Best vacuum cleaner brands in India 2021- Reviews


Best vacuum cleaner brands in India 2021- Reviews


Best vacuum cleaner brands in India 2021

Cleaning is very important to maintain hygiene but it is a very tiring process be it home or at the office.

It takes a lot of effort to clean the entire passage every day so the vacuum cleaner can be a good solution to clean your home or office without taking much effort.

But Vacuum cleaner is more than cleaning your surface or furniture, they are also helping to clean up all the dirt, allergen and pollute which can be harmful to your health.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about vacuum cleaners in detail from types of vacuum cleaners to things to consider while buying them.

First, let us discuss some of the best vacuum cleaner brands in India for home & office which can be easy to use and cleans your space efficiently.


About: Best vacuum cleaner brands in India 

Best Vacuum Cleaner 

Special Features 


Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner 

Strong suction capacity 100AW

2 Years warranty 

Inalsa Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

HEPA filter system 

2 Years warranty 

AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner

HEPA 12 air filtration system

2 Years warranty 

Philips Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

EPA10 & H13 filtration system

2 Years warranty 

Karcher wet dry vacuum cleaner 

Capacity 20 litters 

1 year warranty

ECOVACS Robots Vacuum Cleaner

Multiple cleaning modes 

1 year warranty

Best vacuum cleaner brands in India with product descriptions and reviews.


1. Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner 


Best vacuum cleaner brands in India


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This Vacuum cleaner from Dyson is one of the top-selling Model No of this machine is V7 animal and the weight of the device is only 2.30kg which makes this device very portable and easy to use you can carry anywhere easily.

The device works on battery, the suction process works efficiently up to 30 minutes without any hinder and it has a unique power mode method that helps to keep your process simple at the most difficult stubborn dust cleaning for 6 minutes.

Rod handle is removable easy to clean the smallest of dirt in your car or on the table, the machine also has the capacity to eliminate the thinnest animal hair, dander, and dust mite.

Latest technology 2 Tier Radial Cyclones make sure to eliminate thinnest of particles and dust as small as 0.3 microns and direct drive head efficiently removes molecule, dirt from floor or carpet.

Machines motor has very fast rotation 110,000 revolutions per minute which give rise to strong and powerful suction up to 100Aw.

Users get after unboxing:  Vacuum cleaner comes with motorhead, combination tool, mini motorized tool & crevice tool, soft dusting brush, Charger, docking station, and manual guide.

Key Features:

  • Cleans carpet, surface, Cars, furniture, and mattresses.
  • Long handles adjustable, Easy to use, and light weight machine.
  • Safe to use especially for a person with asthma or allergy.
  • Helpful to clean places where hands do not reach easily.
  • Gives a completely wireless experience.
  • Direct driver cleaner head cleans carpet efficiently.
  • Eliminates all the dirt animal hair or dander.
  • The filtration process seizes 99.97% of microscopic particles.
  • Suction capacity is very strong up to 100-AW
  • Works on Six-cell Li-ion battery.
  • The full charge machine runs continuously for 30 minutes.
  • Comes with multiple attachments for cleaning purpose.
  • The product has 2 years of warranty.


  • Expensive product.


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2. Inalsa Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner



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The next in our list 0f best vacuum cleaner brands Inalsa, this brand has multiple ranges of vacuum cleaners and each one of them has good quality, Inalsa is one of the popular brands when it comes to the vacuum cleaners.

From multiple collections of Inslsa we have picked up at 2nd spot this Model No: Supremo Cyclonic, it is bagless vacuum cleaner product has weight up to 4.5kg which is quite heavy and solid.

It has the perfect blend of techniques which requires cleaning the thinnest of dander, allergens, and dust HEPA filter system helps to keep your home away from allergy for a healthy atmosphere.

Unique technology dynamic cyclone and motor capacity of 1400w make sure motor rotates on higher speed which creates higher airflow reaches dip into the surface to clean your entire room.

Blower function is of the highest quality it is very useful to remove dust from the smallest places which are difficult to clean and also ensures long operating reach up to 7.5 meters so you can clean fans or hard-to-reach areas.

