Best selling elliptical cross trainer Machine in India 2022


Best selling elliptical cross trainer Machine in India 2022


The elliptical cross trainer is one of the best exercise equipment for home and at the gym as well, most of the trainers also suggest ellipticals for cardio and for weight loss, the reason is very simple.

The best elliptical cross trainer machine can do wonders to your fitness journey as they do both jobs exercise cycle and treadmill as well, but at the same time ensures not to put stress on your joints.

So, you can see elliptical cross trainers are not only effective but also very safe to use, overall, very easy to operate so anyone can use it, but selecting one for you is quite challenging.

But no worries in this article we are going to discuss in detail the best selling elliptical cross trainer Machine in India for home and gym use.

So, let us discuss best selling elliptical cross trainer machine in India, but before proceeding let us see below summary of top rated products.


Best selling elliptical cross trainer Machine in India 2022

Elliptical cross trainer

Weight capacity

Available on 

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Weight capacity-130Kgs 

Reach Evolve Elliptical Cross Trainer

Weight capacity-100Kgs 

Durafit Waltz Elliptical Cross Trainer

Weight capacity-100Kgs 



1. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine 


Best selling elliptical cross trainer Machine      


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Key Features:

  • Good build quality ensures durability.
  • It has a dual-track two LCD window system.
  • LCD display monitors up to 13 different display feedbacks.
  • Users can track the progress and can improve the performance.
  • It has different kinds of 22 multiple programs.
  • 2 user settings user can save the data and goal tracking.
  • The resistance level is adjustable up to 20 levels. 
  • The stride length is 20″ and it has a high-quality flywheel.
  • It has an inbuilt Charging USB port and the user can exchange the data.
  • This device has a weight capacity of up to 130Kgs.
  • Product Size: Length- 51″ X Width- 34″  X Height-22″
  • The elliptical trainer comes with a 1-year warranty.


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About Schwinn Brand: This brand is specialized in bicycles they are USA based brand but manufactures in Taiwan and they make some of the top-quality products they also into making fitness equipment such as exercise bikes and elliptical trainers as these are also kind of form of cycle.

They do not compromise with the quality of product yet concentrates on performance as well, as their most of the product made with latest techniques and technology, Schwinn makes some of the high-value products that can last for many years.

This elliptical trainer machine from Schwinn is one of the best-selling elliptical cross trainers’ machines in India due to its multiple functions and making, we are going to discuss each and every point of the machine so let’s get started one by one.



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Build quality:

Making and material are one of the keys while choosing the elliptical trainer as longevity and durability completely depending on build and material other things comes later, this machine is quite sturdy and compact ensures durability as it is made with high quality of material, the weight of the product is above 80 Kg that keeps the machine solid and compact.



Considering the size of the product is another key thing so you can keep the space at your place or at the gym so you do not have to worry about keep measuring the space, always make mind where you are going to store your elliptical as they are quite heavier so you do not have to keep moving it from one place to other.

This elliptical from Schwinn dimension is Length: 51” X Width: 34” X Height 22”


Stride Length:

This is actually the gap or distance between pedals, one of the key things to consider as this will decide if the machine is suitable for a workout or not as per your height, the good thing is this elliptical has a 20” stride length which is considered good and suitable for most of the people.

Stride length also plays a crucial part in how smooth your workout will be and it also ensures not to put a lot of pressure on your legs so stride length is one of the things to look out for while buying an elliptical.

There are multiple ellipticals available with a stride length of 16” to 18” but since 20” is best you do not have to worry about stride length at least for this elliptical from Schwinn.


Types of Drive:

There are 2 types of drive available one is Front and Rear drive; both are good in their own way basically there is a slight difference in both.

In the rear-drive technique the flywheel of the machine designed at the back of the pedals and in the front it will be at the forepart.

Rear-drive is a bit pricey than the front-drive and they are considered best as well, as they provide better motion while working out.

You can choose as per your comfort and need as you also have to see the budget but rear-drive will be the best way to go for it.


Weight Capacity:

No matter how the machine is quality-wise or technology-wise if the device does not hold your weight so the machine of no use, ellipticals come with a weight capacity from 90kg to above 150kgs as well.

While choosing the device better to keep 15to 20kgs buffer than your present weight, for example, as detail given above this Schwinn elliptical, has a weight capacity of up to 130Kgs.

So, if the machine has a weight capacity of 130kg and your weight is around 110 kg to 115 or below this machine best suitable for you.



This is a very important factor for resistance, elliptical trainers come with different kinds of flywheel weight from 5kgs to 10kgs some of the machines come with even 15kgs of the flywheel, remember higher the flywheel weight the better for the use.

The ideal would be to for weight between 7kgs to 9kgs, this Schwinn elliptical has a good quality flywheel that ensures a very smooth ride and also does not creates much noise while operating so it does not irritate you or others.


Resistance level:

Resistance in any exercise cycle or elliptical very important as if there is no resistance in your elliptical that means your body or legs not getting enough pressure that requires to get the desire results.

So, resistance is one of the key factors in elliptical, every product does have resistance mostly there will be adjustable 8 levels of resistance in most of the elliptical trainers this also depending on the product to product.

In Schwinn elliptical cross trainer machine resistance level is up to 20 levels, so you can really enhance your performance as per your strength and comfort by adjusting the resistance level.


LCD display:

In ellipticals LCD display indicates the time of the exercise, you can also track the details like calories burned during the exercise session, your speed of the sessions, and also has a heart rate monitoring system.

Moreover, this elliptical from Schwinn has a good LCD display that has 13 different kinds of displays that ensure you improve your exercise every time you use it as you have a track record of everything.

As per the tracking, you can change or enhance your exercise session, uniqueness of this elliptical it is a dual tracking technology that has 2 LCD windows built-in.



