Best earphones for running that don’t fall out in India 2021


Best earphones for running that don’t fall out in India 2021


Best earphones for running that don’t fall out in India 2021


Today in India most of us have become fitness conscious, we either go to the gym, play sports or some opt for Running to stay fit.

Keep you active gives us many benefits such as it helps us to keep energetic and our heart stay healthy, but sometimes we feel bored and avoid going to our Training sessions.

What if we have something to entertain ourselves and stay motivated at the same time, if you have the right pair of earphones your hard training session will be blissful.

Listen to good motivational Music or Songs that can really boost your mood and will help you to stay focus during hard training.

But choosing the right earphones and that too for your training sessions can be a daunting task as many brands available.

We have to keep in mind that earphones should fit into your ear properly and should not fall down but not to worry as we have studied and brought some of the best earphones for sports and fitness.

So, First, let us discuss the Best Bluetooth earphones for running in India with their detailed features.



Best Running Headphones 

Special Features


1. JBL Wireless Sport In-Ear Headphone

8 Hours Playtime, Water Proof  

1 Year Warranty 

2. boAt Rockerz 261 Sports Wireless Earphone

8 Hours Playtime, sweat and water Resistant

1 Year Warranty

3. Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphone

5 Hours Playtime, sweat & weather resistant

1 Year Warranty

4. Jabra Elite Active 75t Wireless Sports Earphone

28 Hours Battery life ,Inbuilt 4 microphone 

2 years Warranty.

5  Beats Power beats Pro Wireless Earphone

 24 hours battery life  with charging case

1 Year Warranty



About: Best earphones for running that don’t fall out


1. JBL Wireless Sport In-Ear Headphone


   Best earphones for running that don't fall out









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JBL is one of the popular brands in India for headphones as they make some of the trendy designs yet quality products and therefore this sports earphone standing at 1st position on our list.

This JBL endurance headphone ensures all the support required while working outfits perfectly into the ear so the user can freely enjoy running or weight lifting.

It does not irritate the user, the waterproof feature makes it flexible to use in any climate or not worry about sweat.

This product design with wireless neck strap and locking device to ensure not to fall easily no matter how hard the workout session.

Battery life is up to 8 hours and charges quickly so the user can use it for long hours even after exercise, Control calls, and music easily thanks to its one-touch control.

Key Features: 

  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity allows hands-free calls.
  • 8 hours battery life with quick charging.
  • Lightweight, Water Proof & Insert securely with ear hook.
  • Play, Pause music & control calls with easy touch control.
  • Touch controls provide you to manage your music and calls easily.
  • The Earphone comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Multiple color designs available.


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2. boAt Rockerz 261 Sports Wireless Earphone




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Boat Rockerz 261 earphones standing 2nd in this list not only due to their quality but also very economical product, which ensures to perform perfectly.

Easy to use, multiple purpose buttons with the perfect blend of Inline mic & voice assistant gives a quality sound that ensures the user enjoy music and flexible calling.

Battery charges quickly and provides up to 8 hours of listening makes this earphone to usable even after workout sessions.

Well built neck strap to make sure not to fall earphone either user is running or lifting weights, no need to worry about sweat or water as it is a waterproof product.

Sound and bass quality provide value and happy listening hours, added In-Line mic for quick calling purpose answer and end calls, also user can adjust the volume. 

Key Features: 

  • Connectable Via Bluetooth V-4.1 supported with CSR8635 chipset.
  • Wireless earphones suitable for Sports and Fitness.
  • Easy to answer & end calls, adjust volume easily due to Inline mic.
  • Battery life up to 8 hours.
  • Comfortable, User-friendly & Lightweight.
  • HD Audio quality with 11 mm drivers.
  • Economical and Reasonable Product.
  • The product comes with a 1 Year Warranty.


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3. Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphone


Best earphones for running that don't fall out



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While making the best earphone and If Bose is not added to the list then the list is incomplete Bose has gained a lot of popularity over the years.

All due to its premium quality headphones and durability, Bose Sound-Sport is one of the top-selling for sports and fitness as users can move freely while wearing this headphone.

All-weather friend thanks to its IPX-4 category, water-resistant which allows using in any climate not to worry about sweat headphone is well protected.

Connectable to Siri or google assistant so users can easily operate the phone, this helps to answer & end calls.

Connect with the bose app “Find My Buds” so the user can track the headphone in case forget somewhere or loss, this help to track but if not found then audio signal aware the last location.

