Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers for the Home India 2021


Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers for the Home India 2021


Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers for the Home


Looking for premium quality speakers for home but not found yet?

In this article, we are going to solve all your doubts or queries about speakers and we are going to bring some of the Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers for the Home.

Gone are the days where large sound speakers are only used to use in theatres and when the party or function at home, with time people start making mini theatre at their home to enjoy music, movies, videos, and sports but to turn your home into a theatre you must have a good speaker who creates a great sound.

Here most of the people fail as there are many speakers available in the market and to choose one makes it a very difficult task, we have chosen some of the best speakers who can definitely give you very unique experience so let us discuss one by one about best Selling Speakers for Home.


Our top Pick for Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers for the Home

Speakers for Home

Special Features 


Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker

Class D Amplifier subwoofer

1-year warranty

JBL Powerful Portable Speaker

Water Proof speaker IPX7

1-year warranty

Sony Soundbar Home Theatre System

5.1 channel & 18 cm Subwoofer

1-year warranty

Bose Home Theatre Speaker

2 inbuilt drivers

1-year warranty

Polk Audio Home Theatre Speaker

Dolby and DTS configuration

1-year warranty

Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker

360 degree audio with 10" subwoofer 


Edifier Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

120 watts power 

1-year warranty


About: Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers for the Home


1. Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker


Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers


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The first on our list is Marshall Stanmore II Model No- 1002485 this is a very good-looking speaker who not only provides you good sound but also can enhance your home interior.

The device is very adaptable and flexible to use as it is made with modern technology, the making of the speaker is very unique, well build wooden container ensures to provide intimating sound.

For the low-frequency bass system, it has a port that enlarges the productivity and effectiveness of the device, audio quality is awesome thanks to the inbuilt two amplifiers 15 watts class D speakers for generating outstanding loud music.

Another 50 watts class D speakers operate and manage the highest level of loudspeakers but you do not have to worry about bass due to the low-frequency system.

Set and tweak your music system in many ways device helps you to adjust the sound level as per the space of the room thanks to its correspondent command which is placed at the top panel.

To control the speaker in another way there is a Marshall Bluetooth app for easy operation, for managing the bass, treble, and volume there are two options one is a brass switch and another one is a Bluetooth app.

Sound reaches up to 30 feet due to Bluetooth 5.0 and speakers do not need any connectivity as it gives a wireless experience, aptX technology makes sure not to spoil your actual sound which means you get natural music constantly.

Key Feature:

  • Looks good and lightweight speaker.
  • Suitable for small to medium-size rooms.
  • Stereo-type audio system.
  • Class D Amplifier subwoofer makes this speaker unique.
  • Bluetooth connectable to Smartphone, tablet & computer.
  • Connectable to TV through aux cable.
  • No need for a wire to connect the speaker.
  • Maximum Power output- 80 watts.
  • Battery Requirement- 1 Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Noise Allocation up to 101 dB.
  • Speaker Has a 1-year warranty.


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2. JBL Powerful Portable Speaker


Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers


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JBL is one of the reliable and trusted brands for audio, devices headphones and speaker, brand started way back in 1946 and still going strong in terms of selling and popularity.

This speaker is Model No- K951441 is one of the bestselling speakers the device is very slim and portable, the weight of the speaker is reasonably light which is up to 5.25Kg which makes this device easily transportable anywhere.

The device gives complete freedom to use due to building easy wireless Bluetooth connectivity and the device has an extremely high-quality sound system and bass.

Speaker is IPX7 waterproof so no need to worry about slight wetness and the unique thing about the speaker is the control button to set between indoor to outdoor modes where you can enhance the sound as per comfort and occasion.

Key Features:

  • Portable speaker with good sound quality.
  • High-capacity 20,000mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Easy Charging time up 6.5 hrs.
  • 24 hours of playtime under enhancing audio settings.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 4.2V
  • Compatibility: Audio Player, Laptop, Mobile & Tablet
  • Connect to more than 100 JBL Connect plus authorize speakers.
  • Water Proof speaker IPX7.
  • Speaker has a 1-year warranty.


