Best treadmill under 25000 India 2022- Buying guide & Reviews


Best treadmill under 25000 India


Best treadmill under 25000 India


Treadmill for home use is in trend due to its amazing feature that makes your cardio sessions more effective and at the same time you do not have to step out of the home to jog, walk or run and not have to worry about the weather.

There are multiple the best treadmill brand for home use in India, but selecting one right product for you is not the easiest task, and many choices make life even difficult, our team of bestbuyingdeal. in has done a lot of research on the best treadmill under 25000 for home use.

After researching for hours, we have listed in this article some of the 6 best budget treadmills that can give you a good cardio workout and also ensures durability due to the quality.

So let us start discussing the best treadmill under 25000, and later we will discuss for you buying tips for treadmills

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Our top 6 picks for the best treadmill under 25000

Best Treadmill

Motor Capacity 

Available on 

PowerMax Fitness Folding Treadmill

2.0 HP DC, peak up to 4HP

Cockatoo Motorized Treadmill for Home

1.5hp with peak up to 2hp

PowerMax Fitness Electric Treadmill

1.5hp with peak up to 3hp

Kobo Motorized Treadmill 

Motor capacity is 2hp

Stunner Fitness Motorised Treadmill 

2hp Regulat with peak 3hp

Reach T-300 Motorized Treadmill

2.5hp with peak up to 4hp

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About: Best treadmill under 25000


1. PowerMax Fitness Folding Treadmill


best treadmill under 25000


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Powermax Fitness is known for its quality products for fitness equipment they have a huge collection of different types of treadmills for home use and also, they make heavy duty motorized treadmill for commercial use.

This treadmill Model no: TD-M1-A1 is one of the best treadmill under 25000 that comes with regular horsepower 2 HP which has peak up to 4 HP which is good for walking to running, the motor of the machine is durable and less noisy to keep exercise blissful.

Making and build quality of the product is heavy duty made with steel material, the installation is a big worry for many for the treadmill but that is not the case with this PowerMax treadmill as it is already assembled you just have to start and workout.

Running belt is wider have a length of 47.6 and a width of 16.1 inches that is suitable for user height up to 5.8” for walking and for person up to 5.6” can use for walking to running, and it is designed with unique diamond wave running belt that has covered with 7 layers which have shock absorption feature ensures low impact workout for knees.

 The intensity of the exercise is adjustable between 1 to 14km/hr and weight holding capacity is 100kgs, LCD display of this machine is wider 10cms that has tracking functions such as time, speed, burned calories, distance, and heart rate monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Best foldable treadmill for home.
  • No need for installation easy to use.
  • Motor capacity 2.0 HP DC, peak up to 4HP.
  • Treadmill weight capacity is 100kgs.
  • 2 Manual incline level.
  • Running belt size 47.6 x 16.1 inches.
  • Speed is adjustable 1.0 to 14km/hr.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • 12 auto programs and 3 target modes.
  • Easy to move due to inbuilt wheels.
  • Bluetooth, MP3, aux & USB input, and hi-fi speaker
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 3-year on the motor, and 1-year parts & labor.


  • The incline level is manual.
  • Not suitable for the taller users for running.


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2. Cockatoo Motorized Treadmill for Home



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If you are looking for a budget treadmill for home use which has a weight capacity of around 90 kgs then this is going to be the perfect choice for you, as it is suitable for a person 75kgs to 80kgs you have to keep at least 10 to 15 kgs gap between weights.

The motor capacity of the product is at regular 1.5hp and can reach peak up to 2hp treadmill which makes this device suitable for walking and jogging exercise, speed of the exercise you can adjust between 0.8 to 14 km/hr so you can make your workout session more intense.

The running belt area size length is 43.31 and width 15.3 inches is suitable for users up to 5.5” or, max 5.6”, the quality of the belt makes your workout without any discomfort as belt thickness is 1.2 mm that keeps your exercise comfortable.

The good thing about this best treadmill under 25000 is that with the treadmill you can get a massager that can help you to heal your body after an intense workout, LCD display size is large 5” helps to read all tracking details easily.

