Top 8 best Room Heaters cheap in India 2021- Buying Guide


Top 8 Best Room Heaters cheap in India 2021- Buying Guide


Top 8 Best Room Heaters cheap in India


We all love the Winter season but in some parts of India winter can be the toughest season and challenging especially in North India, where room temperature drops down immensely.

Winters around the corner and if you are living in a place in India where the temperature drops down and whether become too cool.

Then you must have the room heaters as they are designed to help people during the coolest conditions, heaters can be not less than a boon in such conditions.

If you are looking for Room heaters and not found one for you then this article will help you to know about them in detail.

Buying one is a daunting task as there are many heaters available that make it even more difficult to choose, but no need to worry as we have brought some of the top 8 best Room Heaters in India.

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Our Pick for Top 8 Best Room Heaters in India


Best Room Heaters

Room Size 


1.Havells PTC Fan Heater 

250 sq. feet rooms or above

1 Year warranty

2.Morphy Richards Room Heater 

200 sq. feet rooms or above

2 years warranty

3. Amazon Brand- Solimo heater 

180 to 200 sq. feet rooms

1 Year warranty

4. Orpat Fan Heater 

 250 sq.feet rooms

1 Year warranty

5. Xtreme Infrared Room Heater

200 sq. feet rooms or above 

1 Year warranty

6. Bajaj Radiant Room Heater

100 to 125 sq. feet rooms

2 years warranty

7. V-Guard Room Heater

110 sq. feet rooms

1 Year warranty

8. Bajaj Majesty Room Heater 

200 sq. feet rooms

2 Years warranty



About: Top 8 Best Room Heaters in India


1. Havells PTC Fan Heater 


Top 8 Best Room Heaters cheap in India 



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Havells does not need any introduction especially in India it is one of the most popular organizations, who is consistently making high-quality household products.

This Model No- OFR-13Fin heater is standing at 1st in our list of top 8 best room heaters as they have some amazing features, heater has an inbuilt PTC fan who ensures spread the much-needed warmness quickly and easily into the room.

The motor is furnished with 2500 watts, extra 400 watts for fans so you can get quick hot air in your room and it is 13 fin oil filled radiator which spreads air in each side of the room.

User can set the temperature in 3 different ways as per the conditions, you get the temperature power setting options 1000, 1500, and 2500 watts so you can set the heating setting as per the requirement

The device is very safe to use as it has protection from overheating and PTC Fan is user friendly you can adjust the heating temperature easily thanks to the feature like thermostatic heat control.

The machine is designed for extra safety as it has a rear safety cover to protect yourself and a Tilt switch that can detect inclination or weakness.

PTC fan heater is suitable for 250 sq. feet rooms or even above, easy to move as it is equipped with castor wheels and outer material is of high-quality plastic.

Key Features:

  • Best to buy room heater online.
  • Looks attractive and solidly made.
  • It is a 13 fin Oil filled radiator heater.
  • The outer body is of plastic.
  • 3 different kinds of power settings.
  • PTC heater with inbuilt fans.
  • Overheating protections & Auto Turn off for extra safety.
  • Suitable for 250 sq. feet rooms or above.
  • Frequency: AC 50 Hz and 2900 watts room heater.
  • The heater comes with 1 Year warranty.


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2. Morphy Richards Room Heater 


Top 8 Best Room Heaters cheap in India 



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Morphy Richards Model No- OFR-09F is next on our list of top 8 best room heaters, this is oil filled radiator heater that contains 9 fins to ensure its user warm room in less time by spreading air in each corner of the room for comfort from cold days.

Motor works efficiently as it is run on 2400 watts and inbuilt PTC fan heater ensue with 400 watts which provide its user organized and quick heating into the room.

Users can relax while using the machine as it does not create noise and the machine is completely safe to use due to the tilt switch which turns off the heater right away if any problem occurs such as fire or shock.

It also has a thermal auto-turn-off feature to shield you from overheating and an adjustable thermostat to make sure you can keep your room temperature as per the need.

The heater contains a castor wheel at the bottom which makes this device move easily from one place to other without any effort.

The best thing about this heater machine is you can enjoy the power supply without any hinder as you get the 2 power source options.

One is the high voltage option which works smoothly while all fine but if any failure, the lower voltage option automatically starts functioning so you can get the war air continually.