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3. Sony Soundbar Home Theatre System


Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers


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Sony is one of the popular brands in India they do not need any introduction as they are into Televisions, headphones, and many other electronics products including speakers.

This Model No- HT-S500RF at third in our list this is one of the best-selling speakers performs really well with premium sound quality.

The making and shape of the speaker are very unique and made for giving you perfect surrounding sound experience as the grill is of diamond shape with proper spacing to generate the sound.

The Speaker system gives you a great theatre-like experience as it has the perfect combination of 3 channel soundbar, 5.1 channels for premium sound, 2 back-end speakers, and mighty bass quality with a whopping 18 cm Subwoofer.

Loudspeaker system unit has 2 side inbuilt 1-inch tweeters, who ensure to give high-frequency sound and also speaker have 65mm driver unit which is great for listening music, watching movies and enjoying sports game.

Key Features:

  • Easy to operate and connects instantly.
  • Maximum output 1000 watts.
  • Music center app for quick use and connectivity.
  • Connectable with USB, Bluetooth, HDMI & Optical.
  • Compatibility- Smart Mobile, Tablets, and Laptops.
  • Diamond shape with a perfect spacing of metal Grill
  • 1 audio channel with Dolby digital.
  • 65mm driver unit for strong sound.
  • 18cm subwoofer and 21cm bracket rear speakers.
  • High-frequency sound system.
  • Battery Requirement- AAA batteries
  • Speaker comes with a 1-year warranty.


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4. Bose Home Theatre Speaker


Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers


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Up next Bose which is another very high-quality brand and becoming popular in India they are mostly dealing in electronics products especially headphones and speakers.

This Model no- 795345-5100 of Bose is designed especially for home use, it very easy to carry and move around as the weight of the speaker is only 2kg.

This is a smart speaker which has 2 unique inbuilt drivers which are placed opposite to each other which ensures to give you ultra sound effect in your room.

It is also inbuilt with Alexa who allows you to connect with multiple devices and also ensures user-friendly operation.

The device is equipped with a high-quality color LCD display and easily connectable to Bluetooth and wi-fi, perfectly arranged with many microphones it has 8 inbuilt microphones for premium comfort so you can manage everything easily.

Bose has their own “Bose music app” which you can upload from the play store this allows you to control your device precisely from pausing to playing the music and videos.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • 2 unique inbuilt drivers for ultrasound effect.
  • Easy to operate and connects to Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
  • Stereo-type audio output mode.
  • Colour LCD display screen.
  • Compatibility- TV, mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • In-built Alexa for voice control.
  • Bose music app for easy control.
  • Speaker has a 1-year warranty.


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5. Polk Audio Home Theatre Speaker



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Polk Audio is a United states-based brand that makes very reasonable speakers which is worth going for this Model- COMMANDUK is one of the best speakers from Polk audio.

This is a versatile speaker which is perfect for the home theatre experience it has the perfect combination of in-built Alexa and a microphone for precise voice control.

Sound quality is high which creates a great surrounding atmosphere due to the perfect blend of many things such as a well-arranged driver, wireless loudspeaker system (subwoofer), and dual benefits of Dolby and DTS configuration.

There is an app for easy connectivity Polk connect App” which easily available on the play store this help user to connect with television and with internet Wi-Fi.

Speaker also has a high-frequency response between 40 Hz to 22000 Hz and connects with 4K and HD TVs as it has well-built dual HDMI 2.0b input which is helpful for 4K HDR content.

Key Features:

  • Wireless subwoofer with Dolby and DTS
  • Produce great surround sound.
  • Frequency response 40 Hz to 22000 Hz
  • Easy Installation with HDMI and optical cable.
  • Ensures good control over soundbar.
  • In-built Alexa and microphone.
  • Easy control over sound and bass.
  • Compatibility- iOS & Android.
  • Connectivity- Wireless, Wi-Fi & HDMI.
  • Battery Requirement- 2 AAA batteries.
  • Speaker has a 1-year warranty.


