Best Selling Knee Massager Machine for Arthritis Pain Relief in India 2022


Best Selling Knee Massager Machine for Arthritis Pain Relief in India 2022


Best Selling Knee Massager Machine for Arthritis Pain Relief in India 2022


Pain in the human body is quite common nowadays as the way our lifestyle has become over the years we are busy and don’t even have time to look after our Health.

A few years ago, Pain used to start after a certain age but today younger generation also experiencing Pain in their Body.

We found Pains in body parts like leg feet, Neck, and shoulder but difficult and horrible among those are Knee Pain.

As they are more active than any other body parts each and every day, so sometimes you need to give them a message to relax, in that case, Massager plays a vital role.

The knee is the most sensitive part of the human body and that has to be healthy, fit, and fine if you experiencing pain or you need a good massage to your knee to keep healthy.

We all look for those expensive massage sessions for pain relief but why pay if we can bring the best of Massager Machines at home for your Knee with a one-time investment.

We have done all the research needed before the jump to the conclusion about which is the best Knee Massager Machine for Arthritis & Pain relief.

So, Let’s discuss some of the Best Selling Knee Massager Machine for Arthritis Pain Relief in India with complete detailed features.


Best Knee Massager

Special Features

Available on 

1. JSB HF156 Wireless Massage Machine

Air compression massage 

2. Lifelong LLM189 Knee Massage Machine  

Rechargeable,Best for Knee Injuries. 

3. SandPuppy Wireless Heating Pad

Battery Powered therapy. 

4. JSB HF116 Joint Pain Relief Massage Machine

Usable for knee, shoulder & ankle joints.

5. EQK Rechragable Knee massager 

Rechragable, best for joints 


Best Selling Knee Massager Machine for Arthritis Pain Relief in India 2022


1. JSB HF156 Wireless Massage Machine


Best Selling Knee Massager Machine for Arthritis Pain Relief



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JSB is one of the most trusted brands in health products in India, they have been instrumental in health products for over 30 years.

This is Model No: HF156 from JSB is one of the best-selling massagers as it is suitable for knee, arms, calf, and foot, so users can massage multiple body parts with one piece of equipment.

This massager can be used anywhere as it is a wireless massager, another uniqueness about this massager is there are multiple massage techniques that give different benefits to your muscles and body.

It has an air compression massage technique that is considered best for pain relief and also releases stress, user can get the heating or vibration massage as well.

Heating helps to get rid of pain instantly and vibration massage technology ensures improvement in blood circulation in the body, there are airbags in massager that squeezes and presses muscle points effectively.

Key Features:

  • Good build quality ensures durability.
  • Suitable for knee, arms, calf, and foot.
  • It is a wireless massager machine users can use anywhere.
  • Air compression massage, inbuilt airbags press muscles gently.
  • Users can select heating and Vibration massage.
  • Heating gives instant pain relief.
  • Vibration increases blood circulation.
  • Charge for 4 to 6 hours and use up to 20 times.
  • There are 2 panels that help to use easily.
  • The massager comes with a 1-year warranty.


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2. Lifelong LLM189 Knee Massage Machine  




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Lifelong LLM189 specially design for knee massage and has been added some amazing features which make this device very flexible & easy to use, it is the perfect solution for arthritis, and if pain in your knee.

Users can manually set up a heating level there are 2 levels of heating either 45 degrees or 60 degrees, vibration technique which is accessible up to 5 levels increases blood circulation & it has air pressure massage technique this blend helps quick relief from pain and stiffness.

The device comes in wireless form and has to charge the battery which makes this device usable anywhere, the full battery provides about 1.5 hours of service, air pressure massage can be turn off if not needed.

The product contains a strong easily sticking Velcro size up to 23 inches, fits into the knee perfectly which helps to get a deep massaging experience, build quality of the massager is good as the material used for making this device is plastic.

 Key Features: 

  • Device for pain relief with Heating, Vibration, and Air compaction massage.
  • 2 intensity levels of heating therapy 45 & 60 degrees.
  • Air pressure massage can be turn off if needed.
  • Vibration therapy increases blood circulation.
  • Vibration therapy is adjustable up to 5 levels.
  • Easy to wrap around Knees with Velcro.
  • Cordless massage, needs to charge the device.
  • Quick and Easy Solution to Getting Rid of pain.
  • Elders and Sports Person can Use this for Pain Relief.
  • Usable in Injuries, swelling, and Inflammation.
  • Amplify blood and oxygen flow.
  • The device comes with a 1 Year Warranty.


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3. SandPuppy Wireless Heating Pad


Best Selling Knee Massager Machine for Arthritis Pain Relief in India













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Sandpuppy standing in our list at 3rd position as this massage pad is light in weight and does its job really well, the making of the heating pad is decent and ensures durability as the fabric used for making Velcro which has good stretch and provides comfort while using.

The device provides a complete healing process to Stiff & paining Knees, Elbows, Wrist, Ankle, it is easy to use anyone can operate and this manager pad is very light in weight user can carry them anywhere easily.

