Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones under 3000 India 2022


Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones under 3000 India 2022


Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones under 3000 India 2022


Do you love to play games? and looking for the best gaming headphones but not yet found and confused which one to buy.

Then do not worry this article will help you and guide you to choose the best one for you as if you love to play games & not have proper headphones who can support you while playing it becomes difficult to concentrate.

If you have better headphone it will definitely makes your playing experience better and blissful, also helps you to convey proper strategy with your partner to have edge over your competitor which can lead to improving your performance. 

So, let us first discuss Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones under 3000 in India, afterward we will suggest you few buying tips to consider before choosing the product.


About: Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones

Gaming Headphone 

Special Features 

Available On

1. EKSA E3 Over-Ear Gaming Headphone

40 MM driver & 7.1 surround sound

2. Cosmic Byte Over Head Headphone 

Dual driver system & 7.1 surround sound 

3. EKSA E900 Wired Gaming Headset

50 MM driver, stereo sound

4. Docooler Over Head Gaming Headphone

40 MM driver & 20 Hz to 20 KHz frequency 

5. Gamdias Over Head Gaming Headset 

40 MM driver, Noise Cancellation.

6. Edifier In Ear Gaming Headphones

CVC built in to reduce the surrounding noise.

7. Xanova Ocala Over Head Gaming Headset 

 40 MM driver & Portable headphone.

Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones under 3000 India 2022


1. EKSA E3 Over-Ear Gaming Headphone



Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones under 3000



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Eksa is one of the most reputed and popular brands in India, their each and every product promises to perform and provide complete satisfaction, this edition of Eksa E3 headphone comes with an inbuilt mic and has very soft memory earmuffs that gives extreme comfort.

It is a very Lightweight headphone that provides comfort while using at the same time gives the luxury to carry anywhere easily and the design looks so elegant that after wearing it enhances your look and style.

The microphone is removable and it also has a noise-canceling function that makes sure to keep unwanted sound away from you, it has great sound and bass as it has the capacity to create excellent surrounding sound thanks to 7.1 surround sound and driver size of 40mm.

Users can control everything with their ear tips as the buttons are built-in with a headset for better control, adding more to the styling it has LED light that really creates an amazing atmosphere of gaming.

Key Features:

  • Looks Great, very elegant design and is Lightweight product.
  • LED lights create a gaming atmosphere around the user.
  • It has a 40mm driver unit and 7.1 surround sound.
  • It has good sound and bass quality. 
  • The inbuilt microphone is removable.
  • The noise-canceling function ensures to eliminate background sound.
  • Soft memory earmuffs for laptop, mac, and Nintendo games.
  • USB Cable and 3.5mm audio cable, The wired Length is 1.8 meters.
  • Suitable for tablets, smartphones, and android.


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2. Cosmic Byte Over Head Gaming Headphone 


Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones under 3000



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2nd in our list Cosmic Byte Equinox Europa Gaming Headset featuring in our list not only because of its rich look but also due to its excellent features and functions.

The headphone is not only specially designed for Gamer but also for the people who love their music as earphone produces good sound, LED effects near ear cups to give dazzling experience while playing games.

The headphone is equipped with a dual-driver system, speaker size is 50mm+ 23mm that gives an excellent sound quality, the frequency response of the headset is between 20Hz to 20KHz, adding more to the sound quality it has built-in with 7.1 surround sound.

The device is flexible to use as it cuts the surrounding sound easily and helps you to concentrate on your activity as it has a noise-canceling feature, the headphone is quite comfortable to use and operate.

The cable length of this gaming headphone is long up to 2.1 meters so the user can feel free while playing games, for more comfortable use headband is auto adjustable, and everything you can control with cable from volume to microphone.

Key Features:

  • Good build quality and decent design.
  • Spectra RGB LED customizable with Software LED Effects.
  • The headphone is suitable for PC, Android (OTG), and PS4.
  • Dual driver system and 7.1 surround sound.
  • Speaker size is 50mm+23mm gives good sound quality.
  • The frequency range is between 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Earpads are soft and 2.1 meters Long wires for connectivity.
  • Inbuilt microphone and noise-canceling function reduce unwanted sound. 
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use for a long time.
  • Easy to control as it has a cable controller.
  • The headphone comes with a 1-year warranty.


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3. EKSA E900 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset


Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones under 3000



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Next Eksa E900 gaming headphone looks quite attractive and lightweight as well only 500 grams, this is red color but apart from this Green and black color is also looks nice.

Audio quality is just awesome and immersive as you can hear everything very clearly as the speaker driver size is 50mm which is excellent, it is designed close back which ensures the user hear a clear voice.

The noise-canceling function also plays a very important role in hearing the sound as it reduces the background unwanted sound, headset is comfortable to use even for longer hours thanks to the soft ear cushions.

Overall making is excellent as the frame is made with superior quality of metal, there is a microphone to communicate with your partner during the gaming and strategizing the game.

Voice adjustment is quick and easy as it is designed on the cable of the headphone cable length is long up to 1.8 meters.

