Best steam vaporizer for cold and cough in India 2021


Best steam vaporizer for cold and cough in India 2021


Best steam vaporizer for cold and cough in India 2021


Cold and cough is something that can cause any time of the year be it winter or summer human body can suffer from cold and cough.

Cold and cough can be so irritating that we can not get proper sleep at night as most of us face problems while sleeping at night we do not get proper sleep and then the next day we feel more tired and less active.

Tablets and cough syrups are effective but take time to recover the best solution to that is a steam vaporizer it is something that everyone should have at home.

The best thing about this is it can be used by multiple people at home even kids as well, another unique thing is you can use it for face clean-up.

It is important to buy the best product at home they are not that pricey but still, we must have the best quality machine that can be used for the long term.

So, if you are looking for a steam vaporizer this article is going to help you to know in detail about them.

Let us discuss the Best steam vaporizer for cold and cough in India which can also be useful for face clean-up.


Best steam vaporizer

Special Features 

Available On 

HealthSense Steamer Inhaler Vaporizer

Water heats within 40 seconds 

Dr Trust Home Vaporizer Steamer 

Water capacity 55ml

Healthgenie Steam Vaporizer

Water heats within 3 minutes

Mievida Steam Inhaler Vaporizer

2 level of heating setting 


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1. HealthSense Steamer Inhaler Vaporizer


Best steam vaporizer for cold and cough in India



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The first on the list of best steam vaporizers from Healthsense, the design of the product is very trendy and sleek design as well if you are looking for your child this will be the best choice to go for and it can also be used by elders.

The material used for making is a form of plastic that is ABS material that keeps your machine dust-free and the handle make sure user can use it properly.

The water capacity is 100ml, the water starts to heat up within 40 seconds as it has a Ceramic PTC heating element and it gives proper treatment due to the UV steam sterilization.

The steaming can reach up to 40-degree temperature, it has a fast spray or drizzle system that is in 50 seconds and the spray is quite thinner fine thanks to the Nano-Ionic technique.

Key Features:

  • It is made with go0d-quality ABS material.
  • Ensures purified water.
  • Nano- Ionic intelligent steaming system ensures superfine mist.
  • Long wires 1.1 meters cord and it has a wireless auto turn off the system.
  • Easy to handle due to inbuilt portable handles.
  • Steaming temperature up to 40 degrees.
  • Water tank capacity up to 100ml.
  • The quick heating process is within 40 seconds.
  • 15 minutes hot mist cycle.
  • The vaporizer comes with a 1-year warranty.


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2. Dr. Trust Home Vaporizer Steamer 


Best steam vaporizer for cold and cough in India



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Dr. Trust vaporizer and steamer are next, this is one of the most unique design products and quite sleek as well if you are looking for something which is usable while cold, cough, flu, and also for spa sessions.

It can do your job of the spa, it is completely safe for kids as well as it is made with care especially keeping in mind about kids, it has an auto turn off the function that keeps user safe while using.

The machine has a decent water capacity of up to 55ml, and the machine runs up to 17 minutes so you can get proper gentle steaming sessions, overall a good product has a button where users can set up steaming between 2 levels.

Key Features:

  • Ensures softer steam and is usable for the spa as well.
  • Water capacity is 55ml.
  • It has a runtime of up to 17 minutes.
  • Auto turn-off ensures safety, it is suitable for kids.
  • The nasal mask rotates in 360 degrees.
  • It is a heat insulation design and has good quality aroma tray.
  • It has a power indication system and 2 level setting buttons.
  • User can utilize for multiple reasons such cough, cold, flu, and allergy.
  • The vaporizer comes with 15 days warranty.


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3. Healthgenie Steam Vaporizer


Best steam vaporizer for cold and cough in India



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This Healthgenie steam vaporizer looks similar to the above-listed product but has different functionalities and features, it is very effective for skin cleaning and asthma issues.

Other benefits are the same as what we expect from a steam vaporizer such as relief from cold, cough, etc, the water capacity in this machine is 50ml that is sufficient for healing purposes.

The water heats in less than 5 minutes it takes 3 minutes to keep ready for your session, it has an auto turn-off function for safe use and it is also made with a heat insulation system.

Another unique thing is the user can set up the heating levels as per requirement between 2 levels, the machine has a time of 15 minutes that is enough to use.

Key Features:

  • The machine is sleek in design and made with plastic.
  • Easy to operate it has 2 levels of heating settings.
  • Water heats within 3 minutes.
  • Water capacity is up to 50ml.
  • The machine runs for 15 minutes, it has an auto turn-off function.
  • It has heating insulation; the cord length is 1.05 meters.
  • Nasal mask rotatable in 360 degrees.
  • No water splashing and it has an aroma tray.
  • Gentle soft steam provides comfort.