Key Features:

  • Best cheapest Treadmills for home.
  • Motor capacity is 1.5hp, peak power 2hp treadmill.
  • Running belt size 15.3″ x 43.3″
  • Belt thickness is 1.2 mm.
  • Weight capacity is 90kgs.
  • Large LED display tracks Time, Speed, Distance, Calories.
  • Also, it has a tracking system for Pulse, Fat Measure.
  • Speed range is adjustable 0.8 to 14 km/hr
  • Easy to install and best foldable treadmill.
  • The treadmill comes with a massager.
  • 3 Year Motor Warranty, 1 Year Parts & Life Time Frame Warranty.


  • No incline function.


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3. PowerMax Fitness TDM-99 Electric Treadmill


best treadmill under 25000


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This electric treadmill standing in 3rd place on our list of best treadmill under 25000 due to its strong and durable build quality as it is made with material alloy steel and very easy to move from one place to another due to inbuilt wheels thus it is the best foldable treadmill for home use.

This cardio machine comes with 3 levels manual incline option that can help you to make your workout challenging, the horsepower of the motor is excellent at continuous it has 1.5hp capacity and at the peak 3hp treadmill which is great from walk to run.

The brand has made sure to keep your joints safe and low impactful workout therefore it has a built-in shock absorption facility the running belt is furnished with double layer protection with belt size 45.2 x 15.9 inches.

For ease of use to fold and unfold it has a Hydraulic soft drop system that does not take time to prepare for exercising it takes less time than other traditional cardio equipment, the intensity speed is adjustable up to 14.0 km/hr and the weight capacity of the device is 110kgs.

Key Features:

  • The best treadmill for home use under 25000.
  • 1.5HP DC Motor capacity with peak up to 3hp.
  • 3 level manual incline function.
  • Speed range is adjustable up to 14.0 km/hr.
  • Running belt size 45.2 x 15.9 inches.
  • 12 Pre-set Workout Programs.
  • 3 Target-Based Modes.
  • Weight capacity 110kgs.
  • LCD display monitors Time, Speed, Distance, Calories.
  • Heart rate tracking system.
  • Hydraulic soft drop system for easy folding and unfolding.
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Frame, 3-Year on Motor, And 1-Year on Parts & Labour.


  • Nothing in the price range.


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4. Kobo Motorized Treadmill 


best treadmill under 25000


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Kobo is another one of the best fitness equipment brands in India who are specialized in making products for home use, as it comes with the folding option with ease of installation at the same time it has a safety lock system which helps in stopping workouts quickly in an emergency situation.

This motorized treadmill comes with steel material that keeps this machine is durable, this treadmill offers excellent weight holding capacity support for you as it comes with a maximum capacity of 120kgs suitable for runners and 100kgs for walkers.

The belt size is suitable for maximum height user up to 5.8” as the size of the cardio machine is length 47.24 x width size is 16.53 inches, the overall design is sleek does not occupy much space at home and it is foldable after use.

Listening to music can be entertaining and at the same time motivating too during workout and this best treadmill under 25000 offers you Bluetooth connectivity and Aux connectivity with speakers to make your workout interesting.

Key Features: 

  • Best treadmills for home use.
  • Motor capacity is 2hp.
  • Weight capacity for runners 120kgs.
  • Weight capacity for walkers 100kgs.
  • Running belt size is 47.24 x 16.53 inches.
  • Speed range of 1 to 14 km/h.
  • Large LCD display size 5”
  • Aux connectivity with speakers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Heart rate sensors on the handle.
  • Easily foldable and wheels for transportation.
  • Soft drop cylinder for easy unfold.
  • Shocker suspension system.
  • The treadmill has a 1-year warranty on the motor.


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5. Stunner Fitness Motorised Treadmill 


best treadmill under 25000


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If you are looking for the cheapest treadmill with efficient motor horsepower then this is an ideal choice as it comes with maximum horsepower at peak up to 3hp with regular 2hp that makes this device suitable for walking, jogging, and running.

