Best Selling electric Face Massager Machine in India 2021


Best Selling electric Face Massager Machine in India


Best Selling electric Face Massager Machine in India


Looking good is very important in today’s world be it, women or men, we all want to look best there were the days where only women used to be conscious about their skin and look.

But now even men start to take care of their skin and face, When we talk about looking good, beautiful or handsome first thing we all should take care of is our skin.

We all use different kinds of creams, soaps, and face wash to keep our skin healthy and clean but most of us do not know the magical benefits of face massage machines.

There are many face massages machines available on the market but we have brought some of the best selling electric face massager machines which you can easily use at home to enhance the texture of your skin

In this article, we are going to discuss the best selling electric face massager machine for face massage, benefits, and things to consider while buying massagers, so let us discuss each one of them in detail.


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Our top 8 picks for Best Selling Electric Face Massager Machine


Best Face Massager

Special Features 


1. JSB Facial Massager Machine 

4 different kinds of attaching heads

1 Year Warranty 

2. Lifelong Face Massager Machine

2 speed setting and 3 massaging heads.

1 Year Warranty 

3. HealthSense Face Massage Machine

2 speed setting and 2 massaging heads.

1 Year Warranty 

4. Caresmith Facial Massager Brush

Long Battery Life 

1 Year Warranty 

5. HEMIZA Facial Massage Machine

2 speed setting and 5 massaging heads.


 6. ACi Acupressure Skin Massage Machine

360 degree spinning Technology


7. KTM Healthcare Massage Machine

Massage multiple body parts 


8. JSB Ultrasonic Facial Massager

2 types of massage therapy

1 Year Warranty 



About: Best Selling Electric Face Massager Machine


1. JSB Facial Massager Machine 


Best Selling electric Face Massager Machine



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The first on our list is JSB healthcare facial massager, JSB is one of the topmost brands in India who is providing top products in health care for many decades.

This device is specially designed for face skin massage while bathing which can be used by anyone men or women, it is very sleek in design and light in weight which ensures transportable anywhere you go, the device has longer handled which help user to clean the multiple body parts.

Massager’s head works like a brush which helps you not only to clean the body but you get a complete spa-like feeling, to ensure light and mild massage brush comes with an electric rotary head which helps the device to revolve the head properly to provide you soft massaging experience.

The machine comes with 4 different heads for attachment to target your skin for multiple purposes so below are the details of those different heads.

Cleansing Brush- These are thinner and softer, designer stubble on the brush which wipes out all the dirt gently.

Massage Brush- This brush helps you massage your skin to relax massage, brush spins very slowly and softly over your skin.

Mesh Sponge- This attachment is spongy who makes sure to create bubbly foams and concentrated on scraping the dead skin and improves blood circulation.

Pumice StoneThis head helps you to clean your feet, removes all the dead skin, cleans your feet thoroughly, and also helps you to keep your heels away from cracks.

Key features:

  • Sturdy and compact design made from plastic.
  • Long handles for proper gripping.
  • Handles are detachable.
  • Safe to use as it is waterproof.
  • Works on 360 degrees rotation technique.
  • Gives a Smooth and gentle massage experience.
  • 4 different kinds of attaching heads.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • The massager has a 1-year warranty.


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2. Lifelong Face Cleaning Massager Machine


Best Selling electric Face Massager Machine


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Lifelong is one of the trusted brands in India they make some of the best products for fitness and health, this model no- LLM720 is one of the best-selling face massage machines.

The device looks very attractive due to its design and portability as the machine is sleek and lightweight, the brush is thin and soft ensures you a softer massage by reaching deep into the pores, the massager is very flexible for use.

It is a waterproof product and it has a USB charging facility to charge the battery, you can set the massage session speed in 2 different settings as per your comfort.

When you set up lower speed device spins more than 300 times per second and at another speed, the device spins 400 times per second so you can get efficient spa and massage sessions.

Massager consumes less power consumption while charging as it requires only 3.5 watts and voltage requirement is up to 110 – 240 volts.

The massager comes with 3 types of different massaging heads to use for multiple targeting, details of attaching heads as below.

Soft Fiber Brush- It contains very soft and thinner brushing hair, this brush makes sure to clean your skin thoroughly by eliminating dirt and oil and these are suitable for any skin type.

