Top 5 Foldable Recliner Chair Best Seller Online India 2022


Top 5 Foldable Recliner Chair Best Seller Online India 2022


We all are super engaged and busy in our life that we don’t get much time to relax, every day we have to literally run for our daily duties.

We get very little time to relax but what If you utilize that quality time to free your stress and give relaxation to your tiring muscle.

Then Recliner chair is the perfect friend for your resting time, Recliner chair is so awesome that you can easily make them into your bed so you get more rest.

But many people think about the space occupied by the chair but no need to worry as there are amazing Fold-able and adjustable Recliner chair is available.

So, after Using them you can fold them and keep them wherever you want, they are also easy to carry anywhere if you going out of the station you can carry them.

With all the above benefits the most important advantage of a recliner chair if anyone has Health issues such as Back, Neck, or shoulder injury, then this chair will give a lot of comforts.

So, let us discuss the top 5 Foldable Recliner Chair best seller online with detailed Features and description.


Top 5 Foldable Recliner Chair Best Seller Online India 2022

Best Recliner chair

Weight Capacity

Special Features

Furlay Foldable Recliner Chair 

Weight Capacity-150 KG.

Adjustable up to 6 positions

EQUAL PRO Foldable Recliner Chair

Weight Capacity-150 KG.

Comfortable Sitting & Light weight

AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

Weight Capacity-90 KG.

Adjustable for zero gravity experience

Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Chair 

Weight Capacity-above 100 KG.

Adjustable up to 5 positions

LivZing Adjustable Recliner Chair 

Weight Capacity 150 KG.

Adjust footrests up to 3 level


1. Furlay Foldable Recliner Chair 


Top 5 Foldable Recliner Chair Best Seller Online India



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Furlay is one of the best brands and ensures to provide the highest quality of products, this chair is standing at first place in our list due to its long durability.

This chair provides the luxury to adjust as per comfort and mood, adjustable up to 6 positions, to maintain hygiene cushion cover is removable to clean as it has a zipper attached to the cover.

High quality powder-coated steel frame and handle furnished with Metal, all this ensures durability.

Specially designed to support the back, provides relaxation from pain, assembly not required, easy to install and the maximum weight capacity is 150 KG.

A portable chair as while not in use it is fold-able to store at a safe place which allows you to save space, easy to carry anywhere and can enjoy your time even at the outdoors.

Key Features: 

  • Adjustable as per mood adjust straight and flat. 
  • Provides comfort to the back and shoulder.
  • Well Built and Perfect fitting.
  • Safe to use and Easy to Install.
  • Trendy design & Fold-able save space and are easily transportable. 
  • The weight capacity of the chair is up to 150 KG. 
  • Anyone can use it from adults to students.
  • Students can use it for long hours of study.
  • Size of chair: 60.99 x 20.99 x 93.99 cm
  • The recliner chair comes with 2 years warranty.


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2. EQUAL PRO Zero Gravity Foldable Chair


Top 5 Foldable Recliner Chair Best Seller Online India


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Equal PRO is another brand that has created its own customer base as they create some of the well-built and trendy-looking chairs which are durable and look attractive.

This chair is very attractive and trendy which ensures to make your home’s interior more beautiful and set up anywhere as it does not occupy much space.

Fold-able design to ensure to save space while not in use and easy to carry anywhere you move, well build and anyone can sit as weight loading capacity is up to 150 Kg.

Made from high quality of powder-coated steel frame and fabric quality is Textilene, does not require to especially assemble.

Custom-built padded headrest which can be removed if not needed, the locking system is easy to understand so you can adjust as per mood from taking a quick nap to reading or to enjoy movies.

Key Features: 

  • It is easily movable you can carry them where ever you want.
  • Fold-able design to save space, very sturdy and compact chair.
  • Helps to minimize Pain from the back and shoulder.
  • Adjust at multiple Positions anyone can use.
  • Comfortable Sitting and safe to use.
  • The weight capacity of the chair is up to 150KG.
  • Light Weight Product and perfect Angles.
  • Overall Chair Size: 160 x 64 x 110 cm
  • Size in folding: 94 x 65 x 14 cm
  • The product comes with a 1-year Warranty.


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3. AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Recliner Chair


Top 5 Foldable Recliner Chair Best Seller Online India

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This Recliner foldable chair Model no: LF60040-Black looks very attractive and made with high-quality Powder-coated alloy steel makes this device compact solid ensures durability and longer use.

The chair is designed specially to use at home and outdoors as well, the weight of the product is only 16.5 Pounds makes it portable and easy to carry anywhere, and the weight capacity of the chair is up to 90kg,

It is fully adjustable at zero gravity position so users can take a quick nap and relax while sitting, it has a unique double bungee supporting system and the fabric used in this chair is Textilene fabric.

