Top Best manual Treadmills in India 2022-Buying guide & Reviews


Top Best manual Treadmills in India 2022- Reviews


Top Best manual Treadmills in India 


Are you looking for top best manual treadmills? But not yet found one then this article going to help you to know in detail about them as I am going to list some of the top-quality products.

If you are low on budget and looking for the best option for a decent cardio workout then the manual treadmill is the best equipment for your health and fitness as they are quite cost-effective and at the same time ensures good exercise sessions.

An overall manual treadmill is much easier to use for indoor or home workouts as they are sleek in design so less headache of storage and some of the treadmills are foldable so you can unfold it while in use and fold it to save space.

But selecting the top best manual treadmills is not a very easy task you have to consider many things, so I am also going to discuss in detail things to consider while buying them but let us start with best-selling treadmills.

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Our Top Pick 5 Best manual Treadmill

Best manual treadmill

Weight capacity

Available on

PowerMax Fitness Manual Treadmill

Maximum 120kg user weight.

Healthgenie Manual Treadmill

weight capacity is 120kgs.

Lifeline manual treadmill

Weight capacity is up to 110Kgs.

LEEWAY Manual Treadmill

Weight capacity up to 120kgs.

Kamachi Manual Treadmill

Weight capacity up to 105Kgs.

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1. PowerMax Fitness Manual Treadmill


Top Best manual Treadmills in India



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The Powermax Fitness Model No: MFT-410 is one of the top best manual treadmills in India, as it provides the maximum workout that you expect from the manual treadmill, and at the same time it is one of the affordable options.

This treadmill allows its user to do 4 kinds of workouts along with walking or jogging you can do little push-ups with help of a push-up bar, there is a twister attached at the backside and a steeper for little leg exercise.

The treadmill comes with an LCD display which makes you able to track important details like time, speed of the exercise, burned calories, and distance covered and it also tracks your heart rate sensor which is on a handrail.

The material quality of frame made with alloy steel very sturdy that comes with a lifetime warranty and on other parts warranty of 1 year, the installation is quick and easy also brand provides video assistance, it is a foldable treadmill that saves space at the same time you can manually lock the treadmill.

The running surface area is 1160mm x 335mm, if you want to have intensifying workout it can be inclined up to 3 levels, and the maximum weight capacity is 120kgs, it has 4 target-based modes that make your workout challenging to burn calories.

Key Features:

  • It is 4 in 1 treadmill built for Jogger, Stepper, Twister, and Push-up Bar.
  • 4 Target-based modes to burn high calories.
  • Maximum 120kg user weight.
  • LCD display to track time, speed, distance, and heart rate.
  • Heart rate sensors at handles.
  • 3-Level Manual Incline to intensify the workout.
  • Running surface area is 1160mm x 335mm
  • Wheels for ease of movement, It is a foldable design.
  • Made with good quality steel.
  • Lifetime frame warranty and 1 year on parts.


  • None.


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2. Healthgenie Manual Treadmill


Top Best manual Treadmills in India



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Up next on our list of top best manual treadmills from Healthgenie, this brand is one of the best brands for fitness equipment for home use they have a good range of collections of treadmills including motorized treadmills.

This model no: 3412MT is quite similar to Power max manual treadmill, very portable as it is equipped with wheels to move around, foldable design and weight of the treadmill is only 41kgs, the frame made with Iron which zinc coated for durability comes with 3 years frame warranty.

Users can use it for a walk, jog, along with other functions such as a stepper, twister, and push-ups for multiple exercise options, it has a manageable incline that is good for enhancing your workout sessions, holding weight capacity is 120kgs.

The digital display is attached to monitor your workout time, speed of the cardio session, time of the exercise, calorie tracking and it has attached a pulse rate tracker to monitor your pulse rate during exercise.

Key Features:

  • It is 5 in 1 treadmill Jogger, stepper, twister.
  • Push-up bras, and pulse rate sensor.
  • Good quality material made with iron zinc coated.
  • The foldable design comes with built-in wheels for ease of movement.
  • The weight capacity of the treadmill is 120kgs.
  • Digital display to track time, speed, distance, and calorie burn.
  • Adjustable incline for challenging exercise.
  • The treadmill comes with 3 years frame warranty and 1 year on parts.
  • To activate the warranty call brand’s customer care within 30 days of purchase.


  • None.