Deep Cleaning Brush- This brushing head help you to go deep into the pores and eliminates dead skin to improve blood circulation, also helpful to remove acne and dirt.

Makeup Sponge- As the name suggesting this head is quite spongy helpful for removing makeup and can be used to apply the cream on your skin, beneficial to keep your skin hydrated and to maintain its texture.

Key Features:

  • Attractive, trendy, and compact design.
  • Lightweight and slim product.
  • The material used of high-quality plastic.
  • Easy buttons to On/ Off the machine.
  • 360-degree spinning technology.
  • 2-speed setting and 3 different massaging heads.
  • IPX-7 waterproof product & USB charging.
  • 2 hours of recharge and use for 45 minutes continuously.
  • The massager has a 1-year warranty.


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3. HealthSense Face Massage Machine


Best Selling electric Face Massager Machine


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Healthsense is another one of the popular brands in India in the health sector and this face spa massage machine Model No- FB 09 standing at 2nd in this list.

This machine is flexible to use and safe as well as it has the option of low and high speed, low speed helps you to eliminate oil and dirt from the skin, whereas high speed ensures to go deep into the pores and remove all the dead skin to improve skin texture.

The device is completely safe to use while bathing as it is IPX-7 waterproof who ensures not to damage your device due to wetness, massager works on the battery life of a battery up to 8-10 hours.

It is a very slim and lightweight product so you can carry them anywhere you go especially while traveling, device works on a 360-degree rotational method.

This rotation method ensures to clean and massage your skin gently, the device works very smoothly and easy to use, the massager comes with 2 different massage heads which can be removable, you can use them as per requirement details of them are below.

Normal Massaging head- This helps you to clean your skin thoroughly and make sure to eliminate all the dead skin, anyone can use them as they are suitable for any skin type.

Silicon Massaging heads This brush head removes all the oiliness in the skin, quite suitable for sensitive skin, brush is clean and safe to use as it does not irritate your skin.

Key Features:

  • Massager made from ABS plastic material.
  • Lightweight and slim device.
  • Easy to store and carry anywhere.
  • 2 different massage heads.
  • Adjustable speeds low and high.
  • Works on 360-degree rotation method.
  • IPX-7 waterproof and battery life up to 8-10 hours.
  • The machine comes with a 1-year warranty.


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4. Caresmith Facial Massager Brush



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Up next is caresmith’s facial cleaning massaging brush this is a very sleek and lightweight product that you can carry easily in your pocket while going out.

Efficiently eliminates dirt, oil and removes dead skin and pores effectively which helps your skin to improve blood circulation, usable twice a day for 1 minute.

Machine build with sonic pulsation methodology, vibration runs faster yet they are gentle on you and frequency of pulsation is high enough for efficiently taking away all the dirt from the skin and helps to rejuvenate your skin.

The brush is softer and thinner which is IPX-7 waterproof, the machine works on battery full charge battery life is up to 5 hours you can massage 200 times, the machine is safe as it does not irritate you and it’s anti-allergenic, 2 sections of the bush are perfect for any kind of skin type.

Key Features:

  • Sonic pulsation methodology for massage.
  • 7000 vibration per minute for the efficient spa.
  • On / Off option for intensity.
  • IPX7 waterproof brush.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Lightweight and slim machine.
  • 5 hours charging gives 5 hours and 200 massages.
  • 2 sides of the bush suitable for any skin type.
  • The machine has 1 Year warranty.


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5. HEMIZA Facial Massage Machine


Best Selling electric Face Massager Machine


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This sleek design facial massager has many multiple benefits, the brush of the machine is very gentle, and thinner provides you a very gentle massaging experience.

The massager is very light in weight so you can easily carry where you go and attachable heads spin faster yet gives comfort and soft massage your skin needed; the machine has the capacity to rejuvenate your skin by removing all dead skin.

The machine works on battery and the battery life is good enough to use multiple times, device has easy one-touch buttons to control the massaging sessions as the massager offers you two different speeds setting high or low.

You can choose any speed setting as per your requirement best thing about this massager is, they are equipped with 5 different adjustable massaging heads, let us discuss them one by one.

Sand Sheet– This head more looks flat and capable enough to get rid of all the dirt from the skin which is very tough and who makes your skin rough.

