Best massage chair for home buy online India 2021- Reviews


Best massage chair for home buy online India 2021

Best massage chair for home buy online India 2021

Everyone loves massage but regular visits cost us a lot and also consume time, as with hectic days we do not even get time to hit the spa.

With a busy schedule, we ignore our body health and as result, we experience little stiffness in muscle, tiredness, and fatigue.

Pain can be fatal later in life so to get rid of all this best thing is to massage the body on regular basis, there are multiple types of massagers available but they do not have the capacity to massage complete full-body parts.

So, the Massage chair is the best way to get a complete full body massage, yes they are expensive and luxurious products but it’s a one-time investment for many years.

As Massage chair is expensive so while choosing them, we must consider a few important factors while buying as it is a one-time investment, so in this article, we are going to discuss everything about massage chair.

But before all let us discuss the Best massage chair for home buy online India 2021.

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Best Massage Chair

Special Features 


1. JSB MZ24 Massage Chair

3D Technology with 12 auto modes

1 year warranty.

2. Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair

4D modern technique massage chair

1 year warranty.

3. JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair

4D technology with L track shape

1 year warranty.

4. SOBO 3D Massage Chair

6 manual modes and auto modes massage

1 year warranty.

5. Robotouch Urban  Massage Chair

2D massage technique with SL track design

1 year warranty. 


About: Best massage chair for home buy online


1. JSB MZ24 Massage Chair Machine


Best massage chair for home buy online India


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The first on our list best full-body massager chair machine from JSB brand Model no: MZ24 Maroon-Black, it is a zero-gravity chair for home and office use provides heating therapy with Foot Scraping Massage for feet & Ankle.

The build quality is compact and sturdy, the material used for making this massage chair is faux leather and nylon that ensures durability, the machine is adjustable at reclined zero gravity position so you can get the complete relaxation experience.

As zero gravity ensures the user balances their body at a similar position to increase blood circulation evenly, also helps to save space at home & office, the footrest can be adjusted as per your height.

Its multiple perfect blends of massage technology kneading, tapping, knocking, vibration, shiatsu, and rubbing not only release pain but also release stress from the tiring day.

There are inbuilt 3D rollers that massage your body part from the neck, back to buttocks, and shoulder rollers width adjustment as per the user’s width so it fits perfectly to move around.

Airbags are crucial to getting a massage to your muscle points as they squeeze and press muscle tissues effectively, this massage chair has multiple airbags at the Shoulder, Arms, Calves, back, hip & Foot, adding more to foot massage it has a scrapping massage technique with rollers.

It increases the blood circulation as it gives rubbing to your calf and also acupressure massage which considered to be the best massage technique to get relief.

Key Features:

  • The machine is solid comes with a remote for ease of control.
  • Zero gravity adjustable space-saving massage chair.
  • The perfect blend of 6 massage techniques Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Knock, Rubbing, and Vibration.
  • It has 12 auto modes that give quick massage settings.
  • 3D rollers massage your body part from neck to buttocks.
  • There are inbuilt rollers for foot and back massage.
  • Multiple airbags at the Shoulder, arm, back, hip, leg, and feet.
  • Foot Scraping Massage with Feet & Ankle Heating.
  • Increases blood circulation with Calf Rubbing & Acupressure Massage.
  • Easy to control with remote or with a voice command.
  • Listen to Music with MP3 or Bluetooth Sync with the massage chair.
  • The massager has a 1-year warranty.


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2. Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair


Best massage chair for home buy online India


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Next is the best Massage chair electric from Bodyfriend, design is quite decent for the machine and the fit is quite unique as it has S, L shape to fit your body part precisely from waist to hip so you can be comfortable as track size is long up to 145cms.

It is a 4D massage chair which is the latest modern technology that allows users to manage and control the speed of the massage as per comfort, rollers move very efficiently and press the stiff muscles very gently so you can get the complete massage experience.

This 4D technology also very helpful as it has the ability to adjust the rollers as per your height so you can get the maximum benefit from massage sessions.

There are many airbags included in the chair that massages your entire body from the back, head to foot, improves blood circulation to rejuvenate your body from hectic days, and also reduces pain.

The chair can be adjusted at zero gravity position which is helpful for saving space and to lay down at complete comfort while the massage session.

The best part about this massage chair is rotation or moving rollers from up to down or left to right and even it can be moved in & out that gives intense and extensive massage experience.

