Top best selling Tripod for Youtube videos India 2022


Top best selling Tripod for Youtube videos India 2022


Top Picks for Best Tripod for Youtube Videos 

Value for Money

Best in Cheapest 

Top Rated 

Neewer Camera Tripod Stand

DIGITEK Tripod stand for Camera 

Manfrotto Befree Live Video Tripod Kit

3-way swivel pan head
360-degree rotation.
Monopad Adjustable 17" to 52.8".

Weight capacity 5 kg.
360-degree swivel function.
Adjustable height is up to 66".

Height is adjustable up to 59" 
Weight capacity up to 4kg.
M-lock twist-lock system

For tripod height up to 70 inches.
Legs adjustable into 4 sections

Three set off locking system.
non-skid rubber at the bottom.

Material is aluminum.

Top best selling Tripod for Youtube videos India 2022


Looking for Tripod but haven’t found it yet then this article will help you to know about Tripod in detail as we are going to discuss everything about the tripod.

A few years back tripod was popular among photographers only but with emerging social media platforms even people who are not into photography started using it.

Specially YouTubers as they have to make videos on regular basis either indoors or outdoors, tripods make life easy and gives stability while shooting videos for the content.

This is a very important factor as if you are shooting or taking pictures from your hands the visual might be shaky and that really harms the quality of your content as it does not look professional and attractive to the visitors.

In this article, we are going to discuss types of tripods and things to consider while buying them but before all let us discuss the top best selling tripod for Youtube videos India 2021, we have listed out the products from cheapest to expensive products.

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Top 6 Best Tripod for Youtube Videos in India

Best Tripod 

Special Feature

Available on 

1. PROSmart Adjustable Tripod 

Adjustable up to 41.3”

2. Syvo Lightweight Tripod Stand 

Adjustable up to 50" 

3. DIGITEK Tripod stand for Camera 

Adjustable up to 66" 

4. Simpex Tripod stand for Camera 

Adjustable up to 65" 

5. Manfrotto Befree Live Video Tripod Kit

Maximum Height 59" 

6. Neewer Camera Tripod Stand

Adjustable up to 70" 


About: Top best selling Tripod for Youtube videos India 


1. PROSmart Adjustable Tripod Stand


Top best selling Tripod for Youtube videos India 2020


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The first on our list is Prosmart tripod stand, this is probably the cheapest product available and a good way to start your youtube journey without spending a lot of bugs.

The making of the stand is quite decent as it is made with aluminum alloy and the silver color looks good, the installation is user-friendly anyone can assemble it while using it the first time.

The weight of the product is light up to 410 grams and foldable size is up to 13.8 inches which makes it easy to store and carry anywhere, tripod is adjustable up to 41 inches so you can shoot as per comfort.

Locking and unlocking of the legs are quite easy and they have up to 3 levels of section to adjust, neck extension is easily movable and adjustable as per the need you can slant them as well.

Users get after unpacking: Tripod comes with 1 bag, mobile clip, and camera holder.

Key Features:

  • Good build quality of Aluminum.
  • Tripod height is adjustable up to 41.3”
  • Lightweight and easy to store or carry.
  • Three-Way Head for maximum utility.
  • Use horizontally to vertically.
  • 360-degree swivel function, 3 section legs extendable.
  • The phone bracket is adjustable and lightweight.
  • Bracket stretchable clip 5.4 to 8.8 cm width’s phone.
  • Phone holder to mount a smartphone.
  • Easy to handle knobs.
  • Perfect for indoor YouTube recordings.


  • Not suitable for heavy cameras.
  • Not suitable for outdoor shoots.
  • No warranty.


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2. Syvo Lightweight Tripod Stand 


Top best selling Tripod for Youtube videos India 2020


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Next Tripod is from Syvo brand this is Model No: S3130 design-wise quite trendy, build is compact and solid as the quality of the material is of aluminum, the weight of the product is around 694 grams all this make this tripod portable.

