Best Selling blood glucose monitors online India 2021


Best Selling blood glucose monitors online India 2021


Best Selling blood glucose monitors online India 2021

We are living a very unsystematic and Unhealthy lifestyle, we rapidly growing in our life with our profession and earning good money.

But this all coming with the high cost that is our health, due to busy schedule we hardly eating healthy product we have started consuming lot sugary products which have a high amount of sugar in it which is harmful.

The latest study suggests over 30 Million Indians actively diagnosed with diabetes, nearly 9% of the urban population and 3% in rural areas, which is worrying signs for us, and something we need to think about and consider seriously.

If you have any symptoms as such then you need to check yourself, luckily, we have blood glucose monitors which have many benefits major of them help you to save money to visit the doctor again and again.

We will discuss the symptoms and what things to consider while buying blood glucose monitors but first Let us discuss best Selling blood glucose monitors online in India.



Best Glucometer 

Special Features


1. Accu-Chek Instant Glucose Monitor

Glucometer comes with Test Stripes

10 Years warranty

2. BeatO Glucose Monitor Kit

Smartphone Glucometer Kit

1 year Warranty

3. Dr Trust Glucometer Machine

Fully Automatic Device

1 year Warranty



Best Selling blood glucose monitors online India 2021


1. Accu-Chek Instant Glucose Monitor


Best Selling blood glucose monitors online India 2020



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This Accu-Check device very easy to use, Pain-free testing process, also users don’t have to wait for results for a long time to show results in less than 4 seconds.

Users can set up the treatment process as per need as it has 3 different strips 10, 25 & 50 vials, USB ensures to move data easily uploads to Accu-Chek Connect Online portal.

The best thing about this monitor is that users do not have to set up anything, just insert the strip and put the blood sample and the device will show an accurate report in less time.

Test Stripes are very flexible to use as even if the user keeps the sample around the edge of the device, automatically sucks up the blood from the patient’s fingers without any pain.

It utilizes test averages for 7, 30, and 90 days, shows accurate Results as this Device executes ISO 15197:2013 standards.

Key Features: 

  • Provides perfect & easy to understand information.
  • Well Built and Slim Design.
  • Connectable with USB.
  • Easy to use and Can carry anywhere as it is light in weight.
  • The display is clearly readable specially design for elders.
  • The product comes with a small bag to keep the machine, Pin, Injector along with strips.
  • The product comes with a 10 Year Warranty.


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2. BeatO Glucose Monitor Kit


Best Selling blood glucose monitors online India 2020



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Device easy to carry anywhere as it is light in weight, the brand provides 20 RGB Test Strips with Free 30 Test Strips.

The solid and well-built design also connects with a smartphone so no need to worry about anything as you can operate this with the phone as well.

Connects with your phone with a 3.5 MM audio jack, connects, and works perfectly with i-phone & android devices.

Beato app helps to stay informed about the trends and analysis through simple graphs so users can know the body status better.

Also, there is an automatic system to alert your close people whenever your reading high or low you can keep anyone in the loop via the Beato app.

Very flexible as users can share the details quickly with doctors online in case of emergency, this unique function makes this device a very modern testing monitor.

Key Features: 

  • Helps to manage the sugar level.
  • Indicates quick and gives precise reading Results within 10 seconds.
  • Easy to use and Portable.
  • Connectable with a smartphone so the user can see results on phone.
  • With beato app, users can keep anyone from the family in the loop constantly about health.
  • After every reading users get advice from experts due to the app.


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3. Dr. Trust Glucometer Machine





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Its gold-standard blood glucose monitoring method contains a GDH-FAD enzyme technique system which ensures there won’t be any intervention from blood oxygen imbalance.

GDH-FAD technique also helps users to take a small blood sample from anywhere from fingertip to arm, upper arm, thigh, and calf, all depend on user’s comfort.

Keeps away from intervention from galactose and maltose in blood samples, it is the most accurate device at home requires only small blood sample up to 0.5µL

This machine also helps to know and indicates user whenever ketones level reaches beyond 13 mol/L which may be threatening if not control on time.

The LCD display has a backlight so in case tested in the night it will be easy to read, also illuminate the spot where the strip needs to insert.

The device indicates Results with face, If it is Smile face means results are fine, and If sad face then results are not fine.

Storage capacity up to 1000 tests so user can save huge data, devices ensures to display old results with date and time.

Glucometer inbuilt with 3 methods general, AC means empty stomach and PC means after food, General method can utilize at any time of the day to take a measurement.