The headphone is connectable with PlayStation 4, Xbox One Controller, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iMac, Computer, Mobile Phone.

 Key Features:

  • The design is good and the build quality is durable.
  • The frame is built with high-quality Metal.
  • Ear cushions are soft and comfortable specially designed for gamers.
  • The headphone is portable and easy to carry.
  • Pro-quality audio, 50mm driver size, it is a closed-back design.
  • The headband is retractable and the head pad gives comfort.
  • The noise-canceling function keeps background noise away.
  • The inbuilt microphone makes communication crystal clear.
  • The cable length is long up to 1.8 meters.
  • Connectable with PSP, Tablet, iMac, Computer, and Mobile Phone.
  • Also Compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One Controller, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop.
  • The headphone comes with 2 years of warranty.


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4. Docooler Over Head Gaming Headphone




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Docooler gaming headphones is 4th in our list, it is sturdy and compact Over-Ear headphone as it has made with the perfect combination of ABS, Leather, and Sponge.

Sponge provides comfort even after a long time of use, and overall lightweight product which ensures does not go harsh on you and you can carry easily anywhere, ear pads are very soft which do not irritate the user.

Well-built LED light helps to create a gaming environment. The microphone is adjustable as per comfort and it has furnished with a 40 mm magnet driver which ensures clarity in the sound.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for Computer, Laptop gaming, and Meetings.
  • Easy one-touch button for volume control.
  • Adjustable Microphone with USB 3.5 mm Interface.
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Wire Length is up to 2 meters.
  • The product comes with a 6 Months Warranty.
  • Color options are available in Red and Blue.


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5. Gamdias Over Head Gaming Headset 


Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones under 3000 India 



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Gamdias Eros M2 is a wired headphone suitable for gaming as it has a multi-color lighting effect that creates a gaming atmosphere around you.

This headphone has a comfortable and user-friendly microphone, 40 mm driver unit ensures perfect sound.

Noise-canceling features make sure to eliminate all the background noise which helps users not to get disturbed while listening to songs or playing games.

Key Features:

  • Ear cups are comfortable and fit into the head perfectly.
  • Easy controlling access and adjustable volume.
  • Noise Cancellation.
  • 40 mm drivers for sound and Bass.
  • Audio Jack for connectivity.
  • The product comes with a 1-year Warranty.


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6. Edifier In-Ear Gaming Headphones




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Edifier GM3SE is in-ear headphones standing at 6th place in our list, the weight of the product is around 150 grams which are very lightweight ensures ease of use for a long time.

Build quality is metal which provides solidity and compactness to the headphone, microphone produces a bearable voice which is very helpful not only in gaming but also for calling.

Bass creates a good atmosphere with vibration effects which makes this headphone usable for listening to songs and music as well.

The headphone features an easy touch controller for adjusting voice and CVC built-in to reduce the surrounding noise.

Key Features:

  • Well Built Metal mesh including LED lights.
  • User friendly and Performs efficiently.
  • Up to 9 hours playback with display
  • Helps and assist in apt-X audio decoding.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty.


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7. Xanova Ocala Over Head Gaming Headset 


Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones under 3000 India 



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Next in our list is Xanova Ocala over the head gaming headphone, this is very flexible as the headband is removable and fits into the head perfectly.

Looks attractive and provides comfort while playing games thanks to its microphone and noise isolation feature which reduces surrounding noise which helps for clear communication.

For large audio range, there is a 40 MM driver and NdFeB unit, good quality of 3-D woven breathable material at earmuff which helps to mop up the sweat easily.

The headphone is separable into 3 sections which makes this headphone very portable and easy to transfer anywhere.

Another best thing about headphones is earmuff is changeable with another one which helps you to add your favorite color earmuff if needed.

Key Features:

  • Easy to carry and Trendy look.
  • Memory cotton ear cushioning and metal quality product.
  • Suitable for PC, gaming laptops, Xbox, PS-4, and Mobile.
  • 5 mm jack for connectivity.
  • 2 mic cables for PC and Mobile.
  • Product Comes with 1-year Warranty.


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8. Redgear Cosmo Wired Gaming Headphone 



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8th Gaming headphone under 3000 from Redgear Cosmo brand this is one of the top-selling products as it comes at a cheaper price but yet has good functions that is good for gaming.

It is a wired gaming headphone that comes with RGB LED effects that create an excellent atmosphere around you for gaming, Mic has a noise-canceling function that keeps the unwanted noise away so you can communicate better.

For the audio quality, it is equipped with 7.1 surround sound that gives very good sound, it is designed really well specially earcups as the earcups have a closed-back design to keep irritating noise away.

Build quality is excellently made for gaming purposes it does not irritate the user as ear pads made with good quality of material memory foam and headband can be split that allows user extra comfort.

Key Features:

  • Made with good quality material.
  • It is closed-back design ensures to eliminate background noise.
  • 7.1 surround sound creates high-quality sound.
  • RGB-led lights make a good gaming atmosphere.
  • It has a noise-canceling function to reduce unwanted sound.
  • It is compatible with PC only.
  • It has 3.5mm connectivity.
  • Inbuilt mic for better communication
  • The headphone comes with a 1-year warranty.


