Best home gym equipment brands in India 2021- Buying guide


Best home gym equipment brands in India 2021


Best home gym equipment brands in India


Fitness and health are something very important but with a busy schedule in life we do not get time to hit gyms on regular basis most of the people in India pay membership of the gym and then never goes for workout

This results in to waste of your hard earn money as paid money you do not get back so better thing is to buy home gym equipment for home so you can exercise at regular basis.

As if you make your home small gym so you do not have to go out for working out which eventually not only saves your time but also you can do exercise regularly at your space.

In this article we are going to discuss everything about gym set up from some of the best home gym equipment’s to which things to consider while buying them.

So, let us discuss the Best home gym equipment brands in India with their best-selling multi-home gym equipment that can help you to reach your fitness goal.



About: Best home gym equipment brands in India


Best Home Gym 

Special Features 

Type of exerciser 

1. Cockatoo Home Gym Combo 

Best for advance to begginers 

Multiple equipments 

2. Lifeline Home Gym Machine 

Solid weight machine 

Can perform 18 exercises with 1 device

3. BodyFit Home Gym Exercise Set

Suitable for begginers 

Multiple equipments 

4. Infinity fitness home gym equipment 

Weight capacity 300 kg

All In one exerciser machine 

5. Dolphy power tower exercise machine 

Weight capacity 200 kg

Can perform 8 exercises with 1 device

6. Hashtag Fitness Home Gym Equipment 

Suitable for upper and lower body exercise 

Can train multiple body parts 



1. Cockatoo Home Gym Combo 


Best home gym equipment brands in India


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Cockatoo is one of the best brands in India for gym materials they have been making some of the sturdy equipment which can be suitable for home and gym for a professional workout.

This whole gym set up usable if you are a beginner or you have been exercising regularly as you get the choice to choose a gym set from 25 kg to 200 kg so you can choose as per your budget and strength.

Different size weight plates available which are easily adjustable with curl rod and dumbbell rod, you can slowly increase the weight as per your strength day by day.

Skipping rope is helpful to perform cardio exercises for effective weight loss, gloves added for better and compact gripping for safe use.

Users get after Unboxing: Plain rod, curl rod, Dumbbell rods, gloves, skipping rope, locks, and clips comes with rods and hand gripper.

Key Features:

  • Good for home gym.
  • Suitable for beginners to advance level.
  • Rubber weight hole comes with a 3.1 cm hole width.
  • Rods are strong and sturdy.
  • Durable gym set.


  • The bench does not come with a set.


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2. Lifeline Home Gym Machine 


Best home gym equipment brands in India


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Lifeline is another best brand when it comes to exercise equipment, this is one of the topmost products specially designed for home workouts, the design of the product is quite unique and good, this quality can make your home gym look like a professional gym.

The weight of the product is quite heavy up to 129 kgs which can hold the maximum weight quite efficiently without any hassle, this machine is safe to use for beginner to professional training.

You can target your complete body by exercising on this machine you can train your legs and chest by working out on this machine on regular basis, another best thing about the device this is very sleek in design which means it does not require much space.

Users get after unboxing: Machine with skipping rope, bag, and sweat belt.

Key Features:  

  • Heavy material weight is 129 kg.
  • Holds the maximum weight.
  • Can perform 18 different exercises.
  • Anyone can use beginners and professional trainers.
  • YouTube videos available for easy assemble.
  • Looks good and trendy.


  • Pricey product.


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3. BodyFit Home Gym Exercise Set


Best home gym equipment brands in India


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Next on our list is a home gym set for exercise from Bodyfit, this equipment is best suited for beginners as the complete set is 60 kg which is more than sufficient if you are starting off your fitness journey.

As at the beginning you do not have the strength to lift heavy materials your strength increases after day by day regular working out you can get this at home at a reasonable price.

This is good quality material and also included a bench that supports you during the workout session, you can efficiently target your entire body chest, shoulders, and legs with help of a bench.

Different weight plates are easily adjustable with dumbbell and curl rods, skipping rope for cardio exercise, hand gripper comes to provide strength to your wrist.

Users get after unboxing: Weight plates, bench, plain rod, curl rod, dumbbell rods, gloves, skipping rope, hand gripper, bag and wrist bands, clips to lock weights.

Key Features:

  •  Suitable for beginners.
  • Compact and solid quality.
  • Gloves for better and non-skiddy gripping.
  • Bag to store small materials after exercise.


  • Not suitable for advanced level.


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4. Infinity fitness home gym equipment 


Best home gym equipment brands in India


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4th on our list is the Infinity fitness home gym machine, this abs tower comes with ground pully sturdy handle, this is specially designed for home gym and with help of this machine, you not only train your abs but also your chest and whole body.

The body material is made from good quality alloy steel and foam material padded seat’s width is 10 inches, the seat is quite softer which does not put a lot of pressure on your joints so this is safe to use.

