Best Fitness Tracker Watch in affordable Price India 2021


Best Fitness Tracker Watch in affordable Price India 


Best Fitness Tracker Watch in affordable Price


Fitness and Health are something every one getting aware of, most Indians begin to understand the Importance of exercising.

If we want to be fit, healthy, and fine, then one thing is Important maintaining a diet and timely workouts, for all this we have to create our perfect schedule.

Fitness Tracker Watch plays a very important role and helps us to maintain our schedule, one gadget with multiple benefits, as today’s era has changed and so is the need of the People, a fitness tracker helps us to not only count our walking steps for the day.

But Also help us to manage our count of calorie, Blood pressure and also heart rate, this device makes our exercise session easy and simple, not only helpful in workout session but also you can Install apps, take calls, GPS system makes this usable for everyone.

These watches definitely make our life easy but choosing one is a difficult & daunting task, so here we brought some of the best fitness tracker Watch in India.


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Best Fitness Band

Battery Life

Special Feature

1. Mi Smart Band 4 

20 Days 

Large and Changable Display.

2. Honor Band 4 

17 Days

Touch screen with remote control camera.

3. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Watch Band 

10 Days 

Touch screen and GPS Tracking.

4. Mevofit Fitness Band 

10 Days 

Colorful Display, 1 year warranty.

5. HolyHigh Fitness Band 

Above 7 Days

14 exercise tracking modes, 1 year warranty. 



1. Mi Smart Band 4 


Best Fitness Tracker Watch in affordable Price



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MI is one of the finest and well know brand in India, all because of its quality and durable products who ensures to perform.

This Mi Smart band 4 comes with multiple features like user can adjustable brightness as per the comfort & It has touch display which is very flexible.

Users can easily connect this band with both Android and iOS which provides more comfort to users while using.

Easy to change the songs and adjust the voice in all one-touch operations, users do not have to worry while going into the pool as it is a waterproof product.

Automatically catch up on your style of swimming, capture 12 detailed data points for tracking, Monitors heart rate, also Indicates when heart rate is high.

Battery life is up to 20 days ensures long-lasting services, user can Control calls with this tracker Notify you about social media accounts, Comfortable to wear, sturdy, and trendy design.

If a user wants to change the display, they can change it as per the occasion this feature helps to design the way your look for the day.

Key Features: 

  • Water Resistant till 50 Meters.
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Tracks daily activity.
  • Large Display.
  • One band with More than 30 features. 
  • Suitable with Android 4.4 or Above/iOS 9.0 or above.
  • Length is adjustable- 155-215 mm.


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2. Honor Band 4 


Best Fitness Tracker Watch in affordable Price



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Honor’s this band standing in at 2nd in the list of best fitness tracker watch in India due to its solid design and trendy look, with other features.

The band comes with a colorful screen, user can easily adjust the lights of the display as per need, belt buckle is perfect to fits into anyone’s hand.

It has a touch screen facility to operate the device easily and the display is large enough to read the fonts, no need to worry about water as it is a water-resistant product up to 50 meters.

This device monitors sleep and scan all the data, also helpful for daily activity as it traces 24 hours activity and manages the heart rate gives quick suggestion if any concern.

Long battery life ensures not to charge everyday battery lasts long up to 17 days, traces everything burnt calorie, count of steps, set up targets, reminds you to achieve your set targets, and notify you once achieved.

There is a 6-Axis sensor that recognizes Swimming Posture, stores all the data quickly, Reminds and Notify you about Caller ID, SMS, e-mail, Weather Reports, Calendar & Social Apps.

Key Features: 

  • Stopwatch, timer & alarm.
  • Connect phone by using Huawei Health App.
  • Numerous Watch profiles with remote control cameras.
  • User Can keep track of health status.
  • User Can perform many different exercises indoor or outdoor.
  • The band comes with a Charging cable & Warranty. 


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3. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Watch Band 


Best Fitness Tracker Watch in affordable Price



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This fitness tracker comes with Processor watch movement and a Digital display that can operate with your hands due to touch screen features.

Long-lasting battery life of up to 10 days saves time from charging every day, traces your everyday activity from walk steps to distance to bunt calorie.