This machine offers an excellent cardio workout as you can adjust the speed of intensity between 1 to 14km/hr with a manual inclination option of 3 levels you can use for a more intensifying workout to burn more extra calories.

Running surface is large enough to use for users up to 5.8” as it comes with a size of 1150 x 420 mm, there are 12 pre-set workout programs and 3 target-based modes to makes your exercise session interesting and to bring versatility in cardio sessions.

The cardio fitness equipment is suitable for user who has a weight of 90kgs as it has weight holding capacity of 110kgs and you have to keep buffer between weights, the installation and folding facility is quick and easy.

Key Features:

  • Horsepower regular 2hp at peak 3hp.
  • Weight capacity is 110kgs.
  • 3 level manual inclination.
  • The belt size is 1150 x 420 mm.
  • 12 pre-set workout programs.
  • 3 target-based mode.
  • 5” inch Bright Blue LCD Display.
  • Speed is adjustable 1 to 14km hr.
  • Dual Speakers & Aux Cable for Music.
  • Hydraulic Soft Drop System for easy folding & Unfolding.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame Warranty, 1-Year on Motor, And 1-Year Parts.


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6. Reach T-300 Motorized Treadmill



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Reach is known for its unique features and functions even in budget fitness machines they offer a very high standard facility as this machine has one of the highest motor capacities 2.5hp with 4hp at the peak which is highest in the range and on our list of best treadmill under 25000.

Not only horsepower is efficient and suitable for any kind of exercise but it also comes with 15 different auto programs with 3 levels of manual inclination facility that keeps your workout on this treadmill more user friendly and brings versatility so you should not get bored with one type of exercise.

The frame is made of high-quality fiber and steel material which looks quite shiny therefore this treadmill looks quite attractive in design, this heavy-duty treadmill is suitable for users with weight up to 100kgs and the running belt is made with thick and strong material that keeps the machine less noisy during operation.

The surface area is wider than other above-listed products it has a length of 49 and a width of 17 inches which makes this device suitable for walking for user height up to 6.1” and the best treadmill for running for users up to 5.8”

Key Features:

  • The best treadmill for home use.
  • Hydraulic Folding System.
  • Wheels added for Easy Movement.
  • Heart rate monitoring system.
  • Speed is adjustable between 1 to 12km/hr.
  • Horse power 2.5hp with peak up to 4hp.
  • Running surface area 49 X 17 inches.
  • 15 auto programs with 3 levels manual inclination.
  • A good dual cushion system ensures safety.
  • LCD display for monitor your workout.
  • Weight capacity is 100kgs.
  • Inbuilt handlebars for a safe ride.
  • Do not create noise, inbuilt speakers.
  • The treadmill has a 1-year warranty.


  • No Bluetooth connectivity.


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Buying Guide for the best treadmill under 25000

I have just covered some of the top-selling best treadmills for home under 25000, it is also important to understand some of the important elements of treadmills so you can get an idea about which treadmill is best for home use.


Different Types of Treadmills:

There are multiple types of treadmills which you can use as per your requirement as each and every kind of treadmill offers some pros and some cons, not every product is perfect so some of the treadmills you get online and offline are as below.


Manual Treadmill:


This Manual treadmill cardio machine is one of the oldest machines but is very effective than other treadmills as you have to move your feet without any motor so the intensity of the workout is overall depending on you.

This cardio equipment requires a lot of physical strength, there also be manual options available to enhance and challenge your workout, the cardio equipment is cheaper than the other treadmills and no need to worry about noise and this product will have a weight capacity of around 90kgs to 120kgs.

If you are looking for low impact workout and ease of movement then this is not a good choice for you as it puts pressure on joints and knees, is not ideal for elders, and the running belt area will not be larger so not very suitable for taller but as I discussed very effective workout to tone your legs, thighs and to burn calories.

Note: There are some very cheapest treadmills available in a manual treadmill under 15000 if you are looking for a manual treadmill you can read our detailed article on the best treadmill under 15000.


Motorized Treadmill:


This type of treadmill is suitable for home use and you can find this in gyms and fitness centers, the machine works on inbuilt motors and it requires an electric supply for operation therefore it is also known as electric treadmills.