Key Features:

  • It is a 9 fin Oil filled radiator heater.
  • Compact, durable & slim design.
  • 3 different heating level settings.
  • Power consumption up to 2400 watts.
  • Additional 400 watts for PTC fan.
  • Suitable for medium to large space.
  • Protection from overheating.
  • Auto Turn off options for safety.
  • 2 power source options High and low voltage.
  • Less noisy and easy transportation.
  • The heater comes with 2 years warranty.


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3. Amazon Brand- Solimo Room heater


Top 8 Best Room Heaters cheap in India 



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Amazon Brand Solimo Model No- SOLRH-2019001 is next on our list as this is a very compact and easy-to-use heater at the same time it is very user-friendly.

You can keep them in any position in vertical or horizontal as per comfort, the functionality works like a convection heating method.

The motor requires maximum power consumption of up to 2000 watts which is efficient to warm the small to medium size room, the heat spreads quickly suitable for rooms up to 180 sq. feet to 200 sq. feet.

There is heat setting knob which offers you cool, warm or hot air depending on outside condition this makes this device versatile; heater is very sleek and lightweight easy to carry anywhere.

Other Knob settings available such as heat control and adjustable thermostat, also has overheating safety protection and device make sure to turn off immediately if the temperature reaches in higher side.

For extra safety, if the temperature reaches up to 130-degree the motor turns off instantly and if the temperature achieves 126-degree the fuse turns off automatically.

Please note that there might be a little burning smell that occurs for the 1st time use, do not panic that is because the motor started operating the first time.

Key Features:

  • Room heater with fan.
  • Sleek and lightweight easy to carry.
  • Solid Plastic body with rust-free metal grill.
  • Rotates on 2400 watts per minute.
  • Requires 2000 watts for heating.
  • Voltage: 220 to 240 Volts, Overheating safety protection.
  • Heat setting knob with temperature controller.
  • Fan speed, not adjustable only heating power-adjustable.
  • Socket requires 10-Amp or above, Use a 16-A plug for the heater.
  • The heater has a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Affordable for anyone.


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4. Orpat Fan Heater


Top 8 best Room Heaters



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Orpat is one of the top Indian brands that make some of the amazing electronic products which are durable and at the same time affordable to anyone.

This Orpat’s fan heater model No- OEH-1220 is quite affordable in price and promises to perform better, heater is best for room space of 250 sq feet.

The motor is equipped with 2000 watts for the heating element and the making of the body is of good quality as it is designed with Plastic and metal.

Users get 2 different options to set up the heating as per the requirements, you can set heating 1000 watts and 2000 watts.

It is completely safe to use as it has a thermal cut-off system that keeps your surroundings warm for a long period of time, also safety cuts ensure to stop the power connection once the desired heat achieve.

It is lightweight with inbuilt handles for easy transportation and sleek design, you can easily touch them as the body keeps cool even while running the device.

Key Features:

  • Sleek in design and Lightweight.
  • Protective Mesh grill, Protection for Overheating.
  • Adjustable 2 heat setting knob.
  • Usable as blower and fan create less noise.
  • The body keeps cool even while running.
  • Voltage- 220-240 volts.
  • Protection Cut off and Thermal cut off.
  • The product comes with 1 Year warranty.


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5. Xtreme Infrared Room Heater




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Next on our list of top 8 best room heaters, Xtreme Infrared electric room heater model No: H-1 black, this heater requires a wall on the ceiling to set up in the room.

The heater can be used in home or office also suitable for indoor or outdoor, multi-tasking heater as you can assemble them in the living room, dining or bedrooms, shops, halls, balconies and much more.

Power source requires corded electric, it is Infrared radiant heater which creates IR radiation ensures to provide warmness without damaging the healthy oxygen.

It is a very comfortable and solid design which fits into the wall perfectly, heater is suitable for space up to 200 sq. feet.

The heater is made from aluminum alloy which takes care of durability, the motor requires power consumption of up to 1800 watts and the heater works on the aero heating function which ensures electric efficiency.

Its unique feature does not create any odor or dust you get the healthy air continuously at the same time you get a comfortable sleep as it does not create noise.

The heater makes sure to manage and control the temperature so it cannot reach at any risk of overheating and this also allows power saving.

