Samsung activwash+ wobble 6.5 kg Washing machine India 2021


Samsung activwash+ wobble 6.5 kg washing machine 


Samsung activwash+ wobble 6.5 kg Washing machine 


Samsung active wash is one of the most top-rated washing machines in the market as it ensures to wash your daily clothes delicately without harming them, adding more to the safety wobble technology introduced by Samsung is their unique research.

That you only find in Samsung washers, the process makes it easier to engage your fabrics, clothing, and garments that progress and shift clothes in a drum with flexibility and convenience, in this article we have researched and tried to bring the best Samsung wobble 6.5kg review so you can get one for you.

As with experience, we have seen many washers that are not a quite safer option and harm the cloths while washing as the problem such as tangling is more common but this assign Samsung active wash washing machine helps you to clean your garments without any worry.


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Special Features 

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Samsung 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

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Samsung 6.5 Kg 5-star Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

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So let us discuss Samsung activwash+ wobble 6.5 kg India, We have done hours of research before listing below Samsung washing machine, These are the best available in the affordable range, we request you to read this article thoroughly before making your decision.



About: Samsung activwash+ wobble 6.5 kg


1. Samsung 6.2kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine


Samsung activwash+ wobble 6.5 kg Washing machine



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This Samsung washing machine model no: WA62N4422BS/TL is at first place the weight of the machine is only 31kgs comes with top loading facility, it has 6 options of washing cycles that gives your clothing decent washing programs.

There are 3 major washing options users get first pre-wash, hand-wash, and delicate, all this keeps your washing experience efficient, effective, and safe as revolution per minute for cloths are 680RPM which is good for delicate daily use cloths.

The washing machine is overall silent while operating as while washing it has a noise level of 50dB and while spinning your clothes 59dB, it has a unique magic filter that keeps your clothes clean and makes your cloth free from dust and dirt.

Key Features:

  • Fully automatic top load washing machine.
  • Active wash+ ensures ease of hand wash
  • Active wash+ also helps Pre-treat heavy stain cloths.
  • Wobble technology keeps safe from tangling.
  • Affordable with good wash quality, Easy to use.
  • Washing machine capacity 6.2 Kg, less noisy.
  • Suitable for bachelors & couples.
  • Revolution per minute 680 rpm.
  • Higher spin speeds help in faster drying.
  • 6 Number of wash Cycles.
  • Prewash, Delicates, Hand Wash, eco tub clean, quick wash
  • 5 level glasses of water ensure less water requirement.
  • The diamond drum keeps the cloth away from damage.
  • The magic filter cleans dirt efficiently.
  • Tempered Glass Door and LED display.
  • 3 years warranty on the product, 10 years on motor.
  • Washing Machine, Anti Rat cover, OT Hose, Drain Hose, and manual guide.


  • Installation may take time.


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2. Samsung 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine


Samsung activwash+ wobble 6.5 kg Washing machine



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If you are looking for an affordable washing machine with 6.5kg capacity then this Model: ‎WA65A4022NS/TL is a very good choice for you as it is suitable for smaller families and making is quite solid with steel material, it has free-standing installation type.

This top-loading washing machine requires 220 volts and the rotational speed is similar to the above listed Samsung washing machine that is 680RPM, washing machine comes with some additional advance features child lock is one of them to keep kids safe and others.

The magic filter is for washing clothes thoroughly even if the level of water is not as required still does its job decently, secondly, it has a built-in diamond drum that keeps your fabric and clothing safe from harming and spoiling your garments.

The intensive wash makes sure you can wash your clothes that have very old dirt but this function is not a good idea to use for everyday use, with all the advanced features it comes with wobble technology which Samsung knew for its unique feature that keeps clothing free from sticking.

The washing machine comes with 6 washing programs that help to set up for a user-friendly washing experience and there are washing cycles available in this mode such as normal, quick wash, rinse + spin, super clean.

Quick wash as the name suggests for washing cloth in less time that has strong dirt which can ruin your cloth this is also good for working professionals, rinse + spin option recleans your cloth without any soap and spins the clothes to ensure to eliminate all the water thoroughly.

If you are looking washing machine for the monsoon then this is very ideal as it has a system that spread the air at double speed for drying, eco tub clean function keeps your top-loading washing machine clean and also makes you aware of any requirement for cleaning that is a great help to keep hygiene.

Key Features:

  • Fully automatic top-loading washing machine.
  • 6.5 kg capacity suitable for 4–5-member small families.
  • The washing machine comes with 6 wash programs.
  • Wobble technology keeps safe from tangling.
  • Child lock for the safety of kids and family members.
  • The diamond drum keeps your clothes safe.
  • Intensive wash is good for old stain removal.
  • The magic filter keeps laundry clean.
  • 5 water level ensures energy efficiency.
  • Top loaders use up to 28 gallons per cycle.
  • Eco tub clean informs you if cleaning needed.
  • Suitable for monsoon season as circulate air at a dual speed.
  • Options such as normal washing.
  • A quick wash, rinse + spin washing, and a super clean wash.
  • 2 years warranty on the product, 10 years on motor.


  • Creates noise sometimes.


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3. Samsung 6.5 Kg 5-star Fully-Automatic Washing Machine




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Next on Samsung wobble 6.5kg review this model no: WA65T4262VS/TL, it is similar to the above 2 products that I have reviewed but with slight differences, if you are looking for a product with high ratings for BEE then this is going to be good for you.

As its energy rating is 5 stars from BEE which means it does not consume much energy that leads to saving your electricity that automatically leads to saving your money, this washing machine has wobble technology that keeps clothes safe while washing in this washer.