The smooth one-touch button just press for 5 seconds and the device starts working, heat can be set up as per comfort gives 3 options to choose the intensity level, for extra safety this massager turns off automatically after 30 minutes of use.

Choose heat as per comfort from High, Medium & low, easy to carry anywhere to use & just have to fold around the affected area, designed with premium quality of Velcro which easily fits into the body parts, transportable power bank & user can recharge with any phone charger as well.

Quick Suggestion before start using for the longer check which temperature user comfortable with and then begin utilizing.

Key Features: 

  • Electric massage for Joint Pain Relief with Adjustable Heat.
  • Medium Size and Properly made for relaxation from pain.
  • A battery-powered therapy that lasts an hour with a full charge.
  • 30 minutes of an auto turn off function gives safe massage sessions.
  • Relief Muscle from soreness, Easy and safe to use.
  • Easy to strap on to any joint due to the long Velcro band.
  • Power bank charges up very quickly and Produces a decent amount of heat.
  • The product comes with 1 Year warranty. 


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4. JSB HF116 Joint Pain Relief Device


Best Selling Knee Massager Machine for Arthritis Pain Relief in India



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JSB HF116 is a durable and very versatile performer as it is usable for Knee, Ankle, Shoulder, and Elbow thanks to its easily manageable band.

Strap band is easy to fit anyone and provides complete comprehensive massage to affected area, very flexible, comfortable, and easy process.

The material quality of this massager is good and compact as it is made with quality plastic that ensures long use, there are inbuilt Infrared lights that give heating massage to your affected area.

Heating ensures quick pain relief, there is vibration massage as well that increases blood circulation into the body so you can feel more relax and comfortable.

Overall good massager machine specially designed for arthritis, but anyone can use it if have pain or stiffness in the body, also suitable for elderly people with age-related pain and also a good massager for sports-related pain. 

Key Features:

  • Well-built design and easy to operate.
  • Lightweight easy to carry anywhere.
  • Made with good material of plastic.
  • Massage Knee, Ankle, Shoulder, and Elbow with vibration and Heat.
  • Infrared lights help to get a heating massage.
  • Adjustable band-free size fits easily for any size person.
  • A good solution for sports-related pain.
  • Quick relief from Swelling knees, Arthritis Joint Pain, and Stiff Shoulder.
  • The Massager has a 1 Year Warranty.


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5. EQK Rechragable Knee massager 




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EQK Knee massager is next on our list of best knee massager machines in India, it looks very trendy, made with good quality material plastic and it is a rechargeable knee massager.

Since its rechargeable product comes with a charging port and battery, the weight of the product is only 1KG which is the lightest device, it is easily portable.

It has multiple massaging techniques that help to get rid of pain and stress heating and vibration massage is adjustable between 3 levels, thermal heating massage adjustable between 40, 42, and 45 degrees.

The device has built-in rea lights that ensure to get a good massage to your muscles that leads to feeling more active as it reduces pain, the unique thing about massager is it gives laser therapy that considered to be ideal for sprain, minor injuries.

Laser therapy also plays important role in improving blood circulation in the body that also helps to reduce pain and stiffness, device has led display to give ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Made with good quality material plastic.
  • Easy to carry anywhere as the weight is only 1Kg.
  • Vibration massage improves blood flow.
  • Heating therapy helps in pain relief.
  • Vibration and heating therapy adjustable between 3 levels.
  • Laser therapy helps in minor injuries and sprain.
  • Heating massage adjustable between 40, 42, and 45 degrees.
  • Infrared lighting technique penetrates into the muscles.
  • Improves blood circulation into joints.
  • The massager comes with a 1-year warranty.


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Reason for Knee Pains:  

  • Knee pain is most common in humans especially in adults, as said earlier our knee is the most active part of all in our body so they go through a lot of stress every day.
  • Most of the knee problem starts due to age, few people suffer due to injuries and some people suffer due to constant stress on knees.
  • You may find the knee problems in athletes more as they are continuously physically active for hours and their knee goes through a lot of stress.
  • Some of the other major knee problems are such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, joint issues or straining, swelling, stiffness, and soreness.



Best Selling Knee Massager Machine: Types of Knee Massager:


Wrap or Pad massager:

As the name suggests you can wrap them for massaging purposes, these are useful for the knee, wrist, or elbow, they look very slim and easy to use.

Mostly Wrap massager comes with a battery so you have to charge them to use, you will get the latest methods of massage like vibration and heating.

The intensity level depends on each product but most of the devices do come with at least 3 levels of intensity.

If devices do not require a connection which means they are very portable and easy to carry anywhere you can start massage anywhere anytime.

The drawback with this type of massage is if your device not fully charged you won’t be able to use them.


Electric Knee Massager:

To use this kind of massager you have to connect the device with electricity they will have plugs to connect, you do require power while using them with latest technologies this kind of massager do not consume a lot of power.

You will get different kinds of massaging methods with adjustable intensity levels, vibration and heating therapy will take care of your knees perfectly, some of the designs come with options where you can target multiple body parts as well such as ankle and calf.

The drawback with these massage devices would be if electricity lost you won’t be able to use them and they restrict you to one place, once you start to massage you won’t be able to move freely.