Tripod is affordable for anyone; maximum adjustable height is up to 50 inches and minimum height is up to 16 inch which allows you to store easily anywhere.

Tripod has 3 manageable segments which make this tripod easy to adapt and helpful for making your videos with stability without any hassle.

The bottom part of the tripod stays sturdy on the surface as it has a non-slip footpad and the 3-way head is adjustable up to 360 degrees, installation of the product is easy thanks to installation plate of ¼” good quality of screw.

Users get after unpacking: Tripod comes with Smartphone holder Mount & Carrying Bag.

Key Features:

  • Made with the material of Aluminum alloy.
  • Suitable for camera up to 5 Kg.
  • Phone adapter maximum stretch width of 3.4″.
  • Adjustable length up to 50 inches.
  • Compatible with video cameras, digital cameras.
  • Still cameras, projector, Go Pro devices & smartphone
  • 3-way head rotatable up to 360 degrees.
  • Pull buckle locking system for safety and comfort.
  • Installation is easy and quick.
  • Extendable legs are compact due to the non-slip footpad.


  • Suitable for indoor shoots.
  • No warranty.


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3. DIGITEK Tripod stand for Camera 


Top best selling Tripod for Youtube videos India 2020


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Digitek has multiple ranges of tripods available among them this Model No- DTR 550LW is one of the most affordable products the weight of the product is above 1 Kg. which is not only perfect for indoors but also for an outdoor shoot.

The material of the tripod is of high-quality aluminum which has the capacity to hold 5 kg of weight; you can enlarge this device up to 66 inches so you can shoot videos by standing as well, it is foldable the maximum fold size is about 24 inches.

Legs are sturdy and compact holds the ground properly thanks to its inbuilt non-skid rubber at the bottom, it has three set off locking system which is easy to adjust without any hassle.

The 3-way head comes with a manageable pan that makes sure the user does not face any problem while adjusting the camera from horizontal to vertical, user can also rotate in full circle thanks to the 360-degree swivel function.

Users get after unpacking: Tripod comes with Ball Head and carries a bag.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.
  • Material quality is aluminum.
  • Holds the weight capacity up to 5 kg.
  • Adjustable height is up to 66 inches.
  • Bubblehead indicates ground level.
  • Releasing head is smooth and easy to adjust.
  • 360-degree swivel function.
  • Tube diameter is from 20mm to 26.5 mm.
  • Legs are nonskid and adjustable.
  • The 3-way head comes with an adjustable pan.
  • Three sections of legs for multiple adjustments.


  • No warranty.
  • Little heavier in weight.


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4. Simpex Tripod stand for Camera 



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The next tripod in our list is from Simpex this is Model No- VCT-888, weight-wise it is quite a heavy product has a weight of above 2 kg, design-wise it is quite sleek and looks very good the color of a tripod is black.

The making of the device is of aluminum, legs have 3 sections to extend so the user can adjust the tripod up to 65 inches, you can use them comfortably while standing or sitting, the size of the product while in folding position is 26 inches.

Legs are strong with a locking system which is good for balancing on the floor, the width of the legs on the floor extends up to 26mm, 3-way pan head makes it easier to adjust the camera as per need.

It has 2 pin platforms that can keep your camera stable and safe; the user can rotate the tripod at 360 degrees for multiple recording options and one bubble level ensures the device is level perfectly before start recording videos.

Users get after unpacking: Tripod comes with carrying Bag.

Key Features:

  • Looks good strong and sturdy product.
  • Suitable for any kind of camera and phone.
  • Best for indoor and outdoor recording.
  • Adjustable height is up to 65 inches.
  • The full height of the tripod is 95 inches.
  • 3-way Pan Head with 2 Pin Platform.
  • Users can rotate the device at a 360-degree angle.
  • One bubble level with a leg locking system.
  • Leg width 26.8 mm


  • The weight of the device is heavy 2.40 kg.