Users get after unboxing: Machine comes with dust collector & HEPA filter assembly, carpet brush, crevice nozzle, dusting brush set, extension tubes, hose pipe, blower plate, and manual guide

Key Features:

  • Very easy to use with a strong handle.
  • 180-degree swivel function gives easy cleaning activity.
  • HEPA filter reduces 99.97% dander and dirt.
  • Keeps your home away from allergies.
  • Dust box storage capacity is excellent up to 3 litters.
  • Reduces allergens and thinnest of airborne pollutants.
  • Less noisy device maximum noise 80 Db.
  • Length of Hosepipe 1.5 meters, Length of extension pipe 18.50 inches.
  • Motor runs powerfully with 1400-w.
  • Perfect airflow for cleaning outdoor and indoor areas.
  • Crevice nozzle ensures to clean the hardest of dust.
  • Comes with a brush that cleans fragile surfaces.
  • The product comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • The device slightly heats up after continues use.


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3. AmazonBasics Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner


Best vacuum cleaner brands in India


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3rd in our list of best vacuum cleaner brands from amazon basics Cyclonic cylinder vacuum cleaner, this is model No: the 12M-IND machine has dust storage capacity up to 2 litters and the weight of this product is above 6 kg which makes this machine strong and solid.

It is a bagless vacuum cleaner and the device requires maximum wattage of up to 700 watts which saves your electricity and does not create much noise as it has a maximum noise level of up to 79Db.

The machine comes with A & D rating, A rating ensures to clean hard floors, D for carpet cleaning, and also has HEPA 12 air filtration system who captures 99.50% dust, dander, pollen, allergens, and animal hair.

In-built Cyclonic technology gives much-needed penetration that successfully pulls out dust, dirt, allergens, and pet hair from the surface to keep your space safe and healthy.

Users Get after Unboxing: Machine comes with crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, dust brush, parquet brush, accessory holder, and manual guide.

Key Features:

  • Strong and easy to operate long handles.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Rating A for hard floor and D for carpet cleaning.
  • Cyclonic technology has good suction control.
  • The cable Length 6 meters and the hose is adjustable up to 2 meters.
  • Wattage requirement only 700 watts.
  • Consumes less electricity 26 kWh per year.
  • Nozzle absorbs rough and thinnest dirt.
  • Dust cup easily removable can be used again.
  • HEPA filter captures dander and allergens.
  • The filter is removable and easy to clean.
  • The product comes with 2 years warranty.


  • Low Airflow capacity.


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4. Philips Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


Best vacuum cleaner brands in India


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Philips is one of the oldest brands in India; they have been making some of the versatile products for home since long time.

This is bagless vacuum cleaner Model No FC9352/01 standing at 4th place in our list due to its some unique features, the weight of the product is 4.5 kg which is quite light so you move them easily while cleaning.

Dust storage capacity of the machine is 1.5 liters, requires wattage up to 370 watts for maximum suction power, and creates noise up to 82Db while operating which is considered to be an acceptable range for low noise.

The motor has a powerful wattage capacity runs efficiently at 1900 watts to remove all the thinnest allergens and dirt which is hard to eliminate, unique technology PowerCyclone 5 ensures to isolate dust from the air.

The machine works on an EPA10 filtration system that gives full healthy air and allergy, H13 filter seizes all the dust, pollens, pet dander, and hair to keep your home clean and safe.

There are 2 types of brushes available soft brush is an excellent way to remove 99.99% of pet dander, hair, and pollen, Turbo brush usable to clean carpets there is the brush into the nozzle that spins effectively to capture the smallest of particles and dust.

Users Get after Unboxing: Vacuum machine with soft & turbo brush, nozzle & manual guide.

 Key Features:

  • The machine is lightweight and easily movable.
  • EPA 10 filter system provides healthy air.
  • The machine has a high capacity of suction power up to 370 watts.
  • Maximum Airflow 37 l/s & noise level up to 82dB.
  • PowerCyclone 5 technology increases airflow.
  • User-friendly adjustable Active lock couplings.
  • Allergy H13 filter captures 99.9% dust, hair, and pollen.
  • Soft Brush cleans tables, flat surfaces, and walls.
  • Turbo Brush cleans carpet dust, length of Cord 6 meters.
  • Dust bin comes with handles for safe use.
  • The product comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • Fewer attachments & action radius is only 9m.