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6. Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker



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Harman Kardon’s Model No- Aura Studio 3 is one of the good quality speakers not only in terms of size and weight but also ensures you power-packed performance.

The size is very sleek in design does not occupy much space and the weight of the device is just above 3 KG which helps the user to move easily from one place to another, looks very trendy can give unique look to your home interior.

Easily connectable and accessible with Bluetooth so you can enjoy the complete wireless experience, material quality is decent and the hue color light creates a perfect surrounding atmosphere for listening.

Speaker is equipped with the perfect combination of a 360-degree audio system and well-organized inbuilt 10 inches subwoofer loudspeaker all this creates a high level of sound around your space.

Key Features:

  • Sleek design and lightweight product.
  • Good quality of the material.
  • 130 watts solid and compact sound quality.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Colorful lights create a great atmosphere.
  • 360-degree audio system.
  • Inbuilt 10 inches of subwoofer loudspeaker.


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7. Edifier Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers


Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers


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Edifier Model No- R2000DB-WOOD is at 7th position in our list as it has some amazing functions that work out well for home theatre systems and gaming consoles adding more to it speaker easily connects to desktops and laptops as well.

Design-wise it looks very attractive due to the wooden material on the body part and the finishing of the speaker is also eye-catching which enhances the interior of your home.

Speaker has a reasonable power range of up to 120 watts and the size also good enough to fit into any room and environment but the weight of the device is on the high side which is a little over 9 Kg.

Speaker is connectable to Bluetooth to enjoy multiple kinds of music, speaker easily connects through as the user gets 2 options to connect Optically and RCA input, the unique thing about the speaker is you can build up more than one instrument at a time.

The device gives you perfect surrounding sound thanks to its perfect combination of high-quality bass, high-pitched treble, and awesome audio quality, you can adjust them as per your comfort with easy one-touch remote control or another option is at the side panel.

To take care of the high-quality natural sound and to manage the twisting or deformation, the brand has made sure to create inbuilt Digital signal processing and dynamic range control.

Key Features:

  • Looks good trendy and solid making.
  • It is a Bookshelf speaker with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Power range level up to 120 watts.
  • High gloss piano finish
  • Hi-tech wireless Capability.
  • Easy to adjust the bass sound and treble.
  • Easy to connect with any instruments.
  • 5mm headphone output or dual RCA output.
  • Suitable for TV, DVD player, receiver, HTPC, Desktops & gaming consoles.
  • Speaker has a 1-year warranty.


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Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers: Types of speakers


Speaker is around us for many years but over the years technology has really grown up and with time there are many types of speakers that have been made let us know about types of speakers in detail.

There are mainly 5 types of speakers as below.


These are the oldest traditional types of speakers first introduced way back in mid-1870s, loudspeaker use electrical compulsion who transform the energy into power pack sound.

Largely these types of speakers used in radio, audio, and televisions as they create a very natural sound that is easy to listen to.

There are some drawbacks of the loudspeaker they require space as most of the loudspeakers designed in large size and require large power consumption.



Subwoofers got immensely popular in the 1970s since their introduction in the 60s, the subwoofer is a form of the loudspeaker but they promise to give you a low-frequency experience that is best suited for home theatre as it gives great sound and bass effect while watching movies or listening music.

The main aim is of the subwoofer to give the listener a high-quality bass system therefore the frequency response as low as low frequency means a better bass system.

Frequency level can vary from product to product but the most common level of frequency and best for home would be around 80Hz to 100Hz, depending on your need, but if you are a Bass lover and want more bass you can go for below 80Hz as well.

Another thing in subwoofers is impedance which indicates in Ohms mainly 2 types of ohms available 2Ohms & 4Ohms.

2Ohms level gives you a larger sound than the 4Ohms but the drawback of them are they slightly expensive than the 4Ohms and due to high sound they consume more power as well.


