Best Wired Headphones under 1000 in India 2021- Reviews


 Best Wired Headphones under 1000 in India 2021- Reviews


 Best Wired Headphones under 1000 in India 2021- Reviews


If budget is low for buying headphone than it becomes very tricky as low-price product definitely saves our pocket but one thing is worrying about it its durability & quality.

Another thing is since last few years all most everyone wants headphones they have become part of our life, a few years back we used to get earphones with mobiles while purchasing.

But now not every mobile brand provides headphones with mobile and not everyone can afford expensive headphones.

So, if your budget is low and looking for high-quality wired headphones under 1000 then in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best wired headphones under 1000.

Let us discuss in detail each one of them and later we will discuss some things which you should consider while buying wired headphones under 1000.



Best Wire Headphone

Special Feature


JBL C200SI Wired Headphone 

Frequency range: 20- 20kHz

1 year warranty

Sony MDR-EX150AP Wired Headphone 

Frequency range 5Hz to 24 kHz

1 year warranty

Sennheiser CX 180s Wired Headphone 

Frequency response 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz

2 years warranty

JBL C100SI Wired Headphone 

Frequency Response: 20-20kHz

 1 year warranty

Mi Dual Driver Wired Headphone 

Dual Driver creates good sound 

6 months warranty

1MORE Piston Wired Headphone 

10mm drivers create good sound

1 year of warranty

SoundMAGIC ES19S Wired Headphone 

Impedance level 49-Ohms

1 year warranty.



Best Wired Headphones under 1000 in India 

1. JBL C200SI Wired Headphone 

Best Wired Headphones under 1000



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There is something magic about JBL headphones that if you are making a top list then there must be JBL products listed as they have a huge range of products available that is highly durable and creates good sound,

First on our list is JBL C200SI wired headphones, this product is very light in weight only about 18 grams but no compromise with its build quality.

As the quality of the product is overall good, the wire is solid and the string does not tangle so easily, looking wise it’s fine as it has a metallic finish that looks very smooth.

Connects firmly to most of the device due to the 3.5mm gold plated audio jack, you can activate google assistance by pressing the button very easily but make sure to press for longer.

This headphone allows users to take calls without any discomfort as it is built with an easy one-touch button remote microphone.

It has deep bass Sound quality 9mm drivers ensures to give the user a good listening experience, noise-canceling function minimizes undesirable sounds and keeps sound clear.

User Get after Unboxing: Headphone with 3 different sizes of ear tips, warranty card, and manual guide.

Watch Full video Review of JBL C200SI Wired Headphone 


Key Features:

  • The metallic finish gives smooth look.
  • Lightweight and easy to connect.
  • Powerful bass & sound quality with 9mm drivers.
  • Frequency range: 20- 20kHz & Cable length 1.2 meters.
  • Noise cancellation with Microphone.
  • Quick Access to Google Assistant, Siri
  • The easy one-touch button is a remote with a mic.
  • Compatible with laptops, Mobile, tablet, and audio players.
  • The headphone comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Colors available Blue, Black & white.


  • Design is not attractive.


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2. Sony MDR-EX150AP Wired Headphone 


Best Wired Headphones under 1000



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Sony is one of the oldest brands in India they have been making some of the good electronics products which is not only durable but also have high quality.

This product from Sony Model No: MDR-EX150AP is at 2nd in our list, design of the headphone is metallic finish is very royal and attractive, earbuds fit into the ear comfortably.

Product weight is very light 17 grams, no need to keep twisting wires as they are tangle-free and well built as well, quality-wise this device is quite premium as it is made with plastic.

It has an inbuilt microphone which is useful for taking calls while listening music, creates great sound with help of 9mm drivers, and a good frequency range 5Hz to 24kHz.

The highlight of this headphone is the smart key app which is easily available on the play store, this helps you to set up and arrange your mic button to select from Volume control or track control functions

But this smart key app is only compatible with android 4.0 and above, 3.5mm jack connects firmly with laptops, Mobile, tablets, and audio players.

Users Get After Unboxing: Headphone with Operating instructions, 3Silicon Earbuds, manual Guide, and Wire Manager for tangle-free wires.

Key Features:

  • Looks very attractive with a metallic finish.
  • Material quality is plastic.
  • Frequency range 5Hz to 24 kHz.
  • 9mm drivers for bass and sound.
  • Microphone for taking calls.
  • Compatible with laptops, Mobile, tablet, and audio players.
  • Long cable length up to 1.2 meters.
  • Silicon Earbuds are soft and comfortable.
  • The headphone has a 1-year warranty.


  • The wires are Thin.


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3. Sennheiser CX 180s Wired Headphone 

Best Wired Headphones under 1000



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Sennheiser is a German-based brand and for few years have been getting popular in India, they have large range of headphones at various prices from cheap to expensive products.

This Model CX180 is one of the top selling products as it is very affordable and has some amazing features, the silver color gives a very unique stylish look, and the weight of the product is only 68 grams.

