Best treadmill in India under 30000 in 2022- Reviews


Best treadmill in India under 30000 in 2022- Reviews


In Hurry? Top 5 Best Treadmill under 30000 in India 

Best Treadmill for home 

Key Features & Our Review 

PowerMax Fitness TDM-100M

Motor Capacity 2.0HP DC

Belt size  L-49.6 x W- 16.9 inches

Weight Capacity 105Kg.

Speed 0.8 to 14.8km/hr.

LCD display 5" LED tracks workout 

Incline 6-Level Manual Incline

Warranty Lifetime Frame, 3-Year Motor 1-Year Parts

Our Review: Best for walking & jogging easy to install & Easy Maintenance, foldable 

Fitkit FT200S Motorized Treadmill 

Motor Capacity 2.25HP at peak 4.5HP

Belt size 1240 X 420 mm.

Weight Capacity 110kgs 

Speed 1 to 16km/hr.

LCD display with 12 preset workout programs 

Incline Level is up to 15

Warranty 3 Years on frame & 1 year on Motor 

Our Review: Best for home walking to running 

Cockatoo CTM-101 Motorized Treadmill 

Motor Capacity  2.25HP at peak 5HP

Belt size 16.5-Inches x 49.6-Inches.

Weight Capacity 120kgs 

Speed 0.8-14.8 km/hr.

LCD display 5-inch tracks workout 

Incline 3 Level Manual Incline

Warranty Lifetime Frame, 3-Year Motor 1-Year Parts

Our Review: Value for money top-rated for cardio at home 

MAXPRO PTM405 Folding Treadmill 

Motor Capacity 2.0HP at peak 4.5HP

Belt size 1150 X 420mm

Weight Capacity 110kg 

Speed 1 to 14 km/hr 

LCD display with 12 pre-set programs

Incline  3-Level manual incline

Warranty 1 year 

Our Review: Bestselling treadmill for home use 

Cockatoo Motorized Treadmill 

Motor Capacity 2.5 HP & 5 HP Peak

Belt size 16.5-inch x 49.6-inch

Weight Capacity 110 kg.

Speed  0.8-16 km/hr

LCD display 5" tracks workout 

Incline 18 level 

Warranty  LifeTime on Frame & 1 year on part 

Our Review: Top rated usable for walking to running 

Best treadmill in India under 30000 in 2022- Reviews

Are you looking for the best treadmill under 30000? but not yet confirmed which one to select not to worry In this article, we are going to list some of the top-quality treadmills.

The treadmill is essential and effective equipment for your weight loss or fitness journey as it helps to lose unwanted calories in no time so you must not compromise with the quality of the material and also performance.

Note: some of these treadmills may vary in price little but are worth each penny you spend on them.


Summary of 3 Best Treadmill under 30000 for home 

Best Treadmill

Our Quick Review 

Available on

PowerMax Fitness Motorized Treadmill

Editors choice 

Fitkit FT200S Motorized Treadmill 

Our recommendation

Cockatoo CTM-101 Motorized Treadmill 

Value for money best for walk to run



Before start discussing the best treadmill in India under 30000, we have listed and review the product on the below metrics as these below points are important in any treadmill.

This is a simple buying guide for treadmills let us understand each point so you can have a clear idea about the functions and technique of the treadmills.

  • Horsepower: Efficiency of workout depending on horsepower the higher the horsepower is better for your workout intensity.
  • Running area: Comfort is also plays important role in your workout sessions and for that, your surface area should be longer to run, walk, or jogging.
  • Weight capacity: Each and every product will have minimum weight capacity in treadmills you will get about at least 90kgs to 150kgs of weight capacity, all depending on the product to product.
  • Intensity adjustment: As a beginner, you will start from a lower speed but as you get comfortable and improves your strength you will increase the speed as well, adjustable speed in the treadmill comes from anything between 1 to 16km hr.


About: Best treadmill in India under 30000


1. PowerMax Fitness TDM-100M Motorized Treadmill


Best treadmill in India under 30000



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Key Features:

  • Motor efficiency 2.0HP DC, less noisy. 
  • 6-Level Manual Incline for an intense workout.
  • It has a 5″ LED Display track Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, and Heart rate.
  • Max User Weight is 105Kg.
  • Workout intensity adjustable between 0.8 to 14.8km/hr.
  • Running surface area L-49.6 x W- 16.9 inches
  • Dual spring shock absorption with double layer running board.
  • Hydraulic soft drop system for easy folding & unfolding
  • Heart rate sensor on crossbar handle, Wheels helps for easy transportation.
  • It has a Massager & sit-up bar, easy to assemble 90% of the parts are already installed.
  • Semi-Auto Lubrication for Easy Maintenance
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, And 1-Year Parts Warranty on parts.


