Best Running shoes under 5000 for men in India 2022


Best Running shoes under 5000 for men in India 2022


Best Running shoes under 5000 for men in India 2022


Are you looking for the best running shoes? But not yet found one perfect for you.

Then this article will help you to get one, we understand that buying perfect running shoes is one of the daunting tasks as it’s like a one-time investment for a long time.

It does not matter if you are just starting your fitness journey or you are an advanced level athlete one thing is a must for your fitness, sports, or running journey shoes.

As they give much-needed comfort sturdy gripping while exercising and lifting heavy materials, which is very essential for your feet’ safety during your workout sessions.

In this article, we are going to cover some of the best Running shoes under 5000, So let us discuss in detail about running shoes under 5000 in India.


Best Running Shoes 


Available On 

Under Armour Micro G Running Shoes


Nike Downshifter Running Shoes

 Synthetic & Rubber 

Adidas DRACON Running Shoes


ASICS Hypergel-Yu Running Shoes


Carlton London Clm-1776 Running Shoes


Reebok Harmony Run Lp Shoes




1. Under Armour Micro G Running Shoes


Best Running shoes under 5000 for men


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Under armour Model no: 3021232 is one of the top-quality shoes and has a very positive response from customers, this is a very lightweight product only 260 grams yet very compact in design.

It is a regular fit running shoe, solely made with synthetic, if you are a regular runner then this shoe is well suited for you as it has great flexibility.

Cushioning gives very soft and strong support while working out, mesh at the upper side is very light and ensures breathability.

It fits into the feet perfectly and also gives a very blissful experience as there is foam padding keeps at the ankle area and under the tongue, outer sole also provides comfort due to the stretch and gripping.

Key Features:

  • Sole quality is Synthetic.
  • Lace-Up closure.
  • Medium width shoes.
  • Regular fitting type.
  • Specially designed for Running.
  • Mesh is very light and breathable.
  • The shoe is very flexible, with perfect cushioning & versatility.
  • Different Colors Available in this model.


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2. Nike Downshifter Running Shoes



Best Running shoes under 5000



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Nike does not need any introduction when it comes to shoes, they have a huge range of collections picking one best among them is one of the toughest jobs.

Our pick among all of them is Model No: AQ7481, this is one of the bestselling shoes with a high-quality rating, the weight of the shoes is only 250 grams.

The making of the product is an excellent, sole made with rubber that gives proper gripping while exercising and it has lace-up closure.

The design looks very stylish that enhances the wearer’s personality, outer material made with a good quality of synthetic that not only ensures durability but also gives much-needed comfort.

Key Features:  

  • The sole material is Rubber.
  • Lace-Up closure.
  • The shoe Width is Regular.
  • Outer Material made with good quality of Synthetic.
  • The round shape toe gives unique look.
  • Looks very stylish & perfect fitting.
  • 30 days warranty on the product.
  • Different colors are available in this model.


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Other Best Running shoes from Nike

Nike Lunarstelos (GS) Running Shoes

Nike Downshifter 9 Running Shoes

Nike Runallday 2 Running Shoes



3. Adidas DRACON Running Shoes



Best Running shoes under 5000



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Up next Adidas running shoes, Adidas is one of the oldest brands in India for sports-related products and their product has super quality with great durability features.

This product is suitable for beginner to advance level runners as it gives comfort and fits perfectly into the feet, the design and making of this shoe are decent.

The midsole provides firmness and support during your exercise, the upper part of the shoe is made with good quality mesh, and the outer part of the shoe is of rubber that gives perfect gripping.

Key Features:

  • The closure type is Lace-Up.
  • The shoe Width is regular.
  • Outer Material is Synthetic.
  • Toe has round styling.
  • The shoe has 90 days warranty.
  • Different colors are available in this model.


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4. ASICS Hypergel-Yu Running Shoes



Best Running shoes under 5000



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Asics is one of the top brands when it comes to running or sports shoes as they are specialized in making a shoe for running & fitness, it is a Japan-based company established in 1977.

This model No: 1021A065 from Asics is a very stylish and trendy designed shoe, suitable for running and walking as it gives very strong sturdy gripping so you can focus on training.

This shoe is also suitable for sports so if you are someone who is into sports you can use it; this provides comfort and proper cushioning while you are active.

Overall good shoes and products come with a good warranty period, the design of the shoe is decent, and the build quality of the shoe is compact.

Key Features:

  • It has Lace-Up closure. 
  • The shoe Width is Medium.
  • The material quality used synthetic.
  • Suitable for sports & running.
  • The shoe comes with 180 days of warranty.
  • Different colors are available in this model.


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Other Best Running shoes from ASICS

ASICS Gel-Promesa Mx Shoes

ASICS Gel-ikaia 9 Shoes

ASICS Gel-Scram 6 Shoes



5. Carlton London Clm-1776 Running Shoes



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Carlton London is a UK-based brand that has been making some trendy shoes since 1992, in a very short span of time they have created their own customer base.

They are into fashion products especially into accessories, this model no: CLM-1776-RED standing in our list at 5th position due to its amazing features.

It is suitable for everyone from beginner to advance level, it is a very lightweight product that gives perfect cushioning while working out and outer material made with good quality of synthetic.