The device creates great sound and bass for excellent listening time as it has good frequency range between 20 to 20,000 Hz, for better audio sensitivity headphone is equipped with 16-Ohms impedance.

Headphone reduces all the unwanted background noise so you can enjoy your music videos and 3.55 mm jack make sure to connect with mp3, iPod, iPhone, smart phone, CD players and portable gaming systems.

User Get after Unboxing: Headphones come with Connecting Cable, Storage Pouch, and manual Guide.

Key Features:

  • Silver color looks trendy & attractive.
  • The wired Cable length is 1.2 meters.
  • The sound pressure level is 110dB.
  • Creates great sound and bass.
  • Frequency response 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Useful for mp3, iPod, iPhone, smartphones, CD players &portable gaming systems.
  • Reduces background unwanted sound.
  • Lightweight, portable & 3.5mm jack for connectivity.
  • The product has 2 years warranty.


  • No Inbuilt microphone.


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4. JBL C100SI Wired Headphone 


Best Wired Headphones under 1000



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Up next JBL C100SI is quite similar to C200SI but with little difference, the weight of the product is a little more than C200SI but still very light in weight only 50 grams.

The design of the headphone is a very simple metallic finish yet looks very shiny, bass and sound quality is immersive, equipped with easy one-touch buttons remote with Mic.

For Sound quality this device equipped with 9mm drivers & a frequency range 20-20kHz that ensures the user can enjoy the music, this does not irritate the user even after long use due to soft ear tips.

The device have good audio sensitivity with an Impedance level of up to 16-Ohm, device makes sure its user enjoy every bit of music as the noise-canceling function reduces ambient sound, Inbuilt microphone allows the user to take answer calls easily while listening to music, and gold plates 3.55 audio jack easily compatible with Audio Player, Laptop, Mobile & Tablet.

This wired headphone also allows its user to access google assistant or Siri by pressing it, user can also play or pause music, double-tap helps you to forward & rewind.

User Get After Unboxing: headphone, 3 sets of ear tips (S, M, L), Warranty and safety card.

Key Features:

  • The metallic finish gives shiny look.
  • Angled In-ear design ensures comfort.
  • The easy one-touch button is remote with Microphone.
  • Allows access to Google assistant & Siri.
  • Compatible with Audio Player, Laptop, Mobile & Tablet.
  • Long Cord length up to 1.2 meters.
  • Create a great sound and deep bass, Frequency Response: 20-20kHz
  • Noise cancellation minimizes ambient sound.
  • The product has a 1-year warranty.
  • Colors available: Black, red & white.


  • Design is not trendy.


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5. Mi Dual Driver Wired Headphone 




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MI Model No- 25083 standing at 5th in our list let us discuss the features of this wired headphone, first of all the wires are tangle-free which keeps your wire safe for durability and less headache of twisting it every time.

Product weight is very light up to 18 grams, this magnetic headset is very comfortable to use as ear cups are softer and thinner which ensures it does not irritate user.

Look and design is quite decent as it has a carbon finish which gives the attractive look, it has a frequency range between 20 Hz to 40000 Hz and also has a high impedance level 32ohms which is considered to be best for audio sensitivity.

The uniqueness about this device is its dual-driver functionality that has the capacity to create high quality of sound and bass, 10mm & 8mm drivers help to create a perfect music listening experience.

Device reduces background noise as it has a noise-canceling feature and there are 3 buttons for ease of use, user can easily use a voice assistant and also can play or pause music.

3.5mm Audio jack easily connectable with most of the smartphones due to 90 degrees close-fitting, it is very easy to store as it is made with magnetic suction.

Users Get after Unboxing: Earphones, 3 different sizes of ear tips and manual guide.

Key Feature:

  • Carbon finish looks attractive, tangle-free Braided Cable.
  • Dual Dynamic drivers 8mm & 10mm.
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 40000 Hz.
  • Impedance level 32-ohms, Cord Length 1.2 meters.
  • 3 buttons for controlling music & calls.
  • Buttons help to activate the voice assistant.
  • Create great sound and bass.
  • Noise-canceling reduces ambient sound.
  • Magnetic earbuds allow easy storage.
  • The product has 6 months warranty.
  • Colors available: Black, blue & red.


  • Thin wires.
  • The warranty is only 6 months.


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6. 1MORE Piston Wired Headphone 




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1More piston fit is one of the best-selling wired headphones in lowest budget, the device is made with good quality of aluminum, metal and weight are very light 18grams.

45-degree angle design gives extreme comfort while listening and cable is durable and long-lasting as it is cover with copper around Kevlar fiber also overlay with TPE which gives a soft feeling.

The inbuilt microphone allows the user to take calls without any discomfort, easy one-touch buttons also help you to reject calls.

It has the ability to create great sound and bass due to 10 drivers and frequency response range between 20-20,000 Hz, impedance level for audio sensitivity is top-quality up to 32ohms.

3.5 audio jack is easily connectable to smartphones, laptops, desktops,s, and tablets, noise isolation reduces unwanted sound so you can hear everything clearly.

User Get After Unboxing: Headphone comes with manual guide.

