Best wall mounted pull up bar India 2022- Reviews


Best wall mounted pull up bar India 2022- Reviews


Best wall mounted pull up bar India 2022- Reviews


There are many types of exercise when it comes to strength training or muscle building, for some kind of workout you may not need gym equipment but for a few exercises, you must have elements that can help you to do workout efficiently.

You can get any type of gym material for home, but pull-up bars are one of the keys if you are doing exercise at home or wanting to make the gym at home so you do not have to go for a workout outdoors.

For strength exercise pull-up bars plays a very important role to strengthen your muscles, you can easily get pull-up bars online as top brands are available but this is where things make it even difficult to choose one.

But no worries if you are looking for pull-up bars that can be used at home, in this article we are going to list out the best wall mounted pull up bar India which is suitable for home use and some of them are even ideal for the gym.

So let us discuss each product one by one and let’s review them, below are some of the top 3 best picks from the list.

Kore Pull-Up Bar for home 

DOLPHY Tower Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

Budget Friendly 

Best for full body exercise 

Best Ceiling pull up bar

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Best Pull up bar 

Weight Capacity 

Available on 

Ultimate Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

Weight Capacity: 100 to 120KG

Magic Wall Mounted Chin up Bar

Weight Capacity: 120KG

DOLPHY Tower Pull Up Bar

Weight Capacity: 150KG

Kore Pull-Up Bar for home 

Weight Capacity: 120KG

ALLYSON FITNESS Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar 

Weight Capacity: 140KG

Target2BFit Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar 

Weight Capacity: 120KG

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1. Ultimate Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar


Best wall mounted pull up bar India


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Though it is a little expensive product if you are looking for a versatile bar that can help you to perform exercises such as chin up, pull-ups, and back, this will be the ideal choice for you, since it is a ceiling pull up bar it does not occupy much space at home.

The installation process is quite easy does not take much time and very easy to understand as well, the mounting plates are quite sturdy not only ensures user durability but also makes sure to handle the maximum weight.

The finishing of the pull-up bar is very smooth and nicely designed therefore it gives very strong gripping while performing the exercise, it fits into the ceiling precisely and gives a very flexible workout experience as it gives 20” proper aligned at center, the warranty of the product is 10 years which is excellent.


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2. Magic Wall Mounted Chin up Bar


Best wall mounted pull up bar India


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If you are looking for the best wall mounted pull up bar at an affordable price then this will be a good choice for you as it is the best pull-up bar online due to its quality build and sturdiness.

It is specially designed for a home workout so the material is quite heavy and ensures to hold weight, installation is very easy anyone can do it at home, the weight of the chin-up bar is only 3.5kgs which is very light and portable.

When it comes to gripping as you can see it is padded with firm gripping so the user can use it effectively as it ensures nonskid grip while working out, this chin-up bar can manage the weight capacity of up to 120kgs.


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3. DOLPHY Tower Pull Up Bar



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Though this is not wall mounted pull up bar still it is the best product for your home workout needs as you can perform complete body exercise with this best free-standing pull-up bars.

You can do exercises such as pull up, chin up, upper body workout such as the back, abs, etc, it is a little pricey but gives very effective strength training, overall suitable for efficient workouts such as resistance and weight lifting.

It is made with high-quality steel material that has a weight of 24Kg which seems heavy but acceptable as it ensures the longevity of use, weight capacity of this home gym training equipment is 150Kg so the heavyweight person can also utilize it.

If needs to change the exercise the gaps of the hole are 184 cm to 220 cm with 6cm, it has 6 levels to adjust height overall suitable for everyone to workout at home.


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4. Kore Pull-Up Bar for home 


Best wall mounted pull up bar India



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This is one of the best mounted pull up bar online, not only it is very cheap in price but also quite suitable for home use, you can easily mount anywhere at your home without any discomfort.

The making of the product dimension is wide the pillar of the pull-up bar is 20 inches and the rod size is 38 inches to give you proper distance while using it, for sturdy gripping, it is equipped with foam material.

It is made with heavy-duty steel ensures durability and finishing is done with a black coating that gives good look, weight capacity it can handle up to 120Kgs, the position is easily adjustable and you can perform upper body exercise including chin up, pull up easily with help of this multi-benefit pull up bar.


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5. ALLYSON FITNESS Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar 


Best wall mounted pull up bar India



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5th on our list of best wall mounted pull up bar, this is another one of the cheapest pull-up bars from ALLYSON fitness, this is a very innovative designed pull-up bar online that also ensures a good workout at home.

It is made with steel and for gripping padded with foam quality material to give you firmness while working out for safety, it allows user to perform muscle training at the comfort of your home and you can perform exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, triceps, and many other workouts.

The design is very sleek that can fit into any corner of your home without demanding much space, it is very user-friendly and easy to assemble and it can hold a maximum weight of up to 140 kgs which is very good for the entire family.


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6. Target2BFit Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar 



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This pull up bar from Target2Bfit is another decent option to go with, it is one of the mid-budget product which is suitable for anyone to use at home workout.

It is suitable for anyone from beginner to regular exerciser due to its strong build quality and firmness it provides during workout sessions, this is specially designed for your upper body workout as it provides users 5 kinds of gripping positions.

