Best running shoes under 500 in India 2021- Reviews


Best running shoes under 500 in India 2021- Reviews


Training shoes is one of the key things to fitness-conscious people but everyone can not afford the expensive shoes for their training.

As maintaining healthy and fitness life is not that easy you need to spend your money on your gym memberships and diet, proteins.

So, most people run out of money to spend on accessories that are essential while working out be it running, cardio, or weight lifting.

This article is going to be useful for those who do not have huge spending power as we are going to discuss some of the best running shoes under 500 in India.

These are top-quality shoes that give flexibility and comfort during your high intensify exercise sessions.

So, let us discuss the best running shoes under 500 in India.


Best Shoes Under 500


Available On 

1.TRASE Men's Running Shoes

Synthetic and Mesh.

2.Trane Men's Air Series Mesh Shoes 

Canvas and Mesh.

3.ASIAN Shoes Future-04 Shoes for Men


4.NAXXIC Shoes for Mens and Boys

Mesh and Rubber

5.KAVON Training Shoes for Men's

Mesh and rubber 

6.CRKAS Shoes for Men's 

Canvas and Mesh

7.ASIAN Men's Superfit Shoes




Best running shoes under 500 in India


1.TRASE Men’s Running Shoes


Best running shoes under 500


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Trase is one of the top-selling shoe brands in low-budget products their collection is affordable for many fitness-conscious people, this product from Trase is very attractive shoes.

Looks very trendy and fashionable your personality will enhance after wearing them, it also gives comfort and flexibility during workout sessions.

It has great cushioning that gives perfect gripping while workout sessions, you can stretch as much as you can with quiet comfort.

It is suitable for running, walking and for the gym as well, it really helps you to increase your performance immensely.

The outer material is made of synthetic that gives breathability, the inside material is of mesh and sole made with good quality material for strong and sturdy gripping.

Key Features:

  • Looks trendy and fashionable.
  • Excellent build quality, lightweight.
  • The good material combination of synthetic and mesh.
  • Sole is compact and study.
  • Suitable for gym, walking & running.
  • Helps to increase your performance.
  • The shoe width is medium.
  • It is lace closure styling; the toe shape is round.
  • It is a very flexible shoe that provides comfort while exercising.


  • Not suitable for a high-intensity workout.


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2.Trane Men’s Air Series Mesh Shoes 


Best running shoes under 500



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Second in our list training shoes from Trane, this is one of the top-selling shoes it is a versatile product as it is suitable for walking, running and gym, also user can use as casual wear.

The material used in this shoe is of good quality as the outer material is a canvas and inner quality is mesh and the sole of the shoe is of rubber that gives comfort and good flexibility.

This is a very convenient shoe that gives good stretch and gives good gripping to your feet, it is a lightweight shoe so you can move around easily while exercising.

Overall if you like the bright Florent colors then this will be the perfect choice for you in this budget.

Review Video For Trane Men’s Air Series Mesh Shoes 

Key Features:

  • Good build quality.
  • Looks decent and fits perfectly on to feet.
  • The shape of the product is good.
  • It is lace closure styling.
  • Sole made with rubber.
  • The inner material is mesh.
  • The outer material is a canvas.
  • Versatile product used for running, walking, and gym
  • Also, usable while wearing casual clothing.


  • The Color is bright Florent.
  • No warranty.


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3.ASIAN Shoes Future-04 Shoes for Men



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Next on our list shoe from Asian, this is another top-selling shoe pattern design is decent and it does not have lace so if you are someone who does not like lace this can be an option for you.

The fabric material is a canvas that gives breathability and comfort while exercising, it is a very lightweight shoe so you can move around a little freely.

Soles of the shoe are strong enough for solid gripping which ensures safety, also ensures to put less stress on your feet so the user does not feel a lot of pain.

It is ideal for sports, gym, running, and walking, this shoe can be used in any weather as it is made with a shield from water.

The overall nice products also can be worn as casual shoes while going out for a party or for casual meetings.

Key Features:

  • Good quality of the material canvas.
  • Provides comfort and durability.
  • It is a very lightweight shoe.
  • Ideal for sports, running, gym, and walking.
  • Also, wear for casual meetings.
  • The shoe width is medium.
  • Slip-on closure design.
  • It has damping water protection.


  • Design is not trendy.
  • No lace.


