Best selling Under Desk Treadmill in India 2022- Reviews


Best selling Under Desk Treadmill in India 2022- Reviews


In Hurry? Top 3 best under desk treadmill India.

Value for Money good for walk to run

Editors choice 

Affordable walking pad

Sparnod Fitness Treadmill  

MAXPRO PTM-X1 Treadmill  

Lifelong Ultra-Thin Treadmill

Horse power- 2.25 horsepower & 4HP

Horse power- 2HP at peak 

Horse power- 1.5Hp at peak 

Belt length- 44 X 16”

Belt length- 44 X 16”

Belt length- 47.5” X 16”

Weight capacity- 110kgs 

Weight capacity- 90kgs 

Weight capacity- 90kgs 

Best selling Under Desk Treadmill in India 2021- Reviews


Fitness is very important in today’s world to stay fit and healthy but with a busy schedule, not everyone is able to hit the gym therefore we miss out on our exercise.

The treadmill is one of the top quality products when it comes to weight loss and performing the cardio exercise, but many of us face the problem of space as they require one permanent area.

So everyone opts not to buy them but wait there is good news, there are treadmills available that are very easy to use and do not require much space, you can store it even below your sofa and it is the pre-installed product.

This means you do not have to worry about installing it, in this article we are going to discuss the best selling Under Desk Treadmill in India.

We are going to do a detailed analysis of the under-desk treadmill so you can get to know each feature of the device, so let us begin.

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1. Sparnod Fitness Under Desk Treadmill  


Best selling Under Desk Treadmill


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Key Features:

  • 2 in 1 treadmill suitable for home & office use.
  • Maximum User Weight 110kg.
  • Belt length is helpful to walk & run.
  • Made with high-quality alloy steel.
  • Pre-installed treadmill no need to assemble.
  • Powerful DC motor with 2.25 horsepower & 4HP at peak.
  • Easy to store anywhere under the sofa, can stand at the wall as it folds flat.
  • Easy to move from one place to another & foldable design saves space.
  • Treadmill running speed range between 1 to 12 km/h.
  • The walking mode range is between 1 to 4 km/h
  • LCD display monitors time, calorie burn & speed.
  • The running space is long 44 X 16”
  • A long-lasting treadmill creates less noise.
  • Easy one-touch backlit buttons, inbuilt Bluetooth speaker.
  • Easy to manage as the treadmill comes with wireless remote control.
  • Two displays for different use treadmill-walking pad & normal mode treadmill.
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Years Motor Warranty, and 1-Year on Parts & Labor.


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We have just discussed the key features of best-selling under desk treadmill in India from Sparnod fitness but we have to discuss in detail why this Treadmill is one of the top-selling products with an excellent positive response.

Before discussing comfort level and other things let us know the technical aspect of the treadmill.

Why is it called 2 in 1? This is called 2 in 1 treadmill because of its unique function that allows users to use it as under desk walking pad and is also suitable for running to intensify your workout sessions. 


Horsepower is a very important factor in a treadmill that you need to keep your eye on, it has a powerful regular 2.25hp that is perfect for walking, and jogging and the treadmill comes with a 4HP peak which is more than enough for continuous exercise sessions while running.

Normally 1.5hp considered being best horsepower in treadmills but it has 2.25hp which makes its motor more efficient, moreover, the weight of the product is 35kg.


The best thing about this treadmill its 2 modes of walking & running, you can select as per your exercise pattern and strength.

Treadmills Walking mode allows users to set up a speed range between 1 to 4 km/h and running mode speed ranges between 1 to 12 km/h which is more than enough for an efficient and powerful workout session.

If you are someone who likes to do jogging then you can set a speed of anything between 7 km/h to 8 km/h for a better result but if you are a beginner then we suggest you go slow and steady.

Improve yourself step by step no need to jump to a higher speed at once, let us discuss a little running belt length well we feel this could have been a little better as it has a running space is 44 X 16”

Moreover, if your height is below 6 feet then it can be suitable for you but if you are someone with a height above 6 feet then this may not be comfortable for you, overall running space is ideal for walking and running.


In treadmills weight capacity is one of the crucial parts while buying, it does not matter how the build quality and advanced functions your device has but if the treadmill not holding your weight that it will be a waste of your money.

Always keep 20-25kgs buffer while buying a treadmill, for example, this treadmill has a weight capacity of up to 110kg so if you are around 85-90kg then it will be ideal for you.


Comfort is also a vital thing especially if you are looking for a treadmill for home or office use there are multiple factors in this device that makes it more convenient and flexible to use in your own space.

While discussing comfort first thing is its very sleek design that folds flat you can store it anywhere under your sofa or desk, very easily transportable anywhere and if you want to clean your floor you can stand them on the wall.

Overall saves space, now you must be wondering about the headache of assembling or installation well, no need to worry about installation as it is a pre-installed product so you just have to plug and start your workout.

Build quality is good as it is made with high quality of material alloy steel, most commonly used material in the treadmill is steel this is considered to be best for products like treadmill, exercise bike or even elliptical.


Only exercising is not important you must know where you stand and how you did after each session so you can improve your performance this treadmill takes care of your health.

As it is equipped with a digital display that indicates and everything about your performance from time, to burn calories, to the speed of your sessions, speed is easily adjustable with wireless remote control and also you can start or stop your exercise sessions.

There are multiple top-quality treadmills available but if you are looking for a home or office use then you also have to see if it creates less noise, the good news is this treadmill creates very little noise.

You can operate this treadmill any time of the day it does not irritates you or your family members so use it without any hassle or discomfort.


