Top Best Air Purifier Machine for home in India 2021


Top Best Air Purifier Machine for a home in India 


Top Best Air Purifier Machine for a home


Today world has grown with commercialization and due to that industrialization increased over the years lot also with the latest technologies many vehicles runs on the road.

Because of All this mess up situation, we are facing massive air pollution all over the world but especially in India it has increased immensely and increased day by day.

There was a study done all over the world last year back in 2019 and they listed out the top 30 cities that are most polluted in the world and most shocking thing is there were 21 cities from India featuring in that unwanted list.

This is definitely an alarming situation for all of us especially people who is living in urban areas who faced more pollution than the village part.

As result, we all are living in a very unhealthy atmosphere and we need specific equipment that can give us fresh air, therefore Air purifier machine is the most important equipment in such situation as they give us fresh air for better breathing.

We have brought some of the top best air purifier machine for home in India that can solve your problem of healthy air, so let us discuss them in detail.



Best Air Purifier

Special Feature


1. Philips Air purifier Machine

4 stages of filtrations

2 + 3 years warranty 

2. Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier 

360-degree HEPA

2 years warranty 

3. Sharp Air Purifier Machine 

3 stages of filtrations

1 year warranty 

4. Mi Air Purifier Machine 

360-degree Filteration

1 year warranty 

5. Atlanta Healthcare Air Purifier 

7 stages of filtration

1 year warranty 

6. Samsung Air Purifier Machine 

3 stages of filtrations

1 year warranty 



About: Top Best Air Purifier Machine for home 

1. Philips Air purifier Machine


Top Best Air Purifier Machine for a home in India 


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Philips is one of the very popular brands in India that makes some high-quality home products that are durable and long-lasting.

The first in our list is Philips air purifier Model no- AC1215/20 as this best suited for small size to medium size room space and other it has multiple functions which are efficient to give you healthy air.

After a tiring day only time we get to relax and sleep at night, so to take care of your sleep it has unique functionality called Night sense auto mode which makes sure the device is less noisy and delivers continuous fresh healthy air by keeping track of the quality of air.

Purifier goes through 4 stages of filtrations first eliminates dust & high-density molecules and scrap, in the second stage activated carbon filter comes into play and eliminates all the unhealthy gases.

In the third and fourth stage HEPA layers, 1 & 2 make sure to remove all the bacteria, germs smallest of molecules, scrap, and any type of H1N1 unhealthy viruses.

The HEPA filter has compact nano protect which ensures you get high quality of air purification, durable & constantly fight against in the air molecules and scrap which destroys room air quality.

Provides complete safety if kids or pets at home as it is equipped with child lock system, adding more to safety device immediately indicates you if the filter needs to change and advise you on time but if you don’t change it the machine will stop its services.

Another best part about safety is you can check the air quality of your room instantly device will indicate you in color on the dashboard, red color means your room is poor in air quality, and blue means air quality is acceptable.

Users get the 3 auto modes setting those are general, allergen and night sense you can choose as per need and there are 4 manual settings as well as turbo speed settings.

Purifier dispatches the healthy air up to 270 m3/hr and it has equipped with a smart air measuring device that identifies PM2.5 levels and improves the airspeed for quick purification.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for room space 226 to 333 sq. ft.
  • Certified and Tested product.
  • Captures up to 99.97% of particles pass through the filter.
  • Purifies environment by filtering virus, bacteria, and smoke.
  • Minimizes above 99% pollution, allergens, gases & odors.
  • 4 settings manually including turbo speed.
  • 3 automatic modes of setting.
  • Cord Length up to 1.8 meters, Indicates Fan speed.
  • Consumes less electricity, requires a power consumption of 50 watts.
  • Less noise, sound level up to 33 dB(A)
  • 2 years standard warranty and extended 3 years warranty T & C apply


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2. Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier 


Top Best Air Purifier Machine for a home in India 



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The next on our list is Dyson air purifier machine Model No- TP03, look wise it is very elegant and trendy, designed in a way not only to fit into your room anywhere but to enhance your home interior as well.

The purifier is very easy to operate thanks to its inbuilt one-touch buttons, it has the perfect combination of twin functions inbuilt fans, and air purification.

Best for larger rooms as it is equipped with multiple functionalities and oscillation quality which has the capacity to purify room in less time quite efficiently.

Works very smoothly and efficiently eliminate above 99 percent allergens, pollutions from your room, also throw away all the air dust, bacteria, germs, animal dander, and bad odor thanks to its intelligent purification.

