Top 5 Best mini exercise cycle in India 2021- Buying Guide


Top 5 Best mini exercise cycle in India 2021- Buying Guide


Top 5 Best mini exercise cycle in India 2021- Buying Guide


We all want to be fit and healthy but we always keep thinking about starting an exercise routine, most of us make new year resolutions as well that we are going to work on our fitness.

But due to a busy schedule or lack of intensity motivation we do not concentrate on weight loss or fitness journey, but what if we say you can easily do it by just sitting at your desk.

Yes, you heard it right you can achieve your goal by burning some calories sitting at your work desk or even while enjoying movies or your favorite shows.

These mini exercise cycles can help you to do it, they are helpful in toning your legs and burning calories, so in this article, we are going to discuss them with a buying guide and their advantages.

So, let us first discuss the top 5 best mini exercise cycles in India.


Mini exercise bike

Special Features

Available On 

Voroly Portable Ab Exercise Bike Cycle 

Good build quality

Fitrex Fitness Exercise Cycle for Home 

Less Noisy and smooth ride

Qualimate Smart Fitness Cycle 

Very Light weight 

HB Mall India Fitness Exercise Cycle

Light weight & portable 

Klapp Pedal Exercise Mini Bike

Weight Capacity 100kg



1. Voroly Portable Ab Exercise Bike Cycle 


Top 5 Best mini exercise cycle



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Vorloy’s exercise cycle is one of the best-selling products as it has multiple functions that help to train your lower body and arms as well.

Making of the product is very lightweight and it is foldable design so the user can carry it anywhere while traveling, the material of the product is quite solid and sturdy.

As the material used for making this exercise cycle is a combination of good quality ABS plastic, steel, and rubber, overall, very easy to use so anyone can use it from beginners to adults.

This exercise cycle ensures low-impact exercise so if you have an injury you can still use it easily, it is specially made to use at your home and office space.

LCD display helps to track your exercise sessions it helps you to know the time, revolution count & minutes, and also burned calories.

The inbuilt rubbers provide needed sturdiness during exercise as it is anti-skidding, you can also adjust the speed of your exercise as per your need and comfort.

Key Features:

  • The design looks attractive and the builds quality is strong.
  • The material used for making ABS plastic, steel, and rubber.
  • Speed of the exercise adjustable as per comfort.
  • Provides low-impact exercise sessions.
  • Easy & safe to use anyone can use it.
  • Good for beginners, elders and if you have an injury it is safe.
  • LCD display tracks your exercise sessions.
  • It is a foldable design so you can carry it anywhere.
  • Adjust under the desk as well as height is only 10”
  • Pedals are adjustable up to 4 positions.
  • Pedals are non-sloppy & rubbers give firmness.
  • The exercise cycle comes with 6 months warranty.


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2. Fitrex Fitness Exercise Cycle for Home 


Top 5 Best mini exercise cycle



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Up next exercise cycle from Fitrex fitness, this product looks very attractive, the weight of the cycle is above 4 kg and installation is quick and easy.

The material used in the product is an alloy steel that keeps this cycle durable and strong, user can exercise their legs for cardio sessions and also target arms.

The cycle does not create much noise so the user can enjoy it without any irritation and it also ensures not to disturb others at home or office, the ride on this cycle is very even.

The foot band is easily adjustable to the user as per the foot size so the user can get a smooth ride and the pedal straps provide safety, LED display ensures to track your workout sessions such as calories burned, time, distance covered, and counts.

Cycles fit anywhere as the design is quite sleek, a resistance level is adjustable so you can manage your exercise speed as per your current strength.

Key Features:

  • Looks very attractive and the design is very sleek.
  • The material used in making alloy steel.
  • Very easy to use and installation also very easy.
  • Creates less noise and provides a silent smooth ride.
  • The resistance level is adjustable.
  • LED display tracks and monitors your exercise sessions.
  • The foot band is adjustable and pedals are firm.
  • Good for cardio, legs and also exercise your arms.
  • For proper gripping and safety, it has inbuilt rubber.
  • Men, women, elders can easily use this cycle.
  • Mini exercise cycle comes with 6 months warranty.


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3. Qualimate Smart Fitness Cycle 




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3rd on our list Mini exercise cycle from Qualimate smart fitness, this cycle is a very slim design and the weight of the product is ultra-light just about 1 Kg, due to the lightweight cycle is portable.

The material used for making is steel and the build quality is decent, this exercise cycle is overall decent product for your weight loss journey.

The size of the product is quite small only about 9” so users can store them anywhere and also work out while sitting anywhere at home you can keep it under the desk.

The device is foldable and assemble does not take much time, speed of the exercise can be adjustable as per present strength with added knobs, pedals provide safety and ensures a smooth ride.

LCD display tracks and monitors your daily progress time, calories, speed, and RPM, this cycle gives low-impact exercise so anyone can use it, beginners, elders & if have any injury.

Key Features:

  • The design is foldable and easy to assemble.
  • The ultra-lightweight cycle is only about above 1kg.
  • Portable and easy to carry anywhere.
  • The size is only 9” so you can keep it under the desk.
  • User can use at home or office.
  • LCD display tracks and monitors your exercise.
  • The resistance of the exercise is adjustable.
  • Pedals are sturdy and compact.
  • Easy to store anywhere after use.
  • Users can exercise for legs and arms workouts.
  • Suitable for beginners, elders, and if have any injury.


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4. HB Mall India Fitness Exercise Cycle




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Up next Mini exercise from HB mall India, the weight of the product is only about 494grams which means the user can easily carry anywhere and the machine is suitable for cardio exercise.