Key Features:

  • Iron frame material with leather cushioning.
  • Zero gravity heavy-duty chair.
  • It is a 4D modern technique massage chair.
  • Play music with easy Bluetooth connectivity
  • Speed can be adjusted and can set up the time of massage.
  • Automatic programs make it easy to set massage sessions.
  • Massage can be reclined up and down for backrest.
  • Multiple airbags to massage the entire body foot, head & back.
  • Rollers adjusted as per user’s height for an intense massage.
  • Rollers move at three dimensions that release stress & pain.
  • Massage Chair has a 1-year warranty.


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3. JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair


Best massage chair for home buy online India


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3rd in our list of best massage chairs online from JBL this is model no: MZ21 features and functions of the chair are quite similar to MZ22, but this is a 4D technology massage chair with an L track shape.

Looking wise it’s quite attractive and the build quality of the device is strong and sturdy machine is adjustable at zero gravity position for a complete relaxing experience and the footrest can be adjusted as per the height of the user.

Personalized 4D rollers rotate and move quite gently to reach deep into the stiff and tiring muscle that improves blood circulation in your body.

It has equipped with 79 airbags that massages your shoulders, hands, calves & feet so efficiently, soft rollers move around the neck, back & hips, heating therapy gives quick pain relief to your back.

It has a strong & perfect blend of 6 massaging technique Vibration, Shiatsu, Knock, Tapping, Kneading & rubbing, also has a combination of 3D kneading & rubbing that targets your calf.

Key Features:

  • Design is very attractive & trendy.
  • 4D technology massage chair with L track shape.
  • 79 airbags massages shoulders, hands, calves & feet.
  • 6 massaging combination Vibration, Shiatsu, Knock, Tapping, Kneading & rubbing.
  • Heating therapy for a back massage, 3D kneading & rubbing massage on the calf.
  • Improve Blood Circulation in Foot Soles.
  • Special X-twist Waist Massage for Waist Flexibility
  • Quick pain relief and releases stress from muscles.
  • Bluetooth Music Sync with Speakers.
  • Can operate with wire control or wireless.
  • The massager comes with easy-to-use remote control.
  • The massage chair has a 1-year warranty.


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4. SOBO 3D Massage Chair machine 



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Sobo massage chair is next on our list of best massage chair for home, design of the massage chair is very trendy and looks attractive, making the quality of the product is sturdy and compact as the material used high quality of leather.

The design of the massage chair is an SL track that covers and massages your body part from upper to lower, zero gravity adjustable chair ensures to get complete relaxing sessions.

It has auto sensors technology so the chair adjusts as per your body shape so you can get a seat comfortably, the machine does not create much noise while operating so you and others won’t get irritated with noise.

There are inbuilt rollers that rotate around smoothly to get a massage to body parts from head to hips, to adding more to comfort backrest is adjustable so you can get maximum comfort.

Airbags are very important while massage sessions to ensure that this massage chair has equipped with multiple airbags, airbags press the muscle points effectively it has airbags at the shoulder, arm, wrist, leg, calf, foot, and heel.

Users can also adjust the speed of airbags so you can select the intensity between 3 levels, adding more to massage techniques there are 6 auto massage modes such as gentle, power, Thai, sleep, lower back, neck.

There are 6 manual massage modes such as beat, quick beat, Shiatsu, knead, it also has massage techniques such as tapping, knocking, pressing, all this gives extremely effective and gentle massage sessions.

There are rollers at the foot area as well which gives you scrapping massage to your foot, waist heating therapy gives quick and instant pain relief, arm adjustment up to 3 levels gives user luxury to adjust as per your arm width.

Key Features:

  • Looks attractive, made with good quality leather.
  • Zero gravity massage chair with SL track design.
  • 6 manual massage modes such as beat, quick beat, Shiatsu, knead, and more.
  • 6 auto massage modes gentle, power, Thai, sleep, lower back, neck.
  • Rollerball massages from the head to the hips.
  • Automatic sensor technology adjusts as per body shape.
  • Inbuilt Airbag presses shoulder, arm, waist, leg, calf, foot, and heel.
  • Airbag Intensity can be adjustable up to 3 levels.
  • Massage Intensity also adjustable up to 3 levels.
  • Foot rollers at the bottom give an effective scrapping massage.
  • Three kinds of robot arm width adjustment as per comfort.
  • Waist heating and Spot massage.
  • It has massage techniques tapping, knocking, pressing.
  • Pause function with timer settings for up to 30 minutes.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy music while massaging session.
  • Massage machine comes with a 1-year warranty.


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5. Robotouch Urban Zero Gravity Massage Chair



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Up next Best massage chair for the home from Robotouch, is a model name Urban, massage chair is a zero-gravity that keeps you in a comfortable position while getting a massage, it gives complete soothing natural massage due to mechanical massage hands.

