Top 3 Blood Pressure Monitor Machine Best Selling in India 2021


Top 3 Blood Pressure Monitor Machine Best Selling in India 2021


Top 3 Blood Pressure Monitor Machine Best Selling in India 


Today all of us live very hectic and busy life we do not have time to look after our health properly, which leads to many diseases.

The common problems most of us facing as a study suggest 1 in every 7-8 Indians hyper stress, hypertension, heart problems, these are very disturbing numbers.

Due to stressful lifeblood pressure become a very regular problem to many so we must have a blood pressure monitor to check our health specially if facing any problem.

Even if you do not have any problem but still it is always better to keep checking our health once a week, as this kind of disease, starts and we do not come to know.

So better to keep tracking our health to live a healthy and happy life, so here is some of the Top 3 Blood Pressure Monitor Machine Best Selling in India.


Best Monitors


Special Feature

1. Omron HEM 7130-L Blood Pressure Monitor

5 Years Warranty

60 memory storage Capacity

2. Dr Trust (USA) Blood Pressure Monitor

1 Year Warranty 

Storage for 2 users with 120 Readings

3. Dr. Morepen Bp-02 Blood Pressure Monitor 

1 Year Warranty 

Storage for 2 users with 120 Readings


Top 3 Blood Pressure Monitor Machine Best Selling in India 


1. Omron HEM Blood Pressure Monitor


Top 3 Best Selling Blood Pressure Monitor in India 2020



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Omron is one of the trusted brands in India Omron HEM 7130-L gives Precise measurements thanks to its Intellisense technology.

Monitor completely automatic which makes sure anyone can use easily, designed especially for elders as the machine does its job with just one touch process.

Easily assess exact heart pumps, High or low blood pressure, heartbeat pulse, and hyper stress, if the device not fit properly or found anybody’s movement device shows the error.

Pulse measurement ranges from 40 beats minutes to 180 beats minutes. cuff size of this module is larger, soft, and very flexible, the person who is fat can also use it as it fits perfectly.

It has a large LCD display as the fonts can be read by anyone, the app scans the reading and keeps a record, storage up to 60 memory with date and time.

Key Features: 

  • Perfect Result, Comfortable & Easy to use.
  • Look wise well built, quality is good.
  • Lights blink in case of pressure reading is out of the required range.
  • 60 memory storage with date and time
  • Shows the last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes.
  • Detects uneven heartbeat & body movements.
  • Cuff Size: 22 – 42 cm
  • 5 years warranty to claim warranty Original Invoice require.


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2. Dr. Trust (USA) Blood Pressure Monitor


Top 3 Best Selling Blood Pressure Monitor in India 2020



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This machine is very portable and easy to transfer anywhere so user can utilize whenever to require, easy to use and easy to connect with the phone due to inbuilt Bluetooth automation.

The Bp monitor is easily chargeable with mobile or power banks this feature makes this machine flexible and it is a completely automatic process.

Unique well designed MDI technology creates low pressure on the arm & provides painless procedure, displays the results perfectly and font size is good enough that anyone can read easily.

This machine quickly shows the result and specifies the user if any error in the case of body movement, even specify if the monitor found uneven activity like heartbeat or difficulty in pulse reading.

No need to worry about storage capacity as Dr. Trust BP Connect app works with iOS and Android devices which ensures extensive user data.

Key Features: 

  • Easily connects with apps and user-friendly monitor.
  • Cuff large enough to fit 22-42 cm.
  • Helps to save power due to inbuilt Auto turn off pressure
  • Indicates user in case of low battery.
  • Perfectly works with iOS and Android devices.
  • Results and Assessments come as per WHO guidelines.
  • Memory storage capacity of 2 users.
  • Stock up data till 120 readings of blood pressure.
  • What is in package: BP monitor, one cuff, 4 Batteries, and how to use the manual copy.
  • 1-year Warranty.


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3. Dr. Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor 




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Dr. morepen BP-02 monitor standing at 3rd in our list all due to its powerful performance capabilities, this monitor has digital functions.

Size has no issues as it fits into the arms and shows the results in less time, provides exact blood pressure report and pulse rate movement.

Very flexible monitor anyone can use easily especially older people, memory storage capacity up to 2 users and stores up to 120 readings.

Monitor quickly assess if any error while using and shows error while measuring heart rate, it has new measurement technique Inflation Mode Technology which ensures to be gentle on the user.

Battery life is durable and long-lasting and the design is very sleek & lightweight user can carry anywhere so can be useful in any situation.

Key Features: 

  • Digital Blood pressure Monitor.
  • Complete Automatic and easy to use.
  • The portable machine is light in weight.
  • Pressure calculation covers 40 mm-Hg to 230 mm-Hg.
  • Pulse calculation covers: 40 beats/min to 199 beats/min
  • Pulse calculation Accuracy: +/- 5%
  • Pressure calculation Accuracy: +/- 3 mm-Hg
  • 1-year product warranty, Product comes with 4 batteries.


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Top 3 Blood Pressure Monitor: Buying Guide


You can easily use the monitor at home but for that, you need to buy a good quality monitor and have to consider few things while choosing the blood pressure equipment.