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5. Manfrotto Befree Live Video Tripod Kit



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Manfrotto Model No: MVKBFRT-LIVE is standing in our list at 5th position due to multiple functionalities the weight of the tripod is about 1.60 kg which is fairly light and easy to carry.

If you are a content maker who regularly has to travel for making content then this is perfect and suitable for you as the design is sleek yet making is solid it holds a large weight efficiently up to 4 kg for safe and comfortable use.

Installation does not take time this is very easy to use, for extra safety tripod is equipped with an M-lock twist lock system that shields your camera while recording video.

Either the user is left-handed or right-handed this is a user-friendly tripod due to the leg selector option, legs are nonskid gives stable videos and the user can adjust the height in 3 different angles.

Befree Live Fluid Head can be locked or unlocked as it comes with 2 options of knobs where the user can on or off them, this function makes sure the user can slop the tripod as per need while making the video.

Users get after unpacking: Tripod comes with good quality of Bag to store.

Key Features:

  • The quality of the material is aluminum.
  • Specially designed for travelers.
  • Easy to set up & compact design.
  • M-lock twist-lock system ensures safety.
  • Height is adjustable up to 59″ 
  • Legs are nonskid and have 3 different angles.
  • On & off knobs to lock or unlock head pan.
  • Weight capacity up to 4kg.
  • Tripod comes with 3 years of warranty.


  • None but Expensive product.


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6. Neewer Camera Tripod Stand


Top best selling Tripod for Youtube videos India 2020


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This Neewer brand tripod is one of the top-rated products not only in terms of performance but due to its royal look blue color finish makes this product very unique in look; weight is little below 2kg and material used for making is Aluminum, Plastic & Carbon Fiber.

The uniqueness about this product is that you can use it as a monopod as well, the height is adjustable from 17 inch to 52.8 inches, if you want to use as tripod product is extendable up to 70 inches and minimum size of product is 22 inches while in folding position.

Legs have non slip function as it is made with good quality of rubber, can be used for outdoors and the user gets the option of 4 sections to adjust the tripod as per comfort and need, you can record videos while standing and sitting easily without any discomfort.

3-way swivel pan head with 360-degree rotation gives multiple options to take pictures or to record videos in different angles, it has a twist locking system and versatile use of hook not only helpful to stabilize your recording but also provides safety.

Users get after unpacking: Tripod comes with a bag for safe storage.

Key Features:

  • The material used for making Aluminum, Plastic & Carbon Fiber.
  • 3-way swivel pan head with 360-degree rotation.
  • Twist locking system for safety.
  • Maximum weight holding capacity 4 kg.
  • Usable as monopods height adjustable 17 inches to 52.8 inches.
  • For a tripod, you can adjust the height up to 70 inches.
  • Light weight and slim design, trendy attractive product.
  • Legs adjustable into 4 sections, versatile multi-functional hook.
  • Strong handles for gripping, Legs are non-slip due to well-built rubbers.
  • Specially designed for outdoor use also usable indoor.
  • Tripod comes with a warranty.


  • None but Pricey Tripod.


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Top best selling Tripod: Types of Tripods

There are different kinds of tripods available on the market each one of them has multiple roles to play, either you are a photographer, video recorder, or content creators one thing you must have or need is a high-quality tripod.

If you are looking for tripods then you must know the different types of products available, so let us discuss them one by one.



This is a little different than the tripods usually tripods have 3 legs and monopods built with only 1 leg, they are very sleek and light in weight and gives stability while taking photographs.

Monopods are highly popular in wildlife content makers as they have to carry multiple things and these devices are easier for them to carry.

Though they are relatively affordable the drawback of the monopod is they restrict your movement.



This type of tripod is the newest design specially made for portability; they are very small in design the pocket tripods come with a size of between 4 to 8 inches while using them you constantly need a table to keep them while taking pictures.