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3. Lifeline manual treadmill


Top Best manual Treadmills in India



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3rd on our list of the top best manual treadmills in India product from Lifeline, the weight of the product is 47kg and made with decent material, the treadmill is foldable, easy to assemble and store after a workout, design is very sleek does not occupy much space.

Incline position is adjustable up to 3 levels to challenge your endurance level which also helps to burn some extra calories in your exercise session, weight capacity of the treadmill is 110kgs which is decent.

The attached twister helps users to target and do good exercise for thighs, waist, and hips, with help of a stepper you can do legs exercise, LED tracks progress such as time, distance covered, intensity speed, calorie burned, and pulse rate.

Key Features:

  • Twister to target the upper and lower body,
  • Stepper built into target legs, thighs, and waist.
  • Weight capacity is up to 110Kgs.
  • It is a foldable treadmill.
  • LED display tracks your exercise sessions.
  • 3 level manual incline.
  • Inbuilt wheels for portability.
  • The treadmill comes with 6 months warranty.


  • Only 6 months warranty.
  • Weight is heavy.



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4. LEEWAY Manual Treadmill




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At 4th position we have manual treadmill from LEEWAY, this is very good-looking treadmill suitable for home use and very easy to assemble, the weight of the product is little heavy 70kg due to its strong heavy-duty alloy steel material.

This 4 in 1 manual treadmill is a good way to do cardio exercise such as walking, jogging, and running, weight capacity of the treadmill is 120kgs, for multiple workouts it has designed with Stepper, Twister, Push-up-bar so you can do exercises for your upper body and legs.

The handles of the treadmills are made with a sturdy material which ensures your safety as it is non-skiddy handles that are helpful while high-intensity cardio sessions, the LCD display is added to track your workout.

Key Features: 

  • Made with heavy-duty alloy steel material.
  • Weight capacity up to 120kgs.
  • Stepper, Twister, Push-up-bar for upper and lower body exercise.
  • LCD display tracks your exercise sessions.
  • Looks good and high-quality material.


  • Little pricey.
  • Weight is heavy.
  • No warranty.


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5. Kamachi Manual Treadmill




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Kamachi manual treadmill achieves 5th place on our list of the top best manual treadmills, this treadmill is one of the most lightweight treadmills available in India, as the weight of the product is only 32Kgs.

It is designed with portable wheels that help you to move from one place to other easily, and very good for home as it is foldable after every use so it saves space, the manual inclined option for you to intensify your cardio exercise, weight capacity is 105Kgs.

Treadmill added with stepper, aerobic twister, and push up bar to do other workouts to strengthen your legs, thighs, and chest, there are handles to support you during a workout for safety, LCD display monitors speed, heart rate, time, distance covered during workout and burned calories.

Key features: 

  • Lightweight and foldable treadmill.
  • Weight capacity is 105Kgs.
  • Stepper, twister, and push-up bar added for multiple workouts.
  • LCD display tracks time, distance, burned calories, and speed.
  • Heart rate sensors.
  • Mnaul inclined to enhance and challenge workout.


  • No warranty details.


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Buying guide for Top best manual Treadmill:


If you are looking for top best manual treadmills then it is important to understand the features while buying them so you can get top-quality products, let us start with different types of manual treadmills.


Different types of manual Treadmill:


  1. Flat belt Manual Treadmill:

The surface of this treadmill will be flat and comes at a very affordable price, flat belt treadmills are mostly designed for home use so they are foldable and gives a decent workout, incline position to enhance a workout you may find or may not depending on the product to product.

Overall, this type of treadmill decent piece of equipment for burning calories and also used by athletes & professionals as it provides strength to your legs.

  1. Curved Manual Treadmill:

Curved treadmill first used in the 1970s the running space will be slightly in curvy shape provides a very good cardio workout to burn higher calories, the design of the curved treadmills you will see sleek and foldable you can easily use at home.

It is usable for professionals, runner athlete, as it helps to push your legs for a movement that helps to strengthen your muscles.



Manual Treadmill Vs Motorized treadmills:

The basic difference between both motorized treadmills is equipped with a built motor that helps the running belt to move according to the setting such as speed & time you set up, whatever the speed is your legs will move accordingly.

While manual treadmills do not have any motor so the intensity and belt movement is up to you how fast you can run, but as manual treadmills movement is not depending on the motor you may end up burning fewer or more calories depending on your speed.