But with wobble technology, there are more to this product’s functions and features, this top-loading machine also comes with 6.5Kg capacity that is suitable for a family of 4-5 people, the motor warranty of the product is higher comes with 12 years.

 The washing machine is very silent even while spinning as it comes with inverter technology which makes it’s motor more durable, diamond drum functions washcloths more efficiently and the magic filter helps to keep your laundry clean to maintain hygiene as it does not allow to keep dirt in the laundry.

The tub quality is excellent as it has made with features of eco tub clean that helps to keep your tub long-lasting, child lock is there for safety but it has 2 another very unique functions that catch the attention.

That is smart check and delay end these 2 keeps your user experience more user friendly, smart check helps to solve the issues occurs with a smartphone app and with delay end option you can pre-set the wash cycle end time up to 19 hours.

The machine has more amazing functions such as a magic dispenser break down water and detergent smoothly at an even level to distribute both blends at the same level to get proper ingredients to your clothes before starting the washing process.

Delicate wash mode best to use for thicker clothing such as winter wear sweaters, wool, etc and super clean mode helps for a powerful wash.

Water requirement for the washing machine is quite lower than some of the other machines thanks to aqua preserve mode that ensures to use of the same water for the next process.

Key Features:

  • 6.5Kg capacity is suitable for 4-5 families.
  • The energy rating is 5 stars.
  • Wobble technology keeps clothes safe from sticking.
  • Very silent, digital inverter technology,
  • Child lock for safety.
  • Delay end helps to pre-set end time.
  • Magic dispenser breaks liquid and detergent equally.
  • Eco tub clean keep clean to maintain hygiene.
  • The diamond drum keeps clothes safe.
  • The magic filter keeps laundry clean.
  • Smart check helps to solve the errors.
  • Quick wash mode good for professional working.
  • Delicate wash mode helps to wash thicker cloths.
  • Super clean mode is used for powerful cleaning.
  • Aqua preserve mode helps to save water.
  • Rinse and spin well for monsoon season.
  • 3 years warranty on the product, 12 years on motor


  • Little expensive than listed products.


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More about Samsung activwash+ wobble 6.5 kg 

Frequently asked questions: 


What is an active wash Samsung washing machine?

Activewash+ ensures to have attached sink where user can washcloth as hand-wash especially clothes that are elegant, fragile or fine and pre-wash highly filthy, dirty particles from cloths.

There will be a small water jet included that will have a switch you can use to turn on and off as per your requirement.


What is wobble technology?

This technology exclusively you will find only in Samsung washing machines these are designed for 2 motives first is wobble technology creates multiple ways of water flow that make sure your cloths does not stick or tangles in the washing machine.

While ensuring to keep fabric-safe it also washes your clothes thoroughly and the second thing is as Samsung brand claims that wobble technology also saves the massive water than some of the other traditional washers.


What is Diamond Drum in the washing machine?

This is for drums as it will have smaller tablet-shaped holes that have a similar job as wobble technology which does not allow machines to spoil and damage your clothing be it thinner or thicker clothing as it keeps the washing process for clothing soft and light on your clothes washes the cloth efficiently.


Conclusion on Diamond drum vs wobble

Now I have discussed both above you must have a question in your mind either what is the difference between both diamond drum and wobble, so above is the simple explanation for this but what is better if it has both have in one product that is what Samsung active wash washing machine offers as one will not allow tangling your clothes and other will ensure gentle washing.


What is the Magic filter?

This is another unique function Samsung brings to its customers, it is very good to keep your laundry cleaner to maintain hygiene as these filters thoroughly purify and clear all the particles, dust from the tub that generated while washing which keeps your washing process clean every time use the device.


What is intensive washing in the washing machine?

No matter what kind of stain on your clothes this intensive washing mode gives your clothing treatment that removes and eliminates the hardest stubborn stains, it helps to merge detergent and water smoothly to get rid of any kind of stain as it ensures to go deep into the fabric.

Note: Intensive modes are great for clothes but not to use every day and especially for fragile cloths only use this when stains are very thick and not going easily by washing as often use on clothing it can lead to damage.



Other well-known functions of Samsung activwash+ wobble 6.5 kg.


Quick wash:

Busy life takes a toll on us everyone is so busy even women do not have time to spend hours on one work, be it working women or housewife they have to do multi-tasking, this quick wash mode can be very beneficial for all of them as quick wash cleans your fabrics in less time, then normal modes.


Delicate wash Mode:

This mode is very helpful in winters as we use fragile cloth such as wool or garments made from knitting, this delicate mode you can use to give softer wash on this type’s fabrics or garments.


Aqua Preserve mode:

This is great for saving a lot of water as we all know washing clothes requires a lot of water but Samsung as we all know, known to come with some great options this mode ensures to use the same water that used during rinse for next washing process.



Drying cloth can be a daunting task during the rainy season but some of the washing machines come with a feature that dries your clothes quicker than the normal time it takes after the rinse and spinning process.


Child Lock:

This function you will find in other brands of washers as well, this is good not only for the child but for adults’ safety as well.




So here I have covered many points during discussion of Samsung activwash+ wobble 6.5 kg, we have reviewed 3 Samsung washing machine all of them are great for you as they come with latest features our pick among them is Samsung 6.5 Kg 5-star Fully-Automatic Washing Machine.

It has maximum functions that can be great for your needs yes, it is a little expensive than other reviewed products but still in an affordable range and a 5-star digital inverter system also ensures energy efficiency.

Hope this article Samsung activwash+ wobble 6.5 kg helps you know everything in detail but if you have any query post your comments our bestbuyingdeal team will be happy to help you.



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