Textilene fabric is weather resistant so it is helpful while you go out and the padded small pillow allows you to rest your head so you can get the comfort you can enjoy your drinks, can read books, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Fabric is shiny looks attractive made from Textilene fabric.
  • Textilene fabric is weather resistant.
  • Material is High-quality powder-coated alloy steel.
  • The weight capacity of the chair is up to 90 Kg.
  • Easy to carry it is portable and lightweight.
  • Zero gravity position helps to reduce pain, supports the back.
  • A double bungee support system securely connects the fabric to the frame.
  • The headrest gives comfort and armrests keep you relax.
  • Chair size: 43.3 x 25.5 x 35.5 inches.
  • The chair has a 1-year warranty.


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4. Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Chair 



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Spacecrafts this chair is standing at 4th place as this is multi-use chair performs as recliner chair cum Sofa, very well built and designed as printed fabric gives elegant look.

This chair provides premium comfort for hours as it is adjustable up to 5 stages reclining for relaxing supports your back, the armrest is made of good quality metal with cushion support and overall making is of Powder Coated Steel.

Easy to use and safe to sit enjoy time sitting on it for hours watching movies, read books, gives relaxation from pain & releases stress.

Fold-able when not in use so can save space and easy to store anywhere, transportation makes it easier due to folding, and the weight of the chair is very light.

Key Features: 

  • Looks elegant due to its stylish fabric.
  • Easy to use and easy Installation.
  • Armrest made with premium quality of Metal.
  • The material used powder-coated steel.
  • Release the stress, tiredness, and stiffness in the body.
  • Adjustable as per comfort, adjust up to 5 positions.
  • Fold-able Easy to Store to save space and carry anywhere.
  • The weight capacity of the chair is above 100 KG.


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5. LivZing Adjustable Recliner Chair 




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This LIVZING Chair listed at the 5th position in the best selling list due to its multiple benefits, first of all, It is very light in weight and fold-able.

The chair Does not take much space and can store anywhere when not in use, cushion pillow for resting which is removable and washable to maintain hygiene.

Sitting is safe and it has the premium quality of thick Soft foam seating cushion & fabric is washable and dries quickly.

Construct with Solid and Compact quality of long-lasting steel, regular sitting may provide relief from back, shoulder, or body pain.

This chair gives rest to your legs as there are 3 adjustable footrests, choose as per comfort If wants to sleep, sit or read the books.

Utilize this chair at any place at home or outdoors as it is easy to transport and carry anywhere, No assemble required.

Key Features: 

  • Adjustable at multiple positions.
  • Easy to fold & Portable to carry anywhere.
  • Provides rest from the hectic day.
  • Releases stress, minimizes pain from the back, shoulder, and body.
  • The weight capacity of the chair is up to 150 Kg.
  • Chair size in Open Position: 174 X 66 X 38 Cm.
  • Chair size in Folding Position:  70 X 15 X 100 Cm.


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Top 5 Foldable Recliner Chair – Buying Guide: 


Reclining means leaning down if some want a recliner chair so it is for its adjusting feature so we can adjust as per mood and requirement.

Adjusting all depends on product to product as some of them can be lean down by 30 degrees or some are up to 90 degrees.



Though we have listed all are foldable and easy to store but while in use it should fit into your area so always better to read the size of the chair, these foldable chairs are very easy to use and do not occupy space but it better to read the size.


Weight Capacity: 

If the product does not hold the weight then no use, the chair should hold the weight these foldable chairs come with a weight capacity of 100 KG to 150 kg or even above, always do read the weight capacity of the chair.


Quality and Design: 

Quality of the chair should be top of the list as if the product does not make from good quality so it may create irritation and you won’t feel comfortable.

Fabric mostly used cotton, wool, or mesh, and the material used to make these kinds of chairs like metal, wood, or plastic all depend on brand to brand.


Locking system: 

This feature makes your chair complete safe to use as this will make sure to resists the chair from leaning down after a certain point.


Light Weight and Storage: 

If the chair is light in weight this gives the luxury to carry anywhere, recliner chair weight may vary from anywhere between 5 kg to 15 kg all depend on the product to product.

Though storage is quite easier as they are foldable if you have less space and chair-size is on the larger side after folding you may not store anywhere you have to create space.



Modern days are all about styling and trend gone are the days where styling means only about apparel and looking good.

Today even our home should be well decorated, so while buying see if the color of the chair is matching to your home interior.


Removable fabric: 

If the cover of fabric is removable then you can maintain hygiene and cleanliness which may lead to long-lasting use of the chair.



Most of the brand provides anything between 6 months to 2 years of warranty, some may not provide warranty on the chair but good quality of chair can last long for a longer time.


Budget and Price:

Though most of the chairs are economical and anyone can afford them but if the budget is low then read all the details carefully as a low budget does not mean they won’t give you a better experience and quality.


Other Features: 

Some of the chairs offer other additional features like footrest, armrest, and container to keep the things like cup or glass if you are looking for additional features you an go for it.



Top 5 Foldable Recliner Chair – Types of Recliner Chair:


There are many types of recliner chairs available and we must know about them as they are one of the most comfortable chairs that provide human complete rest.