Nylon Brush- These are very soft and thin who are capable enough to remove the dirt you can use them for normal massage sessions and keep your face clean.

Makeup sponge- This head is very spongy and goes very soft on your skin, usable for your eyes and cheeks to massage as eye and cheeks are the most sensitive part of our body, sponginess in this head take care of them perfectly.

Wheels head- The making and design of this head will be like a wheel that rotates and massage your face to improve blood circulation and also helpful for aging issues.

Latex Sponge- These are quite similar to make-up sponge but these are padded with some extra sponge than the makeup sponge, you can use them for different reasons these are not only helpful to clean face but also helpful to remove makeup from your skin thoroughly.

Key Features:

  • The making of the machine is very sturdy.
  • Plastic material quality.
  • Works on the battery require 2-AA batteries.
  • Sleek and lightweight.
  • Adjustable speed setting.
  • Set up speed between high and low.
  • 5 different detachable attaching heads.
  • Soft and thin brush for gentle massage.
  • Easy buttons for flexible use.


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 6. ACi Acupressure Skin Massage Machine



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ACi acupressure’s this skin massager is standing at our list on 6th position, it looks very unique and designed in Y shape, helpful for skin lifting and for body slimming.

It contains 3-D rollers and the massaging technology is used as a 360-degree method that is able to rotate precisely which can be helpful for complete body massage.

The perfect tool for body care and skin care as it is helpful for improving blood circulation, can be used for aging problems and add more to it minimize the fats in the body, improves digestion system.

These are very easy to use and very lightweight you can carry anywhere easily especially travelers or people who spend hours away from home, these are waterproof product so you do not have to worry about while bathing.

The rollers are quite efficient and you can easily use them for the entire body from the face, arms, legs, and backside of the body.

Key Features:

  • Solid making and very slim in design.
  • Efficient rollers to target your multiple body parts.
  • 360-degree spinning Technology for massage.
  • 3-D Massaging rollers.
  • Unique V shape rollers massage the face perfectly.
  • Waterproof product.
  • Unique design Y shape device.
  • Lightweight easy to use and can carry anywhere.


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7. KTM Healthcare Facial Massage Machine



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Next on our list another very unique and elegant-looking face massager it is very useful to massage your skin to rejuvenate, to lift the face, and helpful for aging issues.

This is a very sleek and lightweight product for easy transportation you can carry in your smallest bags easily, machine shape is very different than the others it is a T shape device that performs efficiently.

Massagers attached head works on vibration method who precisely target your affected body parts, give your skin freshness, and improves blood circulation.

You can easily massage any body parts without any discomfort useful for the face, neck, back, arms, ankles, and feet.

Massage works on battery requires AA batteries to assemble and you can use this massager once or twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes for better results.

Key Features:

  • T shape massager looks elegant.
  • Sleek design and lightweight.
  • Useful to target multiple body parts.
  • Requires AA batteries.
  • Made with a metal material.
  • Waterproof massager usable while bathing.
  • Use twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Vibration massage therapy.
  • Gentle massaging experience.
  • Easy to use and transportable anywhere.


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8. JSB Ultrasonic Facial Massager


Best Selling electric Face Massager Machine


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JSB HF 159 is 8th on our list as this massager is an ultrasonic machine that can be used to target multiple body parts acts like a spa for the face and usable for pain relief and as a body massager.

The machine has easy gripping long handles for flexible use and the machine works on charging, battery life is long enough you can use it over 25 times after one full charge.

It has to tap Percussion massaging method which is quite helpful for muscle relief, device is also beneficial for skin to rejuvenate by improving blood circulation.

The massager is quite compact and easily transportable as it is light in weight, you can target your back, feet, and ankles, the best feature about this massager you can run two types of facial massage as per need cold massage setting to give relief therapy to your eyes and muscles.

Another setting which is called hot massage this helps you to get a proper massage and to get rid of open pores as this therapy helps your skincare product to absorb into your skin deeply.

Key Features:

  • Looks good and solid design.
  • Easy one-touch buttons.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • 2 types of massage therapy cold and hot.
  • Wireless operation for comfortable use.
  • Helpful for a spa experience to face and neck.
  • Also usable for other body parts for pain relief.
  • Long battery life.
  • A full charge gives above 25 massage sessions.
  • The massager has a 1-year warranty.


