Top Best Smart Ceiling Fans India 2021- Buying Guide


Top Best Smart Ceiling Fans India 2021


Top Best Smart Ceiling Fans India 2021


We know many smart things such as smartphones, smart appliances in terms of technology, and many more smart products in electronics but most of us do not know about smart ceiling fans.

Yes, you read it right smart ceiling fans due to advance and invented technology nowadays we can get fans who can work on the remote control or even on Wi-Fi.

The competition has become very high now and every brand wants to give their customer the best service possible especially when it comes to home appliances, these smart fans are more than about easy controlling.

We will discuss all that in this article from things to consider while buying fans to the best products available, so let us discuss the top best Smart Ceiling Fans India 2021.



Best Smart Fan 

Special Features 

Available on

1. Atomberg Renesa smart ceiling fan

BLDC motor, Sweep size-1200 mm

2. Orient Electric Smart Ceiling Fan

Sweep size-1200 mm connectable to mobile apps 

3. Superfan smart Ceiling Fan

BLDC motor & timer mode available

4. Havells Smart Ceiling Fan

Temperature and Humidity sensor

5. Atomberg Renesa Smart+ceiling fan

BLDC motor & multiple modes available



1. Atomberg Renesa smart ceiling fan


Top Smart Ceiling Fans



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Atomberg is an Indian brand they are specialized in making high-quality fans they have a huge range of smart fans which is best in terms of use and durability with good servicing as they have about above 350 service centers in India.

Therefore, first on our list is this Model No- Renesa from Atomberg, the weight of the device is above 4kg which is quite decent and it requires 2 AAA batteries, ensures longer use on inverter battery when compared to other traditional fans.

The motor does not require higher consumption of electricity as it requires up to 28 watts thanks to energy-efficient BLDC Motor which saves a huge amount of electricity use.

It has a unique method inverter stabilize technology which uses voltage from 140 to 285 at the same speed for a long time, looking wise fan is very trendy the motor is slim and the blades are long enough up to 47” which spread air in your entire room.

This smart fan gives a complete user-friendly experience as it has led speed indication and you can control everything from remote control you get features like sleep, speed setting, and can set time of operating hours with timer mode.

Key Features:

  • High-speed fan for home.
  • Good finishing natural Oak Wood.
  • Suitable for living, dining room & bedroom.
  • Perfect for a room size Up to 140 Sq. Ft
  • Remote comes with functions like Boost, Sleep, Speed Control & Timer mode.
  • Requires less power consumption up to 28 wattages.
  • Blades are long up to 47”
  • Voltage range between 140-285-V
  • Inverter stabilization technology.
  • Easy to use and usable as a night lamplight.
  • 2 + 1 Year extended warranty on registration.

What is In Box?

Motor Box with Blade Set, Remote, 2 Canopies, 1 Down rod, 1 Shackle Kit, and Warranty Card.


  • No Alexa or Google assistant connectivity.


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2. Orient Electric Smart Ceiling Fan


Top Smart Ceiling Fans



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Orient Electric is an Indian brand probably one of the oldest brands in India they have been around the Indian market since 1954 and now giving their services to over 30 countries.

Model no- Aeroslim IOT White from orient electric is one of the best-selling smart fans the weight of the product is about 6.5 kg and the device requires 2 AAA batteries which are included.

This fan-made to save your maximum power consumption & inverter technology takes care of energy consumption, requires only up to 45 watts, keeps air delivery at the same level from a voltage range of 140 to 260, device is safe to use as it has protection from short circuit.

The fan is very user-friendly and easy to use as you can adjust the setting through a remote and mobile app, it has smart home technology which gives connectivity to Alexa and Google Assistant.

The blade is large up to 1200 mm which ensures to give high-speed air as a fan has a perfect combination of rotation per minute of 310 and cubic meters per minute is 240 which is considered to be best for airflow speed.

The fan has inbuilt lights which are comfortable which distribute equal light in your room, the light also has a dimming option so you can use it at nights as well, Orient smart application offers you functions such as time setting, turbo method, sleep mode, breeze mode, sleep mode & reverse rotation.

