Top best full leg massager machines in India 2022


Top best full leg massager machines in India 2022


In hurry? our quick review for the best leg massager machine in India

Best full leg massager

Key Features & Our Quick Review

Lifelong LLM99 Leg Massager 

4-way massage kneading. 

Vbrating, rolling & heating.

Massage your Calf, feet, and ankle.

15-minute Auto Shut-off

3 auto functions & 3 manual settings

1 Year Warranty 

Our Review: Best selling leg massager 

JSB HF05 Leg & Foot Massager

Air compression kneading massage 
Scrapping massager with heating massage 
Vibrating, Rolling Massage
Suitable for full leg massage 
Adjustable between 3 levels
1 Year Warranty 
Our Review: Top Rated Massager, value for money 

Dr Physio (USA) foot massager

Best for Foot, Calf and Hand Massagers 

4 auto modes, with 3 speeds settings 
3 directions to target specific body part.
15-minute Auto Shut-off
Shiatsu massage with vibration therapy 
kneading and rolling massage.
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AGARO Amaze Foot & Leg Massager

Vibration therapy & Heating Function

3 Massage Levels
Foot, Calf & Leg Massager
Kneading Pads massages calves & feet 
Reflexology massage 
15 minute Auto Shut Off
1 Year Warranty 
Our Review: Best budget-friendly full leg massager 

Health Sense LM 310 Leg Massager 

Bipedal Reflexology system

Massage your foot, calf & arms.

3 different massaging modes.

3 Intensity level

Shiatsu massage.

Acupressure Points massage

1 year Warranty 

Our Review: Top rated in Cheapest 

Top best full leg massager machines in India 


We are all busy in life and every day we have to literally run to complete the daily tasks that we get tired of and mostly our Legs.

As we get old in age our body starts to pain and they need relaxation especially our legs get tired and become stiff so the best solution is Leg Massager at home or office.

Even our Parents and Grandparents often complain about leg pain and this device will be great for Instant relief.

Anyone at your home can use Massager as the massage is something everyone should have for better skin and health.  so why spend money every time when you can invest once and can utilize it at your home for a longer time.

This leg massage machine is useful to release stress, quick pain relief, and increase blood circulation, In recent times the popularity of this product has increased due to its multiple benefits to Human Health so Let us discuss the top best full leg massager machines in India 2022.

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More about the best leg and foot massager machine in India

Best Leg massager 

Our Quick Review

Available On

Lifelong LLM99 Leg Massager 

Editors choice

Robotouch Leg Massager Machine 

Our Recommendation

JSB HF60 Leg Massager Machine 

Value for money 

HealthSense My-Sole Leg massager 

Targets complete leg knee, foot, sole & ankle 

Robotouch Classic Plus leg massager machine 

Full leg massager 

Health Sense LM 310 Leg Massager 

Budget Freindly & value for money 

AGARO Foldable Leg Massager Machine 

Sleek design gives good massage 

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Watch How To use Leg & Foot Massager 




About: Top best full leg massager machine 


1. Lifelong LLM99 Leg Massager 


Top best full leg massager machines in India



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Lifelong is one of the top brands in India that provides premium quality Health products, this Model no: LLM-99 leg Massager best-selling product due to its high-performing elements.

Fits into the foot perfectly user can easily massage the foot, ankle & calf as it is equipped with roller massage that relaxes your feet and improves blood circulation.

There are four kneading disks that give a luxurious spa-like feeling, the perfect combination of rapid spinning & massage kneading helpful to remove all the pain from the massage area.

Users can adjust the speed and intensity of massage sessions up to 3 levels, best massage construction solution design with kneading, vibrating, rolling, heating is based on reflexology massage treatment that is great for relaxation.

The machine has a blend of modern and traditional massage technology as it works on a three-dimensional bio-metric method.

There are 3 auto functions for massage sessions and also the best part of this machine is it allows you to choose 3 types of massage manually.

The design is compact as it is made with high quality of abs material & TPR material, the motor is built with copper which creates less noise and requires less electricity consumption, also copper quality keeps your device durable.

Key Features:

  • Good quality and durable product.
  • Performs perfectly to get rid of tiredness.
  • Revives foot acupuncture point, releases stress.
  • Massage your Calf, feet, and ankle.
  • 4-way massage kneading, vibrating, rolling & heating
  • 3 auto functions & 3 manual settings for massage.
  • Very comfortable as the machine is adjustable.
  • Led Display comes with easy one-touch buttons.
  • Led Displays time & massage mode.
  • 15-minute Auto Shut-off keeps the session safe.
  • Easy to clean as the fabric cover is removable.
  • The machine has a 1-year warranty.


