Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor in India 2021


Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor in India 2021


Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor in India 2021


If you are a fitness freak or you have just started your weight loss journey for living a healthy life then you must have one thing with you is body composition monitor.

As you have to constantly keep tracking of your weight gain or weight loss for maintaining diet more precisely these monitors can be the perfect companions in your fitness journey.

But while choosing to monitor your main aim should not only be to keep your eye on tracking your progress about weight, it should be more than that as this equipment can offer you many benefits.

We will discuss everything about benefits and things to consider while buying body monitors but first let us discuss Top 5 best Body Composition Monitor in India.



Body Composition Monitor

Body Measurement Metrics 


Omron Digital Body Composition Monitor

6 to 7

1 year warranty

ActiveX  Savvy Body Composition Monitor 


1 year warranty

Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Monitor 


6-1 year warranty

Actofit Digital Composition Monitor


1 year warranty

HESLEY Body Composition Monitor


1 year warranty



About: Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor in India 


1. Omron Digital Body Composition Monitor


Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor


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The first on our list is Omron’s Model No-HDF 375, Omron is one of the well-known brands for health equipment in India, it is a Japan-based brand that has been in the health sector since 1933.

The user gets the monitor machine, 4 AA batteries, and a manual guide after unboxing, the weight of the product is a little over 3 Kg, look wise it is very good and the build quality of the device is strong and sturdy.

The device ensures the accurate result and notices your full body thanks to inbuilt unique full-body sensing technology who has whooping 8 sensors for complete body evaluation.

The monitor has the capacity to store up to 4 users’ data so multiple users can use it and perfect for the weight loss journey as it also traces your growth & keeps the track of 90 days.

This helps you to plan your diet and exercise methods precisely, you can keep tracking your progress and ensures user weight loss journey going in the right direction as the device helps you to know you are losing body fats and not skeletal muscles.

The drawback of the device this monitor is a little expensive and the weight could have been little light with memory capacity is less just up to 4 users.

Key Features:

  • Body fat monitor comes with 1 functioning technique.
  • Examine BMI, body fat percent, body weight, Subcutaneous fat, & Visceral Fat
  • Evaluates calorie requirement.
  • Full Body Sensing Technology.
  • 8 sensors for feet & hands for precise results.
  • 4 users memory capacity.
  • Keeps track of 90 days of data.
  • Easy one-touch buttons and easily readable display.
  • Indicates when the battery is low.
  • The battery-operated device requires 4 AA batteries.
  • The monitor comes with a 1-year warranty.


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2. ActiveX  Savvy Body Composition Monitor 


Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor


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Up next ActiveX Australia savvy’s Model no- ACTIV-BFS-04 this is a very trendy looking monitor the weight machine is about 1.40 grams which are very light and the design is also very slim so you can store them anywhere at your home.

The capacity of the machine is huge up to 18 users and it is very user-friendly easy to use as you can connect through Bluetooth quite efficiently.

There is an ActiveX app available for more comfortable use you can easily monitor things through Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Smartphones and with all the latest Android, iOS versions.

Devices help you to track your progress, apps help you to set your next goals for fitness and weight loss, you can also share your progress with others easily.

The monitor has unique Dual BIA Technology that helps to give accurate results as it has 2 kinds of frequencies high, low level who records and measures precise body composition.

Evaluate up to 13 body compositions body fat percentage, BMI, muscle mass, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, protein, bone mass, body water, and much more.

Build quality of the product could have been a little better but the overall device is quite affordable & indicates accurate results, user gets after unboxing Fat analyzer machine with  3 x AAA batteries & a warranty card.

Key Features:

  • Slim and lightweight machine.
  • Dual BIA technology, Capacity up to 18 users.
  • Evaluate up to 13 body compositions.
  • Bluetooth & Free ActiveX app for easy connectivity.
  • Apps offer many added features.
  • Progress can be shared with anyone easily.
  • Weight capacity up to 180 kg.
  • Accuracy level 0.05 kg, Auto turn on-off feature.
  • high precision sensors.
  • Indicates your progress and you can set your goals.
  • The monitor has a 1-year warranty.


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3. Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Monitor 


Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor


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Lifetrons is a Switzerland-based brand that has been actively making products especially for beauty and health they are specialized in electronics products for skincare and more.

This is Model No- LFT-0002IN is at 3rd in our list size of the product is sleek and weight is only 1kg which makes user easy to carry anywhere device comes with many other features.

The best thing about the product is very easy to understand so anyone can use it, the brand has its own APP called “LIFETRONS HEALTH APP” which is helpful for multiple users, you can maintain your diet by planning and easy to track your progress.