Key Features:

  • Telescopic adjustable design.
  • High gloss premium finishes with up paint hydrographic finish.
  • It has many settings fan time, turbo mode, sleep mode, breeze mode, reverse rotation.
  • Remote and mobile apps for ease of use.
  • Apps connect to multiple fans.
  • Timer settings are available from 2 to 8 Hr.
  • Less Noisy, rust-free blades size up to 1200 mm.
  • The blade is of high quality filled with ABS glass.
  • Easy to adjust the speed settings up to 5 levels.
  • Safe to use with Operational Current of 6 A.
  • Power Voltage 220 to 250 & power consumption 40 wattages.
  • Inverter motor efficiently saves up to 40% of energy.
  • Connectable to Alexa and Google assistant
  • 2 years of warranty on manufacturing defects only.

What is In Box?

The user gets Motor, down rod, blade set, shackle & canopy


  • Pricey product.


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3. Superfan smart Ceiling Fan


Top Smart Ceiling Fans


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Superfan is another Indian brand from India they are gaining popularity due to their good quality product which promises to perform pretty well at the same time ensures longevity.

This is Model no- Super X1 Deco standing in our list at 3rd position we are going to discuss all the features but first of all let us discuss the design and weight, look of the fan is very trendy which can enhance your home interior and the weight of the fan is 4.90 KG.

The quality of the fan is good as it is made with premium quality of aluminum, it has inbuilt BLDC motor which ensures to save a lot of electricity consumption at the highest speed fan takes the power up to 35 watts which is quite an energy-efficient.

The fan is quite easy to operate with the remote control you can adjust the speed up to 5 levels and can set the time between 2 hr to 6 hr as per need and comfort, the fan delivers high-speed air in your room and inbuilt inverter helps to run for the longest time than the traditional fans.

Key Features:

  • Compact and sturdy making.
  • Looks good enhances the home interior.
  • High air delivery rate.
  • Less power consumption up to 35 watts.
  • Inbuilt BLDC motor for energy efficiency.
  • No impact of voltage variations on fan speed.
  • Remote control for adjusting speed and setting time.
  • Options to set the timer from 2 hours or 6 hours.
  • Runs for 29 hours per unit.
  • Inbuilt inverter for longer use.
  • The device has a Sleep mode, breeze function, and timer control.
  • The fan comes with 5 years of warranty.

What is In Box?

Motor, 3 Sets of blades, Remote with Holder, Hook Assembly, Down rod, Screw Set, Canopy, Warranty Card, and User Manual.


  • No Alexa or Google assistant connectivity.


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4. Havells Smart Ceiling Fan




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Havells does not need any introduction they are one of the top-rated brands when it comes to electronics home appliances, they are specialized in electrical products it’s an Indian brand that has been active since 1958 and giving its services to over 35 countries.

Havells model no- Stealth Wood I Walnut is a smart fan with many unique functions, has great wood finishing looks wise very fashionable and the weight of the fan is above 4.50 kg.

The blade size is long up to 1250mm and rotation, revolution cubic per minutes is 280, all this ensures to give high-speed air delivery in your room, the fan also allows you to set the timer from multiple options users get 4 options 2 to 8, all this you can adjust from the app.

Made for comfort Alexa and Google Assistant make it happen as you can manage everything from your smartphone by connecting to Wi-Fi, the best and uniqueness about the fan is it has the capacity to adjust the speed as per temperature and humidity in your room due to auto-sensing technology.

One fan can manage by many users at one time due to app settings and it has inbuilt memory back which means in case of sudden power fail the fan recovers from the previous set off so you do not have to set the fan again and again.

Key Features:

  • Wood finishing gives unique looks.
  • The fan is user-friendly with multiple programmed settings.
  • Blade size is long up to 1250mm
  • Multiple modes Smart, Sleep, Breeze, and Schedule.
  • Scheduler setting for auto turn on or off via the app.
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor.
  • Automatically adjust the speed as per temperature and humidity.
  • 5 levels of the speed controller.
  • Timer setting from 2 to 8 hours.
  • Google Assistant and Alexa connectivity.
  • Connectable to the internet via Wi-Fi
  • The fan comes with 2 years of warranty.

What is In Box?

Fan Motor, Canopy Set, Twisted Wire, down rod, Down rod Cover set, Shackle Assembly, PCB Controller kit with sensor housing, Remote, Battery, Twist-on Wire Connector, Manual & set of 3 fan blades.


  • No BLDC motors.
  • Expensive product.


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5. Atomberg Renesa Smart+ ceiling fan




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Up next is a smart ceiling fan from Atomberg this is Model no- Renesa smart+ this fan is quite similar to the Renesa model but it has some added features weight of the fan about 3.80 kg which is very light and yet the device is quite sturdy and compact.