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2. Robotouch Leg Massager Machine 


Top best full leg massager machines in India



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UP Next in the list of top best full leg massager machines, this strong and sturdy leg & foot massager from Robotouch the making of the machine is quite unique.

As it has a double-cut design and the top part also has cut over which gives comfort while massaging.

It is a full airbag massager & also targets the sole with rollers which gives complete professional spa-like soft and solid massage sessions so you can relax and get rid of soreness or pain.

Massage sessions can be easily adjustable as per need and comfort you can set up between mild to high, rollers move smoothly to acupuncture points.

Treats your legs & calves equally to improve blood circulation to your tired and stiff legs, kneading and rollers move effectively and infrared heating treatment releases muscle pressure with melting thermal therapy.

Users can select the speed or intensity of the session as 3 options available, it is made for premium comfort as there are 5 different types of massage programs available.

Add more to it there are 17 types of multiple massage blends that allow its user to choose the massage sessions as per their need and comfort for the strong massage session.

The machine is manageable up to 90 degrees and the bottom part also reclined up to 20 degrees so you can use it at your comfort level, user can massage the entire leg’s foot, calf, knee & thigh.

Key Features:

  • Design is very trendy & solid.
  • Massage your foot, calf, knee & thigh.
  • Adjustable height up to 90 degrees.
  • Increases blood circulation and quick pain relief.
  • Speed is adjustable at 3 intensity levels.
  • A full airbag massager gives a professional spa experience.
  • Kneading and rollers move efficiently to release muscle stress.
  • Infrared heating treatment with thermal therapy.
  • 5 different massage modes with 17 different massaging combinations.
  • The machine has a 1-year warranty.


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3. JSB HF60 Leg Massager Machine 


Top best full leg massager machines in India



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Next leg massager from JSB healthcare, JSB has been the most popular and well-known brand in India specially for health products they have a wide range of products from different kinds of massagers to the most advanced massage chairs.

This is Mode No: HF60 is a powerful leg massager but there is also no compromise with the quality of the massager the build quality is quite sturdy as the material used for making high-quality rubber for kneading and body material made with high-quality leather.

It gives soothing air pressure massage that is highly beneficial for skin and muscles, ensures to stimulate blood circulation into legs, foot, knees, and thighs.

It has a good combination of vibration, thermal treatment, and kneading massage, vibration massage squeezes your skin effectively, thermal or heating therapy releases pain, and kneading massage with rollers puts pressure into your muscle that releases tension or stress.

Vibration and kneading massage has 3 modes so you can adjust as per your need and comfort, reflexology massage presses your sole points to get relief from any stress or pain, speed of the massage is adjustable between 3 intensity.

The overall making of the product is quite solid at the same time easy to operate as there are control panels on a machine that ensures ease of use, there is a gripping facility added into the device so you can move around easily.

The fabric of the device can be removed and wash as well so you can maintain hygiene and cleanliness, the device is adjustable and slanted up to 45 degrees for comfort and it is adjustable up to 110 degrees so you can store them easily.

Key Features: 

  • Strong and sturdy build quality.
  • Leg foot massager machine for pain relief.
  • Rubber kneading pads massage your foot ankle and calf.
  • Increases blood circulation, beneficial in varicose veins.
  • Gets relief from foot and calf pain, helpful in arthritis, knee pain.
  • The machine can recline up to 45 degrees, use while sitting or reclining.
  • 15 minutes auto-off provides safety while using.
  • Vibration and kneading massage both have 3 different modes.
  • Reflexology vibration plate on the sole of the foot. 
  • Good air compression massage with heating provides instant pain relief.


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4. HealthSense My-Sole Leg massager 


Top best full leg massager machines in India



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Healthsense Model no: LM-400 is at 4th in our list of top best full leg massager machines this device looks very attractive and the making of the device is strong to ensure durability.

Users can easily target to get quick relief from pain, the machine has the capacity to massage your foot, ankle, sole, and knee.

It gives a Soft yet solid massaging experience thanks to compressed air pressure massage for legs, for calf massage it has 3D kneading massage rollers which press your affected area smoothly by rotating effectively.

Its infrared heating therapy relaxes your muscle and also improves blood circulation; it gives a full shiatsu massage experience by reaching dip into the stiff muscles which are also helpful to remove infections.