Whereas motorized treadmills which are also known as electric treadmills ensures to keep your walking or running speed similar throughout your session depending on speed settings which will help you to burn a good number of calories as after a certain time you will have an idea of what should be the speed of running or walking.

As compare to motorized treadmills you have to put more effort into the manual but as per some studies found that you may get tired quickly and it may have some knee issues as you have to use your own efforts to move the belt.

The manual treadmill does not require any electricity but a motorized one does so your electricity bill may increase and the manual treadmill requires less maintenance as well, you can use both manual and motorized treadmill at home as there are treadmills available that are made especially for the home.

The motorized treadmill may create little noise due to its inbuilt motor, but as a manual treadmill does not have any motor so it ensures noise-less operation, this will not irritate you and others especially if you are using it at home.

Though manual treadmills come with an LCD display to track your progress they will have limited features of tracking than motorized treadmills, budget-wise manual products are cheaper than motorized.

Now that I have compared both treadmills, according to my opinion, I will go for motorized treadmills for safety purpose and it also burns massive calories, but if you do not have any knee issues you can go for it, and for runners manual can be a good option but for safety motorized is better.



Weight capacity:

This is one of the most important factors to consider as if selected treadmills cannot hold your weight, then it’s a waste of your investment and it is risky as well, manual treadmills available from weight capacity between 90kgs to 120kgs.

Higher weight capacity is always better, always keep the buffer of 15kg to 20kgs between treadmill weight capacity and your current weight, so if your current weight is 100kgs then 120kg is the best treadmill for you.


Material Quality:

Manual treadmills made with material such as steel or some may have made with Iron, steel, or alloy steel are considered to be good quality.


Running area:

The space of running should be wide enough so you run comfortably and can concentrate more on your workout sessions.


Foldable and sleek design:

Most of the manual treadmills are made for home use and for the gym as well, but if you are looking for a home then it’s better to go with foldable as it will ensure to save space after a workout.


LCD display:

Look out if your treadmill has an LCD display to track your workout sessions such as time, distance covered, burned calories, etc, as some of the manual treadmills won’t have an LCD display it is very important to know your progress so keep your eye on this function.



Some of the best treadmill brands for home use in India are Powermax, Fitkit, Cardio Max, Healthgenie, Lifeline, Lifelong, MAXPRO, Sparnod, Durafit, and many more, you can go with these brands for the treadmill as they make top quality products suitable for home and gym as well.



Always read the warranty detail of the product that you selected some brands may provide you a warranty as some may not so it is better to check, you get a higher warranty on frames depending on brand to brand.

Some may give a lifetime warranty on frames and on other parts 1 year, or you may also get 1-3 years frame warranty with 1 year on the part, and few brands give a standard warranty on both frames and parts.



Spending is completely dependent on your budget you will easily get the best manual treadmill under 10000 to above 15000, you can choose as per your budget, a treadmill under 10000 will do a decent job as well but it may have limited features so read the detail carefully.



Frequently Asked Questions:


How manual treadmill works?

As discussed, you have to manually move your legs to get the belt moving, the faster you walk it will increase the speed, if you stop moving your feet treadmill will stop moving.


How to stop manual treadmills?

As discussed above you have to stop your feet either you are walking or jogging the treadmill belt will stop moving.


Are manual treadmills good?

Yes, manual treadmills are somehow good to strengthen your legs, and it also ensures to enhance your endurance level but it can be a little tough on your knees so if you have any joint issues avoid using it better to go with the electric treadmill or motorized treadmill in such case.


Are manual treadmills harder?

As I said you have to move your feet in order to get treadmill belt movement so it can be sometimes harder and you may feel tired quickly so sometimes you may no be able to complete your cardio sessions or you have to take a break between the sets.


How many calories do you burn on a manual treadmill?

This is completely dependent on your intensity so it is quite tough to answer this question and a lot depends on your current weight as well, but some studies conducted and found that person with a weight of 70-75kgs if covered 3-3.5 miles per hour can burn about 250 to 295 calories.


Do manual treadmills burn more calories?

Again, it is depending on your speed and weight if you push yourself to run or walk faster you can burn more calories easily on manual treadmills than motorized treadmills.





So here it is I have discussed in detail about best Non-motorized treadmills, which are also known as Nonelectric treadmills and manual treadmills, overall manual treadmills are considered to be good for strength and endurance but avoid it if you have any knee or joint issues.

Hope this article helps you to know about the top best manal treadmills, but if you have any queries post your comments we will be happy to guide you.


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