Best running shoes for men under 10000 In India 2022


Best running shoes for men under 10000 In India 2022


Best running shoes for men under 10000 In India 2022


Are you looking for the best running shoes under 10000? But not yet found one then this article will help you to know about some of the top-quality running shoes.

While buying running shoes you have to consider many things it is not the regular shoe we are looking for it is for running where your entire body is physically active especially your legs.

So safety is one of the key things and a top-quality shoe can provide you safety with it you can run more efficiently as the shoe will provide you proper support and gripping.

So let us discuss some of the best running shoes for men under 10000 and later things to consider while buying running shoes.

Note: Some of these shoes may cross the budget of 10000 but it’s worth of money you spend on it.


Top Best running shoes for men under 10000

Best Running shoes 

Material Quality

Available on 

Altra Superior Men's Running Shoe

Mesh Material

Reebok Men's Zig Kinetica Running Shoe

Mesh Material

Nike Men's Air Max Running Shoes

Synthetic quality

Skechers Men's Running Shoes

Mesh and Rubber 

 ASICS Men's Running Shoes

Synthetic, Mesh quality

Adidas Men's Running Shoes

Textile quality 

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About: Best running shoes for men under 10000


1. Altra Superior Men’s Running Shoe





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Altra is one of the top-quality brands for shoes and it is more popular for running shoes as they are specialized in making running shoes, they have a high range of shoes with top quality and comfort.

These running shoes from Altra are best selling product looks very decent, design may not be attractive or trendy but the quality is excellent and long-lasting, the weight of the product is very light only about 224grams.

The shape of the shoes made for comfort at the same time ensures to give proper space, it has support while running ensures to help your heels and foot area during the exercise sessions thanks to well-built cushioning quality.

Insole, midsole, and outsole making is quite unique, the insole has a 6mm counter footbed and comes with a stone guard which is easily detachable, Midsole is made with quality foam that is suitable for hours for running.

The outsole is made with good quality rubber with a trail claw that helps your underfoot area while running, stack height is 21mm that is enough for proper gripping.

Key features:

  • Lightweight running shoes only 224grams.
  • The shape is good and ensures comfort.
  • Stack height is 21mm.
  • It is a lace closure design.
  • Sole is made with high-quality material
  • The upper part is seamless wrap-around engineered knit.
  • Made with good quality mesh material.


  • No warranty.
  • The design is decent.


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2. Reebok Men’s Zig Kinetica Running Shoe


Best running shoes for men under 10000 In India



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Reebok does not need any introduction it is one of the oldest brands in India with a good reputation for quality products, reebok brand has multiple products and they are not only in running shoes they make many sports-related items for many decades.

This reebok shoe looks very attractive and elegant that anyone will just love the colors it has a combination of different colors and looks very natural.

It is suitable for running but it can really enhance your personality as after wearing it looks fantastic, not only it is trendy but also provides premium comfort while running does not put stress on your feet.

The shoe width is medium and available in many sizes, the sole made with a high-quality rubber that is perfectly suitable and gives proper gripping during the running sessions.

The material used for making is mesh quality that helps for proper cushioning, the shoe fits into the feet perfectly and the material ensures proper breathability.

Key Features:

  • It is a very trendy and attractive looking of shoes.
  • The shoe weight is around 900grams.
  • It is made with mesh material.
  • Closure styling is Lace-Up.
  • Sole is made with good quality rubber.
  • Ensures proper fitting with good breathability.
  • Comfortable for high-intensity running sessions.


  • No warranty details.
  • Little heavier weight.


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3. Nike Men’s Air Max Running Shoes



Best running shoes for men under 10000 In India



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Nike is another brand that has been very productive and makes not only the top-quality product but design-wise also trendy, Nike shoes are one of the best-selling shoes be it offline or online.

These Nike Air Max Sequent running shoes specially designed for men; the weight of the product is 700grams which is helpful while running as it is decently light.

The design looks quite good but if you are someone who likes to have brighter colors this may not be suitable for you as colors are quite standard with uniquely made patterns.