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5. Karcher wet dry vacuum cleaner 


Best vacuum cleaner brands in India


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Karcher Model No- WD4 allows you to clean wet and dry places, the weight of the machine is quite heavy 7.1kg; it is very compact and solid vacuum cleaner does not create much noise only up to 74dB.

The storage capacity is whopping 20 litters which makes this device usable for home and at commercial places as well, power requires 1600 watts which is an efficiently cleaned area in less time as the machine has strong suction power.

The wheels move around very easily, for comfortable use it has pulled and pushes locking system which makes your life easy while cleaning.

Suction hose and nozzle clear the thinnest of dust with help of rubber and brush stripes and accessories you can attach easily with a suction hose as handles are detachable.

No need to keep changing the nozzle for cleaning wet or dry dust as the floor nozzle efficiently does both jobs and the crevice nozzle helps to capture dust which is hard to remove.

Users Get after Unboxing: Vacuum cleaner with a hose pipe, extension tubes, floor tool, wheels, and manual guide.

Key Features:

  • Looks good, attractive, Solid, and compact design.
  • Dust bin capacity up to 20 liters.
  • Power consumption 1600 watts, cleans area efficiently.
  • The container of dust is of good quality of plastic.
  • Usable for home and commercial places.
  • Easy to move due to pull and push system.
  • Made with German technology, it has a strong suction capacity.
  • A flat fold filter with a cartridge keeps you away from dust.
  • Nozzles can be attached with a suction hose.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Little heavier machine.
  • Pricey Product.


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6. ECOVACS Robots Vacuum Cleaner


Best vacuum cleaner brands in India


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Ecovacs Model No: Deebot 500 is a next-generation vacuum cleaner with the very latest technology and has many smart features, weight of the product is light 4.75kg makes this device portable and easy to maneuver.

This vacuum cleaner works on battery, the life of the battery is up to 110 minutes after a full charge this is very helpful for the cleaning process for a longer time.

Gives a completely wireless experience which makes this device user-friendly as you can operate the machine with voice control as it has inbuilt Alexa and other Google devices.

You can also control everything from your smartphone by downloading the Ecovacs app from the google play store, machine creates less noise means it does not irritate you while cleaning.

There are 3 stages of cleaning modes which you can select Auto mode suitable to clean the floors and flat surfaces, edge mode helps to clean the small borders and edges at home.

Spot mode is highly usable for the toughest dirt, dust which is not easy to clean, there is another mode max mode that efficiently cleans the space by enlarging the suction at double fast speed.

The biggest advantage of this vacuum is detection technology if any block or hinder comes in between while cleaning it protects from crash or colliding.

The machine has all the smart features such as setting the timer, can schedule the cleaning process, and high-efficiency filters to minimize airborne while vacuuming.

Users Get after Unboxing: The machine comes with batteries and a manual guide.

Key Features:

  • It is a smart vacuum cleaner.
  • Lightweight and very portable machine.
  • 3 Different modes efficiently clean dust & dirt.
  • Max mode removes the hardest dust and particles.
  • Good dustbin capacity up to 520ml.
  • Set timer, can schedule your cleaning.
  • Indicates you if any blockage while cleaning the furniture.
  • ECOVACS APPS helps to use devices from smartphones.
  • Complete Wireless experience with Alexa.
  • Less noisy and long battery life up to 110 minutes.
  • Anti-collision & Anti-drop sensors.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Expensive product.
  • Not suitable for wet areas.


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Best vacuum cleaner Brands: Types of Vacuum Cleaners:


There are multiple types of vacuum cleaners available in the market that are useful for cleaning so we must know them while buying this is very helpful to choose the right cleaner for home and office, here is below some of the different types of vacuum cleaners.


Canister Vacuum:

This is highly used and popular among all vacuum cleaners as it is versatile, you can clean multiple places such as carpets, floors, stairs, furniture, and appliances at home that hard to reach.

They are equipped with inbuilt wheels which help to move around freely, you can get multiple different types of attachments to use while cleaning.

The suction power of this device is of high quality thanks to the combination of motor and fan speed that ensures to clean your area in no time with good airflow.

There will be an inbuilt vessel for storage, due to the advanced features they are quite expensive than the other cleaners.


Handheld Vacuum:

As the name suggests this vacuum cleaner comes with long handles that effectively removes dust from hard-to-reach places easily, you can clean your vehicles as well.