So, let us discuss the things you need to consider before buying the BP machine.


Manual or Automatic Monitor:

There are 2 types of devices Manual and Automatic BP monitors  

Automatic is quite user-friendly as they come with just easy one-touch buttons and with the manual you have to do all the process by yourself.

Automatic monitors something we will recommend for home use especially if you do not have any idea about how to handle this equipment.


Easy to Use: 

Secondly, as we are going to use it at home the BP machine should be easy to use so you do not need any help, especially if elders going to use then it must operate easily without any hassle.


Easy to Carry: 

Secondly, as we are going to use it at home the BP machine should be easy to use so you do not need any help, especially if elders going to use then it must operate easily without any hassle.


Accurate Readings: 

If the device not giving you exact results then it is more of a waste of product, to ensure if it is working fine just consult with any medical professional who can guide you to know if it is giving the perfect reading.


Cuff Size:

Cuff size is very crucial if the cuff cover does not fit properly then the device will never show accurate results, should perfectly fold & fit into your cuff, suggest you just check your arm size and then read the cuff size details.


Display and Readability: 

Next would be Readability your monitor should easily readable again this is very important if elder at home going to use who might have the problem of reading due to age.

For a better view, you need to have a large display your display should be above 2.5 inches so you can read the numbers and results easily.



If the device stores the maximum readings this will be added advantage for you as you can track the old reports if required in the future, even some devices have the option to store your data with dates mention on them.

There are few devices that provide multi-users facility this feature helps you not to buy another one for family members as another person can also use them and can store their data separately.



There are BP monitors that come with a feature that you can connect them with your smartphones or any other smart devices through the app, this helps you to share data with your consultant. 


Indication and Detection: 

Some of the latest technology monitors have features where your device will indicate you while checking if you are at a higher risk this helps you to keep yourself safe as you can contact doctors immediately or start taking precautions.

The detection feature makes sure to give you proper results as if you have not covered your cuff properly BP monitor will immediately aware of it.



Almost every brand does provide at least a 1-year warranty some others may give you an above 1-year warranty as well, this is depending on the brands.

Read the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully.


Price and Budget: 

They mostly come at very affordable and economical prices; the price may start from 1000 to 3000 you can choose as per your budget. 


Read the manual: 

Make sure to read the user guide properly before start using the monitor.



Top 3 Blood Pressure Monitor: Tips to Control Blood Pressure


To live healthy life control of blood pressure is very important to let us discuss how we can control blood pressure for our good health.


Weight management:

The most important thing is controlling your weight if you are heavyweight then you have to lose weight to maintain your healthy life.

If you lose weight that will be great as it really helps you to keep away from high blood pressure.

Keep checking your weight regularly and another thing with weight is your waist, though if control your weight then you can easily control your waist too.

But few studies have done and found that your waist should be in good shape to control blood pressure.

Men should not go beyond 40 inches of waist and for ladies above 35 inches not recommended to try to keep them down.


Healthy diet:

Follow a healthy diet add plenty of green vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy products, avoid sugar, artificial sweeteners, which have high amounts of cholesterol which is the major reason for blood pressure problems.



To maintain your weight, you must do exercise at least 5 days a week and every day for 30 minutes to 1 hour, this really helps you to manage your weight and you gain a lot of strength with regular exercising.


Say no to Stress and add Yoga in life:

Today we all are very busy with our professional work and personal life as well due to all the work pressure and personal life issues most of us suffer from stress, give your time for yoga and meditation, this helps you to keep you stress-free and keeps your focus on your daily targets.


NO Smoking and less alcohol:

 Smoking is harmful to health we all know that but most people do it after knowing the truth especially Indian youth, these are not only dangerous for your chest health but also for your blood pressure.

You should control your Alcohol consumption if you can not quit as they trigger your blood pressure level, the study suggests most of the drink has about 12 to 14 grams of Alcohol.

50 grams of alcohol triggers about 5-mm Hg blood pressure which is not good for your health.


Avoid sugar, carbohydrate, and processed product:

Follow a low-carb diet these are quite helpful in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as some studies have been done and found that a low carbohydrate diet is very effective than a low-fat diet.

Avoid artificial sugar do not consume them, avoid processed foods and restaurant food, avoid eating oily and foods like pizza, burgers.

If you like sweets you can consume dark chocolates, they are good to consume but go for chocolate that has more cacao as they are better for maintaining blood sugar.


Add potassium to diet and avoid sodium:

You should not eat salty food if you really want to maintain your blood pressure do not eat things like sauce, pickles, snacks, and fast foods they have high in sodium.

Instead, you should add potassium foods to your diets such as bananas, fish, milk curd, oranges, apricots, spinach, grapefruits, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Dry fruits like dates and add lots of green vegetables to your daily diet.


Protein foods:

You should add high in protein foods such as chicken breast, fish, eggs, and if you are vegetarian then you can add in your diet beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, peanuts.

You can add omega-3 or fish oil who has fatty acids which are good for your body and moreover you can add whey to your diet and if you are vegetarian go vegan with protein.

You can also add garlic or any supplement after consulting with doctors these are helpful in blood pressure.