The weight of the massage machine is reasonably light and also ensures to save space at home or office, the rollers are equipped with a 2D massage technique that concentrates and moves around effectively.

It has a body sensors technique that allows you to get comfortable as sensors make sure to adjust as per your body type, SL track designed to ensure the user gets a massage from your neck to the lower body part.

It has multiple massage techniques such as kneading, flapping, shiatsu massage, and knocking all this ensures pain relief and releases stress, stiffness user feel more active and increases blood circulation.

It squeezes and compresses muscle points so effectively that your muscle gets much-needed comfort thanks to inbuilt airbags, there are multiple airbags 4 each at arm & 4 at the leg, also 8 pcs of airbags at the foot, a total of 20 airbags for complete full body massage.

There are intelligent hands at the back that gives calmness to your back body part, massager machine gives a refreshing and reviving feeling to your hands and feet thanks to the fitted heel with a 300cc magnet.

Key Features:

  • It is the best massage chair with zero gravity saves space at home.
  • It has 2D massage techniques that give solid massage sessions.
  • Multiple massage techniques: kneading, flapping, shiatsu massage, and knocking.
  • 20 inbuilt airbags give complete massage to your muscles.
  • 113cms Intelligent hands at the back, at hip detachable seat cushion.
  • There are magnetic rollers that give massage to your foot soles.
  • Inbuilt pillow pads are manageable up or down as per comfort.
  • It is an SL track chair that gives massage from the neck to the lower body.
  • Air pressure massage intensity is adjustable up to 3 levels.
  • It has a relaxed or pauses mode for a comfortable feeling.
  • Stimulates reflex points of the hands and feet.
  • It has body sensors that adjust as per the user’s body type.
  • 3 levels of massage width are adjustable.
  • The pre-programmable time setting of 5-30 minutes in multiples of 5 minutes.
  • Massager chair has a 1-year warranty.


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Best massage chair for home buy online: Advantages of Massage Chair

Massage chair have multiple benefits as they have the capacity to massage your entire body and gives complete relaxation but other than relaxation they have a huge positive impact on the overall body.

Today due to busy life we often get stress but using this full body massage chair, it helps you to release the stress and also helps to get rid of anxiety, sadness, and depression.

Most of us work for hours by sitting at one place which is results in a body posture problem or can be dangerous in the future by massaging with a massage chair your body posture improves.

If you have pain in the back, neck, shoulder, foot, calf, feet soles you can easily get rid of pain quickly, massage chair also helpful for getting rid of headaches, also because of high-quality massage your sleep improves.

Massage chair goes deep into the affected areas to improve blood circulation in your body so you can feel more active and rejuvenate your skin, if you have digestion issues they can improve the immune system.

If you are into fitness, gym, sports, and outdoor activity so you can also utilize the massage chair to get rid of tiredness & fatigue.



Best massage chair for home buy online: Types of Massage Chair

Now we know the magical benefits of massage chairs but that is not enough if you are looking for a massage chair as there are many types of massage chairs available some of them are below.


Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

This chair is one of the top and popular among all as they provide high-quality relaxing massage sessions, these chairs can be reclined at an even position so you can get the maximum massage benefits.

Improves blood circulation in the entire body as your body posture position at an equal level and has many multiple massaging techniques that squeeze or presses your body parts smoothly and effectively.

The only con is these types of the massage chair is they are quite expensive due to their high-quality features but keeping your body at zero gravity position while massage sessions considered to be best for health.


Recliner Massage Chairs:

As the name suggests this chair can be lean back to keep your body at a relaxing position but not at a zero-gravity position, it can be adjusted at a slanting position.

It is definitely helpful to reduce stress from the body but not as effective as zero gravity massage chairs.


Full Body Massage Chairs:

This is another massage chair one of the popular instruments to massage the human body they have multiple massage techniques, mainly there will be multiple airbags, rolling & vibration that targets your tired muscle efficiently.

These are too quite pricey but have some amazing functions that really help your body to relax.


Shiatsu Massage Chair:

The technique of shiatsu massage is Japanese-based massage; this is a very effective way of relaxing your body as it ensures to put gentle pressure in your body like someone is pressing through the finger.

Shiatsu massage techniques you can get in zero gravity chair and in full body massage chairs as well, but ensure to read the details carefully.


Best massage chair for home buy online: Different Techniques in Massage Chair

There are many unique techniques in a massage chair that help the human body to get such amazing massage sessions some of them are as below.


This technique beneficial to massage your fine or delicate body parts at regular intervals, tapping makes sure to energies your body part by improving blood circulation.



