Top Best lightweight foldable wheelchair India 2021


Top Best lightweight foldable wheelchair India 2021


Top Best lightweight foldable wheelchair India 


Physical condition is something not in our hands anything can happen to humans, this kind of physical condition comes with old age, injuries, accidents, sickness, or anything.

It’s the toughest phase of human life as it is really challenging, Human have to depend on others for small works, if their loved ones not around make it even difficult to move.

The wheelchair can make their life a bit easier and less dependent on others, as it gives human comfort & portability.

Choosing the right wheelchair becomes vital to our loved ones who may have any kind of condition where they cannot move or find it difficult to walk.

But getting one is quite a daunting task but today in this article we will solve the problem about to get one for the closet person, So, let us discuss the Top Best lightweight Foldable Wheelchair to buy online in India with detailed features of each product.



Best Wheelchair

Weight Capacity 

Special Features

1. Kosmo Care Foldable Wheelchair 

Weight Capacity- 100 Kgs

Steel Frame with sturdy wheel

2. Dr Trust (USA) Manual Wheelchair

Weight Capacity- 150 Kgs

Light Weight with soft cushioning for comfort

3. Instant Mobility Victory Standard Wheelchair

Weight Capacity- 110 Kgs

Coated Chrome Plated frame

4. FASTWELL Premium Folding Wheelchair

Weight Capacity- Approx. up to 130 Kg.

Powder coated frame & No Assembly require



About: Top Best lightweight foldable wheelchair India


1. Kosmo Care Foldable Wheelchair 


Top Best lightweight foldable wheelchair India



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Kosmo care is one of the best brands in the healthcare sector, this wheelchair is well-built design for daily use & very portable.

Its Fold-able so can carry anywhere easy to transport and can save the space when not in use, safe to use due to rear wheel locks, very Flexible gives patient complete freedom to move around.

Fixed footrest, Armrest ensure the freedom and makes a person less dependent on others, no need to worry about hygiene as it is easy to clean.

Quality of Mag wheels of the highest quality and rust-free, Seat belt attached for safety so user can move freely, Long-lasting and Durable product.

Key Features: 

  • Well Built, sturdy, and compact design.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 100 Kg.
  • Front Wheel Size: 8″.
  • Back Height- 18″ & Rear Wheel Size- 24″.
  • Quality of frame- Steel.
  • Cushion Quality: Rexine & No hand Brakes.


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2. Dr Trust (USA) Foldable Wheelchair


Top Best lightweight foldable wheelchair India



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Dr. Trust standing at 2nd on the list due to its premium quality, Perfect and fully assembled wheelchair, the best way out for old age, physically challenge & Injured people.

Chrome plated steel frames help fold chair easily, Chair is fold-able to save space while not in use, makes transportation easy.

No hassle while folding due to Soft-coated PVC material used for cushioning, all condition friend due to its well-built design, seat belt added for complete safety.

Anyone can use it very easily as it has designed with the latest technique & functioning, Cleaning easy to maintain hygiene.

Ensures and provides comfort due to Armrests, Leg rests & footrests, Adjustable Footplates provide more comfort for the user, can set up a position as per need.

To protect feet from dropping there are Aluminium footrests and nylon leg-rests, Weight Capacity is up to 150 kg makes this chair usable for anyone.

There is a lock & loop style manual brake on right-hand side, which ensures the user a better experience for controlling & handling.

Key Features: 

  • Product Size: Length- 103 cm & Height- 86 cm.
  • Depth of Seat: 43 cm.
  • Light weight product: 15.66 Kg
  • Rear Wheels- 24″ & Front wheels: 8 Inches.
  • Weight capacity: 150 Kg.
  • Clean Cushion with a light wet cloth, can use soap water or detergent while cleaning dirt.


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3. Instant Mobility Victory Standard Wheelchair



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Instant Mobility chair at 3rd position on the list of Top Best lightweight foldable wheelchair comes with a Triple thickness Coated Chrome Plated frame, Product is fold-able to save space while not in use.

Easy to use and carry anywhere, User can move freely and Independently & Tyre made of good PU quality with 24” Rear wheels spoke.

Footplates are wider and solid enough to give extra comfort, User-friendly system, and a well-built chair with a solid grip for safe use.

