The best Memory Foam Mattress in India 2021- Buying Guide


The best Memory Foam Mattress in India 2021- Buying Guide


The best Memory Foam Mattress in India 


The most important thing after a tiring and hectic day is our sleep, experts suggest getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

But If you have been facing problems while sleeping like uneasiness, tired all the time then you should surely find a solution as soon as possible.

Even if you do not have a problem but if you have the right Mattress to sleep then your life will be blissful and can avoid health issues later in life.

A memory foam mattress will be your solution and best companion for sure, today we have many brands who provide Mattresses, but Among them, it’s very difficult to choose one so here we brought some of the best Memory Foam Mattresses top selling in India.

So, let us discuss in detail the best Memory Foam Mattress top-selling in India.



Memory Foam Matress

Special Features 


1. Sleepyhead  Memory Foam Mattress

3 Layered Mattress

10 Years Warranty

2. Wakefit Memory Foam Mattress

Orthopedic Mattress 

10 Years Warranty

3. Emma Memory Foam Mattress

3 Layered Mattress

20 Years Warranty

4. FITMAT Memory Foam Mattress

2" Thick Air Cell Technology

3 years Warranty



About: The Best Memory Foam Mattress 


1. Sleepyhead  Memory Foam Mattress


The best Memory Foam Mattress in India



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Sleepyhead is one of the best brands that provide top-quality Mattresses which ensures durability and at the same time gives complete comfort while resting.

This mattress has all the qualities to be qualified to use as it is soft, flexible and at the same time Solid thickness, made with premium foam.

Manages the weight perfectly without any springiness and does not create any irritation or distraction, allows free movement and well-designed layers give strength.

Do not need to worry about hygiene and cleanliness as outer shell cloth can be removed and easily washable, Assembly not require as it is already constructed.

Key Features: 

  • Mattress size: Length-198.1 X Width -152.4 X Height-15.24
  • Quality- Foam and Mattress Color- White.
  • 100 Nights Trial.
  • Mattress Thickness- 8 Inches.
  • Outer Clothing removable and washable.
  • 10 Years Warranty.
  • Available in multiple sizes.


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2. Wakefit Memory Foam Mattress


The best Memory Foam Mattress in India



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Wakefit’s this mattress is one of the top-selling products all due to its perfectly designed technique to help back and spine health and also for better sleep.

The cloth used for making this product is of knitted fabric which is very flexible and helps to maintain its shape, memory foam keeps the user cool even on hot summer days. 

It has made in a way that user can manage the layers so hips and shoulder can get rest and comfort as well, user can utilize both sides but if used white side then will have more health advantages.

The mattress has a zipper enclosed so the user can remove the fabric and wash it to maintain cleanliness.

Key Features: 

  • Mattress Size Length-78” X Width-60” X Height-6”
  • Material Quality- Polyurethane.
  • Enhance sleeping posture.
  • Color: White.
  • Well built and compact design.
  • Best support to back while resting.
  • Mattress Thickness: 6 Inches.
  • Washable Fabric & have to assemble.
  • 10 Years Warranty.


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3. Emma Memory Foam Mattress


The best Memory Foam Mattress in India


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Emma mattress is at third in our list as users adapt quickly and the mattress manages any weight perfectly, gives rest to the body thanks to its firmness.

Well blend of breathable layer, Viscoelastic memory and durable layer of polyurethane foam made this product a premium quality mattress.

Keeps the user cool all night which gives blissful sleep, coolness even helps on hottest days of the year, and the highly beneficial if any pain in the body.

Designed the mattress to provide comfort so it is not too soft or hard which ensures flexibility to use for any sleeping position.

Fabric can be removed to wash and also washable in the machine to keep the mattress away from dust to maintain its quality and look.

Key Features: 

  • Mattress Quality: Foam.
  • Sturdy and firm mattress.
  • Suitable for any type of sleeping position.
  • Mattress Size : Length- 78 x Width-72 x Height-8 inches and Color: White.
  • Provides flawless air circulation.
  • 3 coating thickness and 7 sections to support backbone.
  • 20 Year Warranty.


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4. FITMAT Memory Foam Mattress


The best Memory Foam Mattress in India



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Fitmat’s double bed topper is king size mattress that helps to remove the gaps between 2 mattresses very comfortable to use even for smaller families.

Easily fit this clothing with the present mattress it has a high-quality cover with a proper elastic strap included ensuring comfort at night.

Used and designed with knitted fabric which gives flexibility and clothing will enlarge the durability of the currently existing mattress.

To ensure a perfect sleeping experience users can create an extra layer of cushion to provide thickness & firmness to the bed. 

Enclosed zipper closure so users can remove and wash the clothing to maintain its durability and hygiene, manages weight, and helpful for the complete body.

Included Cooling gel ensures to keep the user cool all night and even helpful on summer days which gives blissful sleep and rest at night.

Key Features: 

  • Mattress Size: 72 X 78 X 2 Inches
  • Color: Blue, Soft mattress.
  • 2″ Thick Air Cell technique memory foam.
  • Removable and washable clothing.
  • Health benefits support a healthy spine and Increase blood circulation.
  • Allergen Proof & Anti-mite.
  • 3 Years Warranty.


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The best Memory Foam Mattress:  What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is also known as Visco-Elastic poly foam which contains polyurethane and added extra accessory synthetic for thickness and compactness. 

It is a unique material which solid, thick, and yet maintains its shape, very soft in nature as it creates shape around our body, provides complete comfort and you get the blissful experience.



