Fish oil which brand is best in India 2022- Reviews


Fish oil which brand is best in India 2022- Reviews


Fish oil which brand is best in India 2022- Reviews


You must have heard a lot about Fish oil and its benefits if you have been looking for fish oil and searching for a long or even if you are using it on your diet, this article will help you to know the best brands for fish oil supplement.

Apart from all, you must have known that fish oil is all about Omega-3 fatty acids and it requires to your body for your body to stay healthy.

But in India there is a big misconception about the Fish oil capsules that they are only useful for hair and skin health; in this article, we are going to break that misconception.

As we are going to discuss in detail about best fish oil brand in India along with what is fish oil and its benefits to your health.

So let us first discuss Fish oil which brand is best in India, below are some of the best brands in India and we are going to review each product one by one.


Fish oil Brand 

Special Features 

Available on 

1. Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Fish Oil 

DHA 180mg and EPA270mg

2. Boldfit Fish Oil Omega 3 Capsules 

EPA- 550mg and DHA-350mg.

3. WOW Omega-3 Fish Oil 

EPA 550mg and DHA 350mg

4. MuscleBlaze Omega 3 Fish Oil 

EPA 180mg and DHA 120mg

5. Seven Seas Liver Oil Capsules

Source of vitamin A and D



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1. Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Fish Oil 


Fish oil which brand is best in India



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The first fish oil capsule brand on the list is Swisse ultiboost fish oil, the price is a little higher but it’s worth your penny to go with this fish oil.

This capsule has high in Omega-3 fatty acids which is the main requirement, high strength fish oil gives a handsome amount of fish oil per serving with 1500mg content.

The DHA & EPA level is very well balanced as it has DHA 180mg and EPA 270mg which is decently fine to help in maintaining blood pressure levels.

The major ingredient in this fish oil is a natural fish oil with Glycerol (INS 422), Capsule Shell, and water, capsule is made by following all the standards.

Key features and benefits:

  • The capsules are a natural source of omega3 fatty acids.
  • A decent combination of DHA 180mg and EPA270mg.
  • Good content per serving 1500mg.
  • It has natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  • help maintain normal blood pressure 
  • Good for the brain and nervous system.
  • Excellent for eye health, for joints, and for mild arthritis symptoms.
  • Minimizes cholesterol level and reduces stress.
  • Improves heart health and overall, wellbeing.
  • Does not smell bad, good for consumption.
  • Gluten and lactose-free, the package comes with 200 servings.


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2. Boldfit Fish Oil Omega 3 Capsules 


Fish oil which brand is best in India



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If your budget is mid-level you can go with this Bold fit fish oil capsules, it is one of the best products and the good thing is anyone can consume be it, men or women.

It is suitable for both so it can be used by the family, the fish oil content in this omega-3 fatty acids capsule is 1000mg which is high quality.

The EPA and DHA have an excellent combination of 550mg and 350mg which gives you the proper dose which is needed for your body.

As discussed, the fish oil supplement has rich in omega3 users can utilize for their body health such as heart, brain, skin, eye, and for joints.

For better results consume the dosage after food as it is not recommended to consume before a meal, the package comes with 60 capsules.

It is completely safe to use as it is made with the standard of Who-GMP Certified, overall the supplement is gluten-free, soy-free, and Non-Gmo.

Key Features and benefits:

  • It is suitable for men and women.
  • It contains natural fish oil 1000mg.
  • The capsule also contents other Omega-3 fatty acids 100mg.
  • EPA- 550mg and DHA-350mg.
  • It has 60 servings.
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Helps in a functioning brain.
  • Good for your skin health and bones as well.
  • Helps to improve heart health.
  • Who-GMP Certified product.


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3. WOW Omega-3 Fish Oil 




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Next is one of the most popular brands when it comes to fitness and health products, this brand has multiple products that are highly beneficial for your health.

The capsules are quite easy to consume package comes with 60 servings, the product is not that higher in price it is reasonably in an affordable range.

The EPA and DHA blend are perfect in these fish oil capsules that are 3:2 ratio, it has 550mg EPA and 350mg DHA with a good fish oil content of 1000mg and additionally added 100mg for other omega3 fatty acids.

Therefore this product is one of the top qualities as it has high in Omega3 fatty acids which have many health benefits including help for the keto diet.

Key Features and benefits:

  • The package comes with 60 servings.
  • EPA and DHA were added as per the 3:2 ratio.
  • It has Omega3 fatty acids content of 1000mg.
  • EPA 550mg and DHA 350mg.
  • It has additionally added 100mg omega3 fatty acids.
  • Easy to consume and better absorption.
  • Ideal for the person who is on the Keto diet.
  • Good for joint, heart, and for overall health.


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4. MuscleBlaze Omega 3 Fish Oil 


Fish oil which brand is best in India



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If you are into fitness and muscle building the Musclebalze will be well known to you, but in case you are new in fitness and workout let us know that this brand is one of the top and productive brands when it comes to supplements for health.

They have many products such as protein, multivitamins, this fish oil supplement is one of the top-selling, and if you are into muscle building this fish oil can be a good choice for you as it has an ingredient that helps for immunity building.

It has an ingredient that improves blood circulation, the package comes with 90 capsules so you have a total of 90 servings with one package, overall, this fish oil is good for your heart, brain, joints, and eye.

The content of Omega-3 fatty acids in Muscleblaze fish oil is 1000mg which is an excellent source and the EPA and DHA levels are also under the required dose of 180mg and 120mg respectively.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • The package comes with 90 servings.
  • Ideal if someone is on muscle building diet.
  • Omega3 fatty acids content 1000mg.
  • EPA 180mg and DHA 120mg.
  • Improves blood circulation and increases immunity.
  • A good source of healthy fat improves cardiovascular health.
  • Improves B cell function and helps in reducing swelling or pain.
  • Good for heart, brain, joints flexibility, and eyes. 