Handle brake to control movement so user can move freely without any fear, perfectly design armrest & slightly adjustable footrest, Weight capacity around 110 Kg.

Key Features: 

  • Frame built of 1.2 mm thick round M. Steel Pipe.
  • Solid Rear Tyre 24″ 
  • Superior quality Spokes Rim.
  • 46 CM wide Seat & Weight Capacity- 110 Kg.
  • Easily cleanable to maintain hygiene.
  • No seat belts.


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4. FASTWELL Premium Folding Wheelchair


Top Best lightweight foldable wheelchair India


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FASTWELL is standing in this list of Top Best lightweight foldable wheelchair on 4th position as their any products are strong and durable, this product is also providing user help not too dependent on others for small things.

It contains a brake for safety purposes so the user can move freely and no need to worry about falling down, the chair moves very smoothly and does not go harsh on the user as it is light in weight.

Ensures not to create disturbance as it is fold-able which allows you to store anywhere while not in use and also this feature helps to carry chair at any place.

Users can easily relax on this chair as it has a sturdy backrest, armrest, and footrest, it has a sturdy handle at back, made with a premium quality powder-coated frame.

Weight capacity up to 100 kg and Tyre made of rubber which does not require to fill air constantly, back and bottom rest material quality is of Nylon-Cotton.

Key Features: 

  • Looks good, Durable, and provides a smooth ride on most of the surfaces.
  • Easy to clean to maintain its quality and Hygiene.
  • Lightweight, safe to use due to seat belt & dual break.
  • Weight capacity: up to 130 Kg.
  • Requires Low Maintenance.
  • Assembly does not require & Leg rest is adjustable


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Top Best Selling Foldable Wheelchair: Types of Wheel Chair 


Mainly there are two types of Wheelchair Manual and Electric.


Manual Wheelchairs: 

You may get the hint with name manual these chairs do not work on any battery or remote control, a person has to make movement by themselves or have to take someone help to move around.


Electric Wheelchairs: 

Apart from electric, they are also known as motorized or Power wheelchair mainly because they work on battery, you have to charge them to use and for easy movement, electric chair do come with braking system depending on each product.


Which one is better?

It depends but for navigating manuals considered to be better than electric and other than that you have to keep charging electric chair if the battery is low, you won’t be able to use them in case of the low battery where manuals can be useful in any situation.

Though electric chair does not require any physical efforts as they work on battery and they are also durable as manuals.

If used in the proper way both chairs can last up to 5 years or above moreover you may get the warranty with an electric wheelchair.


Which one is affordable?

Manuals are quite affordable than an electric chair as the manual chair you may get at the price of 5000 and where electric chair starts from well above 18000.



Top Best Selling Foldable Wheelchair: Buying Guide


Before Buying a wheelchair, we must consider few things as we are buying a chair for the safety of our loved ones and our main aim is to provide comfort to them.

So, let us discuss things to consider while buying a wheelchair.



Quality of the product is the most important thing as if you do not choose the right quality chair just to save some bugs then it’s not right.

Let’s suppose you bought a product which is not of good quality and if chair damages, then you have to buy it again and most importantly it is dangerous to the person who is using it as if he or she falls they may face some serious injuries so it better to buy once for a long time.

Steel coated, Powder coated and aluminum frame considered to be some of the best qualities they also hold the weight properly.


Armrest & Footrest: 

These features make your loved one more comfortable and make the chair user-friendly, while buying check perfectly if the product has these all qualities.

This also depends on the person who is disabled or injured, as if someone has a problem with their hand then they might need sturdy armrest and if someone facing a leg issue then an adjustable footrest can provide them a lot of comfort and rest.


Wheels and Back Support: 

Wheels have to be solid enough to handle the maximum stress, also proper cushioning provides more comfort to the back especially for the person who is having back issues.

Back comfort is something everyone wants as after sitting a long time brings discomfort, if chair has a proper cushion at the back this makes a lot easier to seat for a longer time.


Weight Capacity: 

User weight capacity most of the product comes with a minimum of 100 kg of capacity or above which may be suitable for everyone.

Suggest you check the weight of the person for whom you are looking out for wheelchair and then take the decision as there are few chairs who come with less weight capacity which may be suitable for lightweight person.

