Best Selling Shiatsu Foot massager in India 2022- Review


Best Selling Shiatsu Foot massager in India


Best Selling Shiatsu Foot massager in India 2022- Review


Do you have constant pain in your legs or do you feel stressed out after a long and hectic day then this article is going to help you to know about a massage machine that can be the perfect companion for you to get rid of all the issues?

We have listed some of the best selling Shiatsu Foot massager in India, these devices anyone can use from elders to sports person or if someone has arthritis problem.

So let us discuss the best-selling Shiatsu Foot massager in India.

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In Hurry? Our Top 3 pick for best foot massager machine 

Shiatsu Foot massager

Our Quick Review 

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JSB HF05 Leg & Foot Massager

Editors choice excellent performer 

AGARO 33158 Shiatsu Foot Massager

Best Cheapest massager 

BODYFRIEND Shiatsu Leg Massager

Value for money 

1. JSB HF05 Leg & Foot Massager


Best Selling Shiatsu Foot massager in India 2020


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Key Features:

  • Top-quality Leg Foot Massager Machine for Pain Relief.
  • It has Rubber Kneading Pads for an efficient and effective massage.
  • Users can massage Foot Ankle and Calf all at one time.
  • The machine is very useful to maintain the health of the foot.
  • It is helpful to promote blood circulation.
  • Very Effective in Varicose Veins, Foot & Calf Pain.
  • Helpful for a person with Arthritis or Knee Pain
  • Anyone can use Men or women.
  • Machine reclines at 45 degrees.
  • 15 Minutes auto turn off the option.
  • Users can enjoy a massage while sitting or lying down.
  • It has 3 modes of kneading and vibration.
  • At the sole foot, there is a vibration plate for relaxing shiatsu massage.
  • The machine comes with a 1-year warranty.


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We have just discussed some of the key features of the JSB Hf05 massager machine for foot, ankle & calf, but let us discuss more in detail about this product.

This massager is from the JSB brand and it is one of the top-selling products, JSB is Indian based brand that has been making some of the top-quality products for Health and fitness.

JSBHF05 is a very solid and sturdy design as it is made with good quality material that ensures durability so you can use it for long period, the material used for the machine is rubber.


For the last few years, many people experience pain, stiffness, fatigue, or feel tired due to a very stressful life, even the younger generation experiencing such things and this problem is raising every day.

Most people opt to go to a physician and start taking medicines, yes medicine can do its job but one thing is crucial to rest your body at regular intervals.

Today massage is the most effective way to get rid of stress or pain but everyone can not afford the spa sessions as they are very expensive and regular massage sessions not everyone can spend money.

So instead of spending money regularly on a spa why not get one piece of equipment at home that has huge potential to massage your legs, feet & ankle.

As the most active part of our body is the leg and this JSB HF 05 leg massager can be the best way to massage your tired, paining legs, can save your money from the spa as it is a one-time investment.


Inbuilt 2 heavy-duty motors have great capacity keeps your massage sessions powerful and efficient, as it is made with copper that is safe and ensures long-lasting performance.

Massage sessions are strong yet very gentle on your skin you literally can feel like someone is pressing your muscle tissues that not only helps to increase blood circulation but also helps to get rid of the pain.

After massage sessions it can really energize the acupressure points, helps to get rid of pain in the calf and varicose veins, if you have a long arthritis problem this massager machine can be a great companion for you at the comfort of your home.

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This can be used by anyone from elders to working professionals, athletes, even if you are into fitness weight lifting or running this helps to get rid of all the stiffness and fatigue after tiring workout sessions.

Everyone loves relaxing during massage sessions so this machine can help you to make an adjustment as per your comfort and need as you can take a massage while sitting or while leaning back.

As users can recline the machine up to 45 degrees so users can enjoy the massage at their comfort level, safety is one of the key things in massage sessions.

This device takes care of all your safety as you can set up a time of 15 minutes which considered to be ideal for shiatsu massage or for that matter any kind of massage.

Once you set up the auto mode device will turn off automatically after 15 minutes, another benefit of this massager machine for those who have diabetic feet, though it is suitable we suggest you consult with a doctor before utilizing it.