The best Memory Foam Mattress: Types of Memory Foam

There are mainly three types of Memory foam Traditional, Gel, and Open Cell.


Traditional Memory Foam: 

These are the oldest types of memory foam which mainly made from petroleum products, this can be heavier and there is no cooling gel included in this type of foam, this can be difficult to use in summer seasons.


Gel Memory Foam: 

The technique of making same as the oldest form but it has Gel-infused which provides coolness while sleeping.


Open Cell Memory Foam:

This is not heavier than traditional foams build in a way that it provides better airflow and this also has cooling gel. 


Other Type Memory Foam: 

Moreover, there are natural foams as well which are made from plant-based material mostly from Soy these are not petroleum-based products.


Advantages of Memory Foam Mattress: 

There are Multiple benefits of Memory Foam Mattress so let us discuss.

  • Helps to get better sleep at night though memory foams are soft over the years with new techniques, you can get solid and thick mattresses as well.
  • Gives a completely pain-free experience while sleeping as it dispenses body weight according to pressure.
  • Regular sleeping on them can reduce the pain and even helpful if someone is injured as they do not squeeze your affected points.
  • The fabric used of high quality which ensures not to sit any dust or mites on the bed even after years of use, to maintain hygiene, the fabric can be removable for washing.
  • Memory foam has great health benefits as it helps to get rid of those pains in the shoulder, neck, and back.
  • Provides you all the comfort, best for the person who is suffering from Joint pain and arthritis for a long time, it will be like blessings for them.
  • One product with multiple solutions as even if you have an allergy, hip pain, asthma, Insomnia or have snoring problems you can utilize this to relieve from all.
  • These mattresses best for side sleepers, back or stomach sleepers, do not worry about anything just enjoy your time spending on it.



Dis-Advantages of Memory Foam Mattress: 

There is some drawback as well with Memory Foam lets discuss them as well.

  • Heating a few memory foams do get warm which can be irritating especially in summer but this might be blessings in winter where our body needs warmness, also to counter this manufacturers started using cooling gel or cooling covers which ensures you keep away from heating.
  • While using these mattresses you may feel stuck at times and also take time to come out of it, this problem may not come with visco-elastic material. 
  • While making a mattress there are some chemicals used once you receive the package there will be a bad smell which can be irritating but not to worry while opening you can use a mask around your face and keep the product aside for some time smell will be disappeared.



Buying Guide: 

Memory foam Mattresses can be long-lasting if you choose the right one, before buying you must consider few things so let us discuss them.


Low, Medium, or High-Density Foam:

Low-density foams consider to be less pricey and at the same time not as durable as thick foams, they will last up to 5-6 years and then you may have to change them.

Medium foams are quite durable than low-density foam and may provide more comfort due to extra added foam, it may last up to 8 or more years.

High thickness foam provides you a complete user-friendly experience it is less harsh on your joints and ensures provide relief from pain.

Longevity would be around 10 or even more years for high-density products, though these mattresses can be costlier than low and medium.


How to Know the Thickness: 

Each brand provides a complete dimension about the product you can read the details, higher the thickness means it will be more durable, the warranty period will be higher, and provides more comfort.

Thickness is depending on you what you looking for there are a variety of thick mattresses available, mostly you may find 2 to 8 inches thick products.


ILD Ratings: 

This another important element to look for actually it indicates the softness and hardness of memory foam quality.

If you need back support goes for the high rating and if needs softness goes for the low rating, but usually the whole concept is if the rating is higher then the material is better for use.



If you are a side sleeper you may have to go for a higher density product you may go for 8 inches or above thick mattresses as studies suggest that it is suitable for side sleepers as they provide comfort and extra cushioning.

A lightweight person can go for little softer options and if someone is a bit fat or heavy then go for higher thickness, firmness you can choose as per your weight and sleeping pattern.


Infused gel or Cooling Gel: 

This is very important as if you do not have any cooling factor added in mattresses then you may find it difficult especially on summer days if the cooling gel is infused then it will give coolness even on hot days.


Easy to Clean: 

If the fabric is removable you can wash them on regular basis to maintain cleanliness and hygiene but before washing them do read the manufactures instructions on how to clean the mattresses.

Cleaning is very important to avoid any dust, dirt, or bacteria even if your mattress looks clean still you should clean them regularly.

Vacuum cleaner considers cleaning these kinds of mattresses but as said before cleaning read the manuals of manufactures for better understanding.


Quality and Durability: 

Everyone looks for longevity higher density products consider to be long lasting and visco-elastic material considered to be good quality but you also need to see what other qualities added in mattresses.



Few online brands may provide sleeping trials reason is human body takes time to get adjust to mattresses, brand may provide you at least 30 days trial or even more, but remember not every brand provides this facility. 


Branded Product: 

Do not buy Non-Branded products as they may not be long-lasting as those are made from low-quality material and can be harmful as well especially to your health.



This is depending on product to product and what features added if the product is of high density and multi-layered you may get the higher warranty, most of the brand provides you 3 to 10 or more years warranty.


Price and Budget: 

Foam mattresses are quite expensive they may start from 7000 to above 25,000 you can get one for you all depending on your budget.


As earlier discussed that buying a mattress may feel easier but not as many brands around us make it difficult to choose.

This kind of product is like an investment for a longer time for comfort at home, we should know all the qualities of the product.

Before jump to a conclusion we have done a study and researched this topic and then come across with above best-selling mattresses.

Above listed products are suitable for any type of body person can utilize with ease as products have all the features to fits into the bed properly.



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