So, the user can target muscles properly and can enhance the training level, it can manage the weight of 120 kg so most people can use it and the design is simple yet very sleek that does not require much space.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Pull up bar?

  • Pull up bars is considered to be the best tool to perform exercise especially your upper body it helps to train your back, shoulder, triceps, biceps, wrists and also provides strength to your overall body, few studies also suggest that regular exercising with pull up bars can enhance your gripping strength.
  • There are some pull-up bars designed in a way that you can even train your body part such abdomen by doing abs exercise.
  • Exercising with pull-up bars can be challenging for beginners but doing correctly is key to get maximum advantages, before start your reps make sure to hold the bars firmly with your palms and make sure to keep your body in a position where you can pull yourself and chin above the bars.
  • You can grip the bars wide, narrow however if you are a beginner you can use resistance bands which can make your reps a little easier to do pull-ups, and once your strength grows then try without a band.


What are the different types of pull-up bars?

There are multiple kinds of pull-up bars available in some of the most popular areas below.


Mounted Pull Up bars: Highly recommended for home use due to the making and does not occupy much space at your home, it is very easy to install and weight capacity you will see between 120 kg to above 150 kg as well.

Ceiling Pull-up bars: This can be mounted on the ceiling and this is also a kind of mounted pull-up bars with little difference in shape you have to assemble the bolts and screws to your ceiling and weight capacity can be 120kgs and above.

Freestanding pull-up bars: This is made for a multi-functional workout with pull-ups, chin-ups you can do workouts such as the chest, shoulder, back, etc, and very useful for a few abs workouts and gripping positions it offers multiple, weights capacity you can see from 150 kg to 300kgs.

Overall this is very easy to set up but it is a little expensive you will get this from 8000 to 15000 or even above depending on each brand and product.

Door frame Pull up bars: This very basic designed looks like a simple rod it is also specially designed for indoor workouts, you can get 2-3 basic gripping positions while doing workout.


What is the best pull-up bar for home use?

  • Well it is very much depending on who is going to use and your decision will revolve around that, but the very first thing must while choosing a pull-up bar is the weight capacity it can hold as if it is not able to handle your weight.
  • You won’t be able to perform your exercise and most importantly it won’t be safe, so see the weight capacity of the product most of the bars can handle weight capacity up to 120kgs and some, even more, depending on the product.
  • The size of the pull-up bar should be the next concern for you, the width should at least 45″ or above, and the diameter of 2.55 cm to 5 cm is more than sufficient to perform the exercise.
  • Quality is another aspect you should keep your eye on though pull bars and chin-up bars are available at cheaper prices compromising with quality will lead to nondurability.
  • Steel or metal is one of the best to go with and try to get a product that has done proper coating so you will not face issues.
  • Once the above all points meet your requirement look out your pull-up bars designed and ensure it has equipped with rubber or padded with foam around the gripping area actually it gives you very firm gripping and provides safety.


How much weight can a home pull-up bar hold?

 As discussed above depending on the product to a product most of the mounted pull-up bars and ceiling pull-up bars will have a weight capacity of anything between 120Kgs to 150kgs or even above.

Freestanding pull-up bars will have a little more weight capacity 140kgs or above but these types of pull-up bars will be a little expensive but very effective to perform multiple workouts.


Is it worth buying a pull-up bar?

Undoubtedly yes in fact it should be at the top of your list while setting up your home gym as discussed earlier how it is highly beneficial for your upper body workout but also it is very helpful to enhance the strength of your core.


Which is the best pull-up bar for home India?

 There are multiple pull-up bars available in India, it completely depends on you which one to choose, you can go with an Ultimate ceiling pull-up bar if have the budget or Kore Mounted pull-up bar if your budget is low and looking for cheap price product.

 If you are looking for a multi-functional pull-up bar and have a budget go with Dolphy pull bars as you can do upper body and few lower body workouts as well.


Is a pull-up bar safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use even at the home, doing the proper workout is always safe if you do it in the wrong position you will suffer from injury, you can use the pull-up bars even every day, it will definitely provide you strength.


How many pull-ups is good?

This is depending on your capacity start with 3 sets with whatever reps are comfortable for you, for men 10 to 12 reps with 3-4 sets are ideal and for women 7-9 reps with 2-3 sets are good.


Where to buy pull-up bars?

You can get pull-up bars easily in sports or shops that provide fitness equipment, or you can easily buy online there are all the top quality brands available and you do not have to worry about anything package delivers at your doorstep.

Another thing is you can also make it at home if you understand the elements to make it but always better to buy.


Is it ok to do pull-ups every day?

Yes as I above said there is no such harm to do exercise with pull-up bars it will not harm you rather it will make your upper body and core stronger.




So here it is friends we have discussed in detail the best pull up bar for home use, we have also covered the important frequently asked question regarding pull-up bars so you can get an idea about the product in detail.

Either you are working out at home or gym pull-ups are the best exercise as it covers your entire upper body and core helps to strengthen them, if you have any query regarding mounted pull up bars post your comments we will be happy to guide you.



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