Top 5 Best weight gainer capsules in India 2021- Reviews


Top 5 Best weight gainer capsules in India 2021


Top 5 Best weight gainer capsules in India 2021


When we start a gym or start working out at home not everyone has similar goals someone may have a weight loss goal and others may have a weight gaining.

Though weight loss is a little tough than weight gain, gaining weight does not mean that you can eat anything that is unhealthy, oily, and high in unhealthy calories you need to have a proper diet that can help you to gain weight in a healthier way.

I have seen many people on the name of weight gain eat anything which is not a good idea, with good diet if you take some weight gainer supplement that can also help you to stay fit and achieve your goal.

Choosing the right best weight gainer capsule is very crucial though there are many quality products available still you have to be careful while choosing one for you.

In this article I am going to discuss in detail about top 5 best weight gainer capsules in India and also we will cover things to consider while buying them and few frequently asked questions along with safety tips.

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Top 5 Best weight gainer capsules 

Weight gainer capsules

Special Features 

Available on

MuscleBlaze Super Weight Gainer 

22.5 grams protein per 100 grams of serving 

Endura Mass Weight Gainer

15 grams protein per 100 grams of serving 

Winlip Health tone Weight Gain Capsules

Natural Ayurveda ingredients

Natural's Fit Naturals Weight Gainer

Vegan herbal weight gainer

Canada Nutrition Weight Gainer Capsule 

Multiple ingredients, suitable for men and women

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About: Top 5 Best weight gainer capsules in India 

1.MuscleBlaze Super Weight Gainer 


Top 5 Best weight gainer capsules in India



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For fitness and health whenever making a list of top products, Muscleblaze mostly tops the charts as it is one of the most trusted and quality brands that make multiple kinds of health products from multivitamins, fish oil capsules, and whey protein.

This is one of the best weight gainer capsules, here I am going to discuss the chocolate flavor but there are many flavors available such as kulfi, mango burst, and some of the other forms of chocolate flavors.

This comes in form of powder so you can consume with liquids as per instructions given on the product, it is a 100% vegetarian product so anyone can consume it, this is made for those who are looking for high muscle gain so it has made with high calories.

It has ingredients such as whey protein concentrate and isolates which are highly beneficial for muscle recovery & long energy also it gives nearly 27 types of essential vitamins and minerals, it is made with zero trans fat and sugar.

It’s per 100 grams of serving gives about 462KCAL and 22.5 grams of protein, dietary fiber 1.4 grams and fat 2 grams, overall very good weight gainer but it is little costly and it can be taken in morning breakfast and also good for an evening drink.


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2. Endura Mass Weight Gainer


Top 5 Best weight gainer capsules



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Up next on our list of top 5 best weight gainer capsules from Endura mass, this another one of the popular weight gainers in India as it provides good healthy ingredients and very cheap weight gainer so if your budget is low you can go with this.

It is a completely gluten-free vegetarian product and made with a good blend of multiple ingredients such as skimmed & whole milk, vitamins, minerals, soy proteins, and many more other essential ingredients.

Soy is a good source of antioxidants which is good for your body, it is good for both men and women and the components of the mass weight gainer helps in boosting immunity, healthy heart issues, and lower blood pressure.

Per 100 grams of serving provides about 15 grams of protein, calories 416 Kcal, it also gives your body calcium, sodium, iron, and potassium, you can take this with milk or water just about 2-3 teaspoons are enough.

It is chocolate flavor, also just taking this gainer will not help only consume if you are into exercising and do not take while going to bed for resting as instructed by the brand.


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3. Winlip Health tone Weight Gain Capsules


Top 5 Best weight gainer capsules


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3rd on our list of best weight gainer capsules product from Winlip health tone this is made with natural components which are unflavoured and vegetarian capsules for gaining weight and immunity, it is a very good capsule if you do not want to get weight gainer in powder form.

This is made in Thailand and one of the best selling in India due to its natural Ayurveda ingredients, there are 90 capsules you get for consumption, as per brand you can consume 1 capsule 3 times a day after taking a meal.

But it better to go with 1 capsule per day and you can also ask your dietician or doctors, the main ingredient of the capsule and made from European wine grape since it is a natural and Ayurveda product it is safe to use.

This herbal product makes sure and helps to gain weight in a healthier natural way, which is beneficial for muscle gain, boosting energy and stamina, also your hunger improves after start taking regularly, overall good product but little pricey.


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4. Natural’s Fit Naturals Weight Gainer




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Next, we are going to review and discuss this natural and vegan herbal weight gainer from Naturals’ fit, this product suitable for both men and women, it is also a very affordable option for those who have less budget.

It is specially designed for hard gainers who work out at the gym and looking for healthy weight gain as this capsule increases fitness level, at the same time boosts your energy and endurance level.

It has made with herbal products and foods such as Aswagandha 200 mg, white musli 150 mg, Tribulus 200 mg, mucuna pruriens 100 mg.

Other many beneficial components added glycyrrhiza glabra extract, zingiber officinale, Terminalia bellirica, Amalaki, pippali, Shatavari, and vidang extract.