This machine supports efficiently during exercise, all this makes this machine long-lasting, the weight of the machine is 95 kg which is quite heavy and installation is easy and user friendly.

Users Get after unboxing: Multi-targeting exercise machine.

Key Features:

  • Suitable from beginners to advance level.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Alloy steel frame quality long-lasting.
  • Can target multiple body parts including abs training.
  • The foam padded seat is softer.
  • Protects joints while exercising.
  • Weight capacity 300 kg.


  • Requires space.
  • Expensive Product.


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5. Dolphy power tower exercise machine 



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Up next is Dolphy tower which is made from good premium quality steel and the weight of the product is decently light above 32 kg so you can move them from one place to other if needed.

You can perform up to 8 kinds of exercise with help of this device and quite convenient as well, a user can adjust the height of the machine as per comfort and it also has a good weight capacity of up 200 kg.

This one is a portable machine as sit-up plates removable or foldable so you can save space after exercise is over, it is very stable and does not vibrate or shake during workout thanks to 4 anti-slide feet.

The sitting bench provides complete support while exercising as it is sturdy and compact yet softer which is helpful for the person with cervical problems and puts less pressure on joints.

Users Get After Unboxing: The machine comes with an inbuilt bench.

Key Features:

  • Made with good quality steel.
  • Support for elbow, made with softer foam.
  • The top bar is adjustable, safe to use.
  • Height is adjustable as per comfort.
  • Can perform 8 types of exercise.
  • Weight capacity up to 200Kg.
  • Floor protection and puts less pressure on joints.
  • The bench is solid yet padded with soft material.


  • Expensive Product.


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6. Hashtag Fitness Home Gym Equipment 


Best home gym equipment brands in India


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6th in our list is 20 in 1 bench for exercise at home from HASHTAG this gym set up made from steel and the weight of the device is 50 kg to ensures safety and durability.

Loading capacity of the device is strong, gives a stable exercise session without any discomfort as inbuilt pipes are long and broad, user can perform various exercises with help of this equipment’s upper and lower body.

Bench added for comfort which is long enough to support you during a workout session, it has a foam cushion that gives comfort as it is softer and also ensures to put less pressure on joints.

Users get after unboxing: Machine with bolts and manual guide.

Key Features:

  • Good quality of the product.
  • Ensures durability.
  • Can perform multiple exercises.
  • The bench is non-skidding.
  • Holds the maximum weight.
  • Put less pressure on joints.


  • Requires space.


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Best home gym equipment brands: What is Home Gym Equipment?

Home gym equipment is the complete blend or mixture of exercise machines and devices which is helpful to perform workouts on daily basis to stay fit.

When we visit any gym we see big gym machines and imagine that we cannot keep them at home due heaviness and size of the product, this is quite a myth or misconception especially in India.

There are some products available where you can easily keep them at home without any discomfort and can use them for regular workout sessions, some of the equipment offers you multiple exercises by using only one machine.

So, this helps you not only to save your money but also you can work out on regular basis more efficiently, you can easily target your upper body and lower body by using this type of material at home.

If your home gym machine allows you to perform various workouts then this can be helpful not only to train your entire body but also save a lot of money as you do not have to buy multiple equipments for different types of exercises.



Best home gym equipment brands: Advantages of Home Gym Equipment

There are multiple benefits if you make little space at home for workout some of them are as below.

  • The first benefit of a home gym is that you save a lot of money for a gym membership, this is just a one-time investment and you can use them for many years.
  • Secondly, you do not have to step out of your home for working out you can exercise at home this saves a lot of your time, you can better concentrate on the diet plan and other work.
  • You can exercise whenever you want, it will be opened for you 24 hours and 7 days a week, you can schedule exercise plan as per your time.
  • No need to wait for your turn, in gyms you have to wait for your turn to use the equipment like many others also visit the gym so this process becomes time-consuming in the gym but not at home.
  • You can work out as per your comfort and strength, grow steadily day by day as you will be in a comfort zone you can exercise more efficiently.
  • You can keep yourself entertained by playing your favorite music or music which motivates you during the exercise sessions.
  • There is no one seeing you while working out especially if you are a beginner you feel shy to work out at the gym during rush hours but at home you are alone, so you can perform your task at your convenience.
  • Exercise machines are very easy to use anyone at home can also utilize the equipment to start a fitness and healthy life journey.



Best home gym equipment brands: Disadvantages of Home Gym Equipment

With multiple advantages, there are some disadvantages as well for home gym equipment, some of them as below.

  • First of all, you need to keep space to install them so they require space, though some of the equipment can be foldable if not then you have to create an area where you can keep them.
  • The weight of the gym devices is heavy so they are not easily movable so once you keep them in one place then you may not be able to move them constantly as per need.