Ceiling speakers:

These are also known as In-Wall speakers as you can set them on the wall, these are too capable enough to fulfill your need for good quality of sound and can be a good tool to amplify your home decor as they are sleek in design and fits really well into space.

For a better listening experience, you should go for above 6.5” of speakers, the durability of the speaker is depending on you but it can last up to 4 years and above.

They are not that hard to assemble but to install them you can watch the videos on you tube or some brand may provide help on how to install them.

Ceiling or wall speakers also a good option for home theatre due to their high-quality sound and they are easy to operate as you can get remote control or even connectable to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Sound Bars:

These are highly popular in the modern era as they are very portable and give immersive sound and perfect for smaller rooms, best to connect with television.

The selection of soundbar becomes a very critical part as this is all depending on the size of your TV, installation is easy and you can keep them near your TV or can install them on the wall by creating a shelf.

There are many types of soundbars available from 2.1, 3.1 to 5.1 & 7.1, the size of the soundbar you can go as per screen size of your TV some examples are below.

  • If the TV screen is up to 50 inches- you can choose a speaker of 42 to 45 inches.
  • In case the TV screen is above 50 inches- you can select a speaker of around 46 to 50 inches.
  • If above 70 inches then you can go for speaker size up to 55 or above.


Outdoor speakers:

These are specially designed for outdoor events and have high sound quality, with the latest technologies there are speakers available that can be easily connectable to Bluetooth and internet Wi-Fi but they need to connect through the power supply.

Good quality outdoor speakers can last up between 4-5 years depending on use and handling, you can get the outdoor speakers’ wattage from as low as 100 watts to as high as 1000 watts.



Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers: Few Other Functions in Speakers

There are some other important functions that can make your speaker high quality in terms of sound and bass with help of frequencies.

Let us discuss some different types of functions in speakers some of them are as below.



Mid-Range speakers ensure to give you a mid-level frequency that is suitable and safe to listen to without compromising on the quality of audio or sound.

Driver and speaker do not require high power they can work on mid powers and these are considered to be suitable for the middle space of the area.

Frequency response in mid-range speakers can vary between 300Hz to 2000Hz.


Full Range:

Full-range speakers produce high and low frequency both as it is built with the driver which creates high volume; the quality of sound is great.

It is the perfect combination of treble, bass, and sound, you can listen to music at low, mid, and high levels as well without any discomfort as the frequency is suitable to listen perfectly to human ears without harming them.

The frequency range in this type of functionality can vary between 20Hz to 20kHz, moreover, all the magic of the speaker is in its inbuilt Whizzer part which you may not find in every speaker that ensures good sound.  



This is a very important function in speakers, especially you will find this in the woofer as they create a perfect blend with woofers who may not create a high level of sound.

These are helpful to create good sound effects as tweeters recreate the high-level frequencies which create a great theatre-like atmosphere around your room.



Well, we have discussed sub-woofers earlier, this is also slightly the same as the subwoofer but a little different you can use them as the subwoofer.

Woofers help to give you a higher frequency level than the subwoofers but we suggest if you like bass in music go for subwoofers.

Apart from the subwoofer, there are also some other types of woofers available like standard and mid-woofers which also considered to be suitable for human hearing another one is Rotary woofers which are not suitable for human hearing.



Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers: Buying Guide

We have discussed some of the types of speakers and some unique functions in speakers which we must know while looking out for speakers.

But apart from them, we must consider some things while buying the speaker so let us know which are the important factors to keep in mind.


Room Space:  

The first thing you must consider is the size of your room and where you can keep them though there are many portable speakers available still you need space where you can keep them safe.

Another vital thing is that your selected speaker should give you proper sound as per your room size as volume also dependent on the space of your room few guidance for you to choose speakers as below.

  • If your room is smaller then you can go for 1500 to 2000 cubic feet.
  • For Mid-size room above 2000 cubic feet to 3000 cubic feet.
  • Above 3000 cubic feet is perfect for larger rooms.