Helps & guides to achieve fitness target, user can personalize and set a reminder as per weight loss program to maintain a healthy lifestyle this helps to achieve your daily set targets.

In its selfie world everyone loves to take pictures, this fitness tracker helps you to take a picture-perfect selfie as it behaves like a remote control to take pictures from the phone.

Ensures to get perfect sleep as traces your sleep behavior and pattern, GPS tracking ensures Not to lose your phone thanks to its phone finder feature.

Control SMS and What’s app from this tracker, connect your phone via the app so you never miss calls, It has IPX-6 water resistance to keep your tracker safe from water but ensure do not get too wet.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable to use, well built, trendy design.
  • It has a Buckle lock system.
  • Rectangular shape, glass quality AcrylicT.
  • Case Diameter- 50 Millimetres & Bluetooth- 4.0-v
  • Anyone can wear men or women suitable for both.
  • Connectable with iOS versions 8.0 or above, android versions 5.0 or above.
  • Band-width- 2 CM, Band Quality: TPU.
  • Case thickness is 12.5 mm.
  • The product comes with 12 Months Warranty.


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4. Mevofit Fitness Band 




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Mevofit’s this band is suitable for the person who into sports and fitness, the person who is living active life then this tracker specially designed & ideal for them.

Very smart, Trendy, and well-built design with IP-67 waterproof resistant keeps record and tracks all your daily steps, calorie burnt, Running & daily active minutes.

Keeps user notify about the weather forecast or report, traces and manages your sleep, user can set up alerts and reminders for important work or meeting.

The display is colorful, keeps connected with calls, SMS and notifications from social media accounts, the display is big enough so users can read fonts easily.

Keeps you connected with social media, battery life is up to 7 to 10 days and very light in weight, fits in the wrist perfectly.

Key Features: 

  • Connectable with all major phone brands.
  • Need to press long on the device screen to switch it on.
  • Recommend to charge for at least 15 minutes before start utilizing.
  • TPU high-grade band quality.
  • The size of the screen is 0.96-inch.
  • Product Weight- 25 grams.
  • USB cable for charging with computers or laptops.
  • The product comes with a 1 Year Warranty.
  • Different colors available Black and Blue.


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5. HolyHigh Fitness Band 


Best Fitness Tracker Watch in affordable Price



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Holy high is next on the list of best fitness tracker watch as it is a well-built tracking band, looks very stylish, trendy and at the same time provides power pack performance.

This fitness band ensures to trace each and every activity of the day even If the smallest steps taken band tracker traces that activity.

Tracks all the calorie-burning, manages the heart rates and sleep, Provides the notification from your social media accounts, SMS alerts, easy to manage calls from this band.

User can set up alerts for Important meetings or any other work which needs to complete on time, it has the features like remote camera shooting from the phone as it has Bluetooth connectivity which user can connect to the phone.

Battery life is above 7 days once fully charge, which ensures not to keep on charging the battery every day for hours, it is a waterproof fitness tracking band.

Key Features: 

  • 14 exercise tracking modes.
  • The “VeryFitPro” app connects the phone via Bluetooth.
  • Connectable with Android above 4.4 and iPhone above iOS 7.1
  • Charge with USB by connecting to the Laptop or computer.
  • Alerts the user if sitting for a long time & manages heart rate.
  • 1 Year Warranty.


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Advantages of Fitness Tracker Watch: 

These gadgets have some magical advantages and therefore over the years, they have gained massive popularity especially among sports and fitness-conscious people.

Let us discuss some of the Advantages of Fitness Tracker.


Motivates for work out: 

These trackers motivate you for fitness and exercise, you must be thinking how? so it actually helps you to know about your daily progress.

Indicates you about the complete steps and calories you burn every day which helps you to know if you achieved your daily target, so the next day you can improve the performance.

Some of the trackers have features like how many steps you need to take per day and also let you know when you were more active or even may notify you if you are not active for a long time.


Helps you to follow a healthy diet: 

Keep working out is not the only way to get fit and healthy, in order to stay healthy, you need to follow a proper diet.

There are some unique functions where you can add your per day water and food consumption and the tracker will advise you if you have drunk enough water, also it makes sure you know about calories you earned by eating food.