These are very portable which makes this easy to carry and gives a complete cordless experience but you have to keep charging them as most of the devices do not work with electricity.

If your budget is low you can go for handled vacuum as they are available at reasonable prices, drawback of handled vacuum they are not suitable for general cleaning like for floors and carpets.


Sweeper Vacuum:

This vacuum highly popular as a stick vacuum cleaner the shape of the cleaner is slightly curvy very sleek in design and comes with a stick for better gripping while cleaning.

Most of the cleaners require batteries to run, vacuum captures the dust from the smallest places but the drawback of this type of device is motor power is a little less than the other vacuum cleaners.


Upright Vacuum:

This is another cleaner who is getting popular in the market due to its technology motor has high-speed capacity so fan spins at the highest level to clean your surfaces.

Suitable to use for larger rooms to professional places, the suction power of the machine is awesome probably the best among all types of the vacuum cleaner.

You can get a bag and bagless upright vacuum cleaners so you can choose as per your need and budget, due to high power suction capacity this type of vacuum to have a high price range.


Robotic Vacuum:

Robotic is very latest technology smart vacuum cleaners, if you want your cleaning to be done in less time without much effort than robotic vacuum cleaner is for you.

These are very convenient and easy to use works on batteries and you can operate with voice control as well, can set time of cleaning, able to clean the flat surfaces quite efficiently even reaches below your furniture.

The drawback of the device is they are not usable for cleaning furniture, curtain,s, etc. most of them are not suitable to clean wet dust but they are very user-friendly.


Animal or Pet Vacuum:

These are specially designed for those who have pets at home, they are efficiently cleaning the area and removes pet hair or dander from your room.



Best vacuum cleaner brands: Buying Guide

While choosing the vacuum cleaner only knowing the types of vacuum cleaner is not enough, we should also consider few things in order to get the best device for your home or office.

As cleaning is a very important factor in our daily life not only to keep your space clean but also for your health, So let us discuss things to consider while buying a vacuum cleaner machine.



The first thing to ask yourself few questions such as room size, if your room size is large and has carpet then an upright vacuum will be better for cleaning.

For flat surfaces & furniture canister vacuum cleaner will be better, stick vacuum cleaners helpful for floors and stairs & cars.

Another thing is the weight of the machine you will get the vacuum from 3kg to above 8kg, if your device is lighter then you can carry them anywhere and lighter product can be easy to move around while cleaning.

Even if the device is heavy then wheels should be smooth so you can maneuver the device easily without any Hassel.


Wet & Dry Cleaner:

You can get vacuum cleaners that can be useful for both dry and wet waste, there will be vessels that can gather your wet dust without harming the fan or motor as they are waterproof.

If you select dry vacuum cleaner so you can only be able to clean dry places not wet dust.


Bag or Bagless: 

Vacuum with bags can be a little pricey in the long run than the bagless as you have to keep changing them on a regular basis so maintenance will be a little more.

Bagless is easy to maintain and use but if you have problems such as asthma or allergy then avoid bagless and go for a bag as you do not come in contact with dust while vacating dust.


HEPA filter:

There are multiple filters available such as foam filters, disk filters, and cloth filters but HEPA filters are one of the best as they efficiently eliminate all the dust, dander, and thinnest of animal hair and keeps your home allergy-free.

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) makes sure to remove above 99.50% of molecules, particles, and hazardous dust.


Power Wattage:

Wattage represents how much electricity your device will consume while running, this also indicates the power of motor capacity.

Higher wattage means the motor has the capacity to run faster and can clean your area more efficiently in a quick time but make sure to run at standard speed while cleaning carpet or furniture.

Vacuum cleaner suction power between 250watts to above 350 watts considered to be best for cleaning and electricity wattage capacity anything between 1000 to 3000 watts better for vacuum cleaners.


Wired or Wireless:

Wireless vacuum is something everyone prefers because of easy movement but you have to keep battery charging on regular basis to use.

Whereas wired vacuum cleaners do not provide free movement but you do not have to keep charging for use as they require electricity.

Wired cleaners have higher motor capacity than wireless but they may not be helpful to clean stairs or cars, as they restrict you to move around.


Less Noisy:

This is a very tricky part as if the wattage is higher than your device will create little noise as the motor runs faster and if the device makes a noise then it can be irritating and disturbing especially if you have a kid or baby at home.