Heats the room quickly and users get the remote control to operate the heater easily.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and compact design.
  • Power consumption up to 1800.
  • Suitable for the space of 200 sq. feet.
  • Provides fresh air without dust and odor.
  • Do not create noise.
  • Easy to assemble and less maintenance.
  • Mounted or ceiling installation.
  • Quick heating elements.
  • Remote control for easy access.
  • Users can set up timers, Radiant heating techniques.
  • The heater has a 1-year warranty with servicing for 20 years.


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6. Bajaj Radiant Room Heater


Top 8 Best Room Heaters cheap in India 



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Bajaj probably the oldest brand in India, its products are long-lasting and perform precisely as per the expectation.

Bajaj room heater model name- Flashy standing in our list at 6th position on the list of top 8 best room heaters, it is Radiant room heater comes at a very affordable price something which anyone can afford.

The making of the heater is quite sturdy and trendy which is suitable for any small to average size room and for safety measures it is equipped with a cotton braided cord.

Nickle chrome-coated mesh keeps corrosion away and makes sure to keep the finishing of the outside body durable and long-lasting.

Heat the space efficiently requires 1000 watts of power consumption and a stainless-steel reflecting body ensures warm air spreads at each corner of the room.

The thermostat is adjustable for warmness, body material made with good quality of CRCA which is a form of steel and 1000 watts is suitable for the area of 100 sq. feet to 125 sq. feet.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • It is a fan radiant room Heater.
  • Power consumption 1000 watts.
  • Suitable for the room from 100 sq. feet to 125 sq. feet
  • Cotton braided cord for safety.
  • Voltage: 230 Volts, Powder-coated type.
  • Product approved from ISI.
  • The length of the cord is up to 1.5 meters.
  • The heater comes with 2 years of warranty.


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7. V-Guard Room Heater




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V-guard is another brand that is well known and they have their own customer base they make some of the amazing home products which are very helpful and unique.

This V-guards room heater RH2QT-1000 is among the best heater which comes in very economical, durable, and at the same time ensures performance.

It is an Infrared room heater that is suitable for room space up to 110 sq. feet and the power heater requires 800 watts which ensures less power consumption.

The heater ensures to heat the room in less time, it has 2 thermostats adjustable settings 400 watts and 800 watts, heat also has safety function like a tip-over switch which ensures to turns off the power if higher temperature reach.

Slim and sturdy design yet lightweight which provide its user easy transportation, it is also equipped with overheat protection for extra safety.

Key Features:

  • It is an Infrared room heater.
  • Lightweight and compact heater.
  • Maximum Power requires 800 watts.
  • Less electricity consumption.
  • 2 thermostats setting 400 & 800 watts.
  • Safe to use due to overheating protection.
  • Economical in price.
  • Suitable for room space up to 110 sq. feet
  • The heater has a 1-year warranty.


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8. Bajaj Majesty Room Heater




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This model No- RX11 of Bajaj standing in our list at 8th positions on the list of top 8 best room heaters as it looks very sleek in design which makes sure your space won’t occupy too much and you can store them anywhere easily.

The heater is equipped with 2000 watts, heat convector which efficiently warms your room and you can adjust the power in 2 different heat settings 1000 watts and 2000 watts.

It has overheating protection, thermal auto turn off for safety and thermal fuse added for extra safety, making this device is unique as you can install them horizontally and vertically as well.

The device is durable and the in-built heater fan makes sure the room gets warm in less time, you can use the heater on cold days and the fan is usable on hot days.

The thermostat allows you to adjust the warmness into the room as per your requirement and fans ensure to spread the air into each corner of the room.

This heater is suitable for space up to 200 sq. feet & little above and the body is cool to touch which allows you to handle them while the device is working.

Key Features:

  • Looks good and sleek design.
  • Easy to store and carry.
  • Suitable for 200 sq. feet room.
  • The thermal auto turns off for safety.
  • Thermal fuse for extra protection.
  • Install horizontally or vertically.
  • 2 heating setting 1000 watts and 2000 watts.
  • BIS-approved product.
  • The heater comes with a 2 Years warranty.


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Top 8 Best Room Heaters:  Room Heaters types 


Fan heaters:

Fan heaters also called as ceramic heater or convection room heaters; it works on electric consumption who generates heat with help of ceramic heating point.

