Water Heater in India for home 3 best selling online 2021


Water Heater in India for home 3 best selling online 2021


Water Heater in India for home 3 best selling online 2021


Heater or Geysers must-have essential in Rainy & winter seasons as we more often use hot water for bathing and use for many more basic needs.

As in this season quite challenge to get fresh and bath in cold water, it is also necessary to take care of health in this season we have to avoid diseases like fever, cold and cough.

The heater is not only helpful in monsoon or winter it is helpful in any season, especially to those people who use hot water every day, this machine not only saves your gases but gives hot water in quick time.

But buying a heater is not easy as it sounds with many brands around us makes it more difficult, So we have listed some of the best Water Heater, so let us discuss in detail about Water heaters in India for home 3 best selling online. 


Best Water Heater 



1. Bajaj New Shakti  Water Heater

25 Litres Capacity

 2 years Warranty 

2. AO Smith SDS-025 Water Heater Machine

25 Litres Capacity

2 years Warranty 

3. Havells Monza EC 10 Water Heater 

10 Litres Capacity

2 years warranty


Water Heater in India for home 3 best selling online 2021


1. Bajaj New Shakti Water Heater



Water Heater in India for home 3 best selling online 2020



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Bajaj New Shakti heater comes with a huge storage capacity of up to 25 liters, this is a solid, well structured & authentic device.

The making of the heater is solid and sturdy which is very durable thanks to its Powder-coated metal body, it has 1 meter long wires.

Keeps the water hot for the longest time as it has the unique feature of PUF insulation which helps to keep water for a long time. 

Completely safe to use as it is furnished with Multiple safety systems this feature ensures to provide safeguard from dry heating, overheating, and overpressure.

Even the technology of cable extension is completely protected as cables are fireproof, heater needs less power consumption which helps to save the electricity.

It is designed with a glass-lined inner tank which protects from rust & erosion, Pipes are built with high-quality copper which makes this device more durable and solid.

Key Features: 

  • Storage System, Capacity: 25 Liters.
  • Less Power Consumption.
  • Wired length: 1 meter
  • Fits anywhere in the bathroom.
  • 2 years warranty on the product, 5 years on heating, and 2 years on inner tank.
  • 8 Bar Pressure: Resist to qualify to use in high-rise buildings.
  • Water heaters available in different capacity 10, 15 & 25
  • The water heater as per BEE standard.


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2. AO Smith SDS-025 Water Heater Machine



Water Heater in India for home 3 best selling online 2020



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AO Smith is one of the finest brands in heaters and this machine is completely safe and easy to use, as it has dual safeguard thermal cut out & multi-purpose safe pipes.

Well built personalized combination of Anode Rod which helpful at the hard heating water condition, shield the tank and have double longevity.

It has a glass cover feature to protect scale development which ensures the durability of the heating procedure, this heaters body made with high-quality ABS material which is rust-free.

Provides complete flexibility as the user can set up the heating level and once the set heating level reaches automatically machine stops heating the water this allows the user not to worry about overheating.

This device requires less power consumption which helps to save electricity usage and fits into any bathroom easily due to its sleek and trendy design.

Key Features: 

  • Storage System; Capacity: 25 Litres.
  • Wattage: 2000 Watts which helps to save power Consumption.
  • 8 Bars Pressure & Blue Diamond technology.
  • 2 Years warranty on the product, 2+ 2 years extended warranty on glass coated heating element.
  • 7 Years warranty on inner tank.
  • Vertical storage heater.
  • Well built, sturdy, and sleek design.
  • The water heater is as per BEE standard.
  • Water heaters available in different capacity 10, 15 & 25


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3. Havells Monza EC 10 Water Heater 




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Havells probably the most popular and well know brand in India, their product provides quality performance and that is why this water heater machine standing in this list in 3rd place.

This machine is well built and it has unique features like Incoly Glass covering heating feature and Fero-glass technique this blend makes this device long-lasting.

Pipes are solid and compact as they are made with stainless steel, they have 8 bar working enforcement which helps to get cold and hot water from machines.

Tank is made with cold-rolled pates which are super thick & Anode rod shield from oxidizing & waste requires less power consumption which saves the electricity bills.