Angled Nozzle feature makes sure to fit into the ear perfectly so users can work out freely without any fear of falling, easy to control the calls & Music.

Battery Life up to 5 hours of playtime with more than 10 hours including charging case and quickly chargeable, safe to store thanks to its well made charging case with integrated magnets.

Key Features: 

  • Complete Wireless experience Provides Crystal Clear Sound.
  • 5 hours of playtime with more than 10 hours including a charging case.
  • Connectable with (IOS, Android, others), Tablets, Laptops, and all Bluetooth devices.
  • Sweat and weather Proof.
  • Easy to control calls & music.
  • If lost the headphone tracking facility to find.
  • No Noise Cancellation & call can listen from right earbuds only.
  • Earphones have a 1 Year Warranty.


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4. Jabra Elite Active 75t Wireless Sports Earphone


Best earphones for running that don't fall out



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Jabra elite active 75t is one of the premium headphones due to its power pack features as the earbud comes with a charging case & 3 different sizes of ear gel for comfort.

Premium Sound quality listen to songs or take calls user will get clear sound thanks to inbuilt 4 Microphones & newest digital indicator processing with perfectly developed beam form technology.

Fits into the ear so no need to worry about falling down while hard exercise sessions as nicely hold into the user’s ear ensures long-lasting use, and completely waterproof with protective IP57 grade.

Battery life is up to 28 hours with a charging case and even with a single charge ensures about 7 hours of battery life, user can customize sound so music and call sound can set up as per the situation.

Key Features: 

  • For Custom comfort, there are three different size ear gels.
  • Complete wireless earbuds fit into the ear perfectly.
  • Battery life is up to 28 hours with a charging case.
  • Water Proof product, Light in weight & comfortable.
  • Single charge ensures above 7 hours battery life.
  • Connectable Bluetooth with Inbuilt 4 microphone.
  •  The product comes with 2 years Warranty.
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5. Beats Power beats Pro Wireless Earphone

Best earphones for running that don't fall out



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Beats Power Pro wireless headphone provides many features and that is why standing in our list at 5th place, this earbud ensures performance this product equipped with Noise Isolation.

Complete wireless experience specially design for sports and fitness enthusiastic people at the same time earbud looks very attractive and trendy.

Do not worry about falling down as this precisely fits into the ear and provides high-quality sound to enjoy the music.

With 1 Bluetooth technology user hardly experiences disconnection, the user gets the liberty to control track and volume as you can play both or one side earbud at a time.

Complete control on music and calls provides crystal clear sound, battery life is more than 24 hours with charging case, 9 hours of listening time & If in hurry 5 minutes of charge & up to 1.5 hours of playback time.

Key Features: 

  • Complete Wireless Experience with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 9 hours of listening time more than 24 hours with charging case.
  • 5 minutes of charge & up to 1.5 hours of Playback time.
  • Easily adjustable, Lightweight, and ear hooks fit perfectly. 
  • Water Resistance Earphone & Noise Isolation.
  • Volume and Track Control.
  • Perfect Sound and auto-play-pause.
  • Auto Sleep Mode while not in use.
  • Powerful and Steady Sound with energetic reach.
  • Easy to speak and calls from either Earbuds.
  • Product Comes with 1 Year Warranty.


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Best earphones for running that don’t fall out: Buying Guide 


The best quality of earphone can really enhance your performance as they keep you engaged while exercising sessions and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals.

When you look for the best sports Earphones for running or for work out we must consider some important factors as buying Earbuds is not less than Investment.



Remind yourself why you want them this will make your search for the best earphones is a lot easier and you will know that what exact qualities you want in earphones.


Comfort and Light Weight:  

Your earphone should be comfortable and should not create irritation after using for a certain time, the lightweight product makes your listening blissful and enjoyable as they do not go harsh on your ear, most of the brand does make the soft ear cups for comfort.



This is a very important factor as your earphone should fit in the ear perfectly as you are looking for earphones for sport, running or workout, during exercise you may be lifting the heavyweight, or if you are in sports you have to give extra physical effort.

There are many sports earphone who comes with an in-built hook, this really helps to lock the earphone properly into the ear which makes sure product won’t fall down and you can concentrate on your workout.


Sound Quality: 

We are buying earphones not for their design but for listening to music, design should always be a second priority, first priority always sound, good sound can really lift your mood and create a great atmosphere.

Your Earphone must have good quality inbuilt microphone this actually generates a clear sound so the user can get a clear voice for calls and listening to music.