But we suggest you go for a maximum weight capacity chair if you have the budget.


Portability and Weight of Chair: 

The wheelchair should be fold-able and light in weight this makes it easy, as it allows you to save space when not in use and also you can easily carry anywhere so no need to worry about going outdoors.

Most people do consider lightweight chair as it is easy to handle and at the same time easy to carry.


Safe and Easy to use: 

Brakes this feature ensures complete control over a chair, if your product has a lock system and belt attached then it ensures the safety and also takes away the fear of falling.

Some chairs may not come with belts in this case you may need to bring and attach a belt to the chair but few brands do provide an attached belt to the wheelchair.


Easy to Clean:

If there will be dust or dirt then you may need to clean them in order to avoid any bad smell or odor, chair must be cleanable so you can maintain hygiene and at the same time your product will be durable.



Basically, most of the brands do not provide a warranty but some brands may give you about 6 months warranty, usually, these chairs do provide long-lasting services depending on your use if maintained properly they can last long up to 4 to 5 years or even more.


Budget and Price: 

Wheelchairs do come at economical price and few of them are costly all depend on your budget, we will suggest you not to compromise on quality and weight capacity just to save the money as it is about safety and comfort about your home member.

Manual chairs are quite affordable you can find them in the range of anything between 5000 to 15000 and electric chairs can be costly you can find them from above 18,000 to above 2 lac.


Top Best Selling Foldable Wheelchair: Frequently asked Questions


Why Wheelchair used?

The wheelchair used for the person who is finding difficult to walk due to injury, sickness, for old age person and for the person with a disability.

These kinds of chairs mostly found in hospitals and clinics.


Which material mostly used to make a wheelchair?

This is depending on the product to produce some of the chairs are made from aluminum or some may have made from steel as both provide compactness to the chair.

Some of the latest chairs made with both combinations of steel and aluminum.


What is the minimum weight of the chair?

You can find the chair weight from various ranges most of the light-weight chair’s standard weight would be around 12 Kg to 25 kg.


What is the standard width of the wheelchair?

It is depending on the person who is going to use the chair but most probably you will find the width of the chair anything between 15 to 20 inches.


Is it better to take user’s measurements before buying?

It’s a good idea so you can get the perfect wheelchair for the user, you should measure the body parts of the user.

Take measurement of body parts like width of shoulder, chest, hips, upper and lower leg length, and feet size, but while measuring ensure user sitting on right body posture.

Also, ensure to take measurement of the back while in sitting position for perfect back support.


What is the maximum weight capacity of a wheelchair?

The most common chair you may find weight capacity up to 100 kg or some other chairs can hold the weight up to 140 kg, but if a person is heavyweight than you can get chair capacity up to 300 kg, but you may have to raise your budget as this kind of heavy-duty chairs made with heavy steel or aluminum material.


Is there any difference between Transport and wheelchair?

The big difference between the two, wheelchairs help users to be independent so users can at least move freely, and with transport chairs users always have to depend on someone.


Should I have any authorization letter from the physician or doctor?

You do not need any letter from any doctor to buy wheelchair for you or your loved one, but yes you can take the guidance of your doctors while buying them so you will come to know which chair would be right for you.


Can I get a wheelchair on a rent basis?

Yes, you can get the chair on a rent basis but you have to make sure the chair won’t be damaged or broken during the use otherwise you may have to pay the extra money if any damage to the chair while returning.

If you are taking the chair on rent then make sure to check the condition of the chair carefully.


Where I can buy a wheelchair?

You can buy the chair at retail shops where health product sells or even you can buy online, in fact you may get best of deals online as there are some constant offers available.


What is the durability of a wheelchair?

It is completely on your use most of the manual chairs do not come with a warranty but if you maintain them properly your chair may last long for at least 4 to 5 years, whereas an electric wheelchair comes with a warranty.



Finding the right wheelchair can be a daunting task we hope we able to solve your search for a chair while buying you must keep in mind about safety and comfort of the person but at the same time, easy movement is also important.

All above-listed brands do provide the best quality of chairs most popular brands among them are Kosmo care and Dr. Trust.

Hope this article Top Best lightweight foldable wheelchair helps you to know in detail about the wheelchair but if you have any query you can post your comments, we will be happy to help you.



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