The heater provides warm air in quick time with help of a fan and ensures to spread the air into the room depending on wattage.

Most of the heater comes with the facility to adjust the thermostat setting as per the outside whether condition and it has a temperature control setting with auto turn off options to protect from overheating.

These are quite affordable in price and they are easy to move as they are lightweight and sleek in design, also very safe to use especially for kids. 

Suitable for medium to large space, the drawback of the machine is they may create noise due to inbuilt fans and they require higher wattage at least up to 2000 watts.


Infrared heaters:

Infrared room heaters are popularly known as Radiant heaters and another name is Halogen room heaters.

This type of heater does take less power consumption certainly less than the fan heaters and it ensures to heat the surrounding in quick time.

The wattage requires for the heater around 400 to 1000 watts and they are less noisy as they do not run on fans but on electromagnetic radiation.

There can be overheating protection for safety and you may get the option to adjust the heating setting as per outside temperature, depending on the product to product.

The drawback of the infrared heaters are they are not considered to be safe if you have kids or pets at home, but few products have featured such as mounted on the wall.


Oil-filled room heaters

Oil-filled room heaters also called as Oil heaters they are quite expensive than the Fan heater and Infrared heaters.

There is a misconception about oil heater they require oil for heating the room but that’s not true it does not require oil to run the heater as it works on basis of convection and radiations.

You have to connect the heater to electric power and then electricity take care of warming the space with help of metal columns and discharge heat by convection.

These are capable enough to warm up a larger area but takes more time than other heaters, most of the heaters take at least 30 to 40 minutes to warm air.

There won’t be any inbuilt fans so operation will be silent and there will be safety features such as overheat protection and safety for kids.

Oil-filled room heaters are easier to use they come with inbuilt wheels to move and some of the others also offer features like mounted on walls.

Generally, it is safe to use for whole nights, capacity to consume less power and you can adjust the thermostats as per the need.

The drawback of oil heaters is they take a bit of time to warm the place but on the other hand, this type of heater keeps the space warm for a longer time.



Top 8 Best Room Heaters: Buying Guide


Room Size:

The first thing you must consider is your room size and then start searching for a room heater as the heating capacity depending on the wattage of the heater.

Basically, the formula of calculating heating capacity is if your room size is up to 100 sq. feet then you need minimum wattage of heater up to 1000 watts for more see below detail.

  • 150 Sq. feet- requires 1500 watts
  • 200 Sq. feet- requires 2000 watts
  • 250 Sq. feet- requires 2500 watts
  • 300 sq. feet- requires 3000 watts 
  • 400 Sq. feet- requires 4000 watts 
  • 500 Sq. feet- requires 5000 watts 

But make sure to keep in mind that it may change as per the type of room heater you going to choose as infrared heaters may not require higher wattage as they have the capacity to warm the room in less wattage.

All the efficiency and performance of the heater depends on this so make sure not to compromise on the heating capacity element.


Radiant or Convection:

We must know the types of heating techniques used in room heaters there are two techniques widely used in heaters are Radiant and Convection.

Radiant techniques considered to be suitable for larger space and convection will be best for smaller to medium space.

You can choose as per your room space for more efficient and better results.


Heating Set up:

Some of the Heaters do offer you to set temperature as per your need, this is depending on product to product few heaters may have the option of 2 or maximum 3 adjusting knobs, you get the options to adjust the wattage.

You can easily set up your desire temperature according to outside climate and inside temperature.


Power consumption:

This is another important element in-room heaters, fan heaters require higher power consumption but they are affordable they may consume anything between 1500 to 2500 wattage while running.

If you want less power consumer heaters then you can choose between Infrared heaters or oil-filled heaters, they consume less power consumption than fan heaters.

Oil-filled heaters consume anything between 800 watts to 1000 watts which is quite more energy sufficient than the fan heaters.



If you are looking for heaters that operate silently then you can go Infrared or oil-filled heaters as Fan heaters make little noise due to the inbuilt fan.



The length of the cord is another important factor to consider while buying heaters you may find the heaters with a cord length of anything between 1.20 meters to 1.80 meters.

You should go for longer cords so you do not have to use an extension to connect like most of the heaters not recommended to use with extensions.