Completely flexible as a user can set up reminders for testing, this monitor machine will remind the user on set time which is the best thing in case the user forgot to test when required.

Key Features: 

  • Take a Blood sample from the fingertips, arm, upper arm, thigh, and calf.
  • Less painful and reduces the pain in case of repeated penetration.
  • Quick result within 5 seconds.
  • Smooth and Trendy Design, exact reading & easy to handle.
  • One Push stripe ejection reduces the risk and chances of infection.
  • Displays 2 readings Mg/dL or mmol/L.
  • 1 Year Warranty.


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Best Selling blood glucose monitors online India 

Symptoms of Blood sugar:

If you have low blood sugar you may see these symptoms nervousness, shakiness, anxiety, fatigue, constant weakness, start to sweat a lot, constantly hungry, nausea, finds difficulty while speaking, dizziness & confusion.

If have High blood sugar then these are some of the symptoms increased thirst, Frequent urination than normal, Fatigue, Nausea, and vomiting.

Breathing problem, Stomach pain, A very dry mouth, rapid heartbeat & Fruity breath odor.



Tips to Control Blood glucose:


Eliminate sugar and maintain a healthy diet:

The first thing to consider is to strictly eliminate the sugar intake from your diet, sugar spikes glucose in your body, instead of eating those sugary foods which are made from artificial sweeteners you can add fruits which is a natural source of sweets.

Avoid taking processed foods and junk foods, you should maintain a proper diet add a lot of vegetables and fruits, you can even add dark chocolate as they do not affect the glucose level.

Moreover, maintain and keep your diet low in carbs remember maintaining a healthy diet is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking water is very important we all are so busy in our life that avoids drinking water, you should drink water at least up to 3-4 litters daily.


Exercise and weight loss:

Keep your body physically active you can do weight lifting, walking, running, cycling, and any other form of exercise such as cardio.

You can start from 5 days a week for 15 minutes and once your strength starts to increase, increase the duration of exercise you should do exercise regularly for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

You can always keep checking your glucose level to know about the status of sugar level in your body, by doing this you will come to know about the impact of the exercise and it will help you to motivate you for exercising.


Add Fiber to diet:

Fiber is essential for our body you can add fiber foods in your diet, raspberries, pear, apple, banana, and any dark color vegetables will provide you healthy fiber.

 You can also add nuts, oatmeal, and oranges to your diet.


Stress and Sleep:

As said, we are busy and we do not consider basic things in our life, avoiding stress can be a tough task as we living hectic life from personal life responsibilities to professional commitments.

We get a lot of stress but avoiding stress is very important as due to that we can suffer from anxiety or headache, to live stress-free life you can add yoga or meditation in your daily routine.

Sleep is another important thing in human life taking at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep is mandatory if you can control stress you can sleep better.



Best Selling blood glucose monitors: Buying Guide

Blood Glucose monitors are useful equipment but you need to have the right one with you especially for the home.

To get one perfect we should consider few factors while choosing so let us discussed them.


Testing Duration: 

Test time should not be more than 15 seconds, try to get blood glucose monitors test time around 10 seconds, those are considered to be good glucose monitors.


Test Stripes: 

Most of the Brands do provide free testing stripes with blood glucose monitors which save your money at least at the initial stages, not to worry about once finish they are easily available in medicals.


What is Lancing?

These are like a knife or pointed object which helps you to take a blood sample for testing to check your sugar level.


Accurate Results: 

This is a very important factor we must consider as if you are buying the device and it’s not showing accurate results this is not only risky but also a waste of time and money, better to read the customer feedback on that particular product.


Size and Portability: 

Always buy devices which easy to carry anywhere and everywhere you go, so you can keep checking so can keep update yourself about your health, this really helps in emergency situations.

If the product is sleek in design and light in weight you can carry them with you anywhere, latest technology devices are made by keeping all these things in mind.


Storage Capacity: 

Always choose one which will have better reading record capacity which makes it easier to track record.

Memory storage depends on each product some monitors do save the records of above 15 days results and some may save above 300 test results, few latest monitors stores record up to 500 results as well.



If any problem with your health your device notifies you to avoid any high risk, this really helps you to keep updated about your health and you can immediately consult with your doctors if your sugar is high or low.


LED Display: 

Display of monitors should be large enough and fonts should be clear to read some of the display comes with lights on it so if you are taking the tests at night you can read the reports easily, this feature helps you not to disturb anyone at home.


Manual and Automatic Coding: 

We will suggest you go for automatic coding as they are easy to use and far more flexible for home use as with manual coding you have to do all the process manually and especially if you are not professional you may not be able to follow all the process with manual coding.