This massage technique we have discussed while discussing types of the massage chair, very effective inbuilt airbags make sure to give the effective shiatsu massage-like feeling in a massage chair.



The kneading massage technique moves in a round motion that effectively presses or compresses your soft muscle tissues, you can find this technique in all the massage chairs as this is very helpful to reduce pain, releases muscle tensions & also improves metabolism.



There will be inbuilt Rollers that move around your muscles, this technique of massage specially designed for loose skin therapy, this technique is helpful to improve flexibility as it stretches your skin gently to get rid of pain & muscle stress.



The most crucial part of a massage chair is airbags, there are multiple airbags added in massager to get relief from stiff muscles, airbags rub & compress your body by moving gently over your body skin.



Vibration therapy in massage chair has multiple advantages such as increases blood circulation, help to minimize back or joint pains & provide strength to bone & muscles.



Heating is a very important aspect of massage and you can get this technique in almost every massage chair, heating helps to energize your muscles by warming your body part, this function mostly you will find to target your back in a massage chair.


Best massage chair for home buy online:  Buying Guide

We have discussed the types of massage chair and the different types of techniques involve in a massage chair that gives you extreme comfort and relaxation, now we know all that but you have to consider few things while buying a massage chair.

So, here is below some of the things to consider while buying a massage chair.


3D OR 4D Massage Chair:

There are 2 types of the massage chair is popular 3D & 4D, both of them are awesome give good massage sessions but with slight differences in features and functionalities.

3D rollers give a much intensify deep massage experience, 3D rollers move with track effectively but the 4D massage technique is a more advanced and modern technology that has better speed and can be controlled in a better way than 3D rollers.


Roller Track:

There are 2 types of roller tracks available one is S-Track and the other is L-Track.

S Track massage chair is more popular due to the comfortability they provide while massage sessions provide complete massage from your neck to the bottom part of your spine, efficiently reduces back pain.

L-Track actually has L-shaped rollers that reach your thighs to massage your body which means they massage your body part from neck to bottom part of the body.


Body scanning technique:

If your chair has this function means the product has the capacity to detect or sense and act accordingly as per your body structure.

This function makes your device easy to use as the chair adjusts the massage sessions according to body type.


Massage Speed or Intensity:

Most of the massage chair has adjustable massage speed so you can choose the higher speed chairs as if your massage chair has higher intensity level means it has the capacity to massage your body more effectively and efficiently.

Adjustable intensity can really help you to set up massage session as per comfort and need, if you need to have intensified massage so you can set up a massage at high speed and if want to have slow and steady relaxing massage you can set it up accordingly.


Manual & Auto Functions:

There will be manual functions available so you can choose different types of massage sessions if needed for example if you do not need heating you can keep it off.

Your massage chair should have auto functions as well, as it makes it easier to use and safe as well.

Auto functions such as the Auto turn off feature or setting time of massage session can keep yourself safe as well and also you can set duration which is enough for your body to get a massage.


Multiple Massager techniques:

Your ideal massage chair should have the capacity to massage your entire body from the head, arm to foot & hip so you can get the maximum benefits out of it.

Make sure your device has multiple airbags, a good rolling system, and kneading, shiatsu massage techniques, also an important massage chair should have a heating technique for your back.


Bluetooth Connectivity:

Who does not love little music while massage sessions a few brands do provide Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy music while taking massage so you can get a completely relaxing experience while listening to your favorite music and songs?


Best Brand:

Some of the best brands for massage chairs are JSB, Robotouch, Kosmocare, bodyfreind as they have been making some compact, well build and sturdy health products including massage chairs.



A massage chair is quite expensive 3D and 4D massage chairs are expensive you can find them between 90,000 to above 1 Lac but they have amazing functions that are great for your entire body.



Each and every brand provides a warranty on the massage chair you can get a warranty for anything between 1 to 3 years but make sure to read the details especially terms and conditions if extended warranty.

As few brands may ask you to register on their website for a certain period of time after purchase to claim an extended warranty in the future if needed.


Read Manual or Watch Videos:

Before using the massage chair make sure to read the manual carefully so there won’t be any problem operating them or even you can watch videos on YouTube on how to use it.



While concluding we would like to say that its myth or misconception about massage chair that they are not safe, but the truth is massage chair is completely safe if used in the right manner.

Make sure to keep your message sessions between 15 to 20 minutes and 3 days a week would be more than enough and beneficial for your body to stay fit and healthy, do not exceed massage sessions for more than 25 minutes.

We have discussed everything about massage chair in this article from Best massage chair for home buy online to types of chair, techniques and buying guide as well, hope this article helps you to know about massage chair.



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