Cheap and best washing machines in India 2021- Buying guide


Cheap and best washing machines in India 2021

Cheap and best washing machines in India 2021


In the Busy world today we do not have time to invest our time in one work for Long Hours as we have to achieve many targets every day.

Especially Indian women today they are probably the busiest in the whole world as they have to look after the family, Cooking and other home-related work and of course reaching the office on time.

The toughest one and time-consuming work Washing clothes takes hours as washing with hands manually takes a shit lot of effort and time.

Washing clothes is not fun at all as it is not only consumes a lot of time but also a lot of stress while washing clothes, women have to take care of the entire family’s clothes.

If we have the right washing machine at our home their work can get easier and the device can save a lot of time as well.

Especially If it’s Monsoon then a washing machine can be your best friend as It will help not only to wash clothes but you can easily dry them, but with a variety of options in the market it’s quite difficult to choose which is the best for your home.

Here we have done research on which are some of the Top washing machine bestsellers in India, so let us discuss in detail about Cheap and best washing machines in India.

Note: We have listed the washing machines on the basis of quality, performance, durability and according to family members, some of the machines may be a little pricey but worth the penny you spend on it.


I have also written detailed buying tips to make your life easier to understand about the washing machine so you can choose as per your requirement so read the full article to know in-depth.


Best Washing Machine

Machine Capacity


LG Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Capacity- 8 Kg

2 years Warranty 

2. IFB Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Capacity-8 kg

4 Years Warranty

3. Bosch Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Capacity-7 kg

2 Years Warranty

4. Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Capacity-10 Kg

 2 Years Warranty 

Whirlpool Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Capacity-7.5 kg 

2 years Warranty 


About: Cheap and best washing machines in India


1. LG Fully-Automatic Washing Machine


Cheap and best washing machine in India



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LG is among the best in washing machine products, this product is the best seller as it dominates on stains due to its 6 movement control technique.

Washing drums process and revolve in multiple positions to clear the dirt, the user just has to select the Program and the machine does its job.

It is a front loading machine motor connected directly to the drum which helps the machine to reduce Noise and Vibration so the machine does not irritate.

No need to worry if electricity gone while washing clothes as it is equipped with an auto-restart button which helps to start from where you left.

The body is long-lasting and sturdy thanks to its premium quality do not sit any dust easily, so the machine looks new all the time, the touch panel is waterproof for safety.

Well built heater ensures to heat the water up to 60°C which ensures to eliminate any type of stains, Water resistance one-touch control button for easy operation.

Loading capacity is up to 8 Kg and Rotational speed up to 1200 RPM which helps to rotate the process quickly and clothes dry in less time.

Key Features: 

  • 5 Star Energy Rating, Loading Capacity is about 8 Kg.
  • Rotational Speed 1200 RPM, Auto Restart option.
  • Suitable for family members of above 5.
  • Cleans tub efficiently, It has 10 washing programs.
  • In-built heater and Stainless-steel drum.
  • Touch Panel, Less Noise, and Vibration.
  • Locking system for safety especially for Kids.
  • 2 Years Warranty on Product & 10 Years on Motor.
  • Smart Thin-Q app resolves the errors.


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2. IFB Fully-Automatic Washing Machine


Cheap and best washing machine in India



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To ensure cleaning job done in a better way this front load washing machine brings a high level of washing system which creates a perfect blend of water and detergent to clean the cloths.

The blend of water and detergent provides intense treatment for cloths to eliminate all the dirt and stains, It has an LCD display that shows the current processing status.

LED touch control button gives the luxury to operate this machine easily and users can organize the washing process as per need.

Aqua energy system washes the softer & thinner cloths as well without harming them, ball pipe technique helps to keep detergent in and removes unwanted water out.

Automatically manages the unbalance fabric and cloths during washing due to its inbuilt auto-balance system, voltage variations manage properly in the case, not in safe level process, pauses and then starts once level stabilizes.

4-D wash system goes deep into cloths and provides excellent wash, loading capacity is up to 8 Kg and rotational speed up to 1400 RPM which rotates the procedure quickly and cloths dries in quick time.

Key Features: 

  • Best in Energy and Water Efficiency.
  • 5 Star Energy Rating.
  • Stainless steel quality, 14 wash arrangement.
  • 8 kg in capacity & Rotational Speed 1400 rpm.
  • Repeat wash settings clean the tub efficiently.
  • Suitable for families with above 5 members.
  • In-built heater and 60 Litters Water Consumption.
  • Warranty 4 years on product and motors.


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3. Bosch Fully-Automatic Washing Machine


Cheap and best washing machines in India



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Bosch is one the popular brand in India and they made some amazing home appliances which are long-lasting and unique.

This front-loading washing machine gives flawless performance and does not at all compromise on washing quality cleans the clothes without harming them.