Minimize caffeine:

If you are addicted to coffee you may find this difficult, we are not asking you to completely give u on them but you can control them as they can really trigger the Blood pressure for some time

If you have blood pressure then it is better to completely avoid caffeine, you can add green tea for drinking, you may find it tasteless for the initial days but once you get used, it won’t be difficult to consume.



Take proper rest this is very important due to stressful life we tend to sleep less which is not good, therefore we advise you to add meditation, this helps you to concentrate more and releases stress, you should take at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep.


Keep Checking the blood pressure and Visit Doctor:

If you are already having a problem with blood pressure then it’s better to keep checking your health status so you can be updated with your current situation and if have any critical situation you can visit the doctor immediately.

Moreover, we suggest you once in while keep visiting your doctors for regular check-ups.



Top 3 Blood Pressure Monitor: Things to consider for accurate results


Once you receive the machine first thing is to check the accuracy results, show to any well-trained medical professional to check if the monitor showing accurate results.

30 to 40 minutes before reading you should make sure not to consume any food like breakfast, lunch or dinner, coffee, tea, or any caffeine beverages and also avoid alcohol, tobacco, you should go for a toilet as well before the checkup.

If you are checking your blood pressure in the morning you should avoid working out, you should relax for 5 to 10 minutes before measuring.

While checking keep your body posture in perfect position, take the chair and keep your back straight, ensure your feet in an evenly horizontal position rather than cross.

Do not sit on the sofa or bed while measuring blood pressure and make sure the cuff comes in contact with your skin, so you may have to move your sleeves for accurate results but do not fold tightly.

You can now wear the cuff at your arms but make sure to keep your arm in a relaxing position by elevating to the level of your heart, you can use a stool, table, or chair while checking,  

It will be a good idea to use a pillow under the arm for elevating in the perfect position.

You should always fix your routine to take readings at the same time of the day, be it morning or evening take repeated reading for more accuracy, wait for 2-3 minutes after each test.

Do not forget to keep the data of your reading if you have the storage capacity to store them and some of the latest features of monitors come with the facility to save your data through the app on your mobile.

You should take readings of your blood pressure daily twice a day one in the morning and one in the evening, if the result comes high do not worry measure it again and if any major issue then immediately consult the doctor.


Top 3 Blood Pressure Monitor: Frequently asked Questions


What is the term Blood pressure?

Blood pressure is blood circulation impact the walls of the arteries within our blood, blood pressure always shows two kinds of measurements.

  1. Systolic If the blood pressure is on the higher side.
  2. Diastolic if the blood pressure is on the lower side.


What is a calculation of blood pressure?

Blood pressure measured in the value of milli-meters elements, you will always see the results in two ways High (Systolic) and low value (Diastolic)

Let us suppose you have measured your blood pressure and the higher reading is 122 and the low reading is 82 so it will be calculated as 122/82 mmHg.


What is the range of normal blood pressure?

Systolic blood pressure level should be 120 and Diastolic should be 80 or a little less than considered to be normal blood pressure.

Blood pressures raised up to as high as between 120 to 130 and lows down 85 is considered as high but normal blood pressure.

If the systolic pressure is 110 and Diastolic pressure is around 75 then that is considered normal pressure but at the lower side.


What is the range of High blood pressure?

High or low blood pressure actually measure in 3 stages.

If Systolic is anything above 130 is considered to be higher and Diastolic anything above 86 to 90 is considered as stage 1 of high blood pressure.

In stage 2 systolic will be above 140 and diastolic will be higher than 90 and stage 3 is the most dangerous one where systolic reaches above 160 and Diastolic goes above 100.


Which arm is better to use for reading?

You can use any arm left or right if any problem occurs machine may indicate you, moreover always use one side of the arm for taking a reading, do not keep changing the arms once you take reading from the right side then do not change to left next time.


How long to wait between readings?

If you want to take another reading to confirm the accuracy of the previous result so you can wait for 3 to 4 minutes and then take the reading again.

You should always take reading twice a day in the morning before breakfast and exercise, in the evening before 30 minutes of your food or drink, you can also take a reading at night while sleeping.


What is the durability of blood pressure monitors?

This is depending on your use after each and every use store them at safe places, if you use them in the right way your device may last long up to 5 years.


Is it a good idea to take readings from mobile apps?

It is not a good idea to make the reading of your blood pressure from these apps, as they do not show you accurate results.


Can I trust BP monitors?

If you buy branded good quality monitors then they will definitely show you accurate results you can trust on them, but check once with a medical person or doctor if it is working fine.

Once you receive the monitor you can check them 2-3 times to get an idea about the accuracy level and if you do not understand take the help of someone who knows how to operate them.



While concluding we suggest you use branded Blood pressure monitors as they will provide you exact results, get the product that is approved by FDA, AHA or AMA.

If you are finding a problem while using take the help of a medical professional or ask your family doctor they will guide you on how to use the monitor.  

You can get the best of monitors online at a good discounted price, all the top brands are available online that produce good quality machines.

Hope we have solved all the queries regarding blood pressure monitors, but if you have any query do post your comments, we will be happy to help you.



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