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Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones: Buying Guide

We have brought some of the best gaming headphones with their detailed features but we would like to guide you about something more, so let us discuss things to consider before buying perfect gaming headphones for you.


Platforms and Compatibility:

The first and most important of all is a platform, you should know which platform you are going to use for gaming, headphones do come with different compatibility.

We suggest you go for headphone who can support multiple platforms, there are products who comes with USB and 3.5 mm jack which is compatible with almost every device.


Wired or Wireless:

This one is a tricky decision but it depends on you as both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wired headphones may restrict you to move freely but the advantage of this is that you do not need to charge them again and again so you can use them anytime anywhere.

Where wireless gives you complete flexibility to move around but you have to charge them to utilize if charging is low you won’t be able to play games or listen to music.



This is another very crucial factor in gaming headphones as we have to constantly talk to our partners to make strategies and have to guide each other in every step so voice clarity must be good.

Driver plays a very important role in creating clear sound 40-MM driver or above consider to be the best quality and do not forget about the bass quality as well which gives you a good music listening experience as well.


Noise Cancellation or Isolation:

This is also part of sound but we thought to describe this point separately as this is another vital aspect of headphones.

If the headphone has one of these features then it helps you to reduce or eliminate the background noise which ensures you concentrate on the game without any disturbance.



If you are looking for headphones especially for gaming then the microphone has to be of the highest quality as you have to constantly communicate with your team or partner to strategize the game, Mic can help you to give a clear voice.

If possible, look out for an adjustable mic as this makes your headphone flexible to use as you can adjust as per comfort. 


LED Lights:

Few Gaming headphones come in different colors which lights up the device, mostly LED lights to come in neon colors, this can really help to look your earphone attractive and also create the perfect environment for gaming which helps to boost your confidence. 



If you are buying headphones for gaming then it becomes an essential element as once, we start playing the game we play for long hours and in this period we need a comfortable playing experience, choose the headphones that have soft ear cups which does not irritate you even after long use.


Design and Build Quality:

Here most of the people do not pay any attention but this is also the very important thing as we are spending our hard earn money on the product so quality must be the best, so you do not have to buy it again and again.

To more elaborate this we suggest you read the material quality carefully, Moreover read the other details carefully like pins, audio jacks, size of wires, and frequency response.


Budget and Price:

Once you decide to buy anything first thing is setting up the budget it may sound silly but this really helps us to the firm in our mind what we need in the product and decision-making become easy.

The price of the gaming headphones can range between 500 to above 20,000, the higher the price you get the more advanced features, but it does not mean the lower-priced product is not suitable to buy but it may offer you limited features.



At the last warranty, most of the brands do provide anything between 6 months to 1-year warranty, some of the brands may not cover the warranty so before buying always ensure to read the warranty details.



Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones: Frequently Asked Questions


What is a gaming headphone?

Gaming headphone is a pair of headphones which is specially made for gaming purpose, high quality of bass and sound helps the user to concentrate on games, user strategize their game plans better with the partner.

The design of the headphone is mostly very different than the normal headphones, they come with lights that help to set up the gaming environment around you.


How to take care of the headphones?

Most of the user does not pay attention towards taking care of devices and then if headphone stops working, they start blaming brands but if you do not care about headphone then the device will never long last.

To increase the durability of headphones it is very important to keep some things in our mind, keep cleaning them on regular basis.

Try to keep them in covers when not in use especially if you are traveling, keep them at a safe place after each use do not throw them anywhere if you take this step your device will be long-lasting and you can enjoy its services for many years.


Can Gaming headphones damage ears?

Gaming headphone has higher driver capacity for better sound and bass so if you use for longer, they may create little headache after longer use.

To counter this, we suggest you not to use for long hours take a break from a certain time, if you are using to listen to music apart from gaming then do not listen to higher volume.


How to maintain the battery life of gaming headphones?

If you are using wired earphones then you do not have to worry about this as they do not require charging, but if you are using wireless headphones then you may face the problem of overcharging.

Do not keep your headphone from charging without any reason after fully charged once the battery is full immediately remove them from charging, you can also do one thing do not completely full the battery after 95 percent you can remove them to maintain battery quality.


Can you use gaming headphones to listen to music?

You can listen to music from gaming headphones but inbuilt bass throws higher sound so you may start feeling irritated after some time, we suggest you use the headset in shorts spans for music or you can keep them at low sound while listening they will still give you enough sound to listen to music.


What is the durability of gaming headphones?

If you use them in the right manner by properly maintaining and cleaning them on regular basis, your gaming headphone can last up to 5 to 6 years depending on use, brand, quality of design, and sound.




If you love playing games then you must have perfect gaming headphones to enhance your performance.

Above are some of the Top Best Selling Gaming Headphones if have to pick one among these it will be a difficult task but our pick will be the EKSA E3 Over-Ear Gaming Headphone.

If you consider the above factors you can get perfect headphones and a happy gaming experience, we have covered almost every point but if you have any queries please post your comments, we will be happy to guide you.



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