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Best Selling electric Face Massager: Types of Face Massagers


If you are looking for a face massager then you must know the different types of face massagers which are available so it will be easier for you to make out and select the perfect one for you.

There are 3 types of face massagers available Mechanical, Roller and Ultrasonic face massager, let us discuss each one of them.


Mechanical Face massager:

These are popularly known as electric massagers therefore they are also called mechanical massager machines; this machine mostly works on batteries or some may require electricity.

The perfect combination of sturdy handles for proper gripping and rollers that produce vibration to massage your skin gently, these are easy to use and most of the devices come with the feature of waterproof for safety.

Electric or mechanical massagers are not expensive therefore they are more popular and widely used.


Roller Face Massager:

This type of massager equipped with rollers that help you to massage your skin gently these are helpful for improving blood flow and rejuvenate your skin.

These are very easy to use you just have to roll on your skin for massaging sessions, machines are equipped with small handles for gripping.

You can control massaging sessions as per your comfort as there are massagers available where you have to physically roll the rollers on your skin.

But we suggest you go for an electric roller massager which is available as they have multiple functions that help you to massage skin very effectively.


Ultrasonic Face Massager:

This machine is a bit expensive than the electric or roller face massager but definitely affordable than the regular visits to an expensive spa.

Ultrasonic massager mostly works on batteries and you have to charge them while the low battery, battery life is long enough to massage multiple times.

Most of the devices come with different kinds of massaging heads but the most important technique is vibration technology used in this they operate on high frequency yet do not go harsh on you and massage your skin gently.



Best Selling Electric Face Massager: Buying Guide

Now we know the different types of massagers available but this is not enough there are more other things to consider while buying face massagers.

Let us know which elements are crucial while choosing the facial massager.



First thing while choosing to remind yourself of the real aim and purpose of buying a face massager this will make your search a lot easier.

You can go for Ultrasonic massager equipment as they are advance and offers you many other functions which are beneficial for massage sessions.

If your budget is very low and cannot afford it ultrasonically then you can go for Mechanical face massager devices.



While choosing the massager this is the most important point which many of us ignore but this is a very important element.

Your device should be slim and lightweight so you can carry them anywhere and another thing that is very crucial is that handles should be long and sturdy for proper gripping.

Another best thing if your massager is lightweight and slim is that you can store them at the safe place after each use.


Design & Quality:

Your device should be sturdy and compact in design most of the devices are made from high-quality ABS plastic which is considered to be sturdy and some others may have Metal quality as well.


Water Resistance:

Do not forget about the water-resistance feature as this function keeps your device safe and increases the durability of the product, most of the devices have the feature of IPX-7 waterproof which is good to keep your device safe from water or wetness.


Adjustable Speed setting:

This is another important factor in face massager as this helps you to set up your massage speed as per your comfort, devices offer you to set up massage on low or high.

This feature you may not found in every device so make sure to read the speed setting details carefully.


Different Types of attaching heads:

If your massager has different detachable heads attached then you can use them for multiple reasons and your device becomes very flexible.

This is depending on each product some may come with 2 different attaching heads or some have more than 2 heads.

The most common heads are Brush, Sponge, and stone all are useful for different reasons sponge heads are useful for removing makeup and other ones are highly beneficial for massage.


Easy to Use:

Your device should have easy touch buttons for ease of operation, there are few massagers available who help you to set up the time of massage so you do not have to worry about keep checking time.

The machine will turn off automatically once set-up time is reached.


Easy to Clean:

The machine should be easy to clean here again waterproof feature will play an important role while cleaning, make sure to clean the massager machine and the attaching heads after each use to maintain hygiene and durability.



If you use them properly as per the manual and keep cleaning them after each use then your device may last long for many years you can use them for above 3 years easily depending on use.



Keep your eye on warranty details most of the brands do provide between 6 months to 1-year warranty, but always check the warranty details carefully as few machines may not have a warranty on the product.


Budget and Price:

Many people think that face massagers are quite expensive but that is not true they are definitely affordable than the regular spa sessions which are very expensive and time-consuming.

Ultrasonic face massager is a bit expensive than the mechanical or roller face massager but they are not that expensive you can get them in between 1000 to little above 2000.

