Top 5 Best vegan protein powder for women India 2021


Top 5 Best vegan protein powder for women India 


Protein is essential for the human body be it any gender or kids, but in our Indian lifestyle and food we lack protein consumption, and there is also big misinformation that protein requirement only for those who are physically active.

Yes, it is somehow true but truth is that a physically active person has little more requirements than a human who is not active but every human should have a proper diet and with every meal, there must be protein added.

Though you can get a good amount of protein from the food it is not enough and especially for women who are vegetarian or vegan, the best source for them is plant protein powder as they give a handsome amount of protein per serving.

Which is a good source for women body to maintain weight or to gain lean muscle, and overall organic protein powder is safe and easier to digest, but choosing the right product is important to extract as much benefit as you can.

So let us discuss the top 5 best vegan protein powder for women, also if you want you can read another article on the best vegan protein in India.


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Best Vegan Protein 

 Special Features

Available on

1. bGREEN by Muscleblaze Protein

Per serving 25grams of protein

2. Boldfit Plant Protein Powder

Per serving 25grams of protein.

3. PRO2FIT Vegan protein powder

Per serving 27.5grams of protein.

4. By Nature Plant Protein Powder

Per serving 25grams of protein.

5. andMe Plant Protein

16 Ayurvedic herbs, 7 Minerals & 11 Antioxidants.


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1. bGREEN by Muscleblaze Plant Protein


Top 5 Best vegan protein powder for women India



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This plant-based protein from brand Muscleblaze standing at the first position, before going through and review this product it is very important to understand the brand.

Muscleblaze is one of the leading brands in the market for such kinds of products they have a huge collection of whey, mass gainers, multivitamin, fish oil and they have come up with vegan protein as well, their products are made with good quality and one of the trusted brand.

This product is a chocolate flavor but very natural soy-free chocolate plant protein without any added artificial sugar, In the other flavors in this protein you can get mocha and strawberry so if you are not comfortable with chocolate you can go with other flavors.

The main protein source and made of pea and rice there is no soy added, gluten-free and zero added artificial preservative, it is a good way of getting natural protein as per serving provides 25grams of protein with 4.6g BCAAs and 9.8g EAA.

Key Features:

  • Complete plant-based vegan protein.
  • Good source of complete amino acid profile.
  • Per serving 25grams of protein with 6g BCAAs & 9.8g EAA.
  • With protein, it provides important vitamins and minerals.
  • Gluten-free, no added sugar, soy-free chocolate plant protein.
  • Good for digestion and improves metabolism.
  • Made with pea protein isolate and brown rice protein.
  • Other ingredients Stabilizer INS 412, Cocoa Powder, Green Tea, and much more.
  • Papain and Bromelain ensure easy digestion.
  • Flavours Chocolate, Mocha, and strawberry.


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2. Boldfit Plant Protein Powder


Top 5 Best vegan protein powder for women India



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Next, we are going to discuss and standing at the 2nd position on our list of top 5 best vegan protein powder for women, plant protein from Boldfit brand, this is one of the top brands for health and fitness supplement, they also into fitness accessories such as yoga and workout.

This product is 500grams and also it has 1KG protein this is a good source of whey protein and vegan protein, the main ingredients added in these supplements are Turmeric Extract, Pink salt, Bromelain, Papain, Piperine.

It is suitable for both men and women anyone can consume, so it can be best for your family overall, if you are looking for muscle strength and growth this can be suitable for you as you can consume this after your running, sports, or workout session.

One serving of Boldfit vegan protein can give you 25grams of protein which is an excellent source for your diet, the flavors available in this are chocolate and café mocha, it has other important ingredients added such as pea and brown rice.

Key Features:

  • Good protein source of whey and vegan diet.
  • Per serving gives 25grams of protein.
  • Soy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free.
  • GMO-free and certified with GMP.
  • Ingredients: Turmeric Extract, Pink salt, Bromelain, Papain, Piperine.
  • Other important ingredients added such as pea and brown rice.
  • Good for muscle recovery after physical activity.
  • Suitable for men and women.
  • Flavours chocolate and cafe mocha.