Design-wise looks quite good due to the metallic finishing and it does not look old as it is made with anti-dust finishing, runs for the longest hours than the regular fans thanks to the inbuilt inverter battery.

The fan has a good combination of BLDC motor and inverter stabilization technology; BLDC helps to run the fan efficiently without consuming high power as it requires 28 watts at the highest level.

Inverter stabilization helps your fan to run on one speed for a long time with a voltage range is between 140 to 285.

It has a complete package of smart fans you can adjust everything from the remote you get the modes like boost, speed control, a timer that makes your life easy and the unique thing in this model is you can connect through Alexa, google play.

Add more to control you can operate the fan from your smartphone easily by uploading Atomberg App, it has a led speed indicator option and also has an inbuilt lamp for night use.

Key Features:

  • Compact and sturdy, the design is good.
  • Metallic finishing with anti-dust coating.
  • Suitable for space up to 140 sq. ft.
  • Easy to operate and user-friendly device.
  • The sweep size is up to 1200mm for high speed.
  • It has a BLDC motor for energy efficiency.
  • Inverter stabilization technology for constant speed.
  • Less power consumption only 28 watts.
  • Easy connectivity Remote control, Alexa, google play, and Atomberg App.
  • It has Boost, Sleep, Speed Control & Timer mode.
  • Led speed indicator with inbuilt night lamp.
  • 2 + 1 Year Extended warranty on registration.

What is In Box?

Motor, Blade Kit, Remote, Shackle Kit, 2 Canopies, Down rod with Warranty Card.


  • The fan is expensive.


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Top Best Smart Ceiling Fans India: What is a Smart ceiling fan?

  • To connect traditional ceiling fans you need wire or cables via electric line but smart fans offers you more than electric line, they are equipped with remote control, Bluetooth connectivity more than this some of the smart fans are easily connected to Wi-Fi, Alexa, and google assistant.
  • Smart fans easy to operate and gives a complete user-friendly experience as you can manage them with your smartphones.
  • These fans are not only easily connectable but they can save your electricity as they do require less power consumption than our traditional fans.
  • You can also get many other different types of methods that can be beneficial for your home let us discuss some of the different types of modes available in smart fans.
  • Please note that you will not get below all the functions in each and every smart fan, it depends on product to product some may have multiple functions or some may have limited modes.



Top Best Smart Ceiling Fans India: Different types of Modes in smart fans:


Sleep Mode or Timer mode:

Sleep or timer mode is quite similar to each other, this method you will find in most of the smart fans.

Few fans allow you to set the time after set time reach your fan slowly reduces the speed and in few fans, you will get inbuilt timer anything between 2 to 8 hours.

In this function after every 2 hours, your fan will reduce the fan’s speed this helps you not to keep changing the speed and also saves a lot of electricity.


Schedule Mode:

In this function, you can create a program or plan your fans On or Off setting, and schedule mode will take care of the rest your fan will automatically switch off after a certain time.


Boost Mode:

This mode helps your fan to speed or raise the airflow in your room for effective air delivery.


Smart Mode:

The smart mode function is quite unique and you will not find this in every product, this function automatically senses the temperature or humidity in your room and set up the speed of the fan accordingly as per need.

This helps you to get the exact airflow in your room which your space requires at present.


Turbo mode:

With turbo mode users can operate the fan at the highest speed level, this method is very helpful in the summer season.


Breeze mode:

These are also called Natural modes once you On the setting as breeze mode then your fan will deliver the natural air in your room.


Reverse Rotation:

In this method your fan spins in the opposite direction, this method is highly beneficial in the winter season to keep your home warm.



Top Best Smart Ceiling Fans India: Buying Guide


While buying any product we must consider few things but if it is about electric home appliances then you have to know depth detail which can make your device easy to use durable and best performing.

So, let us discuss few important factors of smart ceiling fans.


Room Size:

The first thing while choosing fans you should know the size of your room and then start looking out for fans as room space plays a very important role in fans efficiency in terms of air delivery.


Fan Sweep size:

Sweep size is another element in a fan this is connected to room size as the performance of the fan depending on room space you can get the fan sweep size from 700mm to 1400mm.

But more regularly used sweep size is between 1200 to 1250 this is quite sufficient for high-speed air delivery.

For more detail please see below what should be the sweep size according to your space at your home.

  • For Below 80 Sq. Ft. room space 35 to 38 inches of fan sweep size is suitable.
  • Room size of 100 to 180 Sq. Ft requires at least 47 to 50 inches of fan sweep size.
  • For above 200 sq. Ft room you have to consider 2 fans for a room.


