Best treadmill 150kg user weight India 2022- Reviews


Best treadmill 150kg user weight India 2022- Reviews


Best treadmill 150kg user weight India 2022- Reviews


Top-rated Best Treadmill 150KG capacity 

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Value for Money 

Cockatoo CTM501 Treadmill 

AFTON Sole 2019 Treadmill

Viva Fitness T-1200 Commercial Treadmill

‎Horsepower 4HP Regular, 8HP at peak

3.5 HP regular horse power

‎Horsepower 4HP Regular, 8HP at peak

Running Belt: 22″X 60″

Running Belt: 22″X 60″

Running Belt: 22″X 63″

Max User Weight: 170 kg

Max User Weight: 170 kg

Max User Weight: 150 kg

The treadmill is an important element if you are heavyweight or your weight is more than 100Kgs.

Are you looking for a best-selling treadmill 150Kg user weight but not found yet? Well, it’s not that easy to get one for you as in India there are very few treadmills available that have a higher weight capacity.

You will see multiple ranges of treadmills from 90kg to 120kg but heavy-duty products are very rare and difficult to find especially if you are looking for home use.

But no need to worry all your search will end here as we are going to discuss and review some of the high-quality treadmills that not only have a weight capacity of around 150kg but are also highly recommended for home exercise.

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Our top 5 picks for best treadmill 150kg user weight

Best Treadmill 

Special Features

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1. PowerMax Fitness TAC-510 Motorized Treadmill 

4HP Regular and peak at 6HP, weight capacity 150kg.

2. Cockatoo CTM-01 Semi Commercial Treadmill 

Regular 2.5Hp and at peak 5Hp, weight capacity 130kg.

3. PowerMax Fitness TDA-500 Motorized Treadmill 

3HP Regular and peak at 6HP, weight capacity 150kg.

4 AFTON Sole Motorized Treadmill 

3.5HP horse power, weight capacity 170kg

5. Cockatoo CTM501 Commercial treadmill 

Regular 4Hp and at peak 8Hp, weight capacity 170kg.

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About: Best treadmill 150kg user weight India


1. PowerMax Fitness TAC-510 Motorized Treadmill 


Best selling treadmill 150kg user weight India



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Powermax fitness brand has multiple ranges of treadmills and one of the top brands for fitness and exercise products, this treadmill is a motorized treadmill specially designed for home use.

It can be used by anyone as it is suitable for walking, running and Jogging, the motor capacity makes sure to give the user a very intense exercising experience as Horse Power at regular it has 4.5HP and at peak reaches up to 6Hp.

Due to its long-running belt area treadmill suitable for a person with 6 feet height as the running area comes with 55.1″ X 20.4″, the auto incline function helps to enhance and challenge your exercise session this treadmill comes with 15 levels of inclination.

This an amazingly unique and amazing function of this treadmill as you will get an inclining facility in most of the product but it offers a very high adjusting level, speed is adjustable up to 20Km hr.

Key Features: 

  • It is good quality material made with alloy steel.
  • The motor is efficient as it has a Regular Horse Power of 4.5HP and a peak of 6HP.
  • The treadmill has a maximum weight capacity of up to 150Kg.
  • Intensity is adjustable between 1 to 20Km hr. 
  • Long and wide running area 55.1X 20.4 inches.
  • It comes with speed select hotkeys.
  • Auto inclines up to 18 levels for intensifying the workout.
  • Large LCD display sized 7.1″ 
  • LCD display monitors Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Incline & BMI.
  • BMI FAT Function, 12 Pre-set Programs for an efficient workout.
  • Also comes with 3 Target based Modes.
  • Heart rate sensors tracking on the cross handlebar.
  • The running board has a double-layer design with better shock absorption.
  • Easy to fold and install thanks to Hydraulic Soft drop System.
  • Cooling Fan for fresh air during a workout.
  • Wheel for Transportation helps in easy movement.
  • Mobile & Tablet Holder for safekeeping your smart devices while running.
  • The treadmill comes with Lifetime Frame Warranty.
  • 3-Year Motor Warranty, And 1-Year on Parts & Labor.


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2. Cockatoo CTM-01 Semi Commercial Treadmill 


Best selling treadmill 150kg user weight



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Cockatoo is another brand that is getting popular in India they too have products like treadmills, exercise cycles, etc.