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Why is it best for Home use?

If you are looking for a treadmill that can save space at home then this Powermax fitness treadmill Model no: TDM-100M will be the ideal selection as the machine is easy to assemble and also easy to store.

Another great function this treadmill has that we like the most its noise function it does not create much noise thanks to well-built motor quality it is made from copper which also saves a lot of electricity as well.


Build quality:

The material quality of the machine is very compact and durable as it is made with high-quality stainless steel, the weight of the machine is 56Kgs which is quite heavy but due to inbuilt wheels, users can move the machine if needed.

As discussed, that it is very easy to install and the machine is foldable you can keep the machine in one place after each use fold it so you can save the space if have any issue with spacing.


Horse Power:

The motor efficiency is decent in the treadmill as the Horsepower of the machine is 2.0HP, user can do exercises such as walking, jogging and running as well, it is good for the person who is suffering from the diabetic, retired person who is looking to keep active life and stay fit, marathon runners.


Running surface and quality of running area:

The running area in the treadmill is 49.6 x 16.9 inches which are quite suitable for a person with a height of between 5.6 to 5.8 or a maximum of 5.9, if you have a height of 6 feet this may not be ideal for you.

The running belt quality is very well designed as it is made for users to keep away from shock as the area equipped with the double-layered running board ensures softer cushioning and this also keeps less pressure on your joints while working out.

Running belt is completely safe as it has a feature of anti-skidding properties as the belt are made with PVC and Multi-Ply polyester satin weave that helps to keep away from shock and thickness also plays important role in safety it has 1.8mm thick layer.

To keep your workout sessions smooth and to keep without any hassle, it has rollers inbuilt material quality of steel, these rollers keep your workout comfortable and also helps not to create noise.


Speed and weight capacity:

The intensity of the workout is adjustable between 0.8 to 14km/hr., you can adjust the speed of your workout as per your comfort.

The weight capacity of the machine is not that high it has 105Kgs but with treadmills, you have to keep a buffer of weight between 20 to 25kgs so if you have a weight of 80 to 85 you can easily use this machine.


Monitoring system:

The LED display monitors your complete performance to help you know about your progress so you can improve your workout efficiency it tracks your time of workout, the distance you covered during the session, calories burned, pulse, and incline.

To track your heart rate during the working out machine designed with heart rate sensors, these sensors are on crossbar handles, Powermax fitness also kept the function such as pre-setting workouts.


Unique functions:

The machine comes with sit-up brackets so you can do workouts such as sit-ups to get the extra benefit of the treadmill.

Massage after a workout is a great way to keep your tired muscles active, healthy, and fine this treadmill comes with a massager facility that can be used to massage the body part such as hips and thighs.

Lubrication is an important factor in the treadmill especially for the home as it is important to keep your machine durable and the motor keeps moving smoothly, this Powermax fitness treadmill has semi lubrication that helps to keep the lubrication process simple and easy.

If you are someone who wants to keep listening to music during workout sessions this treadmill has inbuilt speakers with AUX input so you can listen to music during a workout session to keep you self-motivated.



Other Related Best Treadmill in India Under 30000:


2. Fitkit FT200S Motorized Treadmill 




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Key Features:

  • Powerful 2.25HP and 4.5HP at Peak efficient DC Motor.
  • The inclination Level is up to 15, with a Speed Range of 1 to 16km/hr.
  • Auto Lubrication for easy maintenance.
  • Running surface area 1240 X 420 mm.
  • Anti-skid running board and can also be folded when not in use.
  • 12 preset workout programs for an efficient workout and changeable mode.
  • Maximum user weight capacity is up to 110 kg.
  • LCD display tracks speed, time, distance, calories burned.
  • Fit plus app, heart rate monitoring via heart rate sensor.
  • It also comes with a safety key, easy to fold after use.
  • 1 Year Warranty on Motor and Manufacturing Defect, 3 Years Warranty on Frame.
  • Users have to use a proper stabilizer.