Everyone loves music and entertainment but little music while exercising can be a great way to keep yourself engaged and motivated, Studies suggest that listening to music while exercising can really boost your morale and your exercise becomes more efficient.

This treadmill comes with Bluetooth connectivity and an inbuilt mobile holder that allows you to keep your mobile near you so can enjoy music or even watch you’re favorite movies or videos.


Treadmills have multiple safety features does not put pressure on back, joints, knees, ankles, and muscles as it provides proper cushioning while exercising,

It has a safety key that is easy to reach in case you want to stop your exercise session this is helpful in the case of an emergency.

While concluding about this best-selling Under Desk Treadmill in India, it is important to discuss the durability of the treadmill and warranty.

If look at the average durability of the treadmills they are really long-lasting but it also depends on your use and maintenance, if you take care of your device they can last up to 7 years or more than 10 years as well.

The warranty of the product is good enough when compared to other products, the brand provides a warranty on the frame for a lifetime, the motor has 3 years of warranty, for other parts and labor it has a 1-year warranty.



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2. Lifelong Ultra-Thin Motorized Treadmill


Best selling Under Desk Treadmill


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Key Features:

  • Treadmill made with alloy steel.
  • It is a very sleek design motorized treadmill.
  • It has manual and auto modes.
  • Adaptive Speed control adjustable between 1 to 6 km/hr.
  • Running area 47.5” X 16”
  • The treadmill has a weight capacity of up to 90Kg.
  • Motor power has a peak of up to 1.5Hp.
  • No need to assemble the plug and start the exercise.
  • Suitable for home and office.
  • Inbuilt wheels are portable and easy to move around.
  • 90-degree Foldable treadmill easy to store anywhere.
  • Product size: 154.5 x 69 x 17 Cm.
  • Warranty 3 years on motors.

This lifelong treadmill is a very sleek design suitable for home or even for office; it is a very simple walking pad treadmill if you are someone who is looking for walking exercises then this product is the best solution for you.

The material used for making is alloy steel & the weight of the product is 33kg that makes this device compact and sturdy, no need to worry about portability or to move from one place to another as it has an inbuilt wheel that moves freely.

This device has auto & manual mode as well, auto modes keep your workout sessions user-friendly, no need to worry about installation just plug it and start your exercise as it is the pre-installed product.

It is a 90-degree foldable design that saves your space and you can store it anywhere, motor power picks up momentum up to 1.5Hp which is more than sufficient for walking exercise.

The treadmill has a weight capacity of up to 90Kg, you can adjust the speed of your exercise between 1 to 6Km/h and the product comes with a remote control that allows you to manage the speed or start and pause your exercise.

Running space is 47.5” X 16” suitable for a person below 6 feet, moreover, if you are looking for running then this is not suitable for you as it is best for walkers.   


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3. Reach Evolve Treadmill for Exercise at Home 




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Key Features:

  • Frame made with good quality steel.
  • 90-degree folding saves space.
  • Best suited for Home & Office.
  • Running belt space 126 x 50cm.
  • Horsepower regular 2.5HP at peak 5HP.
  • Treadmill weight capacity up to 110KG.
  • Less noisy and durable motor.
  • Speed range is adjustable between 1 to 16Km/h.
  • Use for cardio exercise, walking, running & sprinting.
  • It has 15 preset workout programs.
  • Inbuilt Long nonskid handles.
  • Multiple safety features Emergency safety key.
  • Puts less pressure on joints & Knees.
  • The lubrication port minimizes regular maintenance.
  • Digital display monitors heart rate, speed, time & distance.
  • App stores your data to track your progress.
  • The treadmill comes with a 1-year warranty.

Reach is one of the top brands for decades they have been making some of the high-quality durable health and hygiene products, this treadmill is the latest release model from reach in 2020.

Frame made with steel material, Weight of the treadmill is 68Kg that makes this product very sturdy, due to inbuilt wheel it is easy to move around it is specially designed for home or office use as it is foldable at 90 degree that saves your space at home.

It can be sloped up to 15% due to automatic inclination that allows you powerful performance that burns your calories faster, the motor runs efficiently operating at lower revolutions per minute.

This revolution per minute puts less pressure on motors so you’re motor ensures durability and also does not create much noise so you don’t get irritating constant noise and not disturb others at home.

The motor has top quality of horsepower Regular horsepower of the motor is 2.5HP & at peak treadmill, motor capacity reaches up to 6HP which is helpful for cardio exercise, suitable for walking, running & sprinting.

The treadmill comes with 15 preset workout methods that help you to set up your sessions easily; you can adjust the intensity of your exercise between 1 to 16 Km/h gives very intensifying workout sessions.

It has many safety features there is a safety key you can use in case of emergency situations, it has compact handles at both sides, running space has good cushioning that puts less stress on joints and knees.

The digital display has many features that monitor the time of workout, monitors heart rate during exercise, burned calorie, distance covered speed & distance, “Fitshow” app ensures to store your information app is available on the google play store.

This helps you to improve your performance and you can keep checking your progress, weight capacity of the treadmill is up to 110Kg & the lubrication port minimizes regular maintenance.

The treadmill comes with easy Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy your music & a mobile holder helps you to watch your favorite videos or movies while working out so you can keep yourself motivated.

There are no such Cons in this treadmill but it is a little heavier as the weight is 68kg but inbuilt wheels help to move around easily and it is a little pricey product otherwise it is a super performing product.


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We have just listed some of the best selling under desk Treadmill in India, this type of treadmill is worth going for due to its space-saving quality and also has the capacity to help you in your fitness journey.

Hope this article helps you to know in detail about Under Desk treadmills, but if you have any query regarding this topic please post your comments we will be happy to guide you.



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