The device made with the perfect combination of lower face velocity that quickly takes action and it has productive 360-degree VACCUM secure glass that has a HEPA filter function that keeps your room pollutant-free by keeping all the thinnest of particles away from your room.

The entire process of the machine functions automatically and the best part of the device is you can check the air quality of your room from Dyson’s app and this app also provide you comfort as you can manage the purifier from your smartphone,

Made for complete comfort and healthy air, you can manage the speed as per your need device offer you 10 different speed settings, completely safe to use and clean.

There are many different kinds of techniques that provide you extra comfort such as auto settings, night timer settings, and sleep time setting you can use them and the machine will take care of the rest of these settings also help you to save power consumption.

Key Features:

  • Looks very elegant and trendy.
  • Suitable for large rooms, Fits into space anywhere.
  • The length of the cord is up to 1.9 meters.
  • Automatically eliminates all polluted air.
  • 360-degree HEPA & & Tris-layered Carbon filter.
  • Level of airflow 1300 CMH.
  • Advance sensor & air multiplier technology.
  • Asthma and allergy-friendly purifier.
  • Less electricity consumption up to 40 watts.
  • The machine creates less noise level of sound 42.3 dBA.
  • The purifier comes with an LCD display, remote and app control.
  • The purifier has 2 years warranty.


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3. Sharp Air Purifier Machine 


Top Best Air Purifier Machine for a home in India 


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The 3rd in our list is Sharp air purifier model no- FP-F40E-W this is one of the best purifiers suitable for home and office, the weight of the machine is approximately 5 kg.

The device is very sleek in design perfectly fits into your room suitable for room space of 200 sq. feet, the making of the purifier is compact and sturdy as the material used for making is a good quality ABS plastic.

It has a unique feature called Haze which is perfect for Indian conditions this actually helps you to get a clean atmosphere, especially while the pollution level is higher in the room.

The best thing about Haze is purification level differ from location and city, speed of the fan has different kinds of mixture that eliminates all the uncleanliness from a room in a quick time and delivers high-density Plasma cluster Ions.

Purifies your entire room very efficiently and in quick time thanks to 20-degree airflow who ensures to move air around your room from up to down.

It has another very important function dust and odor sensor who indicates the level of pollution in your room, there are lights that pop up red means high, yellow means average or medium, and green means air quality in the acceptable zone.

There are 3 different settings that allow you to set your purifier according to room space, you can set between Low, Medium, and high.

The purifier has plasmacluster technology that eliminates viruses and germs that are present in the air, minimizes mold makes your room allergy-free.

The filtration goes through 3 steps HEPA, Carbon & advanced pre-filter which purifies and detain over 99% of antigen, dust mite, thinnest particles, cooking smells, smoking air, and animal dander.

Key Features:

  • Compact and sturdy machine,
  • Material Quality- ABS plastic.
  • Suitable for Room size up to 200 sq. feet.
  • Plasmacluster Technology.
  • HEPA, Carbon & advance pre-filter.
  • Eliminates over 99 percent of the pollution.
  • It has an auto-restart option.
  • Manual to automatic modes available.
  • Efficiently purifies room in quick time.
  • Indicates the level of pollution in the room.
  • Set device low, medium, and high.
  • Less Power consumption & Less noisy machine.
  • The purifier has a 1-year warranty.


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4. Mi Air Purifier Machine 



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MI air purifier is 4th in our list this is Model No- AC-M6-SC is among the best-selling product due to its amazing features, first of all, it is very light in weight which helps you to move around easily.

Suitable for larger areas as this machine purifies air quite efficiently, very productive for room space up to 484 sq. feet and the device requires less electricity as it consumes power up to 38 watts.

The purifier is very convenient and easy to use due to its well-built OLED display and easy one-touch buttons give a user-friendly experience; it also has voice assistant functionality and you can control the device through smart apps.

HEPA filters out above 99 percent of the smallest of scraps and molecules, the machine has 360-degree filtration that efficiently eliminates dust, allergens, and pet dander.

It has a 380 m3/h cleaning air delivery rate which is considered to be better for purification and filtration, there is unique functionality added who notice and recognizes the clean air.

The display of the machine is easy to read and quite flexible indicates you about the level of present PM2.5, aware you about humidity and temperature level and also connectable to the internet through Wi-fi. 