This pedaling device also makes sure to save space as it is quite slim in design and also foldable after use, bike is very easy to install does not take much time.

The overall size of the product is 9” which ensures the user to keep below the desk and creates less noise so you can use it at the office or home without any discomfort for you or for others.

Pedals are built-in with sturdy material and the overall making of the product is decent, pedals ensure users target your body parts such as hands, arms, and legs.

The resistance level can be adjustable as per your current strength and comfort as in-built knobs make sure to adjust easily, LCD display tracks your exercise.

Overall good exercise cycle in the low budget if your budget is very low and can not spend much, this exercise cycle will be a good choice for you.

Key Features:

  • Very lightweight and non-sloppy product.
  • Easy to install and safe to use.
  • The resistance level is adjustable.
  • LCD display tracks Speed, Calories Burned, Time.
  • Size fits anywhere as height is only 9”
  • Pedals are sturdy and compact.
  • It is a foldable exercise cycle.
  • Use anywhere and anyone can use it.


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5. Klapp Pedal Exercise Mini Bike


Top 5 Best mini exercise cycle



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This mini exercise bike is from Klapp, it is one of the bestselling products, the design looks very attractive white color makes the device look different from the others.

The weight of the product is above 2kg which keeps this machine solid and the material, build quality is good and the foot straps are adjustable as per your feet need.

You can train your hands, arms and legs help to tone your legs, improves your performance and the maximum weight capacity in this machine is 100kg.

The height of the exercise cycle is adjustable and pedals are non-skiddy so it assures safety while exercising, the design is foldable which helps to save space.

Assembly is very easy so you can start your exercise without any delay and the speed of the exercise is adjustable with help of inbuilt knobs.

Key Features:

  • Material and build quality are good.
  • Looks very attractive.
  • Pedals are non-skiddy gives firmness.
  • Foot straps are adjustable as per need.
  • Easy to assemble and foldable design.
  • Train your upper and lower body both.
  • The maximum weight capacity is up to 100kg.
  • The speed of the exercise is adjustable with knobs.
  • Improves your performance.


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Top 5 Best mini exercise cycle: Buying Guide


While finding the best mini exercise cycle you must consider a few things in order to get the best quality product, so below are some of the things that make the cycle best for use.


Build quality:

The making of the product should be sturdy and compact make sure your device is made with good quality of material, most of the devices are made with steel or aluminum both the material are considered to be good.



If you are looking for comfortable use then the size of the cycle you must consider as your comfort and exercise completely depend on this, height plays a very crucial role.

The height should be lower so you can exercise more smoothly and can keep under the desk so you can enjoy exercise even at your office or anywhere.



If the weight of the product is light then you can carry them anywhere with you, so if you are someone who travels or carry it to your office for a workout then consider a lightweight machine.

Most of the machine weights are between 1kg to 3kg you can go as per your comfort and need, lighter weight products are easier to move from one place to another.



Now here it does not mean that design should be attractive we mean that if the design of the machine is foldable then you can store them anywhere after each uses it helps to save your space as well.



This is one of the very important elements in the exercise cycle as resistance helps to enhance your exercise sessions as per your strength and comfort you can adjust the resistance.


Pedals and foot straps:

The next important element is pedaling this part of the cycle is going to be used each and every time so make sure pedals are sturdy and compact, they should hold your weight properly and should fit into your feet perfectly.

Foot straps provide safety during the exercise so do not forget to check your device has inbuilt foot straps, some of the cycles come with adjustable straps as well.


LCD display:

LCD display helps you to know about your exercise sessions how you perform and how many calories you burned during the exercise.

This helps you to manage and improve your performance every time and you can plan your workout better.



This is depending on each brand some may provide you a warranty and few brands may not, the warranty can be between 6 months to 1 year, make sure to read the warranty details carefully.



Mini exercise cycles are very cheap in price when compare to other exercise cycles, they are available from above 2000 to 5000, you can spend depending on your budget.



Top 5 Best mini exercise cycle: Advantages of Mini Exercise Cycles

We have just discussed the buying guide about the mini exercise cycles, we also must know some of the advantages of these cycles.

  • First of all, it saves time and money, you do not have to go for those expensive gym memberships if your main aim is cardio and burning calories this cycle will help you to do it.
  • It’s time-saving as you do not have to hit the gym so if you are a busy person you can exercise at home or office.
  • Mini exercise cycle overall very safe to use as it does not put a lot of pressure on your knees as they provide low impact exercise sessions therefore it is good for beginners, elderly people, or people who have injury issues.
  • After working out user will feel more relax and improves the mood you feel more active and rejuvenate, it also helps to increase stamina and strength.
  • The best thing about this mini exercise cycle is you can do exercise even doing your work just keep pedaling and do your office work or homework.
  • They are light in weight and most of the devices are foldable so the user can carry them anywhere they go, so it ensures you do not miss your daily workout routine.
  • Overall the best equipment for cardio is as it burns calories and they are very easy to store, also does not require much space you can keep them under the desk as well.



Top 5 Best mini exercise cycle: Conclusion

Mini exercise cycles are worth going for as they are best for cardio exercise and also burn calories, user can train and tone their legs, also the user can exercise their arms.

If you have any injury issues or if someone is elder can also use it to keep them self-feet and healthy.

Above we have listed some of the top-quality mini exercise cycles that are suitable for home or even at the office in your comfort zone, we have also covered a buying guide about the exercise cycles.

Hope this article helps you to know about the top 5 best mini exercise cycle, but if you have any query please post your comments we will be happy to guide you.



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