Best home gym equipment brands: Types of Home Gym Equipment



This equipment helps to grow your muscle; it is a small rod and has weight at both ends of the rod corner, you can use them while exercising in both hands or one at a time as per your present strength.

Dumbbells are definitely efficient for muscle building but while lifting weight do not try to lift access weight go slow and steady you will definitely get better results.

There are multiple types of dumbbells available you can find weights permanently assembled in rod or some may have the option of adjusting the weights as per need.

We suggest you go for adjusting options so you do not have to buy different types of dumbbells for weight.  



After the dumbbells next important piece of equipment for the gym is a barbell, the shape is a kind of flat long strip rod. Material quality used for making is of metal which makes them solid and compact.

The exerciser has to put weight plates at both sides to lift the weights for muscle gain and strength, there are some barbells available that have permanently fitted weight plates into the barbell.

But we recommend you to go for adjustable barbell options especially if you are going to get one at your home.


Weight Plates:

These are designed in horizontal shape and the material used is iron, rubber, or metal, there are multiple types of weight plates available more commonly there are 3 types of plates you will get.

Standard, Olympic, and Studio discs weight plates, each one has its own benefits, so let us discuss a little more about them.

  • Standard discs:

This is suitable for home use and anyone can use them, shape of the standard plates is like flapjack, and the width of the holes is 1” or a little above.

Weight of the standard discs you can find between 1 kg to 25kg, drawback of this type of disc the middle hole may not fit into all the barbells or rods.


  • Olympic discs:

This type of plates you can use at home and you will find them at gyms as well, weight plates fit into almost every bar, barbell, or rods.

The middle hole width of Olympic is about 2” which is larger than the standard discs, the weight of the plates can be found between 3kg to 25kg.


  • Studio discs:

These can be found in very different colors well designed and looks attractive, material mostly used for making studio discs is rubber.

The middle hole width in-studio discs 1” and has 2 handles at each side for lifting them, the weight of plates you can find from 2.5 kg to above 10 kg.

These are quite slim in design but they are not most suitable for heavyweights.


Exercise Cycle, Cross trainers and Treadmills:

If your main aim is only cardio exercise or weight loss then you can go for an exercise cycle, cross trainers, and treadmills, they are more suitable for weight loss exercise cycles are highly beneficial for toning your legs and losing weight.

Whereas treadmills are also suitable for cardio exercise for weight loss, cross trainers are getting popular nowadays as they target your entire body.

Your hands and legs both get equal exercise there are some cross-trainers available where you can use them as per your comfort if you do not want to use handles you can always choose an option.

You can get exercise cycles from 5000 to above 20000, cross-trainers available from 5000 to above 20000, and even treadmills also available at a reasonable price from 10,000 to above 50,000.

For more detail about them please read our articles below on each one of them.

Best exercise cycles in India

Top selling Treadmills for home in India

Best Elliptical cross trainers in India


Resistance Bands:

If your budget is low and just beginner resistance bands can be good options for strength training, they are made from elastic so bands have the capacity to stretch to a good extent to put pressure on your body.

The study suggests working out with a resistance band can be helpful to lose fats, this type of band highly used in physical remedies and treatments.    



The bench is the most important factor in exercising it does not matter either you are working out at home or in a gym, one bench is a necessity in workout sessions.

As they support you while lifting heavyweight, they are highly important in upper body exercises as you can perform chest and shoulder exercises more efficiently.

The exerciser can also perform leg exercises by using them, benches give you back support and also make sure not to put pressure on your joints so they are safe as well.


Pull down bars:

Pull-down bars are efficiently targeted your upper body part side of the chest and back part, you can train your back efficiently with pull-down bars.

This you have to perform incorrect positions as they can be painful at times, keep your hands in proper position and pull down the handles up to your chest level.

Keep your sets up to 3 and reps between 10 to 15 as per your strength and comfort.


Pull up bars:

With pull up bars exerciser can really enhance their strength as while performing exercise pull up bars targets your complete upper body, shoulders, back, lats, hands, arms, even you can target your abs and glutes with help of pull up bars.

There are multiple types of pull-up bars available one is a simple long rod type of equipment which you have to mount in-wall or there are pull-up bar stands also available.

Remember this is too takes a lot of effort while working out so keep your body posture in a better position while performing the exercise.

Grab the bar strongly with your hands and pull yourself towards the handle, your chest should reach up to bars to efficiently targeting your body.

If you are regularly exercising then you should keep a set of pulls up at least 5 to 6 and reps should be 12 to 15.


Abs Exercisers:

There is equipment available that specially targets your abs and also you can perform other exercises as well you can also target your upper and lower body parts with help of an abs exerciser.

For more detail, about abs exerciser machine you can read our article below about the best abs exerciser machine.