Key Features:

  • Lightweight machine and solid design.
  • Less Noisy for comfort.
  • 360-degree air purification with 3-layer filtration.
  • HEPA filters all scraps and molecules.
  • Indicates the level of present PM2.5.
  • Good cleaning air delivery rate 380 m3/h.
  • Requires less power consumption up to 38 watts.
  • Best suited space between 279 to 484 sq. feet.
  • LCD display and easy touch buttons for comfort.
  • The purifier has a 1-year warranty.


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5. Atlanta Healthcare Air Purifier 


Top Best Air Purifier Machine for a home in India 



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Up next is Atlanta healthcare purifier machine model no- Beta 350 which is certified from CE, machine is suitable for home, office, and for many other places.

Purifier runs very smoothly and does not irritate you as motor ensures not to create much noise, the sound level of the device is up to 45 dB, installation requires less effort as device easy to assemble.

Atlanta healthcare made this device for premium comfort to ensure that the machine is equipped with a timer, the user can set the time between 1 to 12 hours.

The machine restarts automatically if power fails, the device purifies air in quick time and suitable for small to medium size room space up to 350 sq. feet and takes less power consumption up to 43 watts.

You can adjust the fan speed as per requirement there are 3 options users get to adjust and the machine comes with an inbuilt LED display with remote control for ease of operation.

The machine ensures to go through 7 stages of filtration and purification, First pre-filtration process removes dust, mites, hair, the second stage H13 grade HEPA filter removes the smallest of dust, smoke & animal dander.

Photocatalyst ensures to keep your environment allergen & infection-free; Ionizer enhances the quality of air in your room.

Kills all the bacteria & germs, activated carbon takes away all the irritating smell and UV filtration neutralizes the bioaerosols which are in the air.

Key Features:

  • Machine-made with good quality plastic.
  • Suitable for room area up to 350 sq. feet
  • 7 stages of the purification process.
  • Keeps room healthy and free of dust.
  • Takes away all the gases, smoke, and allergens.
  • H13 grade HEPA filter, Airflow 225 m3/hr.
  • Cleaning air delivery rate 170 m3/hr.
  • High filtration technique & 3 levels for fan speed.
  • LED display with remote control.
  • Less noisy and requires less power consumption.
  • Indicates air quality and Night mode setting.
  • The purifier has a 1-year warranty.


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6. Samsung Air Purifier Machine 




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The 6th in list air purifier from Samsung Model no- AX40K3020WU/NA, Samsung is one of the most popular and probably the oldest brand in India, they have been making some of the best home appliances for the longest time.

This air purifier specially made for bedrooms to medium, large size rooms, best suitable for room space of 420 sq. feet, and the machine is completely safe to use as it has a child lock function for safety.

Purifies the air in less time to provide you healthy breathable air and make sure to get complete rest without any irritating noise as the sound level of the machine is only 20 dBA.

The machine works smoothly and anyone can use it easily as the buttons are easy to understand and the machine requires less power consumption up to 34 watts which saves your electricity.

The unique function displays your present quality of air in your space there are 4 color signals who indicate the present quality.

HEPA filters out all the dust, thinnest of particles efficiently and the machine has a clean air delivery rate up to 325.7 m3/hr which is quite good enough to give your space healthy air.

The purifier has 3 steps of purifying process system efficiently seized and arrest above 99 percent of thinnest of scraps and molecules, inbuilt Ionizer ensures to eliminate germs, virus, bacteria, and impurities.

The functionality of the purifier works to give you continuous healthy air, to ensure that the device lets you indicate when the time to change the PM2.5 and Deodorizer filter.

Key Feature:

  • Design is very unique and stylish.
  • Easy to clean, maintain and use.
  • Safe to use at home due to child lock function.
  • HEPA filters work efficiently to remove dust and bacteria.
  • 3 steps purification process.
  • clean air delivery rate 325.7 m3/hr
  • Indicates when needs to change PM2.5 and Deodorizer filter.
  • Requires less power consumption 34 watts.
  • Indicates about present air quality in the room.
  • The purifier comes with a 1-year warranty.


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Top Best Air Purifier Machine: What is Air Purifier?


We are living in a highly pollutive world today pollution is everywhere in outdoors in terms of industries and increasing of vehicles, everyone thinks that only safe place is indoors at our home or in office.

But they are not safe too especially at home we cook, some people have a habit of smoking these things make you’re indoors pollutive which is harmful to health.

Air purifiers help to filter out all the dust, bacteria, germs, scraps, smallest particles, smoking air from your room efficiently.