Easy to use: 

It will be better if the device allows you to take a sample of blood for testing not only from one particular body part but also from any other part of your body, this helps not to take the blood sample from one point this makes the process less painful.



Monitors of top brands are long-lasting and durable but if you do not use it in a proper way it may not be durable this depends on your use as well, so while not in use store at a safe place.



Few brands have App it will be great as they guide you to manage the blood sugar level, sync your device with an app you can install through google play easily.



Most of the brands do provide about a 1-year warranty on the product and some may even provide 5-10 years of warranty so it is better to read the warranty details carefully.


Budget and Price: 

Most of the blood glucose monitors are not that costly but we recommend you set up your budget so it makes it easy for shopping.

Monitors do come with a range of 800 to 2500, we suggest you not compromise on quality and accuracy.


Follow the Instructions: 

Read the manual carefully before start using it, this is very important as once you read all the instructions carefully it makes it easier to follow the steps.


How to use blood glucose monitors: 

  • Keep your hands clean wash them properly before using and dry them.
  • Take all the necessary things needed while testing.
  • Turn on the Device to start.
  • Select the mark where you want to take a sample to test.
  • Now utilize your lancing device to get the sample.
  • Hang on till the strip takes and absorbs the blood perfectly.
  • Now Keep the device to check the result of sugar level.
  • That’s it now Read your test results within some seconds.
  • Eliminate the used stripe and throw it in your dustbin.
  • Now take the important safety measures to keep everything store properly.



Best Selling blood glucose monitors: Frequently asked Questions


What are Blood Glucose Monitors?

Glucose monitors are also known as “Glucometer” is a sleek device that helps to know your blood sugar level within few seconds, few years ago monitor mostly used to be found in hospitals.

But nowadays if someone is diabetic you may find this at home as they are very easy to use, you just have to penetrate your finger with help of a small marker to get your blood sample near the lancet and needs to place it in glucose monitors to know the results.


How do know the blood sugar levels?

Normal blood sugar levels for adults as per study and standards are less than 100 mg/dL if fasting or if not eaten anything for 8 hours.

A blood sugar level less than 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L) is considered to be normal after two hours of eating.

If reading is more than 200 mg/dL (11.1 mmol/L) after two hours of eating indicates diabetes.

If reading comes between 140 to 99 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L and 11.0 mmol/L) consider & indication of Pre-diabetes status.


What should be the blood sugar level for a pregnant woman?

Pregnant women, if fasting sugar level should be around 60-95 mg/dL, after 1 hour of meal ideal sugar level, is 140 mg/dL and after 2 hours of meal sugar level should be 120 mg/dL.


What are the advantages of Blood Glucose Monitors?

If someone diagnosed with diabetes then they have to check their diabetes on a regular basis and doctors’ visits nowadays are too costly which is not affordable for everyday or regular visits.

Glucose monitors are quite flexible to use and one device can save your regular visits to hospitals at the same time save money as glucose devices come at very economical prices.


Are there any disadvantages of Blood Glucose Monitors?

There are no such disadvantages of glucose monitors but you have to constantly penetrate you fingers for testing purpose which can be annoying.


Can I Trust the accuracy level of the Glucose Monitor?

Though they mostly show accurate results it may vary between +/- 15 percent, but these are acceptable as per standard rules of ISO.

You should always show someone who is a medical professional who understands the medical equipment or the best way to check with your doctors if your device is showing accurate results.


Are there any side effects of glucose Monitors?

There is no such evidence where found use of glucose monitors can create side effects, they are considered to be safe to use.


What is the durability of Monitors?

If you use them properly and maintain your device it should long last for 2-3 years depending on brand and warranty, make sure to store them in a safe place when not in use and keep cleaning them to maintain their durability.


Where I can Buy Glucose Monitors?

Glucometers are easily available in retail shops where you get the medical equipment or you can get them near medicals, online can be the best place to buy this device as there are constant offers and discounts available you can get at a very economical price.

Most of the top brands are available online so you can trust online places to buy one for you.



Blood glucose monitors at home make your life easy and assure you to keep updated about your health, also make sure to check in an emergency, which saves your money as we know medical charges are expensive.

Though they help you not to visit doctors place again and again the device just helps you to check variation in sugar level so we suggest you visit the doctor for a regular check-up.

Hope this article helps you to know about the blood glucose monitors as we have covered all the points regarding the product but if you still have any query please post comments we will be happy to help you.



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