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4. Mievida Steam Inhaler Vaporizer




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The next steam inhaler from Mievida is a very lightweight and slim design machine that comes with oil that the user can use for the skin as it has benefits such helps to get the release from stress and nourishes your skin.

The user can set up heating settings in low or high heating as per need and comfort, the vaporizer is made with high-quality ABS plastic material.

The machine has a unique temperature setting smart heat vaporization system that does not heat beyond required heating for steaming and it has the capacity to make water into the finest small particles.

Key Features:

  • It is a very portable machine.
  • Made with ABS plastic high-quality material.
  • The machine has 2 level heating setting.
  • It has a temperature controlling system.
  • It is safe and easy to use.
  • It Breaks water into thin and finest nanoparticles.
  • The user gets an aluminum heating pan and measuring cup.
  • It comes with oil that is helpful for the skin.
  • The machine comes with a 1-year warranty.


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Benefits of steam vaporizer:

There are multiple benefits of steam vaporizer this small equipment can solve your many health-related issues such as below.

  • It is mainly used for colds and coughs, after taking a session user feels relax instantly.
  • Vaporizer steam is also can be considered while has flu to get comfort.
  • If you have nasal allergies and any infection you can use this machine.
  • Throat infection or any kind of uneasy feeling in the throat in this case also useful, as we know that throat infection can be irritating steaming gives quick relief.
  • Many do not know that vaporizer steaming is very effective even while a headache, especially if someone has a migraine issue, they can get the maximum benefit from the steamer.
  • Apart from all it does not need any prescription as we add water to get steam it is highly useful for face clean up and many latest designs give spa session like feeling,
  • Overall, you can use it to remove the blackheads and eliminate the dust from your skin.



How to use steam vaporizer:

The machine is very easy to use and operate most of the machines are quite similar to use the process can be the same or a little different than the other in very rare cases.

Below are the steps to follow while using the vaporizer steam machine.

  • Before starting you must have some things with you so you will be ready to use, like water, towel and if you are using for spa session use oil but which is suitable for skin.
  • Keep water ready to pour in the vaporizer you can add 40ml to 50ml water into the bowl (depending on the capacity of the vaporizer)
  • Then close the open blower with the steam mask.
  • Now on the switch to start processing for heating, your water will heat up between 50 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the product to product.
  • Do not forget to set up the level of heating (at the beginning start with a low heating setting)
  • Better if your machine has a timer to set up which most of the vaporizer nowadays comes with timer setting you can set up time of steam between 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Now cover your face with a blanket in case if you want to get rid of cold, cough, and headache.
  • The machine is ready for you to inhale the steam properly by taking slow breaths.
  • Ensure to keep some distance from the steamer and also keep your eyes close as much as possible while taking steam.



Best steam vaporizer for cold and cough: Important elements of steam vaporizer

Vaporizer or inhaler is very traditional home therapy to get rid of common health issues such as cold, cough, flu, headache, and allergies but with time there are many innovative vaporizers start coming into the market.

While purchasing we must keep something in mind in order to get the best product at home.

  • Build quality is the most important factor while choosing the product not only in terms of durability but also about safety, ABS plastic material considers to be best and safe as well.
  • Water tank capacity makes sure to get the maximum storage capacity the most common tank capacities will be between 45ml to 100ml you can choose as per your need.
  • The water heating process should be quick in traditional vaporizer machines it used to take a lot of time but with new techniques, users get quickly heated water in anything between 40 seconds to 3-4 minutes.
  • Wires should be long enough so you can use them with distance for safety purposes in steamers you will find wires between 1 meter to 1.5 meters.
  • Other functions such as auto turn off or time settings can be very useful while using the machine so you can set up the time of the steam session as per your need and requirement.
  • Auto turns off option helps to use for specific required and ideal time so the user should not overuse the steamer.
  • Vaporizers also come with a warranty for anything between 3months to 1-year warranty users get depending on the brand, many people do not pay attention to the warranty but you must see the warranty period as well.




In this article we have discussed in detail the best steam vaporizer for cold and cough in India, vaporizers are not that pricey but it does not mean we should choose anything.

At last, we are spending our hard earn money good quality vaporizer can last for the longest time if you use it properly and maintain it after each use cleans them and store a safe place.

The steaming can be taken once or twice a week if for face cleaning purposes and for cough, cold, flu, or headache take the doctor’s advice on how many times you should steam.

The timing of the steam should be between 5 to 15 minutes not more than that, hope this information helps you to understand the product but if have any query post your comments, we will be happy to guide you.



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