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5. Seven Seas Liver Oil Capsules




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If your budget is low you can definitely go for these seven seas cod liver oil capsules as it is the most budget-friendly fish oil with some amazing content added in a capsule.

The cod is fish from where it has extracted the oil, it is actually extracted from the liver of codfish which has an excellent source of omega3 fatty acid and it also contains some vitamins that are essential for your overall health.

It is one of the most organic sources of fish oil and the combination of EPA and DHA is decent, it is also a good source of vitamin A and D that promotes better eye health and is good for your joints as well.

The good thing is anyone can consume the fish oil even kids at home can also use a good source of nutrition, the package comes with 100 capsules which means you have 100 servings per package.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cod liver fish oil comes in 100 servings per package.
  • It has made from the liver of Codfish.
  • Good source of omega3 fatty acids
  • It has a decent combination of DHA and EPA.
  • Good for eye health, immunity, and for joint flexibility.
  • Anyone can consume men, women, or even kids.
  • It has also a good source of vitamin A and D.
  • Very economical and budget-friendly fish oil capsule.


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What are Fish Oil capsules?

With name, it is quite evident that fish oil is actually extracted from fish but how it is actually extracted and why is it so natural let us discuss a little in detail.

The fish mostly used for extracting oil is tuna, herring, salmon, and in some cases cod, and few other fish which has the highest source of healthy fish oil which gives our body much-needed omega3 fatty acids.

It is made from fish’s tissue or liver in most cases it is made from tissues of the fish it is not the only source of omega3 but it has also a good source of Vitamin A and D which has multiple health benefits.

Fish oil is a combination of Omega3 and healthy fat of the fish which is essential for your body and overall health, the combination of fat and fatty acids anything between approximately 65% of fats and 35% omega3 fatty acids, depending on the product to product.



Who should consume and what is the direction on consumption?

The fish oil can be consumed by anyone men, women, and kids as well as it is a nutritious product it is quite safe but always better to consult with your health advisor.

Now the biggest question is how much consumption required by the human body well this question is very tough to answer as it depends on your gender and for kids also dosage may vary.

Women too if they are pregnant dosage will depend, again it is better to consult with doctors but according to studies, the weekly consumption should be anything between 6-8 ounces for adults.

(For kids it may vary they require less and for women with babies also varies the requirement she may require above 8 ounces up to 10 ounces)

A few studies found that you should eat fish twice a week but in case if you are not eating, therefore, fish oil capsules come into the diet.

You can take fish oil on daily basis as well but make sure not to overconsume it, safer would-be EPA and DHA combined not should be 250mg and 500mg respectively this more than enough so while buying make sure to keep this in mind.

For the safer side, if you do not want to consume daily you can consume alternate days or follow the instructions given on the package by the brand.



Advantages of fish oil capsules:

The fish oil contents many benefits the misconception in India about fish oil capsule is either they are only beneficial for skin, hair or it is only consumed by weight lifters.

But it is not true fish oil has many benefits some of them are as below.

  • It is highly beneficial for your heart so if you are suffering from any heart disease, fish oil helps to maintain cholesterol, obesity, and even blood pressure.
  • If you are struggling with depression or stress it helps to fight with such conditions even some studies suggest it even helps to fight with a mental disorder.
  • Great source to keep your bones and joints healthy and fine, fish oil ensures flexibility that leads to better health of joints.
  • Fish oil is excellent for your eyes nowadays with all digital life we spend a lot of time on laptops or on mobiles so the infection in the eyes is more common you can use fish oil to improve eye health.
  • It helps to minimize the risk of inflammation or you are going through any illness, bacterial infections suffering from Arthritis it can help to control such problems including diabetic conditions.
  • It is definitely helpful for your skin and hair health if you want to keep your skin and hair healthy you can consume fish oil.
  • Improves your immunity fish oil can really enhance your immune system this especially helps a lot if you are into a muscle-building diet or you are a weight lifter, for that matter in any kind of physical activity.
  • If you are starting your weight loss journey or looking for weight loss and fish oil not added to your diet you can add it as it is a source of healthy fat, fish oil may also help to reduce liver fat.
  • It is very much helpful to function your brain there for it is consumable by the kids and pregnant women as well, (but again better to consult with health advisor either to consume or not and what will be the dosage per day)
  • If you have any asthma symptoms or any kind of allergy issues fish oil can be helpful to reduce such issues.
  • Fish oil supplements also help while in injury, pain, or even swelling, it is also very effective for aging illness.



Disadvantages of Fish Oil capsules:

 Though it is rich in omega3 fatty acids and also has vitamins such as A and D but it has some disadvantages if you over-consume or not taking fish oil supplements as per directions.

The very first thing it may lead to bad mouth smell, you may face things like nausea, loose stool, gas problems may occur, rashes issue these are some of the disadvantages of fish oil.



Conclusion and Suggestions:

Fish oil capsule is definitely worth adding to your diet overall it is safe to use but common issues may occur for few people but it may be temporary and the safest way is to consult with doctors before start taking the dosage.

Before purchasing any fish oil supplement make sure to read the content or ingredient of the capsule it should be as per the standard requirement and within the limit.

EPA and DHA level is key factors while purchasing any kind of fish oil supplement, make sure to buy the branded product as they are made with all the care and followed by the international standard.

The above-listed brand is one of the top-quality brands you can choose as per your requirement, also check the expiry date on the package and then start consuming.

So this is it friends hope this article Fish oil which brand is best in India, helps you to know about fish oil in detail and if you have any queries post your comments we will be happy to guide you.

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