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3. PRO2FIT Vegan protein powder


Top 5 Best vegan protein powder for women India



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If you are looking for the best plant-based protein for women with a Vanilla flavor taste then this is going to be a good choice for you as it is one of the most natural sources of vanilla flavored protein for vegan individuals.

This is completely free from dairy products with soy-free, it is also suitable for men to consume so anyone can have it, it has natural ingredients such as pea, brown, and Mungbean protein that provides awesome 27.5 grams of protein per serving.

It gives a good amount of 14.2 gm EAA, 6.5 gms BCAA thus it is suitable for those too who are very active on daily basis, it is a very good protein for those who are looking for lean muscle or looking to build immunity.

Good thing is that it is also you can use to make delicious dishes such as baking products, it is completely safe to use as made with all the standards of requirement.

Key features:

  • Usable for men and women.
  • A good source of protein provides 27.5grams of protein per serving.
  • Also provides 2 gm EAA, 6.5 gms BCAA.
  • Very helpful for the athlete and fitness-conscious people.
  • Usable to make baking products.
  • Pea Protein Isolate & Brown Rice Protein Isolate.
  • Mung Bean Protein Concentrate.
  • Source for lean muscle, for muscle recovery &, boosts immunity.
  • Free from Gluten, dairy-free, lactose, and low net carbs.
  • Without added sugar, soy-free & non-GMO.
  • Carrageenan free, and no artificial preservatives added.
  • Flavours Vanilla, chocolate, mango.


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4. By Nature Plant Protein Powder



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4th on our list of top 5 best vegan protein powder for women, plant-based protein from By nature this is another very useful option for those who are looking for natural protein it is very good for your entire family’s health.

As it is suitable for both men and women, the taste will be very nice as it is made with vanilla flavor, per serving of protein powder provides 25grams of protein which is very good for your daily consumption of diet.

It also gives you the required essential 9 amino acids with 4.5G BCAA that is very helpful for your overall health to improve immunity, strength, and muscle recovery.

If you are not fond of the source of whey then this will be a good pick as it does not have a whey and complete dairy-free product.

It has the main protein source of pea & brown protein isolate, mung bean protein concentrate, also added other important ingredients such as Turmeric Extract, stevia extract Piperine, Berry Extract, Papain, Bromelain & many more.

Key features:

  • 100% plant-based protein, lactose-free product.
  • Per serving ensures 25Grams of protein.
  • 9 essential amino acid & 4.5g BCAA.
  • Suitable for men and women.
  • Pea protein isolate & brown protein isolate.
  • Mung bean protein concentrate.
  • Turmeric Extract, stevia extract Piperine.
  • Berry Extract, Papain, Bromelain.
  • Diary-free product, no whey, and Non-GMO.
  • Easy to digest, build immunity, and helpful for muscles.
  • Soy, Cholesterol & Gluten Free, no added sugar.
  • Also suitable for athletes and fitness freak people.


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5. andMe Plant Protein Powder


Top 5 Best vegan protein powder for women India



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If you are looking for a protein that is specially designed for women and with little unique taste then this will be a good choice as this is a very natural source of protein with the taste of chocolate and almond.

It gives very decent protein per serving you get 20grams of protein at a time, very good to consume in the morning as breakfast or in the evening for a middle snack, it also provides your body 2820mg of bcaa & 14 types of vitamins.

This protein is very good for those who are looking to maintain weight, if someone has hair & skin issues then this is good for you and improves the digestion system.

It is made with ayurvedic herbs and vitamins which makes this very safe and better to use for the longest time, with vitamins it has added 16 Ayurvedic herbs, 7 different kinds of Minerals, and 11 Antioxidants.