This helps you to improve your daily diet plan, suppose east something which is high in calories due to its notification you can minimize the calorie intake accordingly.


Monitors your sleep: 

We all know 7-8 hours of daily sleep is essential for the human body so the body can recover from tiredness which will lead to a healthy life.

Trackers let you know about your sleeping pattern, how long you slept this gives you an idea about your sleeping pattern and where you can improve on it.


Keep you connected with Social Media and Phone: 

Modern trackers do come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity which ensures you connect your phone with a tracker so you can control calls, music, emails and also you get the notification from your social media accounts.

This feature you may not get in every tracker it all depends on each product.


Heart Rate Detector: 

It also helps to detect your heart rate which helps to know about your heart health so you can take the necessary measures.


Set your Fitness Plan:

You can easily set the fitness goal and track your daily achievement which helps you to improve your fitness day by day.



Dis-advantages of Fitness Tracker Watch: 

Every good thing does have some cons as well so is with fitness trackers so let us discuss them.



The first thing is charging the battery you constantly need to charge the watch if the battery gets low, though the best quality of brands does provide the longest battery life still it can be irritating at times.



This is another issue with tracking watches especially with non-branded products they may not give you exact steps covered and calories burned in a day.



Branded and good quality fitness trackers can be costly and may not be affordable for everyone, but thanks to some new brands who do create some good trackers at an affordable price as well but you may have to compromise on some features.



Buying Guide: 

Buying a tracker watch may sound easy but with many brands available it can be tricky so while getting one for you should consider few things so let us discuss buying guide.



The first and very important thing is accuracy your fitness tracker should give you an exact count of steps and calories burned daily as we are buying the tracker to enhance our fitness journey so accurate measuring is most important.



This is another very crucial element in tracking watches a few years ago it may not be that important but with modernization, we start using mobiles and social media, so if the tracker is connectable to the phone you can easily answer your calls, messages can read the emails and even your tacker can notify you about your social media accounts as well.



Your watch display with fonts should be clearly visible so you can read it clearly as we mostly use them outdoors and they are not designed to be large so if the fonts are clear then you can read it properly.



This feature you may find in little pricey product, normal tracking watches do track your daily steps and calories but this will bring more flexibility they can help you to plan your route, help you to know the pace which is very useful to improve your exercise sessions. 


Health Detection: 

Many watches do provide you complete health status like either you are eating healthy food or drink enough water per day or not.

You just need to put all the information and the tracker will advise you, there are some advanced features with apps where you can get the data of your weekly or monthly progress.


Sleep Monitoring: 

Trackers monitor your sleep from the pattern of sleep to how many times you woke up at nights this actually help you to improve your sleeping pattern which may lead to better sleep at nights and you can also set alarm as well so you won’t be late for your exercise sessions in the morning.


Water Proof: 

If you are working out outdoors, into running, sports, or swimming this helps to protect your watch from water and you do not have to keep removing them for cleaning your hand, go for the above IPX-4 ratings they better shield your tracker.


Design & Quality: 

It is all about trend and fashion be it Men or Women everyone wants to look best, watches on the wrist do look attractive and enhance your look,

Some of the brands do provide adjustable straps which means you can use others straps and different colors as per the occasion and as per your look for the day.


Battery life: 

Another very important thing is battery life branded trackers battery last long for above 5 days at least but completely depending on your use some may also last long for 24 hours so read the details about battery life carefully.



Warranty completely depends upon the brand to brand most of the brands do provide at least 1 year of warranty and some may provide 2 years, keep your eye on warranty as well while buying one for you.


Budget and Price: 

A few years ago, fitness tracker watch used to be quite costly and not everyone could afford them but now they are affordable for everyone but depending on your budget.

Prices may start from 500 which can go above 10,000 but low prices mean there will be a limited feature so while buying read the features of the product carefully what they can offer you.



While concluding we would like to say every product do have their Pros & Cons, there is no product is perfect, we have discussed in detail about each product, with features so you can get to know each product perfectly.

Moreover, for durability and longevity of watch make sure to keep them clean and store at safe places when not in use,

Hope this article will help you to know about the best fitness tracker Watch in India, if any query please do post your comments, we will be happy to help you.



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