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4. NAXXIC Shoes for Men’s and Boys


Best running shoes under 500


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4th in our list Naxxic shoe this pattern weight is very light only 200 grams and suitable for gym, running and walking, Sole material is made with rubber which gives proper gripping nonslip exercise sessions for safety.

The material of the shoe is a mesh that gives breathability and ensures durability as well, this product is a waterproof product so wearers can use it anytime no matter what is the climate.

Overall, the very good design looks stylish, and if you want you can use them as casual shoes while going out.

Key Features:

  • It is a stylish and trendy product.
  • Ideal for gym, running and walking.
  • Lightweight product only 200 grams.
  • Good quality material mesh.
  • The sole material is rubber.
  • It is lace-up Closures styling.
  • It is a waterproof product.
  • Easily washable, Medium shoe width.


  • Not suitable for sports.
  • No warranty.


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5. KAVON Training Shoes for Men’s


Best running shoes under 500


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Kavon shoe is next on our list, this shoe looks quite decent and lightweight that gives proper support during exercise sessions.

It is a versatile product so wearers can use it for walking, running, gym, casual, or party wear, if you are into sports you can utilize this shoe while playing.

The sole of the shoe is made of rubber which ensures safety as the rubber is non-skiddy, if someone is into racing or tracking this product can be the perfect one for you.

Overall, a good product to go for build quality is decent and it has great flexibility or stretchability which is essential for workouts.

Key Features:

  • Very flexible and decent design.
  • It is a lightweight product.
  • Suitable for walking, running, gym.
  • Also suitable for racing and track.
  • Use as casual, sneakers, or party wear.
  • It has lace-up closure styling.
  • Sole material made with rubber.
  • The shoe width is medium.


  • Build quality could have been better.


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6. CRKAS Shoes for Men’s 



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Up next is a shoe from Crkas this one is for men who like to stay trendy, fashionable and wants to look attractive all the time.

This looks very stylish and trendy; the product is lightweight provides proper gripping while exercise sessions and the material quality is good.

An overall good combination of material used in this shoe, the sole is of high-quality rubber that is non-skid ensures safety, the outer material is a canvas and the inner material is mesh.

Mesh inner material gives breathability so users can use it for a long time provides comfort, ideal for running, sports, and walking.

Wearers can use casual sneakers as well while going out for parties or for casual meetings.

Key Features:

  • Looks very stylish and trendy.
  • Inner material canvas and outer material mesh.
  • The sole material is rubber.
  • Ideal for running, sports, and walking.
  • Usable as casual sneakers.
  • It is a lightweight product.
  • Users can move around quite freely.
  • Provides proper flexibility during exercising sessions.


  • No warranty.


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7. ASIAN Men’s Superfit Shoes



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Up next shoe from Asian brand this shoe does not have lace but very flexible shoe as specially designed for fitness going people.

The design is decent and the build quality is very compact and study ensures durability, it gives proper comfort and gripping while performing your tasks.

The sole is made with high-quality material that gives soft cushioning and ensures complete comfort and flexibility so users can move around easily.

The outer material is of mesh which ensures breathability, this shoe is your all whether friend, be it monsoon or winter, the shoe is comfortable and provides proper fitting.

It is the complete package as users can use it for walking, running, a gym, any kind of sports, cycling, tracking, skating, and any kind of training activities including dance.

Key Features:

  • It is made with good quality mesh material.
  • Use anytime in summer, winter, or monsoon.
  • Provides comfort, flexible product.
  • The shoe is washable.
  • Fits perfectly into the feet.
  • Sole is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.
  • Closure styling Hook & Loop.
  • The shoe width is medium.
  • Versatile product made for multi-tasking.
  • Suitable for walking, running, and gym.
  • Also usable for tracking, any sports activities.
  • Any kind of training, skating, or dancing.


  • Design is not that attractive.


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Conclusion and Suggestions:


We have just discussed the best running shoes under 500 in India, if your budget is low do not hesitate to buy shoes in less budget as your training and diet are more important than anything else.

But make sure your shoe is light in weight as for physical activities lightweight shoe is highly recommended as they help you to move freely and helps to enhance your performance.

Also, keep your eye on the quality, sole of the shoes, shape and fitting wear it once and see how you feel after wearing them, moreover while concluding we suggest you keep them clean and safe after each and every use.

If possible keep the small bag to store them while not in use, always keep options and use alternatively to maintain its look and durability, do not use any shiner or polishing to clean shoes.



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