Here robotic machines can be quite useful as they do not create much noise, but most of them are not usable for wet dust so make sure to buy product that has noise level up to 70dB to 85dB.

This is considered to an acceptable level of noise for human hearing.


Multiple attachments:

There are vacuum cleaners available that come with multiple attachments, if your device has multiple attachments then you can use them for different types of cleaning.

Common brush in a vacuum you can find such as Crevices that removes dust from hardest of places, turbo brush helpful for carpet cleaning.

There are other brushes also specially designed for capturing pet hair, dander, and also for furniture, curtains, etc.


Adjustable handles:

If your device has adjustable handles then the device can be useful for multipurpose cleaning, you can clean your floors and also things like furniture, ceiling fans that are hard to reach.

You can find adjustable handles mostly in upright and canister vacuum while buying make sure handles are adjustable and have maximum adjustability.



For vacuum cleaners, most of the brands do provide a warranty between 1-3 years but make sure to read the warranty detail carefully.

As some brands may ask you to register on their websites in a certain period of time after purchase to claim a warranty later if needed.

Warranty mostly covers defects or on the motor but not on bags, bags you have to replace later at your own cost.


Budget and Price:

This is another very tricky thing as most people think that expensive cleaners are durable and provides a more effective cleaning process.

Well, that’s not true even a cheaper price vacuum cleaner can do the job but make sure the device has good functions, you can get cleaners anything between 2000 to above 20,000.

Canister and upright vacuum cleaners relatively affordable than most of the other cleaners you can get them below 12000 easily.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are quite expensive than the other cleaners due to their smart features, stick and handle cleaners also available from affordable to expensive prices.

So the purchasing depending on your budget and requirements.


Read manual:

Always before using read the manual carefully so there should not be any problem of assembling and operating, manual will guide you thoroughly but If you find it difficult then you can watch videos on YouTube.



Best vacuum cleaner Brands: Frequently asked Questions


How does vacuum cleaner works?

The vacuum cleaner uses the motor with electric power, the motor with fans rotational speed seizes the dust with help of an air pump.

Higher airflow means the device has the capacity to seize dust, particles, and allergens more effectively in less time.


What are the advantages of vacuum cleaners?

There are many benefits of a vacuum cleaner the first one is saved a lot of time, consumes less effort, and very user-friendly.

Another thing is cleaning your area thoroughly even the places where your hands can not reach easily such as below your furniture, ceiling fans, surfaces, stairs, and much more.

The good quality vacuum cleaner comes with filters that are helpful for removing hazardous bacteria, germs, and viruses.

If you have a pet at home, they can remove the smallest of hair and dander from the room, some of the cleaners also help to clean your cars.


Are there any disadvantages of vacuum cleaners?

If you have allergies or asthma bagless vacuum cleaner can be problematic for you but you can go for bagged vacuum cleaners.

Another thing is they are a little heavier and also some of the vacuum cleaners require wattage so your electricity consumption may increase.  


Do I have to purchase a pet vacuum?

Well, there are many vacuum cleaners available that efficiently removes pet dander and hair as well, upright or canister vacuums will be an ideal choice for regular cleaning.

They are also efficient enough to seize the toughest of dirt, particles, and pet dander or hair.


How many times a week should I vacuum my room?

Depending on your room if your walls or floors have carpets one- or two times weekly is ideal and if you have a pet at home then you must consider 3-4 times a week or even more & Stairs or floors can be cleaned once a week


What is the durability of vacuum cleaners?

This is completely depending on your use and how you maintain them, if you use them properly as per the guide your device can long last for as long as 5 to 10 years.


Which is the best brand for a vacuum cleaner?

There are multiple brands available in the market that provides the best vacuum cleaners some of them are Dyson getting popular as their products are user-friendly and clean room efficiently.

Other than Dyson Philips, Karcher, Inalsa, Panasonic, and many more.




While concluding we will suggest you not to compromise on quality, suction power as a vacuum is a one-time investment, if you want one device that is usable for multi-purpose then a select vacuum with multiple attachments.

Above we have listed some of the best-selling vacuum cleaners, also discussed in detail about types of cleaners and which things to consider while buying.

Hope this article helps you choose and know about vacuum cleaner top brands but if you have any doubt post your comments, we will be happy to guide you.



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