Set up the heating level from 25 degrees to 75 degrees with an Adjustable knot in the setting, so the user can get the hot water as needed.

Key Features: 

  • Capacity: 10 litters & Power: 2000 watts
  • Energy-saving high thickness PUF covering.
  • Incoly Glass cover and Fero-Glass Technology.
  • Water tubes with whirl flow technology.
  • 8 bar Pressure rating & 6 bars suitable for High Rise buildings.
  • 2 Years warranty on product & 5 years on inner container.
  • The water heater is as per BEE standard.
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker.


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Water Heater in India for home: Types of Water Heaters


There are mainly 4 types of water Heater let us discuss some of them in detail about their features like pros and cons.


Water Immersion Heater:

This is probably the oldest type of heater which comes at a very economical price anyone can afford easily, they do provide hot water in less time.

It does not require any installation easy to use, but they consume a lot of electricity and it is not safe to use if you have children or any pet at home.

Instant Water Heater: 

These heaters are suitable for smaller families very portable and require less space so fits anywhere looks attractive and easy to use but it requires and consumes the electricity, comes with limited features.

Storage Water Heaters: 

As the name indicates these heaters have good storage capacity and less consumption of electricity gives a good amount of water for multiple uses, they are larger in size so if someone has space they can afford to use them.

Gas Geyser:

This kind of heater works on gas very solid and sturdy yet slim design which fits into the wall, very user friendly and saves electricity consumption you need to have the connection of gas to utilize them.



Water Heater in India for home: Buying Guide 

We are buying a product for home use so they should be durable, long-lasting, and yet made in a way that fits into the bathroom perfectly.

While buying any product we must know some things to consider to get a quality product at home, so let us discuss the buying guide for the water heater.


Heating Time: 

We are buying the heater for hot water so your heater should heat the water in less time so if you are using for a bath in the morning your lot of time will be saved and you can do other work more efficiently.


Heating Methods: 

Glass coated Incology heating consider to be the best as they are long-lasting and glass coated copper heating is another heating method which used in heaters, they may not be durable as incology but they are not expensive.



The water capacity should be higher and all depend on the family members at home.

Family members of 2-3 people may go for above 15 liters capacity and for more than 4 members 25 liters or even more capable of heaters are suitable.


Power Consumption: 

The best quality water heater does not consume high power, your ideal device should consume less power so you can save a lot of electricity and at the same time money.

Most of the water heaters may consume about 1500 to 2000 watts and some others may consume over 2500, this depends on the features of the heater.


Adjust Temperature level: 

If your device has this element then your whole user experience becomes easy as you do not have to stand and waiting for water to heat up.

There are some heaters who allow to set up heating level and then automatically stop working once set up heating level reach.



To maintain its quality and to make sure to use it for a longer time keep cleaning the heater tank on a regular basis so there won’t be any rust on the tank.


Heater Quality: 

Body mostly made from plastic ABS plastic considered to be the premium quality which keeps you away from shock and they are long-lasting at the same time looks good and attractive as they create the perfect shape.


Water Tank Quality: 

There are three types of water tanks quality copper, thermoplastic and stainless steel, these all are considered to be safe, productive, and effective.

Cooper gives quick warm water most of the brands prefer to use copper to build tanks.

Thermoplastic this used less in heaters though they are good for heaters the negative point for this it is not heatproof.

Stainless steel considers being the next-generation technology for tanks as they require less maintenance and cover with the anti-damaging feature.


Auto Turn On / Off: 

This is also a very important factor as if the heater has the function of Auto-off which means it is completely safe as it is very efficient in case a person forgot to switch off.

The device will automatically turn off and at the same time, it will save consumption and will protect the device from overheating.



All the heater has ranked as per the rule of the government of India, your heater must have as per the standards of BEE, the rating formula is very simple if heater got higher rating then it means it has premium quality.



There are few brands that may provide free installation, there will be procedures you may have to contact the customer service to register for installation service.

Do not try to install yourself for safety as there may be a risk while installing, it is always better to take help from a person who is well known or call a brand to install.

You may require some additional things while fitting which may not be added in the package, you have to invest for fitting material somewhere above 1000.