Not only dust but few other advantages of having a purifier at home and office are they help to eliminate gas, bad odor, and animal dander from room to make your space healthy for breathing as air cleaned up.  

So, therefore these are called air purifiers and also known as Air Cleaning machines.



Top Best Air Purifier Machine: Types of Technology used in Air Purifier


Since we are discussing air Purifier than we must know different types of technology used in making machine as each and every technology have their own benefits.

These technologies not necessarily you will find in all the purifier it depends on product to product so let us start discussing different types of technologies of air purifier.


Pre-Filter Technology:

Pre-filters help to trap and remove all the larger dust, mold, scraps, molecules, and particles, the material quality mostly used to make pre-filters are synthetic polymer or polyester.

You can clean the pre-filters, we will advise you to keep cleaning them at regular intervals to keep them well maintain and durable, you can clean them once a month.


HEPA Filter Technology:

This is the most commonly used filter purifier that works very effectively and efficiently, the full form of the filter is High-Efficiency Particulate Air.

It is an ideal and perfect filter to eliminate all the dust, mud, and waste from your room, HEPA filters have the ability to remove or trap particles above 99.50%

Filters remove the thinnest of particles from the room efficiently up to 0.3 microns, HEPA filters designed and build in squeezebox shape and the quality material commonly used of glass fiber.

If you use it properly and keep maintaining them from time to time this filter can last up to 4 years depending on your use, these are cleanable too.

HEPA filters considered to be safe for asthma and heart patients. 


Activated Carbon Filter Technology:

Carbon filters or charcoal filters make sure to filter out and trap all the bad smells, gas, and volatile organic compounds, this filter absorbs all these harmful & toxic ingredients by neutralizing them.

You have to keep replacing the carbon filters at regular intervals the longevity of carbons depending on your use but most of the filters can long last between 3 to 5 months.


Ionizers and Ozone Generators:

Ozone and Ionizers are a bit different but a little similar to each other, Ionizers and ozone effectively removes or traps the ultra-finest of impure toxic dust, particles that are present in the air.

Ozone generators create gas ozone by taking in oxygen from the air, but if you have any issues of lungs, heart, chest, and breathing avoid ionizers and ozone as they are not beneficial for your health few studies to suggest they might be harmful to animals as well.

There are some ionizers available where you can set up the levels for safety to avoid hazardous results so make sure to read the details carefully before choosing this type of purifier.


Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR):

CADR indicates how flexible your air purifier is in terms of efficiency, this is basically the capacity and magnitude of airflow which measures cubic numbers.

The measurement indicates how efficiently your purifier can purify your indoor space per minute or per hour.

This one is the most important part of purifiers so you must know the size of your room and accordingly, you have to choose a machine as all the efficiency depending on room space.

Just for an example let us say your room size is 200 sq. ft. then you should divide this to 1.55, some precise calculations are below. 

  • 200 sq. feet divide by 1.55 = 130 or above will be ideal for your room.
  • 300 sq. feet divide by 1.55 = 194 or above will be ideal for your room.

Moreover, you can get the CADR ratings available as high as up to 400, you can select as per your room space and need.


UV Lights:

These lights help to damage or kill the bacteria, mold, and germs that are present in the air, moreover, UV light rays are not recommended to overuse as they may create irritation to your eyes and skin.



Some of the particles are very thin and small which we may not see but those are the most dangerous ones and cause damage to air quality into the room, Particulate matter filter helps to remove those dangerous particles from the room that pollutes your space.

They efficiently eliminate the scrap and molecules which are less than 2.5 microns, there is one more PM10 filter that also comes in few purifiers that remove larger scraps and molecules.



Top Best Air Purifier Machine: Buying Guide


Room Space:

We suggest you check the room size where you want to use the purifier machine and then look out for the machine as all the efficiency depending on room size.

You should know the room size in square feet and then the size of the purifier if your space as small as 18o sq. feet to 300 sq. feet you can go for a smaller purifier.

Medium size purifier suitable for room space up to 700 sq. feet and if above 700 then you need larger purifier machine.


Inbuilt Fans:

Fans play a very important role in purifying your room your fans should have adjustable features, in most of the purifiers you will get the option of speed setting like low, medium, or fast.

But there are new purifier machines that offer you to adjust the speed up to 5 levels, but remember the faster you run your fan they will generate noise as well. 


Indication Functions:

With new technologies, there are some puffier available who detects the quality of air in your room and indicates you through lights.