Key features:

  • Specially made for women diet.
  • Plant-based natural and ayurvedic protein source.
  • 16 Ayurvedic herbs, 7 Minerals, and 11 Antioxidants.
  • Essential 14 vitamins and 2820mg BCAA, source of amino acids.
  • Very good taste as flavor made with chocolate almond.
  • Per serving ensures 20 grams of protein.
  • Good for hormonal balance, better for weight management.
  • Beneficial for skin and hair.
  • Good for metabolism increases energy, immunity.
  • Whey and soy-free product.
  • Without sugar and no artificial preservative.


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Top 5 best vegan protein powder for women: Buying Tips:

  • It is important to know what is a specific goal you are setting for yourself if you are looking for weight loss or have diabetic issues.
  • Then check the sugar ingredient carefully most of the vegan protein won’t have any sugar, but if you are looking for any other protein powder then it is a must-see sugar level in your selected protein powder.
  • Protein with ingredients like brown rice, pea, Mung bean is considered to be best for consumption also other important ayurvedic elements are also very good for your overall well-being.
  • Soya is another best source of high protein and some of the vegan plant-based protein has added with soya, but make sure you do not have any kind of allergy from soya.
  • Many people concentrate more on protein per serving in a way that is important as that is our main goal.
  • But it is also important that your selected protein powder should have essential amino acids, and minerals, vitamins that play a crucial role in your body health.
  • This perfect combination benefits a lot it boosts your immunity provides strength, good for muscle recovery, and also helps in building strong bones, adding more to it better for skin and hair as well.
  • Always keep an eye on how much protein you get from per serving, there are plenty of powders available that give around 15grams to 25 grams per serving, higher the amount it is better for you, try to go with per serving of 20 to 25 grams.
  • Since vegan protein can be a little tasteless it can be very difficult to consume if you go for the unflavoured product.
  • So try to with flavors and the good thing is there are multiple flavors available such as chocolate, mocha, vanilla, and strawberry, etc, but make sure it has no artificial sweeteners added.
  • This will help you to consume and will taste good so that instead of avoiding it you will enjoy your drink.
  • If you look at the whey protein then they are a little costly but the good thing with this plant protein they are available from the cheapest price too expensive you will get vegan protein from above 600 to above 2000 rupees.
  • Spending is completely depending on your budget but remember not to compromise with the quality of the product in order to save some bugs, as since you are taking protein for your better health so no compromise with quality.



Benefits of vegan protein powder for women:

There are multiple advantages of vegan protein powder some of them are below.

  • It is a good source of natural protein as it is made with plant-based food it becomes quite safe for consuming if you consume within the limit and as per given guidance.
  • A good alternative for whey protein as they are a little expensive than this, so these are available at a little less price as well.
  • It keeps you energetic for a day you can take them in the morning or as an evening snack.
  • Improves your stamina, immunity, good source of high protein especially after workout for muscle recovery.
  • Good for weight loss or even for gain, it is also very good to build lean muscle.
  • Easy to digest since it does not have any kind of dairy product they are very easily digestible and some of them may help you to improve metabolism.
  • If you go for flavored protein some of them are very useful to make a delicious yet healthy baking product such as muffin, cookies, etc



How to consume:

This is completely depending on you but always read the instructions given by the brand on their package, since you are looking for vegan protein some of the products may not be suitable to take with milk.

In this case, you can take lukewarm water about 150ml to 200ml, add the powder as per instruction, or your need to shake it well and then drink it, but if your plant-based protein allows you to take it with milk go for 200 to 300ml milk.

Mix it well and after shaking it you can drink, please note that this is just guidance as most of the protein consumption requirements are the same but you need to read the package thoroughly and then drink or ask your doctor.




So here it is we have discussed in detail about top 5 best vegan protein for females, I have also covered the things you should know before selecting the product.

Hope this article helps you to know about plant-based protein for women while concluding remember to take protein that gives a higher amount of protein per serving so you can get the maximum benefit out of it.

As discussed earlier keep eye on 20-25gram of protein per serving also should have essential amino acids, other important aspects such as vitamin, and minerals so you can achieve your aim of a fit and healthy life.

It is also important to mention at last that consuming protein powder is not just a job done you have to maintain healthy eating habits every day if you want to see good results.



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