Best Selling Foot Spa Massager for home India 2022


Best Selling Foot Spa Massager for home India 2022


In Hurry? Top 3 Best foot spa massager in India 

Best Foot Spa Massager 

Key Features & Our Quick Review 

Conair Foot Spa Massager 

Bubble, vibration, and heating spa massage.

Rollers to massage your sole points.

LED lights for good massage 

Pumice stone, scrub, and soft-touch.

1-year warranty.

Our Review: Editors choice value for Money 

 Lifelong Foot Spa Massager

4 automatic rollers and 4 manual rollers

Bubble and healing massage.

Infrared lights

Can control the heating temperature

Light weight, easy to carry 

1-year warranty.

Our Review: Top rated budget friendly 

Dr Physio Foot Spa Massager

Foot Spa Pedicure Massager

10 massage rollers + 2 bubble aperture

Bubble massage, jet massage.

Temperature and light function

60 minutes auto shut off 

5.5 litters water Capacity 

Our Review: Cheapest Best selling 

Best Selling Foot Spa Massager for home India 2022


Our Legs are the most active part of our body that they very rarely get relaxation, even if you are sitting your legs keeps working.

If you are into work where you have to walk a lot then your legs get a lot of stress, then be it marketing, working out, running, lifting weight.

Your legs go through a lot and they need to relax as well, so Spa is the best way to give relief to your foot, but they are so expensive if you opt to go out in a spa salon. 

Everyone cannot afford to spend money on spa every time, even if you afford still why to waste hard-earned money on the expensive spa when you can bring Foot Spa machine at home & can massage yourself at home.

Let us first Discuss the Best Selling Foot Spa Massager for homes in India each product features with their cons, so you can get an idea of which one is suitable for you.



Summery of Best foot spa massager in India 

Best Foot Massager

Special Features

Available On 

1. MaxKare Foot Spa Massager 

Bubble, vibration and heating spa massage.

2. Conair Foot Spa Massager 

Bubble, vibration and heating spa massage.

3. Beurer Foot Spa Massager 

Pumice stone for pedicure

4. Lifelong Foot Spa Massager

Bubble and heating massage.

5. JSB HF-37 Foot Spa Massager 

3 different pedicure attachment

6. Lifelong Electric Foot Spa Massager 

Infrared Water heat & Bubbles Massage



Watch the Review and How to Use a Foot spa massager 



1. MaxKare Foot Spa Massager 


Best Selling Foot Spa Massager for home



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MaxKare this foot and bath spa massager is top quality and one of the best-selling products as it has multiple massaging functions and the build quality is also sturdy.

The material quality is made from rubber, the design looks very attractive and trendy and the weight of the product is above 2Kg, at the same time very safe to use.

This spa massager has 3 amazing massage techniques those are the bubble, vibration, and heating, bubbles help to pamper our skin and also removes dirt.

The vibration technique is very important to increase blood circulation into the body, and heating massage relaxes the stress and reduces pain from your feet.

The device is very relaxing to use as it does not create much noise so you can enjoy the spa session without any irritation, the heating temperature is adjustable between 95 to 118 degrees which gives a very calming experience.

There are manual rollers inbuilt in the machine which is detachable rollers that help to get a message to your sole points along with acu-nodes the user has to move the feet on to the rollers so you can relax your sole points.

The machine is completely easy to understand so anyone can use a small display that helps to set up your spa sessions buttons is very user-friendly.

Key Features:

  • Material made with good quality rubber.
  • Looks very attractive and trendy design.
  • Spa massage vibration, bubble, and heating.
  • Releases pressure, stress, pain and cleans the feet.
  • Inbuilt detachable manual rollers & ACU-nodes massages sole points.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control, adjust the heating between 95℉and 118℉/35℃-48℃.
  • Easy one-touch buttons with an LCD display make it easy to understand.
  • It is an anti-roast PTC heating unit, safe to use.
  • Long cable length up to 150 cms.
  • Men or women both can use as fits into feet precisely.


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2. Conair Foot Spa Massager 


Best Selling Foot Spa Massager for home



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Next foot spa machine from Conair, this brand does have another model as well, but this model No: FB52K is one of the most versatile products, making is decent and design is trendy of the machine.