The intensity level is the most vital part to know though it has 3 levels of intensity best practice will be at the beginning just go slow and start the massage with a low intensity just to check the speed of the motor.

So, you can understand the overall intensity of the machine and then gradually increase the intensity once you get comfortable with the intensity of the massage.

Now let us discuss the technical and magical part of the JSBHF05 massage machine, it has kneading and vibration massage techniques both have 3 different modes to choose from.

Kneading treatment is one of the most effective treatments in massage as kneading massage squeezes & presses your tired muscle tissues and ensures a deep massaging session.

This considered to be ideal to get rid of pain and fatigue, it also offers vibration massage that helps to get rid of stiff muscles and improves blood circulation into the feet.

The machine has a reflexology massage technique that presses & puts little pressure on your feet and ankle so you can get the much-needed pain relief and also helps to release stress.


Overall Leg massager has amazing functions and it also has a 1-year warranty, the only con in this machine we found that it does not have heating therapy which could have been better if it was included.

Lastly, it requires electricity supply consumes only about 60watts of electricity and the weight of the product is 15.50kg.

Design is quite unique and very sleek which ensures you easy storage and does not occupy much space, you can use it anywhere at home or office.



Other Related Products: 

2. AGARO Shiatsu Foot Massager


Best Selling Shiatsu Foot massager in India 2020


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Key Features: 

  • Sleek design and lightweight product.
  • It gives perfect shiatsu massage sessions.
  • A perfect blend of Kneading, Rolling & Arch Scraping.
  • Increases blood circulation & relaxes your tired muscles.
  • It has an automatic massage program with 4 optional modes that provide comfort.
  • 3 kinds of modes massage your toes, arch & sole of the foot.
  • Kneading massage speed intensity is adjustable.
  • In the manual mode massages your calves gently.
  • You can adjust the intensity of massage and also has 2 massaging direction.
  • Comfortable and easy to use, you can also massage your arms.
  • Foot fabric sleeves can be removed and wash.
  • Auto turns off and 15 minutes timer.
  • The massage machine has a 1-year warranty.


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This massager from Agaro is one of the most affordable massagers for ankle, legs, and foot, very sleek in a design you can store it anywhere easily and very lightweight as well only as the weight of the product is only 6.5kg.

It gives complete shiatsu massage sessions as it has built with the perfect blend of massage techniques such as Kneading, Rolling & Arch Scraping.

Inbuilt rollers revolve around your forefeet smoothly as it has bi-directional rolling massage with kneading massage therapy that gives an awesome feeling like someone is pressing your foot sole to get quick pain relief by improving blood circulation.

Kneading massage is not only covers your foot sole but also calf and ankles, give relief to your arches as it has to scrap massage technique this type of massage first developed in china, this helps to improve circulation in your arches.

The overall perfect combination of different massages that helps to energize your mood by relieving stress, relaxes your muscle, and also increase metabolism.

It has multiple different types of functions that help to use this device as per your comfort there is manual mode, the intensity of the massage session is adjustable, and also has 2 kinds of massage direction.

Completely comfortable to use while sitting or sleeping, there automatic modes available that make users’ life easier while operating and saves time also there are four massaging modes for more flexibility and comfort.

The making of the product is solid and compact, it is built with good quality faux leather, the device runs on electricity consumption but it only consumes about 40watts.

This is very easy to use anyone can operate the machine easily due to the easy one-touch buttons, for safety purposes, it has an auto turn-off function you can set the time of the message up to 15 minutes.

There are some cons of this product as there is no heating therapy and vibration therapy in this device, also while massaging this machine you can target one part at a time.

Moreover, it is more than useful if your budget is low and cannot spend more money than you can go for this massager, it has some amazing features that are capable to get rid of pain and fatigue.



3. BODYFRIEND Classic Plus Shiatsu Leg Massager



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  • Foot massager machines have individual airbags.
  • Foot rollers with three pre-set auto modes.
  • ensures extreme comfort and convenience provides complete leg massage.
  • It has five intelligent functional program modes.
  • In-built 30 airbags and three active sole rollers.
  • Stimulating the reflex points, kneading thigh & calf very effective.
  • The organic combination of kneading, heat therapy & foot rollers.
  • Reflects immense massage experience.
  • Low, medium, and high massage intensity pressure modes give customized comfort.
  • Leg massager comes with a 1-year warranty.