So, some of the different kinds of Recliner chairs are as below.


Traditional Recliner chair:

These chairs are quite economical anyone can afford them, you may get the luxury to recline them up to 3 different positions.

The drawback of the chair is they are large in size so if you have larger space in your room then only can keep them or you may need to create space at home or office.

You can easily adjust the seat & footrest with easy panels as per your comfort.


Lift Recliner Chair:

These are highly beneficial for the person who finds it difficult to get up easily, especially old age person, injured or disabled may find lift recliners quite flexible.

This chair works on power as it is equipped with motor technology, you can easily incline them while seating or while getting out of the chair.

Lift recliners can be adjusted for taking a quick nap as well.


Wall Hugger Recliners:

These are one of the popular chairs especially in India as wall hugger chair requires less space and you can easily adjust them for comfort.

If you have less space then these are quite flexible for you also highly beneficial for a person who is suffering from arthritis.

These chairs are also known as wall-saver or wall away recliner as you can keep them near to walls and yet adjust them, once you adjust the chair it will not move, they will lean back away from walls.


Rocker Recliners:

This is modern technology or lets us say next-generation chair as you can adjust them at multiple positions, you can let them rock back and forward.

These are unique and look stylish as they are mostly slim and most importantly, they look like a normal chair when not in an adjustable position.


Massage Recliners:

As the name suggests they provide your body a massage especially to your back and legs, it has panels that help you to recline the chair and at the same time have a built massaging system such as vibration and heating who help you to get a massage.

Ensure you provide premium comfort as a massage recliner help you to get rid of stress, perfect for the person who is suffering from arthritis.

There is some Drawback for this recliner, they mostly work on electricity and this type of chair occupies a lot of space at the same time they are high in cost.



Top 5 Foldable Recliner Chair – Frequently Asked Questions:


How to know the best Folding Recliner Chair?

Your desire recliner chair should have proper back support along with adjustable footrests, your chair should be reclined in multiple positions.

The armrest is also important to factor it should be properly shaped mostly curvy shape considered to be better and your chair should hold your weight.


Is it good to have a Zero gravity chair?

Yes, it is a good idea to have a zero gravity chair as they provide support to your back, shoulder, and neck.

It puts less pressure on your muscles and joints, especially if you have lower back pain then zero gravity chair can provide you relief.


What should be the weight capacity of the chair?

This is completely depending on the user, we suggest you check your weight and then accordingly choose your chair, most of the chair does come with a minimum weight capacity up to 100 KG or even above.


Which chair considered to be best for back support?

Do not compromise on fabric quality and check the reclining positions for back support if your chair reclines up 50 degrees or above then they are definitely worth it for your back health.


What is the best fabric quality for a recliner?

You can get a variety of options in fabric quality, fabric mostly used leather, woven fabric or polyurethane, you can choose as per your comfort.

But mostly in foldable recliner chairs, you will see fabric materials such as woven fabric which is well coated with polyester yarns or cotton yarns.


Can I wash the Fabric to maintain hygiene?  

This depends on each product some chairs may provide you with removed fabric to clean and some may not be removable so you may not be able to wash them.


What is the durability of the Recliner?

Most of the brands do provide you warranty but many people do ask this question how long these chairs can be usable.

Well, this is depending on you. how you use them, if you use them properly your chair can be useful for as long as 10 years or even above.


Which is the best brand for Foldable recliners in India?

Many brands available in the market that make one of the best qualities of folding chairs some of them are Furlay, Equal, and amazon basics.


What is the Warranty period for Recliner?

You can get anything between 6 months to 2 years of warranty, but this also depending on each product some may not provide you a warranty.


Is it worth buying a Foldable Recliner Chair?

Yes, definitely as they are made for comfort, there is a huge misconception about foldable recliners that they are for old age people or for injured.

Recliners can be used for many other things as well especially while watching videos or televisions, playing games, reading, and also for quick naps.

Moreover, these are sleek in design and foldable so you can store them anywhere at your place while not in use to save space.

Some of the chairs are light in weight so they also give you the luxury to easily carry them anywhere especially to the beach, swimming pools, or resorts.


Can I buy Recliner chair Online?

You can buy recliners online as all top brands are available online and it is completely safe to buy them, as you get to know about the product in detail and delivery at your doorsteps no need to go anywhere.



Top 5 Foldable Recliner Chair – Conclusion:

Recliner chairs provide comfort and especially for people who have health issues like back, neck, and shoulder, but actually, this is more than useful to students who study for long hours.

People who like to relax after a long and hectic day can also utilize and even a person who loves playing games or in sports can use the Recliner chair.

For better results Always select the chair that has the best quality of the fabric and made with high premium quality material, also go for chairs that have a weight capacity of up to 100 kg or more.

Finally hope this article helps you to know in detail about the Foldable Recliner chair, if you have any doubts please do post your comments, we will be happy to reply to you as soon as possible.


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