This is too depending on each product and brand how much warranty you will get for a product, but anything between 1-3 years of warranty user gets for elliptical, this elliptical has a 1-year warranty.

Always remember to read the terms and conditions of the warranty especially if the brand is providing an extended warranty as they may ask you to sign in to the website in few days after buying a product to claim the extended warranty later if needed in the future.



This is one of the most irritating parts for most people but it actually it is not if you follow instructions given in the manual guide, you can also see videos on YouTube on how to install or assemble an elliptical cross-trainer.


Other Features:

Apart from all this elliptical also offers other things too there are 22 different programs inbuilt in this elliptical with 2 users setting which means you can track your overall performance.

The user also gets a USB charging port inbuilt in the machine and also a data exchange facility available with elliptical.


How to use Elliptical trainer machine:

Using elliptical is not that hard but depending on the system of each product, but basic settings before using are like you might have to enter your weight and time of exercise you want to do.

The ideal time will be to run on the elliptical cross trainer for 20 minutes you may extend to 30 minutes but not beyond that, also suggesting if possible, keep the session between 10 to 15 minutes if you are a beginner.



Other Related Best selling elliptical cross trainer machine:


2. Reach Evolve Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine 



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About Reach Brand: Reach is another best brand for fitness and hygiene products it is a US-based brand and established in 1976, reach specialized in making gym equipment for home use and also a gym.

This is elliptical cross trainer machine from Reach is one of the top-selling products as it looks very trendy design is awesome and the weight of the product is one of the lightest in ellipticals it has the weight of 42 Kgs.

The ride and exercise experience in this machine is quite smooth, less noisy, and easy to use thanks to the unique technique used while designing this product curve-crank technology that ensures easy movement without putting pressure on your joints.

Pedals are designed in an inclined shape that gives good pressure on legs which ensures high-value exercises session but at the same time keeps you safe, the flywheels are designed in proper shape with good weight up to 8kgs which gives smooth movement.

The stride length is one of the key points as discussed earlier it has built-in with a good stride length of 18” and it is designed with an LCD display that tracks and monitors your speed, distance, time, calories burned, pulses, and odometer.

It has a wool felt resistance system designed with a resistance knob user can adjust the resistance level up to 8 levels, paddles have proper cushioning to keep your feet safe during exercise sessions.

You can target your different muscles and also try to do variations in your exercise which means you can also challenge yourself if needed as the pedals are adjustable in different angles in 3 settings.

This is the perfect machine for your entire body workout thanks to steeper movement with strong gripping handlebars, a very easy-to-install brand may provide you installation help if needed and perfect for home use.

As there are rollers inbuilt in the machine that helps to move the device easily from one place to another place, it has a maximum weight capacity of 100kgs which is reasonably decent for the person who has weight up to 80 to 85kgs.

Key Features:

  • The device has a Maximum User Weight of up to 100 Kg.
  • Resistance design with Wool Felt System.
  • Elliptical Cross Trainer with Climber & Stepper Function.
  • Padded Pedals are strong and durable.
  • It has Chain Drive System that gives a smooth ride.
  • LCD display Monitor and track Speed, distance, time, calories & odometer.
  • Inbuilt transport Wheels keep the machine easily portable.
  • Size: Length- 42 X Width-28″ X Height- 62″ 
  • The machine does not create noise, ensures effective workout sessions.
  • The elliptical cross trainer machine has a 1-year warranty.


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3. Durafit Waltz Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine 


Best selling elliptical cross trainer Machine in India



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About Durafit Brand: Durafit is a fitness equipment brand they make a unique product for home use they have a huge range of exercise equipment available from the treadmill, exercise bike, air bike, ellipticals, and exercise benches, they make products from affordable to the most expensive product.

If your budget is not high and you can not spend the money this will be the perfect choice for you especially if you are looking for home use as it is specially designed for home workouts.

The weight of the product is very light little over 37kgs keeps it portable and easy to move around and designed also quite sleek so it does not occupy much space in your home or even at the office.

The resistance level of this machine is up to 8 levels tension of the knob or resistance of the knob user has to adjust the manually there is a knob for adjusting the resistance which is quite smooth to use.

The flywheel weight is 5kg which is reasonably decent this could have been better but as per the range and price, it is quite good and can give good workout sessions.

The seat of the machine is adjustable as per the user’s height so you can use it comfortably without putting pressure on your back, it has an LCD display that monitors and tracks your exercise sessions such as time, Speed, Distance, Calories, ODO & Pulse.

The machine also monitors heart rate while working out so users can get proper information about their health, it is overall good compact designed there is the holder or stand made to keep your phone or tablet, etc.

The machine has a weight capacity of up to 100kgs, it is safe to use as pedals are smooth and easy to move, the machine does not create much noise so other or you do not get irritated while exercising.

Key Features:

  • Good Flywheel Weight is 5 kg.
  • Adjustable seat height for different users gives comfort.
  • The resistance level is adjustable up to 8 levels.
  • It has manual Tension Control.
  • LCD display tracks time, Speed, Distance, Calories, ODO & Pulse.
  • Tablet or Phone Stand so users can keep it safe during workouts.
  • The pedals are non-slip to increase stability and comfort.
  • The device has a maximum user weight of 100 kg.
  • The elliptical trainer comes with a 1-year warranty.


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We have discussed in detail Best selling elliptical cross trainer Machine in India, while concluding we suggest you not compromise with quality, weight capacity, flywheel, and pedals as these all things are crucial.

If the machine has a good quality it can last up to many years all depending on your use and maintenance, elliptical cross trainers are the best way to exercise as while working out it ensures to train your full body very helpful for cardio and weight loss.



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