It has easy touch LCD display buttons which are very flexible and easy to operate, creates less Noise or vibration which gives a silent and blissful experience.

This machine has a bubble awareness system & Unstable load awareness, Active Water and Speed Mode provide maximum convenience.

The device provides the luxury to reopen the door in case needs to add or remove more clothes due to its reloading function, allergy plus system wash the cloths at 60 degrees.

It contains unique Express-Wash quality which helps to clean the cloths under 60 minutes and the VarioDrum has a double side washing method that helps to wash even the finest clothes and fabrics.

Minimizes energy consumption to save electricity and saves washing time thanks to its VarioPerfect function.

Loading capacity is up to 7 Kg and rotational speed up to 1200 RPM which rotates the system quickly and clothes dries in quick time.

Key Features: 

  • 7 Kg Capacity & Rotational Speed 1200 rpm.
  • Suitable for family members of 4 People.
  • Child lock for safety and wider drum for better Laundry.
  • Water Consumption: 47 Litters
  • 165-degree swing door, 15 wash programs.
  • Capacity to work under low water pressure.
  • Freestanding Installation and in-built heater.
  • 2 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor.


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4. Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machine




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Samsung is one of the most trusted brands all due to their Product quality, performance, and trendy designs, this top-loading washing machine standing at 4th in our list.

It has 10 Kg washing loading capacity, the Rotation speed is 700, and level of water is up to 5, all these quality makes this device versatile product.

Smooth washing of cloths and clears the stains on the garment with ease due to its unique Wobble Pulsator technique.

Easy to clean and magic technology efficiently cut off fuzz & small pieces so the washing process should be clean & spotless.

The inside drum is perfectly designed and well shaped which ensures smooth operation without harming or deceiving the cloths.

Eco Tub warns and informs about cleaning to maintain hygiene, makes the perfect mixture of water and detergent to washcloths thoroughly.

The drum spins faster and removes water so clothes can dry quickly, it has an LED display that ensures to see the speed and process.

Key Features: 

  • Material Quality Ceramic
  • LED display & well-modified Glass Door.
  • Rotation speed: 700 & 10 KG Loading capacity.
  • Free Standing Installation, Child Lock provides safety.
  • Diamond drum shape, 5 water levels.
  • Well Built, sturdy, and compact design.
  • Warranty 2 years on product and 10 years on motor


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5. Whirlpool Semi-Automatic Washing Machine




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Whirlpool probably the eldest brand in India who is making some compact products for years, this washing machine standing on our list at 5th position.

The device is very affordable and works efficiently, make sure the precise movement removes dirt and stain from cloths.

Takes less water which ensures less wastage of water and also utilizes less power so the machine makes sure to save electricity.

The body of this washing machine made with high-quality Plastic which is very long-lasting does not damage as it is sturdy and compact.

It contains a unique Super soak technique that removes unwanted dirt with an action of 25 minutes, clears the fuzz precisely, and gives clean and fresh clothes after every wash.

It has 7.5 KG of loading capacity with 1450 rotation which helps to dry cloths in quick time and also has 3 washing programs.

Takes up to 30 KG of weight thanks to its multi-utility tray, there is a special scrubber added in the washtub to clean cloths deeply.

Key Features: 

  • Semi-automatic washing machine.
  • Requires Physical effort.
  • Load Capacity 7.5 kg & Rotation: 1450 rpm.
  • Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members.
  • Easy removal of tough dirt by continuous soaking.
  • Ace wash station provides variety, building and carries clothes on the machine.
  • 2 years warranty on product & 5 years on motor.


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Cheap and best washing machines: Buying Guide


Before buying any product, we must consider some things while buying as the Washing machine is something we do not want to buy again and again.

It is more like an Investment so when we invest in something, we make sure it works for Longer so let us discuss some of the basic things to consider while buying a washing machine.


Easy to use:

The product we are buying for comfort as we do not have time to spend a lot of time only washing clothes, the device must be easy to understand so anyone at home can operate anytime, Front Loading machines consider to be more flexible and easier to use then Top loading machines.



Capacity is the most important factor in the washing machine, this actually means how much amount of laundry device will wash in one load, anywhere between 7 to 10 KG loading capacity will be a better option.

Moreover, just to guide you if the 2 members in the family 5 kg capacity is enough, small family with members of about 3-4 people so you can consider 5-7 kg capacity.

Larger families with above 5 members can go for 8 kg or above.


Rotational Speed: 

If spinning speed is higher than your clothes will dry quickly which gives a lot of flexibility and ensures to save time, so the rotational speed is another one of the important elements.



The main goal is to buy a washing machine is to clean clothes your device should have a better cleaning capacity, the device should able to make a perfect blend of water and detergent which will lead to a softer and smooth wash.


Drum or Tub Shape:

Tub or Drum plays a very significant role in washing procedures and all your smooth washing experience depending on them so make sure not to compromise with the quality of the drum.