The material mostly used to make this kind of tripod is plastic, these are not suitable for professional video recording or photography, only useful for the person who loves taking selfies.



As the name suggests these are specially designed for the people who regularly travel if you are a content creator who travels then this best suited for you as they are lightweight and design-wise also very compact.

You can store them in your bag easily, most of the travel tripods are made either from plastic, carbon fiber, or aluminum.

These are a little expensive and can be used indoors for YouTube videos or for vlogging purposes, travel tripods are multi-functional products but they might be a little pricey.



Studio tripods are heavier than the other tripods as they are meant to hold the maximum weight of your camera, these are one of the high quality tripods as they are solid and compact.

This type of tripod usable in studios only as the weight of the product is high so if you are looking for tripod which is portable then this is not for you but also you have to keep in mind about the camera weight.



There are 2 types of tripods available specialized Suction Cup and specialized Flexible legs tripods.

Suction cups are very small tripods highly usable in cars for capturing stable photographs and flexible tripods are made for comfort as you can curve them in different kinds of shapes easily and mount them anywhere.



Top best selling Tripod: Buying Guide



First thing is what is purpose behind buying tripod always ask yourself and then start researching one for you, if your aim is to record video from smartphones you can get the cheapest tripod for you at the beginning but if you are going to use a camera and they are heavy then you have to buy a little heavy tripod for video making.

Another important aspect is where you are going to shoot your videos indoor or outdoor, if you are going to make videos at outdoor than you have to go for sturdy tripod, as if your tripods weight is light than they may not hold the weight of the camera and also may fall down due breeze. 



Quality of tripod is very important for the longevity of use so get the product with good quality material, most of the tripods are made from aluminum alloy and some other qualities like plastic or carbon fiber these are considered to be good for a tripod.


Safe to use:

Your tripod should be safe to use as you are going to mount your expensive camera or smartphones here legs of the product becomes very crucial.

Make sure tripods legs are non-sloppy device should have a good quality of rubbers at the bottom and there should be a locking system for stability.



This factor depending on your camera weight but you can find anything between 1 kg to 3 kg of tripods in the market we suggest you go for a higher weight if you are going to mount DSLR camera.

If you are looking for a tripod for making you tube content and going to shoot your videos on smartphones then you can go for lighter tripods you can also get the product that has a weight of less than 1 kg.



If a tripod is not compatible with your camera or phone then it’s useless to buy them always check if your product is holding your camera weight properly and fitting into the holder securely.


Adjustable height:

This is also very crucial as if your device is adjustable so you can use it for multiple things you can find the height of the tripods between 40 inches to 70 inches, also make sure to measure the size while in folding position.

As if your tripod has the least size in folding position this helps you to store it in your bags easily and you can also carry it with you anywhere.


Tripod Head:

Tripod head depending on the brand as few brands may provide your head with the package and some may not, this function keeps your camera or phone safe and very helpful for smooth movement.

This can help user to lean or slant the camera and allows to take pictures in any direction easily.


Easy Installation:

Tripod should be easy to assemble so you do not have to waste your time on installation, knobs of the tripod play very important role when it comes to installing the tripods.



Most of the cheapest tripods may not have a warranty but expensive tripods do come with a warranty of at least 1 year but this depending on product to product so always read the warranty details carefully.


Budget and Price:

There are multiple ranges of tripods available in terms of price you can get the tripod for Rs. 300 to above 1 lac, you can spend depending on your budget.



Top best selling Tripod: Conclusion

Our final words will be not to compromise on the quality of the tripod it should be a one-time investment for a long time so you do not have to purchase it again and again.

Choosing the right tripod is all depending on why you are looking for it and how you are going to use them, there are many factors involved while buying a tripod.

We have listed above products by keeping all those things in mind some of them are suitable for indoor-only and some of them are suitable for indoor and outdoor as well, hope this article helps you to know in detail about tripod but if you have any query post your comments we will reply as soon as possible.



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