The most common indicators are green means the quality in your room is good or acceptable and red means air quality is poor, this really helps you to set purifier speed accordingly.

Another indicator type comes in few purifiers where they let you know about the quality of your filters, they detect and indicate when the time comes to replace them and if you still use them they will stop functioning automatically, this helps you to keep your health safe.


Connectivity and Easy to use:

If your purifier has easy touch buttons than you can use it quite efficiently and easily, most of the purifier comes with a remote control so you can adjust the speed or turn on & off them without getting up from your bed.

Few advanced purifiers do come with the facility where you can easily connect your purifier to mobile this helps you to control devices from your smartphones easily by just uploading the mobile app.



For better portability your device should have little light in weight, size also matters when we talk about portability as if your device is larger than they obviously occupy more space.

There are purifiers available that are very sleek in design which not only makes it easy to move around but also saves a lot of space.

The weight of the purifier depending on each machine but commonly weight of the purifier varies between 3 KG to above 7 KG.


Less Noisy:

We are looking for purifiers for health but most of the time we use them at night especially at home, if your machine creates less noise this will help you to sleep better at night without any discomfort and irritation.



Though purifier generally safe to use all night and they consume less power if you have a function where you can set time than this function will automatically turn off the device after set time reach.

Timer not only helps you to save your electricity but also provides complete safety.


Child Lock:

If you have kids at home or even pets this function keeps them safe if your purifier has a child lock facility but this function you will not get in each and every purifier all depending on the product to product.



Do not compromise on this most of the people go for non-branded purifier which looks cheaper in price but not durable and moreover it’s about our health so go for branded purifiers which are safe to use.

Brands make sure to test the product and follow all the international guidelines while designing or producing the air purifier.

The above listed are some of the best brands that make high-quality purifiers that are not only durable but also constantly give you healthy air.



This is depending on every brand but most of the products do come with 1 or 2 years of warranty and some may provide you an extra period of warranty as well.

But make sure to read the terms and conditions for an extended warranty as most of the brands request you to register on their site in a certain period to avail extra warranty.


Budget and Price:

It is not at all necessary that you have to buy an expensive purifier you can go for a lower price if your budget is low do not compromise on brands.

The expensive product gives you some extra features which are beneficial for your comfort and ease of use, purifiers available in various ranges you can get a decent purifier from Rs. 5000 to above 40, 000 all depending on your budget.


Read the Manual:

Most people do not read the instructions properly and start using them, this is not the right way of using any product and especially air purifiers.

Always read the manual carefully and follow the instructions properly this will not only help you to use it promptly but also your purifier will be long lasting as the manual, guides you completely from installing to taking care of the machine.



Top Air Purifier Machine Online: Frequently asked questions


Is it safe to use Air Purifier?

Yes, purifiers safe to use if you follow the guidelines properly, anything if you overuse will harm you so we advise you to use them as per need, there is a misconception about purifiers is that we can not use them the entire night.

That is not true you can use them the entire night without any harm.


Are there any disadvantages of an Air Purifier?

Not really disadvantages if you pick the right purifier but OZONE generators are not that beneficial and can be harmful to your health.

HEPA or carbon filters are very effective and safe but you need to keep replacing them at regular intervals so you have to look out for maintenance parts regularly.


How to Place Air purifier?

You can keep them in your bedrooms at least 8 to 10 feet away from your head for better results.


Which air purifier best for asthma?

HEPA filters are considered to be best for asthma patients, heart patients people with lungs or breathing problems can also use HEPA purifiers, not only to them but overall HEPA system is widely used and considered the safest technology to use at home or office.


Which Filter system is best for Air purifiers?

The most commonly used filter is HEPA who makes sure to filter out above 99.50% of the dust from your room and along with HEPA carbon filters and CADR is also efficient and effective.


Which is the best brand for Air Purifier?

There are many brands available that have been creating the best air purifier some of them are Philips, Samsung, Dyson, and many more.




While concluding we will suggest you if you are living in metro cities the purifier machine is something which is a must at home and office if you want to be assured before buying you can check the air quality of your indoor space and then decide either you want to go for it or not.

Above are some of the best purifiers we have listed out, if your budget allows Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier is best as it has many features and the making of the machine is very unique.

If your budget is low and can not afford to go for the expensive product then the Philips Air purifier Machine will be our pick.

Hope this article helps you to know more in detail about air purifier but if you have any doubt please post it in comments we will be happy to guide you and help you.



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