TV Screen Dimension:

TV screen size is the next to take care of while choosing a speaker as the performance of speaker also depend on tv screen size after room space, as discussed earlier we suggest you measure the dimension of your TV before start searching for speakers at Home.


Speaker size:

Though portable speakers are great to produce good sound and can be tempting to go for as they are lightweight and do not occupy space but do not compromise if your room is large in size.

You have to go for larger size speakers if the space is large as if you go for a small size device they may not perform as per your expectations.


Sound Quality:

The main aim is to buy speakers due to their high-quality sound do not compromise on them, sound measure in dB, the sensitivity between 90dB to 100dB considered to be good in speakers.

Average sensitivity in speakers you can find between 85 to 90dB as well and even some of the speakers also available which allows you to set up sensitivity between 60dB to 100dB.


Sound Technique:

Next, you should know the different types of sound techniques or technology used in speakers, some of the best are Dolby Atmos, DTS, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS) which is good for home theatres for audio quality.



All most of all the speakers will have wired connectivity but with the latest technologies apart from wired your speaker can offer multiple connectivity options such as wireless, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, and much more.

So always read the connectivity options carefully as these can be helpful to use your speaker for multiple things such as gaming or listening to music from your smartphones.

Few speakers also allow you to connect to FM radio in most cases it is inbuilt in speakers so if you love listening to FM you can choose a speaker that has inbuilt FM connectivity.


Power source:  

There are mainly 3 types of power sources you will find in speakers Powered, Passive, and Battery.

Powered source requires electricity they do not require any receiver to generate sound, on the other hand, passive power sources do require jacks or receiver to produce sound, this is in-built in speakers which you need to connect with TV or any other equipment’s.

Battery power sources require charging to generate sound but with the latest technologies, there are many speakers available that are able to connect to electricity and batteries as well.

These are called Hybrid power sources but as they provide both options electric and battery options they are slightly expensive than the others.



Higher the level of wattage means your speaker will throw higher sound so if you love to listen to music at a higher volume you should go for high wattage speakers.

If you love to listen to quiet music anything between 50watts to 100watts would be enough, you can get the speakers who have wattage levels up to 1000watts or even above.

Wattage also plays an important role when it comes to room size you should consider room space as well if you have a larger room then speakers’ wattage should be higher.


Other Features:

Some other functions also need to take care of such as Remote control, Led display, build quality, and design as the good trendy-looking speaker can also enhance your home interior which can be eye-catching and attractive.



Always do remember to keep your eye on the warranty standard warranty on the speaker is 1 year but on few products, you can also get the warranty up to 2 years all depending on the product to product.


Budget and Price:

Speaker budget you can find in various ranges it is all depending on your spending capacity you can get speakers from price as low as 500 to above 1 lac.



Though this is depending largely on your use still do not compromise on the quality of making in speakers as this is the most important element.

The life of speakers can be up to 5 years if you use them properly some of the best speakers even can last for above 10 years.


Best Brand:

Branding of product is another crucial thing as this is an electronic product so you should be selective in terms of choosing brand some of the best brands for speakers are Harman (JBL), Philips, Bose, Sony, Marshall, Edifier, Zebronics and many more.


Read the manual:

Always read the manual carefully before start using a special installation guide, even if you do not understand how to install few brands may provide help or you can always watch videos on youtube.




If you are looking for good speakers for the home then you must consider the above things which we have mentioned as these things can make your speaker more flexible to use and can have a long life in terms of durability.

We assume that if you are looking for a speaker so you must be a music lover or you might love watching movies on high-quality volume at home to get a theatre-like experience so do not compromise on sound.

Above are some of the top speakers we have listed out all of them have their own features and can perform as per your expectations, among the listed products our pick will be the Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker.

But you can go for as per your requirement and comfort, hope this article on best selling Bluetooth speakers for home help you to know about speakers in detail but in case you have any doubt please post your comments we will be glad to help you.



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