If you are looking for a completely vegan product this is a decent product to go with, as it is also GMP certified product and per bottle, you get about 60 capsules, so if you consume one daily it can last up to 60 days.


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5. Canada Nutrition Weight Gainer Capsule 




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Canada Nutrition mass gainer capsule is a good option to go with but if you are vegetarian then it is not suitable for you as it has some non-veg components, it is consumable by anyone men or women.

If you are looking for weight gain by building lean muscle then this will help you to achieve your goals, as it is a decent product for those who are looking to build muscle at the same time wants to increase strength and immunity which leads to improvement your performance.

It is also helpful to improve the metabolism, the package comes with 60 capsules and brands advise to consume them 2 capsules that are 2 times daily, it has multiple components such as Panax Ginseng, Tribulus terristeris, Withania somnifera, and much more.


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Buying guide for mass gainer capsules:


I have discussed in detail the listed products which are some of the best mass gainer capsules, now it is also important to discuss things to consider while buying them.


Follow the proper diet:

If you are planning to consume weight gainer for you then you have to follow a balanced diet in order to extract maximum advantages so add in your diet protein-rich foods such as eggs, chicken breast, veg options such as soya, lentils, beans.

Also, dairy products such as milk, curd, paneer will help you to keep your diet healthy.


Exercising and workout are must:

You are taking a weight gainer capsule and following a rich in protein diet but if you do not exercise it will not be effective and may be highly risky, especially if you are getting mass gainers the workout is a must so whatever your consuming can digest better.


Choosing between Veg, non-veg, and Herbal weight gainer:

This is somehow depending on you, if you are comfortable with nonveg weight gainers you can go with it, but I feel vegetarian or for that matter, herbal products are better options.

Herbal or vegan products have huge demand nowadays due to safety as those are made from organic foods which does not harm you, but as discussed all depending on you, veg and non-veg mass gainers are also helpful for weight gain.


Essential Ingredients:

We are taking weight gainer for its healthy ingredients so keep your eye on it if you are going for powder make sure to read the per serving protein, vitamins, and minerals they provide to your body.

The protein contains depending on the product, brand and price as well, if you go for a cheap weight gainer it may give you per serving protein anything between 12 to 15 grams, where is little pricey mass gainer can give you protein per serving 20 to 25 grams.

If you are going for capsules, be it veg, vegan or nonveg then see how many vitamins, minerals added to the product, it should have multiple essential vitamins and minerals, even if the product has fewer vitamins but if it has important components, it will be ideal choice to go with.

Vegan weight gainer or herbal weight gainer should have ingredients such as ashwagandha, amla, and other ayurvedic components.


Quality weight gainer capsule:


It is always good to see if the product is glute-free, there should not be any artificial preservatives, if it is GMP and fssi certified the product is overall good and safe to consume.


Safety tips:

If you are taking weight gainer, remember not to consume any junk foods you have to follow a good healthy diet and workout, if you do not follow the rules, you may face health issues and, in some cases, you will see hair loss.

Always follow the instructions given by the doctors or dieticians, takes the advice of them before start consuming, though how to consume details will be there on the package it is always better to take the guidance of experts on daily dosage.



Frequently asked questions:


Do weight gain pills work?

It depends a lot on you as well, as taking weight gain pills means you have to take a highly protein-rich diet, you have to give up on junk and oily foods and follow strict advice of doctors and dieticians. 

Yes, weight gain pills can work for the human body but before start consuming it is always better to ask your doctors, and if you are a beginner then you should go for a whey protein powder that will be better or if you are not comfortable with whey.

Then you can also consider vegan protein powder they are made from vegan ingredients which do not contain any dairy product.


What can I take to gain weight fast?

As I discussed throughout that you have to follow a nutritious diet and exercising is key, keep a good balance between cardio exercise and strength training, while following a diet make sure you keep eating frequently.

Note: More than cardio you should do weight training, cardio once in a week or even functional training is ideal once in a week, 4-5 days a week you should do strength training.

Add foods to your diet such as banana, milk, rice, nuts, fishes, full eggs, potatoes, protein supplements, etc all in all you have to add a lot of protein which are high in healthy calories.


Which are the best fruits to gain weight?

Fruits like banana, avocados, mango, all the dried fruits, dried apricots, dates, Currants are some of the best fruits that are helpful for weight gain in a natural and healthier way.


Which is the best workout for weight gain?

As discussed above you have to keep a good balance between cardio and strength workouts, do more push-ups, bench press, dips, pull-ups, deadlifts, overhead press, lower body workouts such as squats, heavy squats, lunges, and sumo squats.




We have discussed in detail about top 5 best mass gainer capsules with buying tips and some frequently asked questions hope this is helpful for you.

Gaining weight is easier if you eat unhealthy foods but is there any use of that? The answer is no and on top of all, it is harmful to your health and makes you weak, better to follow a good diet to gain weight and along with diet, you can add some supplements.

If you have just started with your weight gain journey there is no such need for weight gain pills immediately first strictly follow the healthy food diet and workout and then think about weight gain supplements.


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