Key features:

  • Made with good quality aluminum, metal.
  • Looks very attractive and trendy.
  • Lightweight & portable design.
  • Impedance level 32ohms, Cable length: 1.25metrs.
  • 10mm drivers create good sound.
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz.
  • Compatible with smart phones, laptop, desktop and tablets.
  • 45-degree angle design gives comfort.
  • Inbuilt Mic allows managing calls, integrated remote.
  • The product has 1 year of warranty.
  • Colors available: Blue, Grey, silver.


  • None.


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7. SoundMAGIC ES19S Wired Headphone 




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SoundMAGIC Model No- ES19S-BK is at 7th in our list design-wise it is quite decent and the weight of the product is only 15-grams so the user can carry it easily anywhere.

Made with good quality material of ABS plastic, ear cups are comfortable and fit nicely into the ear so you can use them for the longest period without any hassle.

Audio sensitivity probably the best in all listed products as impedance level is up to 49-Ohms, for better sound and bass it has equipped with 10mm drivers and a frequency response range between 20Hz – 16 kHz.

It has an inbuilt microphone to manage your calls, buttons are very smooth and flexible to use, users can play and pause the music if needed.

User gets after Unboxing: Headphone comes with 3 different sizes of silicone ear tips & a manual guide.

Key Features:

  • Material quality ABS plastic, Lightweight easy to carry.
  • Impedance level 49-Ohms, Frequency response: 20Hz – 16 kHz
  • Driver size is 10mm for sound and bass.
  • Silicon ear tips are comfortable and softer.
  • Cable length is 120cm, Sound sensitivity up to 95dB.
  • 5mm audio jack Compatible with all smartphones.
  • Noise Isolation reduces ambient sound.
  • Comes with Microphone and inline remote.
  • Product has 1-year warranty.
  • Colors available: Black & White.


  • Build quality could have better.


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Best Wired Headphones under 1000: Buying Guide

While buying low budget headphones we must consider few things in order to get best wire headphone some of them are below.



First and the most important factor is fitting your wire headphone should fit in to the ear perfectly without any discomfort, make sure to see if you are getting different sizes of ear tips so you can use them as per your ear size.


Wired quality & Length:

After fitting quality of wire is the most vital thing make sure wire is solid and tangle-free as if your wires do not tangle then your device is safe and durable and less irritation as you do not have to keep twisting it.

Length of the wire should not be to long and not to short as well, most of the devices have cable length between 1.20 meters to 1.35 meters which is more than sufficient.



Headphones ear-tips or earcups should have good quality and softer as if you are using it for longer time then it should not irritate you, low quality of earcups can make you uncomfortable.

Most of the top brands use Silicon material to make ear tips which are considered to be safe to use and provide premium comfort even after long use.


Driver size:

In wire headphones under 1000 you can get driver size between 8 to 10mm or even dynamic drivers.

It is measured in diameter higher the driver size means headphone creates high sound and bass, but in few headphones higher driver means they have only high bass effects not sound, this depending on each product.

Dynamic drivers or dual drivers helps to create better sound and bass than the regular single driver size.

So, this is all depending on you which one is suitable for you if you are sound lover you can go for dynamic driver or dual driver units.

But if your only aim is to listen to music or watching videos you can go for single driver units; they are more than enough to fulfill your need.


Frequency response:

The frequency range is also helpful to create sound and bass, best suited and acceptable range of frequency for human ear is 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

In wire headphones in this budget you can get multiple ranges of frequency capacity so you can choose as per your requirement.


Impedance level:

This is helpful to balance out your sound if the impedance level is higher than it means the sound is clear and you can listen to every bit of music.

In headphones, you can get impedance level from 10 to above 500 ohms, but in wired headphone in under 1000 you can get impedance level from 16 to 50 ohms.



Inbuilt microphone in headphones makes your life much easier as you can pick up calls while listening to music and speak to the person easily.

With Mic headphone might be little expensive than without mic, but good thing is there are many headset available in under 1000 who have an inbuilt microphone.


Noise cancellation or Isolation:

If your device has noise canceling function means you can listen to more music than the irritating background music, as this feature makes sure to reduce background sound.



Make sure to read the details carefully while buying headphone yes, every brand provides you warranty of anything between 6 months to 2 years.

But few brands may ask you to register on their website after purchasing product to claim warranty later if any problem occurs in the future.


Best Brand:

While buying low price product make sure to get branded product as they make some of the durable headphones.

Some of the best brands for wire headphones are JBL, Infinity, Sony, Philips, Bose, Boat, Sennheiser, and many more.



Best Wired Headphones under 1000: Conclusion

The biggest question is it worth to buy wired headphone under 1000? the answer is Yes, but it all depending on which brand product you are buying.

If you are buying branded headphones then they do not only have great quality but also creates good noise and bass, study suggest that wired headphones are more durable than wireless headphones.

Above we have listed some of the best selling wired headphones under 1000, hope this article helps you to know more in detail about wired headphone.

If you have any query you can post your comments we will be happy to guide and help you.



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