Fan Blades:

We have many options of fans available in terms of the number of blades; we can get 3 to 5 blades in ceiling fans.

More commonly used fans are of 3 blades because of their efficiency in terms of speed and give more comfort due to constant cool air.

If you are looking for fans for faster air then we suggest you go for 3 blade ceiling fans but the downside of these fans is they can create little noise, 4 or 5 blades make less noise but they do not give high-speed air when compared to 3 blade fans.


Power consumption:

Though smart fans require less power consumption than traditional fans but always better to know which function is important in smart fans who take care of less electricity consumption.

Inbuilt BLDC motors consume less power consumption and work very efficiently, the consumption in smart fans depending on each product it can vary anything between 30 to 45 watts.


Look and Design:

The fan not only useful for the air but they can also enhance your home interior you can go for fans which can make a great combination with your home decorations, wood finishing fans look very attractive there are many colors available like khaki or dark colors in wooden finish.

White color fans are also in trend, there are other colors are also available such as black, pink, red, and many more.


Quality of fans:

It does not matter how fast your fan is if the quality is not up to mark then your device may not long last for a long time so do not compromise on the quality of fans.

There are fans available who are made with good quality aluminum, ABS plastic, wooden, these are considered to be good in terms of build, make sure blades are anti-rust as this keeps your fans look like new for a long time.


LED lights:

Latest fans are coming with inbuilt lights which can be adjustable as per comfort and need at nights you can use them as dim lights but this feature you may not find in every smart fan.

It depends on each product; there is a misconception about led lights that they move with blades so the answer to this is no they do not rotate with blades lights stay stable.


 Easy Installations:

Smart ceiling fans are much easier to install than traditional fans but if possible call for the well-trained person to install your fan or call the customer care of the brand if they are giving an installation facility.

If you want to do it yourself then you should read the manual carefully or you can try to watch videos on youtube this can make your life easy while installing the product.


Easy connectivity:

Smart fans are made for comfort and for a user-friendly experience always look out for multiple connectivity options; most of the smart fans are connectable through remote controls.

There are fans available who can connectable through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, you can use Alexa or Google assistant, there is app connectivity also available in few products.

These all multiple connectivity options make your life easy as you can control your device with your smartphone.



The brand does give you a warranty some may give you long time warranty or some may give you less warranty, the period of warranty you can get anything between 1 to 5 years.

Moreover, always make sure to read the warranty details carefully as if a brand offers an extended warranty, they may request you to register on their site in a limited period of time.


Budget and Price:

Smart ceiling fans are available in many ranges you can get the fans in 2000 to above 10,000 you can select as per your budget.


Read Manual:

Always make sure to read the manual before start using fans as the manual guides you properly and you can use the device precisely without any hassle.



Top Best Smart Ceiling Fans India: Frequently Asked Questions:


 What are the advantages of smart fans?

Smart fans make your life easy; they save a lot of electricity and have many other programs which you can use as per your need and comfort.


What are the advantages of the BLDC motors?

BLDC motors are useful for efficient speed and at the same time, they consume less power which helps you to save electricity consumption with this automatically you can save electricity bills.

These are brushless motors run at high speed constantly, they do not create much noise so you can get comfortable sleep especially at night.


Is there any disadvantage of BLDC motor?

Due to multiple advantages, BLDC motor fans come at very expensive prices.


How to maintain fans for durability?

Keep checking the efficiency of the fans and do not forget to clean the body on regular basis, always while cleaning makes sure to check the fittings of screws.


How many blades are good in fans?

Ideally, 3 blades are enough to give your home good airflow but the only disadvantage of 3 blade fan they may create little noise while operating.

but on the other hand, 4 or 5 blades are quiet when it comes to noise but they do not produce high speed.


What is the durability of smart ceiling fans?

This is depending on your use and how you maintain the device but well branded fans can long last for over 10 years as well.


Which is the best brand for smart ceiling fans?

Well, there are many brands available picking one is quite a challenging task Atomberg, Havells, Bajaj are some of the top brands in India when it comes to fan.




While concluding we suggest you not compromise on programming, quality, and brand when it comes to smart fans as we are going for smart fans for comfort and a more relaxing experience.

Above we have listed some of the best-selling fans but if your budget allows you can go for Orient Electric Smart Ceiling Fan and if your budget is low you can go for Atomberg Renesa smart ceiling fan.



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