The weight of the product light and easily portable as the machine weight is only 2.490kg, this is the perfect machine to give relaxation and comfort to your feet, sole and toes.

Bubbles help to give good smooth and relief also cleans the foot thoroughly and heating gives much needed thermal kind of therapy to the tired legs and it also has effective vibration massage.

There are LED lights in the spa machine that gives you a professional spa-like feeling during spa sessions, there are easy setting buttons to activate messages like bubbles, waterfalls, and lights.

There are rollers built-in massage machine that gives a great gentle massage to your foot soles, unique thing about this spa machine is user get different kinds of attachments pumice stone, scrub brush, and soft-touch massager.

These all attachments help to get very effective spa sessions as all the attachments can be used for different purposes.

Pumice stone attachment removes all the dead skin from your feet and rejuvenates your skin as it helps to eliminate dryness from the skin, the scrub brush does its job effectively by scrubbing the feet skin and a soft-touch massager gives soft and gentle massage.

Key Features:

  • It is a very good material sturdy and compact.
  • It has a bubble, vibration, and heating spa massage.
  • Rollers help to give massage to your sole.
  • LED lights ensure a good spa experience.
  • 3 different attachments pumice stone, scrub, and soft-touch massager.
  • Pumice stone removes dead skin rejuvenates the skin.
  • Scrub reaches deep into the skin to clean the feet.
  • Soft-touch massager gives gentle massage sessions.
  • Easy one-touch buttons set up bubble, waterfalls, and led lights.
  • The spa machine comes with a 1-year warranty.


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3. Beurer Foot Spa Massager 


Best Selling Foot Spa Massager for home



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3RD in our list spa machine from Beurer they too have many ranges of spa machines available, this is very lightweight product around 1.50kg which is very light that makes it easy to carry anywhere.

The overall making of the product is quite decent, design of the spa machine is not that trendy but it does its job really well and that is spa therapy to your feet, it stands very still due to non-sloppy rubber feet.

It has all the massage techniques it needs to your feet bubble and vibration one helps to clean your skin and the other increases blood circulation so you can get relief from stress.

The heating function ensures instant pain relief so you can get better sleep and rest, there are infrared lights built in that give’s perfect spa session experience and it also has detachable splash protection.

Overall, very good product as it is suitable for men and women both can avail the use as it fits into the shoe size up to 45, the only thing is there are no rollers in this massage machine.

Key Features:

  • It is made with good quality plastic.
  • Inside material quality is very soft cotton.
  • Spa massager has vibration and bubble massage.
  • Heating function for instant pain relief.
  • Lightweight and foldable design.
  • Infrared lights relieve muscle tension.
  • It comes with a pumice stone attachment for a pedicure.
  • Non-sloppy rubber feet and removable splash protection.
  • Men and women both can use suitable for shoe size up to 45.
  • The spa machine comes with 3 years of warranty.


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4. Lifelong Foot Spa Massager


Best Selling Foot Spa Massager for home



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Lifelong spa machine at 4th on our list of best-selling foot spa machine for home, making of the product is quite decent but very unique as there are wheels so the user can move around easily and in-built handles also ensure safety and ease of use.

If your budget is medium and not too high this will be a good choice for you to have very decent spa massager at home, before discussing the other parts it is a very handy product as there are draining pipe that removes the water.

It has bubble massage that ensures to give very good spa session and it has water heating massage technique that helps to pain and stress relief you just have to add below 30-degree water into the machine.

And spa machine will take care of the heating temperature you can also adjust it as per your comfort and need up to 48 degrees but it has a default setting that keeps your water warm up to 35 degrees.

The unique thing about the product is it has inbuilt rollers both automatic and manual, user can use both of them as needed rollers help to massage your sole acupressure points.

It also has infrared lights that give a much-needed spa-like experience and also help to release stress by increasing blood circulation, machine has a digital display where the user can set up the settings of the spa sessions.