The motorized treadmill comes in various price ranges depending on many things such as horsepower, belt area, and weight capacity of the product, overall, this machine makes your workout user friendly as it is easy to set up and there will be buttons which you just have to press and your workout starts.

Therefore, it is widely used as it helps to have good high-quality cardio sessions that are good for weight loss and also will come with many advanced functions such as manual or auto inclined or auto programs that can make your workout interesting.

In this type of treadmill, you can get a foldable treadmill, commercial treadmill, and semi-commercial treadmills, weight capacity will be depending on the product to product but you can get a treadmill from user capacity up to 90kgs to above 200kgs.


Under desk Treadmill:


This is a new trend treadmill which is known as under-desk treadmills or as desk treadmills, this is made especially for home and office use as it folds flat and you do not have too much worry about storage as you can store it anywhere.

The weight capacity of the under desk treadmill depends on the product to produce anything from 100kgs to 130kgs, the motor capacity you will not get as high as you may find in motorized treadmill thus most of them are suitable for those who are looking for either just walking exercise or jogging not many desk treadmill suitable for running.



Motor quality:


The quality of the motor is very important as durability and maintenance depend on the motor and also noisy motor can be irritating for you and others at home, but not to worry as most of the brands do make a motor with copper quality which ensures durability and silent operation.


Motor Capacity:


Since you are looking for the best treadmill under 25k then you will get horsepower from 1.5hp to 2.5hp continuous duty motor and the peak can be anything between 2hp to 4hp which is still decent for an efficient workout.

I suggest you go with horsepower at least regular 2hp with peak 3.5hp to 4hp as it considers to be best for walking to running and if you are a walker then 1.5hp is sufficient to go with.


Running belt:


This is another element that can not be overlooked and one of the crucial points as well as your comfortable exercise depends on the running surface of the treadmills, in best treadmill under 25000 you can get a treadmill with max length up to 49 and width up to 17 which can be decent for height user up to 6 inches but only for walking and jogging but not ideal for running.

For more detail, you can read below how to choose belt size according to height.

  • For Height 5.5” al least treadmill belt size should be 46 x 16” suitable for runners and for walking 44” x 14”
  • 6” to 5.8” running surface good for running 48” x 18” and for walking 46” x 16”
  • For 5.9 to 6.1” you can go with for walking 48 x 18” and for runners 50 x 20”
  • For above 6.1” you should go with 52 x 22” for running and for walking belt size should be at least 50 x 20”

Note: If you are a taller person and looking for a large belt size then you may have to spend some money on the treadmill, you can read our article on the best treadmill for 150kg capacity as these treadmills will have a longer stride capacity.


Weight capacity:


In best treadmill under 25000 you will get treadmill user weight from 90kgs to 120kgs, but remember if a brand claiming to have a capacity of 90kgs then your present weight should be around 70kgs to 75kgs as you should keep some buffer between product weight and present weight.

If you are a heavy user then you may have to go with a little higher range of products as they can offer you a higher weight capacity.


Speed range:


The treadmill should have at least 10km/hr speed adjustability if you are looking for the best treadmill under 25000 and the good thing is most of the treadmill comes with speed adjustability from 1km/hr to 12 or 14km/hr.


Incline levels:


This is depending on the product to product since under 25000 treadmills are budget treadmills you may have to settle with the manual inclination option almost every product will have at least 3 level incline function.

But make sure to read details about inclination function as some products may not have incline options if you are looking for basic exercise the incline option can be avoided but if you want to have intensifying workout then your product should have an inclination facility.

As incline function helps in very high-level cardio workout which can be good for strength and to burn massive calories.





So here it is we have discussed buying tips with the best treadmill under 25000 for home use in India, the budget is enough to get a good cardio machine for your fitness journey but if you are an overweight and taller user then you have to spend little more than this price range.

Hope this article on the best treadmill for home use helps to know in detail about this amazing cardio machine as a treadmill for weight loss is the top priority option with multiple benefits.



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