This is Semi commercial treadmill that is suitable for home and gym as well, and at the same time foldable device helps to save space at home, installation is very easy that saves your time.

The motor capacity is 2.5Hp at regular and at peak at 5HP so user can walk, run, or jogging as well, motor made of high quality so ensures durability and does not create much noise.

The inclination function is automatic and can incline up to 15% to intensify your workout sessions, speed of the treadmill is adjustable for up to 20Km hr., running space is decently wide 23″ X 57″ suitable for a person with 6.2 feet.

The unique thing about this treadmill is it comes with a massager so you can get a slight massage, also comes with exercise facilities such as sit-ups and dumbbells.

Key Features:

  • It is a semi-commercial treadmill suitable for home and gym.
  • The motor is efficient for intensity workouts.
  • Horsepower is at regular 2.5Hp and at peak 5Hp.
  • Running belt area is 23″ X 57″ 
  • The maximum user weight is 130Kg.
  • LCD display tracks Time, Speed, Distance, calories, Pulse, Fat Measure.
  • The intensity of the exercise adjustable up to 20 Km/h.
  • It has auto inclination up to 15% for intensifying workouts.
  • Auto lubrication system keeps maintenance easy.
  • The display is of 10.1″ TFT touch with Wi-Fi Connection.
  • 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal memory.
  • AUD, AUX & USB Input and easy to assemble.
  • It is very easy to move and the device is foldable saves your space.
  • Noiseless Motor and Super Shock Reducing Function for safety.
  • Multifunction comes with Massager, Sit-up, Dumbbell 1 Kg x2 Dumbbells
  • Advised to use voltage stabilizer for the safety of motor
  • Belt Thickness is 1.8 mm, It has 12 preset programs for a workout.
  • Changeable helps to plan your exercise efficiently.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame.
  • 3 years warranty on the motor and 1 year on other parts.


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3. PowerMax Fitness TDA-500 Motorized Treadmill 


Best treadmill 150kg user weight India



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Another PowerMax fitness treadmill that has a weight capacity of up to 150Kg, made with high-quality material that is alloy steel ensures durability.

It is a motorized treadmill suitable for home use as it is also foldable design and 90% of the part is already assembled so you do not have to worry about installing it quite easy to install and it also comes with a 360 degree rotating functional that saves a lot of space.

The motor is quite efficient in fact it has high-quality Horse Power comes with 3HP at regular and at peak, it can go up to 6HP, this product also comes with Auto inclining feature inclined up to 15% and it has 12 pre-set program.

The running area is 55.1 X 19.6 inches which is decently enough for a person with a height up to 6 feet, speed of the exercise adjustable between 1 to 20Km hr.

Key Features:

  • Frame material made from durable alloy steel.
  • It is foldable design saves space at home, specially designed for home use.
  • DC motor capacity at regular speed 3HP and at peak 6Hp.
  • The running area is wide 55.1 X 19.6 inches.
  • Intensity and speed are adjustable for up to 20Km hr.
  • The weight capacity of the treadmill is 150 Kg.
  • It has semi-auto lubrication with 3D smart touch keys.
  • Semi-auto lubrication makes sure ease of maintenance.
  • LED display monitors Time, speed, distance, and calories.
  • Auto inclination up to 15% for challenging exercise sessions.
  • The bottom has a 360-degree rotational function.
  • Inbuilt speakers to enjoy music while exercising.
  • Hydraulic Soft drop System makes sure easy folding and installation.
  • Mobile & Tablet Holder for safekeeping devices while running.
  • It has 12 preset workout programs.
  • Lifetime frame warranty and it has 90% pre-assembled product.


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What is Semi commercial Motorized Treadmill?


These are designed for multipurpose cardio exercises; some products are specially made for home use and commercial treadmills are found in gyms but Semi commercial can be used for both home or office and even gym.

These are quite heavy-duty products the basic difference between commercial and semi-commercial products.

Commercial treadmills are not foldable they occupy more space but semi commercial treadmills are also made for home use they can come with features such as folding, but this is depending on each product some may not have foldable options.