Water Resistance: 

This really provides your earphone complete safety as with hard physical activity our body intend to get sweaty and if you go for running outdoors rain may spoil your device.

Waterproofing features ensure to protect from sweat and rain, IPX-4 or above considered to be perfect to use for protection.


Easy to use: 

The device should not be complicated if the earphone has features like quick Bluetooth connectivity, USB, and easy one-touch buttons to control volume then it will give you a complete user-friendly experience.


Battery Life:

Battery Life is one important factor in your headphone as if the life of the battery is longer then you can utilize them after a workout as well, good quality earphones at least provide a minimum of above 5 hours of listening time, and battery time should be around 2-3 hours.



When we Invest, we do it for a longer time and as said earphones not less than investment, your earbuds must be long-lasting and easy to connect for a better experience. 



Mostly every brand does provide the warranty all depend on the product to product, anything between 1-2 year warranty you will get on the product, but better to read the warranty details carefully.


Budget and Price: 

You will get sports or running earphones from cheapest to most expensive prices, all depend on your budget, higher the budget you will get maximum added features, lower budget products may not have all the additional features.

It does not mean low-budget products won’t perform up to your expectations, but while buying them just go through the details and see what features they have.

Running earphones prices may vary from anything between 4000 to above 20,000.


Other Features: 

If the earphone has features like auto-tracking which makes sure to track your phone in case you lose or you forgot somewhere and sleep mode ensures to save the battery, these features you may not found in each earphone.

You can select anything between Noise Isolation or Noise Cancellation both will be helpful as they eliminate the unwanted voice and provide a clear sound.



Advantages of Running Earphones and Earbuds:


  • If you are opting for running headphones then these are more convenient than wired ones as they work on Bluetooth so you just have to connect Bluetooth and your device is ready to work.
  • Due to the wireless feature, you do not get disturbance, again and again, they fit into your ear perfectly.
  • Earbuds look very stylish as they are sleek in design, you can easily adjust the volume, take calls from your earbuds.
  • Keep your smartphone near you and enjoy the time as you can control your calls music from your headphone, you do not have to go to your phone regularly to make adjustments.
  • Most of the headphones do have tracking features that you may not get in wired earphones, this feature helps you to track your device in case you lost it or forget somewhere.
  • These headphones come with a locking mechanism that ensures you do not fall down even while lifting heavy weights.
  • Sports or running earphones come with a waterproofing feature that helps your device to stay secure in the rain, from sweating, and while swimming.
  • With the latest technologies, some of the earphones do come with USB portability which helps you to connect your device with Computers and laptops.



Disadvantages of Running earphones and Earbuds:


  • There are some drawbacks with these kinds of earphones some of them are below.
  • Though earphones have good hours of battery you need to charge them every time when the battery gets low, if battery low means you won’t be able to use them.
  • Running earphones are quite costlier than the normal wired or overhead earphones and the other thing is you continuously have to keep your Bluetooth on as they need connection.



Over Head Headphone or In-Ear Headphones and Truly wireless headphone.


Though overhead headphones are quite similar to Sports earphones or earbuds they are not suitable for running.

They have good sound quality with Bluetooth connectivity but there are many drawbacks for overhead headphones when it comes to sports, running, and fitness.

The most important is they are not lightweight which is very important while working out and if you compare them with  In-earphones or truly wireless earbuds, they are very light in weight which is suitable for any kind of exercise.

Overhead headphones are a little larger than the in-ears or earbuds, these are very sleek which fit in the ear without any discomfort.

Locking system this feature makes sure complete safety to sports earphones, locking system helps you to keep earphone firmly into the ear, this facility you may not get in overhead headphones.

While working out we tend to get quite sweaty waterproof feature helps your earphones safe from them, even if you are into swimming or love to do the outdoor workout you can easily use them. While overhead headphones do not cover this feature.

Overhead headphones are not easy to store while running earphones are easy to store in your bags or lockers, most of the brands do provide you storing cases to keep them safe.

These all feature makes In-ear earphones or Truly wireless earbuds preferable for sports, running and fitness.

Moreover, some of the overhead headphones can be suitable for sports and running but it is always better to choose safer options as they are not very cheap in price.




If you are into physical activity then you should consider sports earphones as they are specially made for sports, running, and exercise.

These are definitely useful as listening to music can really motivate you while working out and you can concentrate better.

Hope this article Best Bluetooth earphones for running will help you to know about running headphones but if you have any doubt please do post your comments, we will be happy to guide you.



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