Key Features:

  • Very easy to move around due to inbuilt wheels.
  • It has 4 automatic rollers and 4 manual rollers.
  • Bubble and healing massage.
  • Infrared lights ensure very effective spa sessions.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Easy touch buttons and safe to use.
  • The digital display helps to set up spa sessions easily.
  • Easily carry anywhere due to non-skiddy handles.
  • Users can control the heating temperature as per comfort.
  • The spa machine comes with a 1-year warranty.


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5. JSB HF-37 Foot Spa Massager 




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JSB is at 5th on our list this brand is most popular for health and fitness, their any product promises the best performance and durability.

This Foot spa machines furnish with an auto roller can be used by both men and women to do pedicures at home, which helps to keep you away from those expensive spas.

Perfect device to relieve stress as it regenerates your skin and you will feel more active, it has all the features like warming, vibration & bubble massage.

These all features are essential in spa sessions, there is an auto kneading roller feature for comfort, Handle is easy to use due to its non-sloppy nature.

If anyone has stiffness and soreness use this spa massage to get rid of them, Minimizes the heat side effects, and improve the speed of heat.

Do not need to worry about temperature as the user can adjust the heat as per comfort and need, this device also helpful in pain relief and perfectly scrub all the dirt from the feet.

Key Features:

  • The tub is large enough to store the water for the spa.
  • LCD display & controller button makes this spa Massager is easy to use.
  • 3 different pedicure attachments to enjoy the different spa experiences.
  • Tub covers your ankles during the spa.
  • 1 year Product Warranty.


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6. Lifelong Electric Foot Spa Massager 


Top 3 Best Selling Foot Spa Massagers India 2020



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Up next Lifelong’s electric foot spa massage device is furnished with 8 solid attached rollers which helps to improve blood circulation.

Water heating machinery element built-in the machine, set water temperature from 35-48 c, no need to worry about shock as it is shockproof.

Non-Skid handle for better grip for user-friendly movement, put your leg into the machine and relax your foot, there is a drain pipe for draining so you can change the water.

Solid & trendy design, there is digital panel to control heating & time function to get relaxing spa experience, bubble jet feature to calm jogger’s heel, heel spur syndrome, utilizing device for bubble massage as well.

Infrared Water heat & can adjust the time of massage, give the user a great healing experience as releases tiredness & exhaustion, Bubbles calm you, take care of your feet & eliminates stress.

Key Features: 

  • Perfect spa at home ensures your soft skin.
  • Feels fresh, restore and revive you for the next day’s work.
  • Makes water hot in less time.
  • 1 Year Warranty on Product.
  • Product Size: 42 x 36 x 27 cm.
  • Product Weight- 798 Grams.


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Advantages of Foot Spa Massager: 

There are multiple benefits of spa massager to your health it creates a positive impact on your daily life so let us discuss the advantages of foot spa massage.


Increases blood circulation: 

The rollers of the machine help to rejuvenate your feet and helps to improve blood circulation which also means that you feel fresh and energize.


Helps in Releasing Stress: 

We all have daily tasks on hand and have to achieve them, be it housewives or working professionals we feel pressurized at times especially people who have walking or standing jobs they go through a lot, spa massage can really help them to relax and can release the stress levels.


Beneficial in Arthritis pain: 

Pain in joints and muscles is very painful and especially at night, they give a lot of pain, using the foot spa can be helpful to get relief from such pain which leads to better sleep at night.


Digestion and Detoxing: 

A person who has digestion issues may find improvements in the digestion system, as foot spa reaches deep into the nerve of our feet where you feel refresh and even can be helpful in detoxing your body which may lead to an increase in immunity.


Improves Skin Health and Texture: 

Spa sessions help to rejuvenate your skin and improve its texture, your feet look healthy and beautiful as the hot water cleans your feet thoroughly.



Best Selling Foot Spa Massager for home India 2021

Buying Guide:

Buying a foot massager gives you many benefits for sure but it does not mean you will buy any product as they are economical as well.

Before Buying we must consider few things so let us discuss each one of them.


Tub Size: 

The first and the most important thing is the size of the tub as if your foot can not fit in the tub then there is no use as the device won’t be able to give you the desire results.

We suggest you before buying read the size details carefully if your feet are longer then measure your feet and then choose the massager accordingly.