As most of us are not technically know everything about treadmills but we must have a basic idea about treadmills as it is very confusing when you start searching for the best product especially if you are slightly heavier in weight.

Therefore in India finding cardio machines for overweight people is quite challenging due to less availability in heavy-duty cardio machines specifically if you are looking for a home workout.

As commercial treadmills are not very recommended for home no it is not that you cannot workout on them but they are quite space-consuming and regular maintenance can be quite a headache for you so the best option is semi-commercial treadmills.

As we have discussed you may get foldable options as well which really helps in saving space, here you must be wondering about the installation part yes you are right in the way to think that it can be irritating that every time you have to assemble the parts.

But the best thing about foldable treadmills that are designed for home uses most of the parts in most cases 90 to 95% pre assembles so it does not take much time while installing.



To understand more about the treadmills let us discuss in Detail about Types of treadmills for cardio, we have discussed in detail the semi-commercial treadmill machine, now let us discuss another type of treadmills.


Residential Treadmills:

With name it is quite evident that it is specially made for home use, these are mostly coming with the folding facility but since they are made for home use you will not find them in the gym, there are also new technologies and since treadmills are quite in trend for home, there is specially designed cardio machine available that is called Under Desk treadmill.

These are also made for home and office use you can store them under your desk which allows you to save space but if you are a heavy person you may not get under desk cardio machines.

So, you can say that 2 types of residential cardio products available Folding and under-desk treadmills.


Commercial Treadmills:

These you can see in gyms as it is commercial treadmills, they are quite heavy-duty products and will have higher weight capacity than the residential treadmills and, in some cases, more than semi-commercial treadmills as well.



Benefits of Semi commercial Treadmills:


Though these cardio machines are a little expensive when it comes to home use and it is understandable as you are getting a product that is latterly similar to commercial cardio machines.

Apart from this, it has many other benefits that will be highly beneficial for you in long run.


Horsepower: The capacity of the motor plays a vital role in the efficiency of the treadmill since these 150kg user treadmills are made for heavy-duty and mostly they are semi-commercial.

The horsepower will be higher than those treadmills which are made especially for home use, the regular horsepower may be around 2hp or 2.5hp, 3hp but peak horsepower will be 5hp or even at 6hp which is considered to be very efficient for a smooth ride.

The quality of motor you can literally compare with cardio machines that are made for commercial purposes.


Tracking space: This is another important aspect of the treadmill as your efficiency of workout or let’s say ease of exercise completely depending on this good news is in this weight of cardio equipment, you will get larger tracking space.

Tracking space selection depending on your height but the good thing is 150Kg user weight treadmill and semi-commercial treadmills comes with a wide range that can be suitable for a person with a height up to 6 feet or even above.


Speed range: Adjustable speed in residential cardio equipment will be around 1 to 12km hr., but in semi-commercial cardio equipment you will get higher speeds up to 16km hr. or 18km hr. some may also come with adjustable speed up to 20Km hr.

The suggestion will be if you are a beginner or even advance level athlete start with lower speed if the particular machine you are using first time as you do not have an idea about the range of speed.

You can start with 4 or 5 km hr. at the beginning if you are advanced level you can immediately increase the speed but if you are a beginner go slowly at the beginning and gradually improve the speed.


Weight capacity: Yes, I know you are looking for a treadmill of around 150kg but here it is an important tip always keep a buffer of 20 kg than your current weight so in this scenario if you are weight is 130 kg. you can go on the treadmill with a 150 kg user weight.


Incline options: In residential products, it completely depends on each product some may have incline options and some may not have, mostly it comes with a manual incline.

Manual incline you have to adjust by yourself so it can be hinder between your workouts if you want to adjust it during exercise sessions, in this range, you will get auto incline options for sure, so no need to worry about inclination.

Incline options are very important to try different kinds of workouts on the treadmill to keep exercise challenging.




Now the biggest question is which one is a better commercial or semi-commercial product for heavyweight people.

There is no such harm to buy a commercial treadmill for a home but as discussed space it will take as you will not get the option of folding and honestly, they will be quite expensive so since you have the option of semi-commercial it is better to go for the semi-commercial treadmill.

Though it is all depending on you, hope this article helps you to understand and know about best selling treadmill 150kg user but if you have any query please post a comment, we will be happy to guide you.



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