The most common drum quality is plastic but with the latest techniques you can get the drum with stainless steel material, we suggest you go for stainless steel rather than plastic drums.

Though plastic drums are easier to use and you can clean them easily, but if you want the latest new technology stainless steel is better.

There are few new technologies used by the top brands like VarioDrum and Diamond drum technology, both have their benefits.

Every brand has its own way of making drum technologies few brands use VarioDrum technology and few go for Diamond drum technology.


Temperature Control:

This feature really helps to maintain the heating as per your need, especially helpful in winter, there are some washers who have an inbuilt heater, hot water gives better cleaning process than the cold water.

Coldwater washes the dust, Lukewarm water ensures to get rid of sweat and hot water eliminates all the stubborn strong spots and dirt.


LED Display:

If the machine has an LED display this feature helps to control the process and you can see the status of the washing process as well.

You can easily see what setting you have selected, some of the machines also show how much time it will take to wash the clothes so you do not have to sit around the machine all the time and wait to complete the process.


Child Lock:

This is another important factor in the washing machines as this helps not to panic or worry about kids at home as this provides complete safety to your kids.


Top Loading or Front loading: 

A few years ago Top loading washing machines were famous and trendy, but now the front loading machines consider to be better as this not only helps to clean the cloths but also cleans the curtains and blankets smoothly.

The top-loading washing machine may sometimes be rough on the cloths, our suggestion will be the Front Loading machine.


Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic Machine:

This depends on you, what you want from the product but this is one of the most important factors.

Fully automatic washing machines are very flexible to use as with just one touch they will do all the process for you, they come with multiple new features and techniques, you do not have to keep changing the tub, one tub can be used for multiple purposes like washing and drying.

While Semi-Automatic machines come with different washer and dryer tubs which you have to separate manually, you have fetched the water for washing and they occupied space as they are larger in size, the best part is it is very economical in price which anyone can afford easily.

If budget allows you may go for the fully automatic machine as they are next-generation machine or if the budget is not higher you can go for a Semi-automatic machine


Energy Efficiency: 

This is another important factor as machines should be energy efficient as less energy means less power consumption which leads to saving your electricity bills and money.

Top loading washing machines consume more energy than compared to front-loading machines.


Less Consumption of Water: 

Yes, this is also possible your device should consume less water as we all know saving water is how much important not only at home but globally.

Front-load washers can save water as they have a unique feature that indicates to you what amount of water required to wash the clothes as per the number of clothes.


Washer Program: 

Everyone has different types of requirements there are three types of washing systems Pre-Soak, High-speed wash, an everyday wash.

  • Pre-Soak Consider being the best one as they help to wash and eliminate all the stubborn dust and bacteria.
  • High-speed wash as the name suggests this helps to wash the clothes in quick time this feature comes with Fully-Automatic washers.
  • Everyday wash means you can clean your daily use cloths efficiently without wasting much water and time.



This one is the most important factor of all as once you are clear in your mind that how much you can spend then other all things become easy as you are sure what you want.

If the person has a good budget, they can go for a front loading machine and if someone does not have a higher budget then they can go for Top Loading machines as they are economical.


Other Features: 

Some other basic features to consider are Easy Installation, Product Warranty & Services of brands to their customer.



Cheap and best washing machines: Frequently Asked Questions


What is Inverter Technology?

This technology allows your machine to work on ideal load, inverter technology consumes less power which saves your electricity and money.

Inverter technique helps the machine to enhance and improve the speed according to existing load in the machine which ensures to operate washing process according to the situation.

They work very efficiently; these are quite sturdy and do not create noise and vibration while spinning and washing, another advantage of the inverter is you do not have to regularly do maintenance.


What is Direct Drive Technology?

These are well-structured design and provide you efficient performance than the normal old-fashioned machines, it contains higher RPM.

The motor of the machine is securely attached to an inbuilt drum without any belt or chains, which makes sure the user does not get irritated with noise and vibrations.

This technology considered to be energy efficient and durable.


What is Diamond Drum and VarioDrum Technology?

Both technologies are good and help your clothes to wash efficiently without any disturbance.

The diamond drum is basically designed in diamond shape therefore they known as the diamond drum, it contains small holes which help to protect your garments and fabrics from breaking or damaging and digging in one place.

This technology you mostly found in the front-loading washing machine.

 Variorum is slightly different than the diamond technology but they are quite effective as well, the drum revolves in one way but the drum changes its spinning direction according to the need.

The Flatter side of the paddle ensures to sweep the clothes in the softer wash and while spinning in the other sharp direction paddle cleans and washcloths by removing stubborn dirt.


Which is the best machine Top or Frontloading?

Front loading washing machines are better than the top loads as they work more efficiently and they require less power consumption.