Moreover, Mechanical and roller face massagers are slightly affordable than ultrasonic you can find them in Rs.300 to above 1000, you can choose your device as per your budget.


Read the Manual:

Always remember to read the manual thoroughly and carefully so you can easily use them and can take important measures to use them safely.



Best Selling Electric Face Massager: Advantages of face Massager

There are many benefits of face massager machine some of them are below.

  • The first thing is after massaging your face your skin health improves as vibration or rollers help your skin to improve blood circulation.
  • Face massage helps you to look younger by minimizing the wrinkles and efficiently counter the aging issues.
  • Regular massage can improve your metabolism or digestion system, highly beneficial to get rid of excess fats on your skin to look your face attractive.
  • Today we are so busy that we often get stressed out or many of us face anxiety issues massager devices help to release stress, tension and minimize the anxiety level.
  • Helpful to get rid of pores, dead skin, and acne so your skin looks fresh and helps rejuvenate your face or skin.
  • These are the best way to clean your face some of them are useful to use for 1 or 2 minutes which is quite sufficient to clean the face.



Best Selling Electric Face Massager: Disadvantages of face massager

  • There are not really any kind of disadvantages of face massager but if you overuse anything that is not good same with face massager.
  • Do not over force massage on your skin just do it for 5 to 10 minutes and that will be enough for better results if you use it for a long time then it will be harmful to the skin.
  • Keep doing massage for once in 2 or 4 weeks for better results, the most people do not know how to use face massager so make sure to read the details about the manual so you can use it properly to extract maximum benefit.



Best Selling Electric Face Massager: Frequently asked questions


How to use an Electric face massager?

These are very simple to use just make sure to charge the battery before using them, if you have different heads you can attach them as per your main aim.

There will be an easy touch button just press it and if your device has a timer, speed settings just set them and start applying the attached head on your skin.


How to use Roller Face Massager?

This is depending on what type of roller face massager you are using if it is manual equipment then you have to roll them on your skin speed is depending on you, as you will be operating the device.

If the roller works on electricity then the procedure will be quite similar to an electric massager after you on the switch make sure to move the roller gently over the skin at every part for balance massage.

While rolling go from down to the upper side for better blood circulation.


How to use an Ultrasonic face massager?

Ultrasonic machines are quite easy to use just add the brushing head of your choice, wet your face and apply any face wash on your skin and touch the buttons, set speed and timer if available and enjoy the massage sessions.

Once done clean your brush or head you used while massage sessions and you can apply any moisturized cream on your skin after massage.


 Can I use Face wash or any cream for massage?

Yes, you can use your regular face wash or even you can use the serum to massage your face to extract maximum benefits as this will help you to get rid of all the dead skin and pores.


What is the role of Vibration in massage?

All the magic of message depending on vibration as vibration help to reach deep in your skin to get much require blood circulation so your skin can rejuvenate and you feel more energized.


Is face massager Safe to use?

Yes, a face massager is safe to use and has magical benefits but make sure to use it as per the guide and do not overuse it.


Can I Use a massage machine for aging issues?

Yes, if you are facing the aging issue and if you want to minimize wrinkles to look younger you can go for a face massager, even a face massager helpful to get rid of pimples and acne problems.


How many times should I Use Massager?

Ideally, you should use it once in 2 or 3 weeks but if you want to use it more frequently then do not overuse it go for once a week.


Can I use a face massager daily?

If you want to use it every day do not use it for a longer time 1 to 2 minutes will be more than sufficient for everyday massage, do not exceed time more than 2 minutes.


Can I use a massager machine to remove makeup?

You can use it but make sure while choosing the device you have detachable heads that can help you to attach the head to eliminate the applied makeup.

If the device has different heads you can read the manual and use it ahead which is suitable for removing makeup, mostly heads who have a sponge useful to remove makeup.




There is a myth and misconception about-face massagers especially in India that they are not safe to use or they are harmful to the skin, but the reality is face massage machine is definitely a good way to heal and pamper your skin as they are helpful to keep your skin fresh and healthy.

We will suggest you go for an Ultrasonic massage machine as they are very unique and have many other features but if your budget is low go for a mechanical massage machine.

Hope this article helps you to know about the face massager machine in detail but if you have any doubt you can post your comments we will come up with a solution to your query as soon as possible.



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