Vibration treatment makes sure to energize nerves and minimizes the stress so you can feel refresh, it also effectively massages your sole.

Users can adjust the speed as intensity level can be changed between 3 settings; it has auto modes that help to massage your leg more effectively.

Overall making is good as it is made with good quality of ABS material, there are handles for strong and sturdy gripping, the stand can be reclined if needed and it is adjustable up to 140 degrees so you can relax while massaging session.

Key Features:

  • Looks attractive and trendy.
  • Made with high-quality ABS material.
  • Air pressure massages your legs efficiently.
  • 3D kneading rollers massage your calves.
  • Infrared heating therapy relaxes the muscle.
  • Best foot massage with 3 in 1 treatment vibration, acupressure & reflexology.
  • Targets your legs, foot sole, ankle, and knee.
  • Angle Adjustable up to 140 degrees, the stand can also be reclined.
  • 15 minutes auto turn off, Adjustable speed setting from low, medium to high.
  • Easy one-touch buttons for control, Fabric is removable and washable
  • The machine has a 1-year warranty.


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5. Robotouch Classic Plus leg massager 



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5th on our list leg and foot massager from Robotouch, it is model No: RBT33A comes in 2 colors, red color as you can see the image and yellow color so you get the option select between 2 colors.

Build quality is good and ensures durability made with high-quality faux leather and the weight of the machine is 21.5Kg, this massager not only massages your foot and legs but also massage your knees, thighs, ankles, calf, and soles.

It is designed with the technique of airbags there are 30 airbags included at multiple positions that press and compress your muscles points effectively and gently to get rid of pain relief or stress relief.

There are 20 active rollers at the sole ensure to increase blood circulation into your sole points by moving around, and the foot rollers move effectively to increase blood circulation best thing is there are auto modes which adjustable between 3 modes so you can set up as per your comfort and need.

There are kneading massage to your calf and thighs to get much-needed relaxation from tiring and hectic day or week, it also has a heating massage technique for your thighs and calves this helps for instant pain relief.

This complete leg massager is adjustable and slanted up to 20 degrees to get a comfortable position and it can also keep at incline position up to 110 degrees so you can store it easily the speed of the massage can be kept as per comfort and need, the user gets the option of low, medium and high.

Key Features:

  • The material used for making is high-quality faux leather.
  • It has five intelligent functional program modes.
  • There are 30 built-in airbags press muscles gently.
  • 20 inbuilt rollers provide massage to sole points.
  • Kneading massage to your thigh and calf.
  • Three preset auto modes ensure extreme comfort.
  • Heating therapy provides pain relief.
  • The upper body inclines up to 110 degrees to allow easy storage.
  • The bottom part can be inclined up to 20 degrees.
  • Massage intensity is adjustable between low, medium, and high.
  • The massager comes with a 1-year warranty.


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6. Health Sense LM 310 Leg Massager 




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This Health Sense Massager standing at 6th in this list due to its various features, this device provides complete relaxation and releases stress.

Massage session method based on bipedal reflexology which ensures effective healing to your legs, premium quality of copper provides high-quality performance and also ensures durability.

Set the massage speed as per your comfort and can adjust anything Instantly as it has a remote and gives a wireless experience.

Rotates in 360 degrees to massage your feet, calf, and arms, also it contains 2 Rollers, Pressure massage pads & Acupuncture points that move efficiently to improve blood circulation and for quick pain relief.

The massager has unique two inbuilt silicon rubber pads that press the foot smoothly and gently for a soothing effect.

The machine is user-friendly as it is a wireless massager that comes with a remote control so you can easily set speed levels, also the user can easily manage manual or auto modes & heat treatment settings while the massage session is on.

The making of the product is very unique looks attractive and does its job really well, it is a perfect shape design and power-efficient product.

Inbuilt motor made with high quality of copper that runs efficiently without creating much noise and copper wires ensures your device is durable for longer use.

Key Features:

  • Bipedal Reflexology system.
  • Improves Blood circulation, releases Stress & Pain relief.
  • Remote control for easy and instant operation.
  • Device massage your foot, calf & arms.
  • Auto Turn off after 15 minutes to avoid overheating.
  • 3 different massaging modes.
  • Rotates at 360 degrees for ease of use.
  • 3 Intensity level, One-touch LED Control Panel.
  • Shiatsu massage pads & Targets Acupressure Points for instant pain relief.
  • The machine has a 1 Year Warranty.