Warranty & Brand Service: 

Warranty is very important and almost every brand does provide a warranty on the product this all depends on the brand, but the average warranty would be 2 or more years on the product and 4 or more on the tank.

This kind of product can be sensitive so always choose the well-known brand who provides not only a quality product but at the same time good service.



Set up your budget is the most important factor of all, as once you set the budget you will be clear in your mind that what you need and then your decision-making becomes easier.



Water Heater in India for home: Frequently Asked Questions


What is the durability of the water heater?

This depending on your use and how you maintain them, if you use them properly, provide regular required maintenance, then your heater may last long for many years up to 10 years.

Choose a good quality brand that is well known and making some of the best quality, another important thing for durability is its compactness and design.


Why is the water heater making noise? 

This is due to cramping, tight and limited flow of water or sometimes the valve does not close properly which may create vibration, and then it leads to noise.

Water bubbles once warmed up which creates sediment in the tank, due to this your heater starts making noise.

Another reason might be due to the long use of tanks you can change them if you are using them for many years.


How I can stop the noise of the heater?

To avoid this problem, you can flush out the waste which is the store at the bottom of the tank, you can close or turn off the valve during the cold-water supply by connecting the pipe to the tank’s drain nozzle to avoid the noise.

Moreover, if you found difficulty while doing it you can call a person who knows the technique of doing it or call the customer care of the brand for help.


Is it normal if my heater releasing water?  

Yes, it is quite normal most of the heaters do throw some of the water, in fact, it is good news which means your device’s valve is working completely fine.

This actually helps your inner tank to manage the pressure which leads to maintaining your tank and keeps it away from leakage and outbreak.


Why is Water Heater Leaking?

Maybe due to a loose drain valve, you can reinforce them and tight them, but if not that then there might be an installation problem, in this case, you can call for customer care.

Sometimes if your device is old and you have been using it for years then you may have to replace it with the new one.


Should I Turn off the leaking water Heater?

You should immediately turn off the leaking water heater there should be turning off the shaft at the valve if you do not understand you can watch videos or can call the brand for quick help.


Should I turn my water heater off at night?

Be it an electric water heater or gas water heater you should make sure to keep the device turn off at night.


How long heater takes time to heat the water?

This is depending on your heater type, gas heaters heat water in a quick time than the electric heaters.

A gas heater normally takes time anything between 30 to 40 minutes and an electric heater may take time up to 1 hour to 60 to 80 minutes.


Is Installation Easy for Water heaters?

Even if it is safe do not try to assemble yourself always call manufacturers’ customer service to send their person or call a well-trained technician for installation.

Most of the brands do provide free installation facility so utilize that.


Which is the best heater to consider for less power consumption?

If you do not want to spend much on electricity bills you can go for gas-based water heaters that do not require power consumption.

If you are going for electric water heaters which are more commonly used then you can opt for the auto turning off option, which helps you to save your power consumption and at the same time ensures safety from overheating.


Why does water start to smell in the heater?

That might be because of bacteria and germs present in your tank and another reason might be due to lack of maintenance and cleanliness, keep cleaning and provide regular maintenance to avoid such situations.  


Why is the heater not producing hot water?

There might be a reason your valve sensors may have burned out or your tank choke up with sediments, the heating element mostly depending on the bottom of the heater when waste starts to develop in your device then it starts to give you less warm water.


Which is the best brand for Heaters?

There are many brands available for heaters you can go for AO-SMITH, HAVELLS, BAJAJ, and Crompton.

These are not only making some of the advance and sturdy heaters but they also provide good after-sales service.




Water heaters are a very effective and quick way to get hot water, these are very useful in winters and monsoons as it is very difficult to bathe with cold water.

Hot water is just not to give you relax bath but also it prevents you from diseases such as Cold, Fever, and cough which are the most common in those days.

Everyone has their own choices depends on person to person, what is your purpose to buy only for bathing or to clean the clothes as well, as hot waters wash the cloths in a better way and clean thoroughly.

So, if you have a water heater at home this gives the luxury to get water in quick time for cleaning as well, above all are one of the best-selling products that will perform as per expectation.

Water heaters may last long for many years let us say up to 10 years or more but all depend on the quality of the body and tank and at the same time how you use and maintain it.


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