Design is very unique, stylish, and trendy it can really look fashionable after wearing, the toe is round shape & the heel has the perfect stretch to perform your activity efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Lace-Up closure.
  • The shoe Width is regular.
  • Outer Material is synthetic
  • Heel designed as flat type.
  • Toe styling is a round shape toe.
  • The shoe comes with 60 days warranty.


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6. Reebok Harmony Run Lp Shoes




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Reebok is a well-known brand for fitness or sports products they also have a huge range of collections and one of the most popular brands in India.

Among the huge range of products from Reebok we have listed this Model no: DV7841, overall, it looks very decent and has good durability.

It is made with good quality synthetic material; the sole has strong gripping and provides safety during your exercise sessions.

It is also usable for people who are into active sports life, shoes have premium comfort features and provide excellent flexibility and breathability.

Key Features:

  • Lace-Up closure.
  • Shoe Width is medium
  • Material quality is Synthetic
  • Specially designed for sports & running.
  • The shoe has 90 days warranty.
  • Colors available Red and black.


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7. ASICS Men Running Shoes





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This shoe is from Asics looks very trendy and attractive specially designed for running but also usable for sports and as casual wear, the weight of the product is 620 grams which are decent.

The material quality is made from high-quality synthetic and it is highly breathable and gives a very softer feeling that helps during high-intensity running.

The sole quality also good ensures runner proper gripping support during exercising sessions, apart from this color different 2 variations also available in this styling.

Key Features:

  • It is Lace-Up Closure styling.
  • The Shoe Width is medium.
  • Good quality material is synthetic.
  • Suitable for sports, running, and casual use.
  • Sole gives proper gripping.
  • The shoe comes with 180 days warranty.
  • Different colors come in this styling.


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Best Running shoes under 5000: What is the best running shoe?

Pair of Gym Shoes are made in such a way that they ensure you to give comfort during your workout session, there are many kinds of shoes available for your workout.

For each activity, you will see different patterns and designs for Running, Sports, and weight lifting, above we have listed some of the top 6 selling shoes that made with good quality material and provides much-needed comfort.

Before buying you should always consider a few things, first of all, you must decide your budget if you buy a branded one then you need them to use for a long time.

It is not at all necessary that buying the costliest product will satisfy your needs, affordable shoes too can meet your requirement.

It is very important to choose the right size as if you select a size and the shoe won’t fit into your feet or you are not comfortable then it will be a waste of your time and money.

After size, the most important thing is your comfort we are buying shoes for our comfortable exercise session so you have to check weight and outer sole quality.

Always weight of shoes should be on the lighter side for exercising or any physical activity, shoes who are bit heavy is not recommended as they can make your movement difficult and as result exercise won’t be as flexible as it should be.

Depth of the outer shell of the shoes also a very vital element it should be stronger as while training we put our more than 100% effort and the most active part of our body is our feet, so we have to ensure the safety of the feet.

Last durability as discuss we are spending our hard earn money so we should use wisely as they don’t come easily, but with running shoe no one can warranty you the longevity as a lot of things comes into consideration.

Durability and longevity all depend on your use & how you maintain them after your exercise session over.



Advantages of Running shoes:

If you are into fitness, sports, running or weight lifting one thing you must have is shoes either you are a beginner or advanced level, there are many advantages of running shoes some of them are as below.

  • Protection:

While the exercise sessions you intend to give your 100% and more active so sometimes the possibility of injury but if you wear shoes they provide protection to your feet.

So, you do not have to worry much about injury and can concentrate on your exercise more this helps to keep your exercise sessions more efficient.

  • Improves Performance:

During the workout, you have to give more than your 100% in order to achieve your fitness goal so if you wear shoes during exercise it puts fewer pressures on your feet.

As result your performance improves, this helps you to achieve your fitness goals.  

  • Cushioning:

Shoes made in a way that helps your exercise session to be more blissful and comfortable, it has built with proper cushioning that keeps your exercise less painful, you can more enjoy your exercise than an irritation.

  • Flexibility:

As discussed earlier while working out or running your efforts are more than regular activity, so you intend to put extra effort and stretch yourself more during exercise.

Shoes help you to stretch more efficiently so it also makes you more flexible during workouts.

  • Stability:

Running shoes have a perfect inbuilt sole at the bottom that gives excellent gripping that helps user immensely as shoes ensure stability and also helps to control your movement.





It’s very important that you take care of your shoe to use them for a long time, it does not matter which brands of shoes you are buying if you do not take care of them, they won’t be durable.

First of all, make sure to keep your shoes in a safe place after every use you can also use the bag to store them and make sure to hand clean them properly once in a while.

To maintain its shape let your shoes air and keep purifying on a regular basis, this can help to maintain your shoe shape, and also it does not smell bad.

Many people think that using polish or shiner can make their shoes looks new but actually, it is not true with running shoes it actually damages the shoe quality, always uses a cloth to clean them.




We have just discussed some of the best selling running shoes under 5000 if you are looking for the perfect running shoe with long durability then you may not be able to find one.

Well, you must be surprised why as you are looking out for your physical activity then durability more depends on how you use and how much your workout intensity.

Above are some of the top quality product which can really give you much needed support and comfort while working out, hope this article helps you to know about best running shoes under 5000.

But If you have any query post your comments we will be happy to guide and help you.


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