understand the importance of massage in our life.


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Robotouch Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair

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BODYFRIEND Zero Gravity Massage Chair

4D massage Chair


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The massage chair was first introducing in the 1960s by therapists and since then massage chair has been evolved a lot, there are many types of massage chairs available.

A few years back recliner massage chair was more popular and used to be considered best for massage your entire body but with time zero gravity massage chair has been introduced and since then these are in high demand and the trend is at the pick.

It is not that the recliner massage chair is not capable enough to massage your entire body but it is all about the latest technology and people want luxury and new techniques.

Now coming back to the question that What is a zero gravity massage chair? In this article, we will discuss the zero gravity massage chairs, why they are so popular, and their advantages.



About: What is a zero gravity massage chair in India?


How the Idea came of a zero gravity massage chair?

You must have heard about astronauts everyone knows how tough job for them, the actual concept and idea came from Nasa.

You must be wondering why NASA comes with such an idea about zero gravity, well we are going to explain this below but with this unique find, we got an amazing full-body massager called zero gravity.

I have just said that the toughest job is to be an astronaut as when you sit in a chair especially in spaceships the rockets are so fast and goes in a quick session with the blink of an eye it can be dangerous and can cause harmful injuries to the astronaut.

So, to counter it NASA came with the idea of zero gravity position so on this position human body at the same equal level while sitting on a chair literally like you are sleeping on your bed.

Your complete body at the even position where your feet and knees stay above your heart you get complete comfort, so the immense pressure that astronaut may face during their journey to battle such problem zero gravity chair has been Introduce.

So, this is how they found an amazing solution to such a problem where their body is at the perfect position where bones and joints of the human body won’t get those harmful pressure.



Now that you know what is zero gravity position means now the biggest question is in most people’s minds that is the only reason why zero gravity massage chair is so popular or awesome.

The short answer to this is No, there is multiple other amazing functions that makes zero gravity massage chair very effective and useful tool at your home.


Saves Money:

Wait let me explain how first and the most important factor is they save money well you must be surprised to this point and must be thinking they are so pricey or expensive how they can save the money?

The spa sessions nowadays are so costly even in India spa or massage sessions are worthy and beneficial if you keep getting them on regular basis.

Once you go on a regular basis you spend a lot of hefty money it is always better to spend one time for many years as these machines are so costly, they are made with high-quality material and very durable it is completely dependent on your use and maintenance as well.

In long run, you definitely save a lot of your hard earn bugs for sure.


Best Selling Full body massagers 


 Robotouch Zero Gravity Massage Chair

JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair

BODYFRIEND 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair




Massage Techniques in Zero gravity massage chair: 



There are many massage techniques used in massage chairs these machines have multiple airbags places into the massage, they are solely responsible for squeezing, compressing your body parts to provide you soothing massage sessions.

The airbag placements are though depending on the product to product as per the brand and pricing but in zero gravity massage chair, you will find the airbags from 20 to 50 or more as well.

The higher the airbags in the massage chair are better for your massage sessions, the number of airbags are also depending on which type of zero gravity massage chair you have chosen.


Types of Zero gravity massage chairs: 

There are massage chairs available in 2D, 3D and 4D these are the different kinds of massage chairs available, a 2D massage chair may have lesser airbags than 3D and 4D.

The 4D massage chair has maximum airbags than 2D and 3D as it is the latest technique massage chair, obviously, if it has more airbags and latest technique then the price wise also a bit expensive than 2D and 3D.

The selection of a massage chair is completely dependent on your budget; our recommendation will be 3D or 4D massage chair but 2D also solves and gives very effective massage sessions.



Shiatsu Massage Technique: 

The zero-gravity massage chair has the most powerful massage technique in the world right now which is first originated in Japan but now practice all over the world that is shiatsu massage technique. 

Very effective massage gives all the comfort and pain relief you need from your entire body, this shiatsu massage technique provides users a more natural massage session.

While taking this massage user feel like someone is pressing your body parts from their fingers or palms.



This massage chair also has some amazing function that actually scans user body and makes an adjustment as per the user’s body this feature you will find in most of the zero-gravity massage chair.

Due to the scanning feature, the headache of adjusting keeps away and saves a lot of time.


Other Multiple Massage technique: 

It gives you other massages as well like kneading, tapping scrapping all these massage techniques helps to keep your body healthy improves blood circulation in the body, and also keeps your small tissues and bones healthy and fine.


Inbuilt Rollers: 

The zero-gravity massage chair will also have inbuilt rollers mostly at your feet’ sole and also for your back this is a very effective way to give your sole much-needed massage to keep away the stress from your body.



Is it safe to use?

Absolutely safe and more than anything very easy to use, let me elaborate this more as this question asked may times see overuse of anything can be harmful.

If you use it properly 15 minutes are more than enough to relax your body and the best thing about a massage chair is there will be a timer where you can set up a time of 15 minutes.

If you want to extend the massage sessions as per experts’ recommendation 15 minutes is perfect but if you want you can take a massage for 20 minutes.


Which brand is best in India?

There are very few brands in India who has been making quality massage chair but JSB healthcare and Robotouch is one of the well-known brands in this product and amazing thing about these 2 brands is they have multiple designs and models of the massage chair.



Advantages of zero gravity massage chair:


The benefit of the massage chair is many to your overall body health you can even imagine some of the Advantages of a zero gravity massage chair are below.

  • The most common benefit of massage is reducing pain from the body, due to a busy schedule, or you are into fitness and sports you can easily get relief from any kind of pain.
  • It is designed for full body massage there are techniques included at the seating position for your head that helps to get rid of a headache.
  • It also helps to reduce the pain from your lower back body part, pain and stiffness in the lower body part are very common in most people you can utilize this machine to get relief from such pain.
  • Stress due to working and achieving targets on daily basis takes a toll on every one zero gravity massage chair can help you to get rid of stress and you can feel more energetic as it will lift your mood.
  • If you are struggling with anxiety take a massage chair for 10 to 15 minutes will help you battle anxiety problems.
  • Studies conduct and found that a person with high blood pressure can take massage it can control the high blood pressure.
  • It really helps to relax your stiff muscles if any aches and pain in muscles it can give you comfort as it can help to lessen the muscle tissue stiffness by giving a gentle massage.
  • Regular massaging can really help to make your body flexible, improves blood circulation into the body.
  • The massage also helps to improve your immunity.
  • Most importantly it can really help you to improve your body posture, as we know that due to sitting work most of face problem body posture you can massage your body from zero gravity massage chair that will help you to correct your posture.




So here it is we have discussed in detail what is zero gravity massage chair?

IT is definitely the best way to massage your body in the comfort of your home there are multiple massage chairs available in India.

As a discussed best brands JSB and Robotouch are the quality brands and there are few more brands like BODYFRINED, ARG which also make some best massage chairs.

Hope this article helps you to understand What is zero gravity massage chair but if you have any query please post your comments, we will be happy to help also if you like the information you can share this article.





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