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Bodyfriend is another one of the high-quality brands in healthcare products, this Model no: 876 from boyfriend is a complete package of high-performing qualities.

There are 30 airbags added in the massager with five intelligent functional program modes that help to massage your tired and stiff muscles very efficiently to get rid of the pain by increasing blood circulation.

There are inbuilt rollers to massage your foot, these rollers rotate very gently over your foot to get maximum comfort and energize the muscle points.

For more comfort and ease of use, it has an auto mode that helps the user to use this device more conveniently, kneading massage techniques helps to massage your thigh and calf efficiently.

So, you can target you’re legs, foot, and calf all at one time, it gives a complete shiatsu massage experience which means the device squeeze and presses your muscle to get rid of pain and stress.

This massager machine also has heating therapy so if you want you can use it, heating treatment in massage sessions really helps to get rid of pain instantly.

Vibration mode inbuilt in the device, vibration massage helps to get rid of stiffness or soreness in muscles, so this machine has a complete combination of different kinds of massage.

It has kneading, rollers, heating, vibration, you can also adjust the intensity or speed of your massage sessions as per your comfort, there are 3 levels of intensity low, medium & high.

The weight of the machine is 16kg which is quite heavy, build quality is very strong and sturdy if your budget allows this device can be the best choice to massage your legs, foot, calf, or ankle.

There are no such cons we found in this massager only thing it is a bit pricey or expensive product, overall, it is perfect massager to have at home.



What is Shiatsu Massage?

There are multiple types of massage therapies available among them one of the most effective massage therapy and treatment considered to be the shiatsu massage technique.

So, what so special about this treatment, the most beautiful thing about this technique is its “finger pressure” massage, where it implements soft and gentle pressure on affected body parts.

While experiencing shiatsu massage users feel like someone squeezing certain points of their muscles with a finger or with the thumb, this really helps to relax your body as it increases blood circulation.

So now we know that what is shiatsu massage but how it started and where it has been found, well this is a Japan-based technique but now it is practiced and popular all over the world.



Best Selling Shiatsu Foot massager: Advantages of Shiatsu massage

There are multiple benefits of shiatsu massage therapy some of them are below.

  • This massage technique not only helps to improve blood circulation but also very effective to get rid of pain, yes due to its acupressure massage user get relief from pain.
  • If you have anxiety issues this massaging technique can really help you to get rid of anxiety.
  • Today due to busy life we often get stressed out due to the pressure of work or achieving daily targets, you can get relax from your stressful life by taking some minutes of massage.
  • This is the best massage therapy if you have a problem such as arthritis, it can help you to get instant relief from arthritis pain.
  • Few studies also suggest that shiatsu massage can be effective to improve your digestive system or constipation problems.
  • It stimulates muscle tissues and energizes your mood, also helpful to recover from injuries, and improves your sleep at night so you can get maximum rest after a tiring day at work.



Best Selling Shiatsu Foot massager: Suggestions

So, what should be the time of massage for better results? Well, this massage technique is so relaxing that you tempted to get it for maximum hours & shiatsu massage can last up to 60 to 70 minutes.

But we recommend you to get a massage for 15 minutes, this will be more than enough to get better results as long hours of massage can really harm your skin.

Here timer plays a very important role in massager machines especially as you can set up the time of massage and after reaching the set time machine will automatically shut down.

It provides safety during massage sessions, other than timing if you are a pregnant woman avoid using a massager machine or ask your doctors either you can use it or not.

If you are recently gone through surgery consult a physician before using it, a person with a heart problem should also consider consultation before using a massager machine.

A person with sensitive skin should avoid and if you have any broken skin do not massage until you recover.



We have just discussed best selling shiatsu foot massager for pain, these are some of the top products that can perform efficiently and can be used for a long time as they have made with high-quality material.

We have reviewed the product in detail with their pros and cons, every product have their pros and cons we have to select as per our comfort and as per or budget as well.

Hope this article helps you to know about the shiatsu massage machine, but if you have any query post your comments we will be happy to guide you.



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