Best abs exerciser in India


Power rack:

Power racks look like cages in shape with help of power racks you can perform deadlifts, squats, and bench press; they provide safety while working out.

Most of the power racks can hold the weight quite efficiently but depending on each rack some may have a capacity of 200kg or some may have above 600kg as well.


Multi-station gym machine:

A multi-station gym machine is helpful to target your entire body and quite flexible to use you can strengthen your muscle, especially the perfect way to start your fitness journey with multi gym equipment if you are a beginner you can use them for ease of use.


Functional Trainers:

This type of machine is highly popular for home use as they do not require much space, provides the comfortable and safe exercise they are helpful to train your muscle effectively and user can move freely while using them.



Best home gym equipment brands: Buying Guide


Purpose of buying:

The first and most important thing while choosing gym equipment I purpose if your aim is strength or muscle training you should go for dumbbell, barbells, multi-station gym devices.

But if your aim is only cardio and weight loss then you can consider things like exercise cycles, treadmills,s, and cross-trainers.



Before purchasing make sure to keep space free so later you do not have to worry about installing, large machines need to have one permanent space as most of them are heavyweights.

If you are going to buy multiple types of equipment such as dumbbells, weight plates, and barbells you can move them easily as they are adjustable so they may not require larger space.

For exercise cycles or treadmills, you can check if you are getting foldable as they save your space very portable and installation does not take much time.

The size of the equipment completely depending on how much space you have to store them.


Easy Installation:

Your machine should be easy to assemble or install as the main aim home gym is saving time so your device should not take time, check properly if all the knobs or screws are received.


Strong and Sturdy:

Your device should have solid making so they can be durable and long-lasting and also check the maximum loading capacity especially while buying exercise cycles, treadmills, benches, cross trainers, multi-station gym machines, or abs exercisers.

If your device does not hold your weight then that’s a waste of your money and that won’t be safe as well, the machine should have good quality inbuilt cables as they play a very important role in durability and smooth movement.


Multi perform the exercise:

If you are looking for a home gym set up then make sure your selected equipment allows you to perform multiple exercises, your ideal machine lets you trained your upper, lower body, and abs as well.

So you do not have to buy extra material again to train another body part, this helps you to save your money and you can efficiently perform your workout sessions.


Budget and Price:

This depending on your budget and spending you will get equipment for home use from 3000 to above 1 lac; you should go as per your budget but also remember just to save some bugs do not choose cheap products.

As they might work for you at present but due to lack of quality or less weight equipment you may have to buy again so keep all those things in mind.


Read manual:

Always read the manual carefully after receiving the package so you can use them according to requirements this is very helpful for maintaining your equipment’s quality for a long time.

Also manual guides you properly for installation but if still have any doubt then you can also watch videos on youtube there are multiple videos available and some brands do make their own videos for installation guide to their customer.



Best home gym equipment brands: Frequently Asked Questions:


Which one is better all in one machine or multiple machines?

All in one is suitable and safe as well as they come with an inbuilt bench which provides safety and also helpful for joints if you are going for multiple machines then make sure to read the complete details such as how many total weight plates you will get, how many rods and what other things you are going to get such as hand gripper, skipping ropes, etc.


How much weight required at the beginning of exercise?

Here most of the people make mistake as they go for 20 or 30kg weight equipment and after 1-2 months once strength increases then they realized they want to buy some more weight plates.

People invest money and eventually they end up investing much more than they expect, for beginners if the budget is low you should go for at least 60kg of weight equipment.

If you have a budget set up higher-weight devices so you do not have to invest again and again.


What is the cost of a home gym set up in India?

This is depending on which equipment you are going to buy multi-station machines available from 10,000 to above 30,000, treadmills available from 10,000 to above 50,000.

Exercise cycles and cross trainers available from 5000 to above 20000 and if you are going to buy multiple types of equipment such as dumbbells, barbells and weight plates you can get them from 3000 to above 10,000 as well.

Overall you can set up your home gym is anything between 10,000 to 25,000 easily but if your budget allows you can spend more on gym set up.    


Which is the best brand for gym equipment?

There are multiple brands available in India that make the best quality products for fitness and exercise some of them are power max, JSB, Cockatoo, Lifeline, fitness world, fit-kit, lifelong, Maxpro, and many more.


Is it worth buying gym equipment at home?

Yes definitely home gym set up can be the perfect way to start your fitness journey or even if you are a regular exerciser who loves to stay fit and healthy can set up a home gym, as at home you have 24 hours availability of equipment and you are at your comfort.




While concluding we suggest you not only concentrate on your workout as exercise is just part of your fitness major things depends on your diet so keep your diet healthy and follow them strictly for better results.

Also do not compromise on the quality of products and versatility of equipment to train your entire body, hope this article helps you to know about gym equipment in detail.

But if you have any query post your comments we will reply to your queries as soon as possible.

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