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7. AGARO Foldable Leg Massager 




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Next on our list leg massager from Agaro, this is a very portable and easy-to-use massager as it is foldable so you can easily store them anywhere after every use.

If you have constant pain in your feet and calves then its air compression kneading massage will press your affected area smoothly to get rid of muscle stress and pain.

Rollers move under your sole perfectly to improve blood circulation and also relax muscle due to their Bi-Directional rollers that energize reflexology pressure points.

It has infrared heating treatment which has the capacity to heats up to 45 degrees highly useful to relax the muscle and also helpful for quick pain relief, vibration technology also plays a vital part in calming down your muscle soreness.

LED display comes with easy touch buttons for control, the user gets the option to select massage modes you can target both foot and calf at the same time or even get the option to choose only calf or foot.

The best part about this massager is you also get the options to choose kneading pressure in 3 different speeds mild medium or strong, even vibration treatment can be set up between low, medium, or high.

Key Features:

  • Sleek design and foldable machine.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • 15 minutes auto turn off the function.
  • Infrared heating up to 45 degrees & Vibration treatment.
  • Heating treatment can be used if needed.
  • Bi-directional rolling & air compression kneading massage.
  • The machine helps to relax your feet, ankles, and calves.
  • Quick pain relief & improves blood circulation.
  • LED display comes with easy touch buttons.
  • 3 kneading pressure modes & vibration therapy modes.
  • The fabric cover is removable and washable.
  • The machine has a 1-year warranty.


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Top best full leg massager machines: Types of Foot Massager


There are different types of massager machines available some of them are as below.


Manual Massager:

These are very sleek in design and looks more like rollers, manual massager are a more conventional method of massaging, equipment is mostly made from wood.

Manual massager supports in to get rid of stress and stiffness at the same time increases blood circulation.

You have to manually massage yourself with help of rollers.


Electric Massager:

This massager is very easy and flexible to use as they work on electricity you just have to start your device and set your speed; your massage session will start.

To ensure you proper massaging experience machine is equipped with vibration and heating that ensure you to quick relief from pain and stress.

The rollers rotate perfectly to target your foot nerves and soft tissues which provides you comfort.


Infrared Massagers:

These massagers use glowing flash to give massage to your targeted body part, they are too quite an effective way of massaging release stress, and provide comfort.


Handle massagers:

As the name suggests these are designed in a way you have to handle with your hands, with this massage machine you can target most of the body parts, the machine allows you to target each part separately.

The only drawback with a handled massager is you may not able to target your feet properly but it all depends on the device making and design.

Shiatsu Massagers:

This is Japanese massaging therapy as it is first to flourish in Japan, technique of shiatsu massage is quite unique and blissful, the shiatsu machine uses vibration, heat, and moving heads to give you a massage.  

These are definitely effective and ensure you relaxing experience.

Massaging Pads:

This is a kind of flat surface that gives massage to your feet, these are helpful to improve blood circulation to your feet, but the drawback of the pad is you can only target your feet, not your calf and ankle.



Top best full leg massager machines: Buying Guide


Leg massager is highly beneficial but before buying we must consider few things, so let us discuss which things to consider while buying a Leg massage device.


Important Features: 

Proper Heating and vibration are very important as this helps quick relief from pain and soreness at the same time improve blood circulation. 

Compression can be perfect for leg health as compression targets legs more than feet so your leg can also get the massage.

Rolling may give a bit of pain but this feature helps to reach the smallest parts and gives a proper massaging experience.

Kneading is massage technology that provides relief to your soft tissues, releases stress and muscle tension.



The most important thing is to massage its intensity if you want good intensity then you may have to spend a few bugs, as the higher price machine operates better due to the inbuilt good quality of the motor.



This is one of the most important factors of all, as if a device does not fit into your leg then it may not solve the purpose, though most of them are user-friendly and can be used by anyone.

But it is always better to see the device can feet into the targeted area, solution for this is very simple just check your leg size before taking any decision.



This is all depending on person to person as lightweight products are easy to carry and large weight products give solid and sturdy massaging sessions.



If the massage device has the auto turn On and Off feature then it is considered to be safer to use as the device will get turned off after a certain level of heat which provides complete safety.


Multipurpose solution: 

If the device targets only your feet then it may not solve the purpose though if you want to target only feet then you can go for it but if the device is able to target your ankle, calf, and feet then it will be much more beneficial.