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Description About: Fitkit FT200S Motorized Treadmill 

Fitkit is another best treadmill in India under 30000, as this motorized treadmill is specially designed for home use, the design is very attractive looks excellent and trendy.

Build quality of the machine is also good as it is made with high-quality steel, the weight of the machine is about 55kgs but as it is foldable it allows the user to save the area at home.

Installation of the machine is easy, in any treadmill motor plays an important role as the horsepower is completely dependent on motors efficiency it has high-quality horsepower that is suitable for walking, jogging, and intense running.

The horsepower at regular base continues 2.25Hp with 4.5HP at the peak which is considered to be excellent for working out at a high level, the maximum weight capacity of the machine is 110 kg.

So, if you are someone who has a weight of around 90kgs you can use this machine to start your weight loss or cardio journey, the machine offers up to 12 pre-set workouts so you can utilize them for your workout.

The machine’s customizable modes help your workout to keep challenging once you start gaining strength, the running area is long enough to give you a comfortable and smooth exercise session.

The running belt size is 1240 X 420 mm, the running space also provides safety during intensifying workout sessions as it has anti-skidding properties, the treadmill has an inclination level up to 15 levels.

This helps you to challenge your workout at the core level as incline function helps to keep the workout challenging along with the speed adjustability is between 1km hr. to, these all things keep your cardio sessions effective and efficient.

The unique thing about this Fitkit motorized treadmill user gets the assistance and help of dieticians and video training to get support during the initial stage for almost 3 months.

The treadmill easily connects with the Fit plus app that keeps you track of your daily performance user can install the app from android, IOS, and also apps like Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, Amazon Alexa.



3. Cockatoo CTM-101 Motorized Treadmill 




Best treadmill in India under 30000



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Key Features:

  • 2.5HP at regular and 5 HP peak DC motor,
  • Running surface area 16.5-Inch x 49.6-Inches.
  • Incline level is up to 3 Level Manual Incline for challenging exercise.
  • Speed range is adjustable between 0.8-14.8 km/hr.
  • The display size is the 5-inch LCD display.
  • Max user weight is 120 kg,
  • It is suitable for running 90 kg and for walking 120 kg.
  • The steel roller keeps the belt centered and running smoothly to reduce noise.
  • USB ports and MP3 speakers.
  • 3-year motor warranty, 1-year on parts & lifetime frame warranty.


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Description About: Cockatoo CTM-101 Motorized Treadmill 

Cockatoo CTM-101 is 3rd on our list if you are someone who wants higher DC motor capacity then this treadmill machine is the perfect choice for you in this budget.

Before discussing the DC motor capacity let us understand the making quality of the motorized treadmill, the making and build quality of the product is from stainless steel but the weight is lighter than the above machines.

It has 47kgs of the weight of the machine which is decently light for home use user can move a bit easier, it has a foldable function that is helpful to save space at home.

Now comes the efficiency of the motor, this machine equipped with a good motor capacity which has 2.5 horsepower on regular capacity, and peak horsepower can reach up to 5Hp.

To keep the motor silent during use so the others and you should not feel irritated it is built with rollers at the center of the belt that keeps less noisy operation and moves smoothly.

Running surface or belt area is suitable for above 5.5 feet person to 5.8 feet as well the dimension of the belt is 49.6 X 16.6 inches, the firmness in the belt is formed for safety.

The belt thickness is 1.6mm which is reasonably good, the intensity of the exercise is adjustable between 0.8 to 14.8Km hr., incline level is adjustable up to 3 levels to keep your exercise challenging when needed.

It has another function such as USB ports and MP3 speakers to keep you entertained during the workout which helps to motivate users during the workout, device overall very easy to assemble.

Due to horsepower, this machine becomes very compact and effective for even a person who likes to work out at higher intensity, the weight capacity of the machine is 120 kg.

The treadmill is suitable for walking for weight up to 120kgs and if you want to run on the device machine is suitable for 90kgs.




So this is it friends we have discussed and review some of the best treadmills under 30000 in India, all of the above-listed products are top quality and from well-known brands.

While concluding we will suggest you while buying any treadmill make sure to check horsepower, weight capacity, and running surface with warranty details carefully.

Hope this article helps you to know about the best treadmill under 30000 in India, but if you have any query please post your comments we will be happy to guide you.

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