It has easy Bluetooth connectivity available, calculate and evaluate up to 12 body parameters some of them are weight, body mass, body fat percentage, body muscle, BMR, bone mass, protein, and much more.

Lifetrons Health App available on iPhone & Android, you can share your reports with your dietician, there is one more “Lifetrons care app” which gives PDF reports so you can share the progress with anyone.

This is the complete guide for your diet program as through the app you can chat and make video calls with health experts if you need any guidance, the device is suitable for personal use and also for trainers and dieticians.

Apps connectivity of the monitor is limited there is a SELF DIET function in-app which is only accessible to android phones, the device comes with 3 AAA batteries, and to claim a warranty user has to register on Lifetrons site after purchasing the product.

Key Features:

  • Sleek and lightweight product.
  • Weight capacity up to 180Kg.
  • Dual Frequency BIA technology.
  • 4 sensors with a tempered safety glass platform.
  • Apps help multiple users to use the device.
  • Diet guidance from the app, evaluate 12 body parameters.
  • Dieticians and gym trainers can use them for the clients.
  • Progress chart from weeks to months.
  • Easy to clean tempered glass top.
  • Auto turn on/off function saves battery.
  • Indicates while the battery is low.
  • Easy 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Warranty 1 Year on Manufacturing defects for home.
  • 6 months warranty for commercial use.


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4. Actofit Digital Composition Monitor



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Actofit is an Indian brand that specializes in tech products, they make products for fitness and health have been active and providing their exceptional tech devices for over 20 years.

This Actofit’s fat analyzer model No- WS1Actofit has a full digital monitoring process and the weight of the product is around 1.80 kg which is quite easy to carry.

Looking wise it’s quite average but the build quality is quite sturdy and compact, Led display indicates instant results and the device is easily connectable to Bluetooth, monitor comes with a 7.5-inch free measuring tape and 4 AAA batteries included in the package.

Monitor works on dual-frequency BIA Technology which gives accurate results and evaluates up to 15 body compositions precisely like weight, BMI, BMR, body fat, metabolic age, body water, bone mass, protein, skeletal muscle, and much more.

The device has the capacity to store up to 16 user’s data, there is an Actofit app available which is easy to connect through Bluetooth, apple health, google fit, and more, the drawback of the device looks wise it’s not that trendy product is bit expensive but solidly made and easy to use or set up.

Key Features:

  • Weight is reasonably light, easy to use, and set up.
  • Works smoothly and gives accurate results.
  • Dual-frequency BIA Technology.
  • Evaluates up to 15 body compositions.
  • 16 user’s storage capacity.
  • The actofit app is easily connectable via Bluetooth.
  • Suitable for android 6.0 or above and iOS or above.
  • Easy to track the progress and you can set your goals.
  • The monitor has a 1-year warranty.


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5. HESLEY Body Composition Monitor



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Hesley is a United Kingdom-based brand they have specialists when it comes to making fat analyzer devices, their product is of high quality and has many other features.

This is Model No- HESLEY -B standing on our list at 5th position before discussing its amazing feature the weight of the machine is little above 1.50 kg and looking wise it is a decent product, the body of the device is stainless still which ensures durability.

The LCD display has large fonts which are easily readable and it has a storage capacity for up to 10 users which means you can store the data of 10 people easily.

This body monitor is completely digital comes with BMI, easy to use scale is non-skiddy so the user stabilizes on the monitor easily and auto turns off the option available so your battery saves the power.

It has Precision Technology Sensors who indicate correct and faithful results, composition metrics available up to 7 which evaluate your body weight, BMI, Muscle mass, Fat, bone, water, and metabolism.

The unique thing about this product is once you add your details next time device will automatically acknowledge that it’s you just need to enter basic information, add more to it due to advance technology you can get precise readings as per your activity level.

The drawback of the fat analyzer there is no app facility through composition metrics are enough it offers you only 7 measurement metrics and the monitor comes with  3 AAA batteries.

 Key Features:

  • The stainless steel body is durable.
  • Non-skid material stabilizes the user.
  • Precision Technology Sensors for accurate results.
  • 7 composition measurement metrics.
  • 10 user’s data storage capacity.
  • Large LCD display 73 x 29 mm.
  • Weight capacity up to 180 kg.
  • Auto turns off function and auto-zero resetting.
  • 0.1 kg “step-on” technology for weight function.
  • Overloading indication functionality.
  • The monitor has a 1-year warranty.


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Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor: What is Body Composition Monitor?