Level of Humidity and Oxygen:

Oil Filled heaters are best as they do maintain the oxygen and humidity in your room, fan heater or Infrared heater may not properly maintain the oxygen or humidity into the room to counter this you can turn off the heater once your room is warm enough.



This is another vital aspect of heaters as the thermostat helps you to control the temperature in your room, you can adjust the thermostat as per comfort.


Remote Control:

This feature you may mostly found in mounted or wall heaters but some of the other heaters are also available that can operate through remote control.

This helps you to manage and control the device more efficiently.



All most all the heaters are portable, fan and infrared heaters are light in weight so you can easily move them and most of them come with sturdy handles for gripping,

Whereas Oil-filled heaters are heavier but they do have castor wheels so you can move them easily from one place to other without any extra effort.


Safe & Easy to use:

Safety is an important factor of all especially while using electronic products, heaters do come with some of the features which we should consider while buying.

Some of the features like overheating protection, timer, auto-turn off functions, tip-over switch make your device safe for you and keeps your heater long-lasting and durable.

Make sure to buy the heater which has a cool-to-touch body this helps you to be safe even if you touch them it is not harmful to you and your kids.

But note that cool to touch feature depending on each product you may not found this in each and every heater.


Budget and Price:

If your budget allows go for oil-filled room heaters as they have multiple features and consume less power, but if your budget is low you can go for Infrared or Fan heaters.

Infrared or fan heaters available in the price range of 900 to 3,000 and Oil filled room heaters available from 9,000 to 20,000 or above.



Every brand does provide a warranty you may get a warranty period of anything between 6 months to 2 years depending on the brand.

Moreover, make sure to read the warranty details carefully such as terms and conditions, few brands might ask you to register by calling customer service to claim the warranty.


Read the manual:

Always do not forget to read the manual guide once you receive the product so you can use them properly and maintain the product for long use as per the instructions.



Top 8 Best Room Heaters: Frequently Asked Questions:


Are the heaters safe to use?

Yes, these are generally safe as they are equipped with many safety features but you may have to keep some things in mind.

Do not keep them near water or in wet places, keep papers, fabric, garments away from heaters, keep your device away from children do not ask them to operate.


How to calculate the requirement of wattage for ceiling heaters?

You have to consider room space and the height of the ceiling while choosing the room heater if your ceiling height is above 9 feet then you may have to check the wattage requirement for your room.


Which are the most affordable Heaters?

Infrared heaters and Fan heaters are quite affordable than Oil-filled room heaters, oil heaters take a lot of time to warm the room but they keep warm for a longer time.


Which is the most energy-efficient heater?

Oil-filled heaters and Infrared heaters consume less power than Fan heaters.


How does the Room heater work?

Fan, Infrared or Oil-filled heaters all require electric connection to work, Fan heaters require higher wattage than the Infrared & Oil-filled heaters.


Which are the best Heaters for large space?

Fan heater has the capacity to warm the larger space as they require high wattage and another one is oil heaters which require less power but have the capacity to warm larger space.


Which are the best portable heaters?

Oil-filled heaters are quite portable and easy to move as they have equipped with castor wheels which make sure you do not have to put your efforts to move from one room to another room.


Which heater maintains the level of Oxygen & humidity better?

Oil-filled heaters are able to maintain the level of oxygen and humidity in the room better than Fan or Infrared heaters.

But if your budget does not allow you can still choose the infrared or fan heaters but make sure to run for some time and close them after they warm your room.


What are the best brands for room heaters in India?

There are many brands available that make some of the best room heaters which are durable and safe to use some of the best brands for heaters are Orpat, Bajaj, Orient, Havells, Morphy Richards, Usha, and many others.



Top 8 Best Room Heaters: Conclusion

Room heaters are definitely useful elements especially in the winter season when the cold at the lowest level at some parts we experience a drop in whether up to below 10 degrees.

Which is quite nasty for some people especially people with asthma, chest problems or any other physical injuries room heaters help you to keep warm at least at your place.

These can be efficiently used in homes and offices but make sure to keep safety features and heating settings in mind while buying room heaters.

Moreover, above are some of the best selling room heaters our pick will be if your budget is low go for Amazon brand- Solimo heater & if you have a budget you can go for Havells PTC Fan Heater.

Hope this article helps you to know more in detail about Room heaters but if you have any query please post your comments, we will reply to you as soon as possible with the best solution to your query.



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