Durability is the most important factor as these kinds of products we want to use for a longer time, premium quality of the product may look pricey but they also provide the long-lasting use and performs as per the expectation.



As these machines have inbuilt motors which work on electric power so they may create little noise, but you can go for a machine that creates less noise so it won’t irritate you or others at home.



Most of the brands do provide a warranty of anything between 1-2 years or some may even provide lifetime access all depending on the particular brand, we do suggest you read the warranty and servicing details properly.


Easy to use: 

The functionality of use must be easy so anyone can operate easily things like one-touch buttons, LCD display or even some of the device comes with remote this really gives the luxury to operate easily with just touch and LCD display ensures to control massage sessions.


Easy to Clean:

If the product is cleanable then you can maintain its functionality and maintenance at the same time you will be able to maintain hygiene as well, lightweight products are movable so you can easily clean them without any hassle.

If you do not want the headache of maintenance then you can go for automatic mechanical machines, they do not require regular maintenance.  



Massage machines can range between 900 to above 20,000 all dependinging on what product going to offer you, higher the price you get the more added features and lower rates may have the limited features.



Top best full leg massager machines: Advantages and who can use: 


There are Multiple benefits of foot massage devices such as it helps to improve your blood circulation, Releasing leg muscle tensions.

Highly beneficial if someone has an anxiety issue,  help you to recover from Injury, and give strength to muscle.

Note that Pregnant women also can use them as during this period women feel pain & swelling in legs and best for elderly men & women.

Moreover, anyone can use from sportsperson, Old aged person, Professionals or housewives, useful for those who suffer from varicose vein & arthritis.



Top best full leg massager machines: Disadvantages of Leg Massager


If any product cannot be used as per instructions then they may cause problems so is with leg massage machine if follow instructions then there will be more advantages then disadvantages.

Do not use the massager for a long time we suggest you not use it for more than 30 minutes if your device has an auto turn off option then set the time as per instructions.

If anyone has some medical condition then consult with the doctor before using and lastly read the manual thoroughly before begin utilizing.



Top best full leg massager machines: Frequently asked Questions:


Is it a good idea to get a foot massager at home?

Yes, it is a good idea and worth buying at home as they help you to get rid of stress, ensure to get rid of pain and your legs rejuvenate as massage reaches deep into your tissue joints to give you comfort.


How Often I can use a massage machine?

It is completely depends on you, can do it once a week or once in 15 days, moreover, you can do it when you feel tired but massage not recommended for every day.


What about air compression massage?

Air compression massage is definitely helpful as they provide massage therapy which is useful for blood circulation.


Is it safe to use a massage machine?

Mostly it is safe to use but if you overuse it, it may not be helpful to follow all the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Though these are good for injury but consider doctors before using, especially for a person who is having any medical condition.


When to avoid a massage machine?

If you have any medical conditions, if injured once consult with physician and women who is pregnant please take consideration from doctors.

If you have any blood vessels, open sores or skin damage avoid massaging for a few days.


What is the best foot and leg massager?

There are many good machines available to choose from, our pick will be the JSB HF51 leg massage machine.


Which is the best brand for leg massagers?

Some of the best brands for massage machines are JSB, Dr. Physio (USA), Lifelong, and health sense.


Where I can buy a massager?

You can buy machines easily online and they deliver at your door, more than anything you may get good discounts online.

Most of the top brands are available online that provide customers best product with a good warranty.




  • Foot Massager has many benefits but with many brands around us, makes it a difficult and daunting task to select the best device.
  • Before buying we should know that which types of device available in the market, there are 2 kinds of Foot Massager Close design and Open design.
  • If you want to massage only to your foot you can select the open design and if you want to cover the calf and ankle along with the foot then a close design should be preferable.
  • Which one to select between Manual and Electric, the electric device will be better as they will cover many benefits such as rolling, Vibration and more but manual may not cover all this.
  • If your massager works on electricity then do not forget to turn off the device after massage and make sure to keep them in a safe place.
  • Before starting operating ensure to read the manual carefully watch videos on how to use a massage machine.
  • Do not start with a higher speed massage first get an idea of what speed is comfortable for you and then slowly increase the speed.



Final words will be in today’s busy life we don’t have time to look after ourselves and later in life, we start facing health issues.

So better to take care of our health so we can live a healthy life for longer period of time and leg massager will help you to keep your leg healthy and fine.

Hope our article helps you to understand and know more about the foot massage machine, but if you have any query please do post your comments, we will reply to you as soon as possible.



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