Front loading is expensive than top-loading but they do offer you many features, if your budget allows going for front load and if not then you should choose the top-loading device.


What is Soaking Technology?

Soaking is important in washing and with the latest invention, there are few different types of soaking system brands apply.

Super soak technology eliminates all the stains and dirt from your clothes by using scrubbing and soaking which make sure you get clean clothes every time.

Another one is bubble soaking technology which soaks your clothes and then cleans them thoroughly by using water bubbles.


What is the Soaking Time in Washing Machine?

You can soak the clothes or fabrics in a washing machine for about 15 to 30 minutes by adding detergent or liquid with hot or cold water.

Do not soak for longer as they may harm your garments and clothes.


What is automatic dispense functionality in the washing machines?

This function helps the user to drop or mix the detergent as per present loading, as if you put less detergent then you won’t be able to clean your clothes efficiently, and if you drop more than requirement then they may harm your clothes or you have added the extra water.

The automatic dispense feature helps you to balance out the requirement of detergent as per the clothes and loading.


Which washing machine does not create Vibration and Noise?

Front lading machines do not create much noise or vibration due to their advanced technology, go for fully automatic if noise irritates you, the semi-automatic machine creates bit noise.

Inverter or Direct drive technology helpful for not creating much noise and vibration.


Can I Buy Washing machines online?

You can easily buy machines online and it is completely safe there is the wrong perception in India, that buying online is not safe but that is not true, it is quite sufficient to buy washing machines online as you can get latest discounts and offers.


Is it OK to buy a Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine?

You can buy them as they have almost all the latest qualities which washing machine should have, but before buying read all the features.


Hot water or Coldwater for cleaning?

Lukewarm water can be a better option as they clean your clothes more efficiently than cold water.


Is there any machine that comes with Inbuilt heaters?

Yes, you can get this function in some of the washing machines, as hot water washes clothes thoroughly.

This is an advanced feature that you may not find in semi-automatic top lading machines, in fully automatic machines that is top-loading you may get this feature but you have to check the feature once.

Whereas most of the top brands enabling this feature in front loading machine, but always better to check if the machine has this feature.


What is the warranty on the washing machine?

You will definitely get a warranty on the product, but the warranty may vary from product to product.

Few brands cover a similar period of warranty on Product and motor, but some of them offer a higher warranty for the motor than the product.

For example, any particular product covers a 3-4 yeas warranty for the product and motor, and any other product may cover a warranty on the product for 2 years, and for the motor, you can get about 5-10 years of warranty.

Moreover, we suggest you read the terms and conditions carefully for a warranty before choosing the product.


What is the price of a washing machine?  

Price of washing machine you may find in many different ranges, this is all depending on your budget how you can spend.

Semi-automatic top-loading machines may come in the price range of 5000 to 10,000 and top loading fully automatic machines can vary between above 12,000 to 20,000.

Moreover, front-loading washing machines can be quite costly you may find them in the range of above 15,000 to above 30,000


What is the durability of the Washing machine?

The longevity of machines completely depending on your use and how you maintain them, if you use them as per instructions and keep them cleaning properly you can use them for 10 years.


Can I get Free Installation?

Yes, you can get a free installation from the manufacturer but you may have to contact customer service and request for installation.


Which are the best brands for Washing machines in India?

There are many brands available in the market but some of the top brands who make some of the top-quality products with good after-sales services are LG, IFB, Bosch, and Samsung.


Is it a good idea to repair the washing machine after the warranty period is over?

This is depending on you if your machines most of the functions are working smoothly then it will be a good idea to repair the washer, but better to consider the repairing cost as well as if it is going to cost higher than better to buy a new one rather than to spending on the old machine.


Is Liquid or Powder better for a Washing machine?

Liquid melt in water in less than a second and powder takes time, you can use it at your convenience but our suggestion would be liquid.


Is there any use of Smart Technology in the washing machines?

These are very useful as they allow you to connect with apps, brands make the apps to their customer which you can easily find on the google play store.

This helps to connect your machine with your smartphone so if any problem occurs you can solve the issue immediately.

Mostly this feature you find in advance front-loading washing machines brands like Samsung, IFB enables this feature in their machine.


Cheap and best washing machines: Conclusion


Washing machine is not just equipment but its essential need at our home as it saves your time and allows you to do many other better works daily.

Quite a helpful device in all season but especially in Monsoon more useful, as in those days we get wet more often and our clothes are always there for washing.

It helps you to clean your clothes and dry them quickly, therefore it becomes much needed in our house, we have brought some of the best selling washers in India.

Among all best-sellers our pick will be LG Fully-Automatic Washing Machine due to its complete features, it is compact, sturdy, and a good performer.

We hope this article helps you to know about Cheap and best washing machines in detail, but if you have any query do post your comments we will reply to you as soon as possible.



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