Best Selling Knee Massager Machine: Buying Guide:  

Knee Massage Machine is something very useful for quick relief from pain but before buying any product we must consider some factors.

So, let us discuss the things to consider while buying the best knee massager at home for you or to your loved ones who are suffering from pain.


Size or Fit: 

This may sound silly but this is the most crucial part of all, as devices have to fit into the user’s affected body part so the user can experience the deep massage to get relief from pain.

Size completely depends on the person and their body structure, we suggest you check your knee size then choose a massager accordingly, most of the devices come with Velcro elastic to stick them properly for the dip massage session.


Infrared or Electric Massage Machine:

Well, both can give you good results as our main aim is pain relief and as long as the device is helpful you can use any one of them.


Cord or Cordless:

You can choose any one of them cordless something we will recommend as it is very portable and easy to use while taking massage you can move freely and allow to use anywhere but you have to charge the battery.

On the other hand device with a cord will restrict you to move but you do not have to charge if you are opting for a device with a cord then ensure to check the cord length.


Heating and Vibration:

This is another important factor as heating ensures to get rid of pain quickly and vibration ensures to Improve Blood circulation.

But if both are adjustable then this really makes your life easy and you can adjust the machine as per your comfort and provides safety.



If the device is designed in a way that suits to massage the Knee, Shoulder, Elbow & Ankle, then it will be very flexible for you to use at multiple body parts to get rid of the pain.


Adjustable Heat: 

This is one of the important factors as this allows you to set up the heating level as you want and as per your comfort, if your device heat is adjustable always check before using, see what heat level is suitable for you.


Auto Turn Off: 

If the device has this option then your device provides you complete safety and you can control the device while using as after certain heating it will turn off automatically, this makes sure you can enjoy the healing sessions rather than concerning heat level.



Almost every brand does provide a 1 to 2 years warranty on the product, but always better to read the warranty in detail like terms and conditions on the massage machine.


Budget and Price: 

They do come at a very economical price mostly anyone can afford it, do not compromise on quality as they do come with multiple features.

Knee massagers available in different price ranges, you can get them in 1000 to above 10,000, your budget is not high or you do not want to spend much on devices you can go for a cheap price massager.

But you may have to compromise on some of the advanced features.



Best Selling Knee Massager Machine: Frequently Asked Questions: 


Is Knee Massage Machine Safe?

Yes, it is safe if used in the proper manner as per the instructions of the manufacture, if any product used in the wrong way it may harm you, so it is always better to read the manual carefully and then start utilizing it.


What is the perfect time to use the massager?

There is no any particular time as such you can use any time of the day, we will suggest you use in the night as you will have more relaxing time so you can enjoy the massaging session and it is the perfect way to provide healing treatment to your knees after a long and hectic day.

You can take massage for anything between 15 to 30 minutes as per your comfort, do not overuse them for better results.


Who can use a Knee Massager?

It is specially designed to get rid of stiffness and soreness in the knee, but it is best for the person who is suffering from an injury and very useful for those who are suffering from arthritis, Suitable for sports injuries, swelling, and more.

Even if someone does not have any problem, they can utilize it to get rid of tiredness, to keep your knee healthy and fine, but do not use it on regular basis.


Why is it good? 

As the massager reaches deep into the tissues and releases tension, gives instant relief from stress and anxiety, which leads to better sleep at night.


What are the advantages of a Knee massager?

There are multiple benefits first of all it gives relief from pain, increases blood circulation, improves joint flexibility, reduces stress and muscle tensions.

Improves skin texture, beneficial in reducing anxiety and depression, helpful to recover from small injuries.

The perfect way to relax after a tiring day, these machines can be a perfect replacement for tablets and capsules as they give instant relief.


Are there any disadvantages of Knee Massager?

Generally, these are considered to be safe to use, but heating and vibration can be harmful at times we suggest you start from low speed, check before start using higher heating and vibration.

Though It is good for the person who is injured to takes consultation from the physician before using, women who are pregnant can ask their doctor’s for advice.

If the person has any medical conditions such as diabetes or any skin allergies you can avoid this therapy.

Avoid using it when you have any damage or broken skin problem, do not let your kids operate this machine.


What are the safety measures to take?

Ensure after each use to store at a safe place, clean them with dry cotton clothes regularly.

Moreover, ensure you have not kept plug on when not in use, follow the manual and instructions given by the manufacturer.

You can watch the videos on YouTube on how to use the device, most importantly keep your kids and pets away from the massage machine.

If you find any difficulty while using you can stop the machine immediately.


What if the pain does not stop after using a knee massager?

If you are using it for normal pain and if after using a device you do not get relief or do not get desire results, then you may have to consult with a physician to know more and follow their instructions.




There is a misconception in India about knee massager that it is not safe and many people avoid using it, but truth is that it is completely safe and provides many benefits.

If you will use it as per instructions it will not harm you in fact it will give you better results, among the above-listed products our pick will be JSB HF156 joint pain massage machine.

Hope this article guide you to know about the best selling knee massager machine, but if you have any doubt please post your comments we will be happy to help you.



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