Heating and Temperature: 

This is another important point to consider there are spa machines that help heat the water automatically which also ensures the safety as the device makes sure not to overheat the water, but for precaution once test the temperature of the spa machine and then start using it.

Some may even provide the facility to adjust the heating temperature and you can also set the time of your massage sessions.


LCD Display and Control Panel: 

The display should be easy to understand and fonts should be readable, easy one-touch control buttons makes the entire experience user friendly  


Insulation and Long Wires: 

Wires should be long enough so you can easily plug into the switch wherever you want so you can relax and insulation should be done properly, though branded products do come with safety but ensure it has the proper insulation.



This depends on the product but most of the brands do provide at least a 1-year warranty and some may provide about 2 years of warranty as well, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the warranty.


Read the Manual: 

Most people just start using the product once receive which is not right at all, we suggest you read the manual on how to use or watch the videos and then start utilizing it.



Best Selling Foot Spa Massager: How to use Foot Spa Massage Machine


Before discussing how to use it, let us discuss what things you should use for a spa and what you want for perfect spa sessions.

Spa massage machine, Water, oil, Epsom salt, foot scrub or cream, and lotion, if a girl using the spa keep the nail cutters or fillers near her.

  • Firstly, wash your feet properly before using and ensure to dry the feet completely.
  • If you wish to add some other elements in water such as lotions or scrub, aromatic oils, and any salts you can get them near the foot massager and of course the towel.
  • Pour the water into your device and take a chair or stool for comfortable sitting near your spa machine and wait for the water to heat up it may take few minutes.
  • Till then you can add the oil for better therapy but ensure those are safe ingredients to add.
  • Once the water starts flowing now you can keep your feet inside the device, enjoy the spa experience for 10 to 15 minutes or the max of 30 minutes as per your comfort.
  • After finishing the spa session, you can dry your feet with a towel and apply lotion to your feet.
  • Let the machine cool down for some time, clean it after the session over, do not forget to store it at a safe place after each use.


How to Clean Spa massager: 

After every use, cleaning is very important but before cleaning keep a massager to calm down, do not use harsh soaps always use mild soaps to clean.

Keep mostly water away from buttons and controllers, always make sure to dry or clean your device with soft cotton clothing and store them at a safe place after use, but let it dry for some time and then store it.



Best Selling Foot Spa Massager: Frequently asked Questions


What is Foot Spa Massage Machine?

Foot spa machines are made for healing therapy to your tired feet who are active all day, the basic method of spa device is you keep your feet in the warm water and your feet soak in the process which leads to beautiful skin and provides calmness.


What I can add to the water?

You can add Epsom salt or normal salt, vinegar, chamomile tea, and oils like tea tree oil, rosemary, lavender oil, aromatic oil, and Peppermint, you can also add the juice of the lemon.


When to avid foot spa?

Normally these are very safe processes and good for anyone but if someone is suffering from any medical conditions like diabetes, varicose veins, poor circulation, if any damage or soreness in your skin, and especially if you have any infection or allergy issues.

If you want to use it you should always take consultation of doctors and physicians.


How often should I use a foot spa?

You can use them once a week in the beginning and later once in 4 to 5 weeks will be ideal to maintain the texture of your skin, this is also depending on person to person.

Do not exceed the time of spa sessions for more than 15 to 30 minutes, daily massaging is not good for skin health avoid doing massage every day.


Are foot spas safe?

Usually, it is safe to use but most of the spa massager works on electricity and we put water into the tub if the device does not have a proper protection system then it may not be safe, to avoid the risk of shock you can use a wood chair during the process but make sure chair is not wet.


Is it good to massage before bed?

Yes, it is very good if you get the message right before bed as after massage you feel relax as they help you to calm your nerves and as result after the massage, you get better and blissful sleep.




The spa is something each one of us loves to have as due to stressful life we definitely need some downtime for us, where we can relax.

The machine at home is helpful for everyone from youngsters to adults, it’s worth buying the product but make sure not to use it if someone have an infection, cuts, or soreness.

The person with diabetes once consult the doctor before using, do not overuse it you may not get better results, duration of the spa should not be more than 30 minutes, 15 to 30 minutes will be more than useful.



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