  • Body composition monitor is also known as body fat monitor or body fat analyzer if you are on weight loss journey or into fitness then you have to keep checking weight and body Mass Index but more than this you need to know many things about your health progress.
  • Body composition monitor offers you more than weight and BMI, you can also come to know about fat percent in the body, protein, water. Muscle & bone mass, digital monitor help you to know if you are losing body fats or skeletal muscle so you can improve your diet accordingly.
  • More than above these are very easy to use and carry anywhere as they are very light in weight you can also store them anywhere and the machine is very sleek in design, these are pretty accurate and looking wise also very trendy.
  • Due to the latest technology newest monitors comes with features like multiple user storage capacities, track your progress and if your device has App functionality then you can easily connect with your smartphones like Android and iOS.
  • These smart monitors mostly have digital functionalities and connectable with Bluetooth, most of the devices work on batteries so you have to keep charging them for regular use.
  • The basic working functionality of the body monitors is once the user stands on the device it generates an electric current that goes through the human body and then the user gets the results like weight, fat percent, BMI, and more.



Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor: Buying Guide:


While choosing any product we must know some basic things to consider so is with fat scale monitors so let us discuss them in detail.


Size & weight of the Monitor:

Though most of the device is very sleek in designs and light in weight you should always check the weight of the product as this help you to carry the product with you easily anywhere.

Monitors’ weight varies from anything between 1kg to 3 kg depending on products’ build and size, some products you may find who has a weight of 800 grams as well.

But we suggest you go for a monitor that has a weight above 1 Kg as the build of the device also important for durability.


Build quality:

That comes to the next important feature is built quality you can find the products made from glasses or stainless-steel body you can easily use them but make sure the quality should be of premium quality.

Another thing to consider while choosing the weight scale is the platform should not be skiddy so try and stand on it once to check if your feet not slipping from the surface.


Weight capacity:

Always check your weight while buying the body monitor as if the device will not be able to hold your weight then that will be useless.

Most of the monitors do come with a weight capacity between 150 kg to 180 kg but always better to check.



There is a misconception about the body fat monitors especially for digital products that they do not indicates accurate results but it is not true, these devices give you a precise result.

Moreover, if you really want to know the accuracy then gather some stuff and measure them on a regular or normal weight device, and then the same weight keeps on the monitor to check the accuracy.


Multiple measurements functions:

Your device should not only indicate you your weight and BMI but also many things like fat percentage, bone and muscle mass, water, protein, skeletal muscle.

Adding more to this some advanced monitors also have functionality where they indicate you about metabolism, body, and much more.

So always check if the monitor has multiple metrics measurement features, remember multiple metrics mean you will be able to track multiple things about your health so you can improve on diet and working out.



If your monitor has multiple connectivity options then they provide you a user-friendly experience, commonly these devices are easily connectable to Bluetooth but you should always check if the device offers you wi-fi connectivity.

Apps also can give you user-friendly experience brands do create their own apps which can be easily available on the play store this helps you to manage everything from your smartphones.

You can check your progress weekly or on monthly basis, this can help you to know where you want to improve, also apps store your data and you can share them with your dietician, gym trainer, or doctors.


LCD display:

The display should be large so you can read your results easily and they should show results in quick time without any hassle.


Multiple storage facilities:

You have to store the progress so you can keep tracking your fitness or weight loss journey but the device should have multiple storage facilities.

This depending on product to product some may provide you 10 users capacity or some may have 3, you can select as per the family members.

Apps can play a very important role here as they have the capacity to store multiple user’s data this facility mostly helpful for trainers, dieticians, and doctors as they have to store multiple data.


Easy to use:

Body monitors should be easy to use means installation should be quick so you can set up quickly and always check if the monitor is easily connectable with Bluetooth, apps & wi-fi if available.

If your device has functionality like auto turn on/ off this can save your battery a lot, other features to look after like auto-resetting, an indication to overloading can give you a quite a user-friendly experience.



Brands do give their customers a warranty of at least 1 year but always better to check as few brands may ask you to register on their website in a certain period of time to claim a warranty.


Budget and Price:  

Body fat monitors are available from 1000 to above 9000 you can choose as per your budget but do not compromise on quality and features if you are on a weight loss journey or if you are a fitness freak.




While concluding we would like to say that a Body fat monitor will guide you to reach your fitness goals but you have to maintain your diet and keep doing exercise regularly.

After doing your exercise do not measure your weight as the machine will not give you exact measurements.

Hope this top 5 best body composition monitor article helps you to know about digital scales in detail but if you have any query please post a comment we will solve your query as soon as possible.



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