The toe style is rounded and the white stacks at the bottom match with the upper body color really well, the closure styling is lace-up.

The outer material ensures comfortability and breathability during the running sessions as it is made with synthetic quality, the shoe sole provides great stability and user can enjoy the low impactful exercise even at the high-intensity exercise.

Key Features:

  • It is specially design for men and running.
  • The good quality and weight of the shoe is 700grams.
  • The outer material is of synthetic quality.
  • Sole ensures good stability during running sessions.
  • Lace-up closure type.
  • Toe styling is round.
  • The shoe width is regular.
  • The shoe has 90 days warranty.


  • None but the color is very simple.


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4. Skechers Men’s Running Shoes


Best running shoes for men under 10000 In India



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Skechers is American based brand and specialized in footwear it is quite popular in the USA, they make a vast variety of shoes build quality of the shoes are nice and the design of the shoe is different from other brands.

This shoe from Skechers is very uniquely designed as multicolor used in it with little fonts detailing used, the weight of the product is very light only 476grams which is lighter so it gives comfort for running.

The outside material made with mesh quality which gives breathability even after long use, sole is of rubber quality that is considered to be perfect for gripping and stability.

The shoe width is regular so fits into the feet perfectly without any discomfort, closure type is a slip-on that keeps less headache of knotting just wear it and you are ready to go, the toe styling is round in this shoe.

Key Features:

  • The Sole made with good quality Rubber.
  • The Closure styling is Slip-On.
  • Regular shoe width.
  • Outer Material made of Mesh material.
  • Toe Styling is Rounded, the shape is properly designed.
  • 180 days warranty on shoes.


  • It is not suitable for a person who likes lace-up closure.


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5. ASICS Men’s Running Shoes


Best running shoes for men under 10000 In India



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Asics is a Japanese brand they are into sports products from shoes to apparel they make high quality and trendy shoes, In India, this brand is getting popular with a good customer base, it is definitely worth brand for running shoes.

This is probably the most trendy and attractive design on our list of best running shoes, the quality wise also very compact and sturdy product ensures long use, Shoes upper part is of Mesh that is extremely breathable, the midsole has flyted foam technology that is for your safe and proper stride

The design is excellent after wearing it your persona will definitely stand out from the rest, the closure type is lace-up and the shoe width is regular in these Asics shoes.

Toe styling is round and outer material made with top quality synthetic material, moreover this shoe made with unique technique gel technology and there is foam material added at the heel that is not only comfortable but also shock absorption.

Overall product is very lightweight only 290grams which is highly comfortable for running you can use it anywhere on the treadmill, exercise cycle, or even on the road.

Key features:

  • Closure styling is Lace-Up.
  • Regular shoe width
  • Outer Material quality is a high-quality synthetic material.
  • Toe Styling Round Toe
  • Very lightweight on 290 grams.
  • The midsole has foam that helps for proper stride.
  • 90 days warranty on the shoe.


  • Nothing but colors are bright.


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6. Adidas Men’s Running Shoes





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Adidas is again a brand that has been into sports-related products for years, they have their own loyal customer base, they also make sports, gym, and running shoes, the quality of the shoe from Adidas is always good but the design may not be trendy.

These running shoes of Adidas are suitable for running and for casual wear as well, shoe weight is around 660grams which is decently light for running purpose.

The toe designed is round and properly shape, the closure type is lace-up and the shoe width is regular so fits into the feet perfectly.

The outer material is high quality ensures durability and long use also comfortable, breathable if you are using it for long hours there won’t be any discomfort.

The upper body part shoe is very uniquely designed that ensures proper stride movement, the outer sole ensures strong and sturdy gripping provides proper support during the running exercise sessions.

Key Features:

  • Closure styling is Lace-Up.
  • The shoe Width is Regular.
  • Outer Material made with quality Textile material. 
  • Rounded toe styling good shape. 
  • Provides Proper support during exercise.
  • The shoe has 90 days warranty.


  • Design is not very attractive.


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Some of the Important parts of Running shoes that makes it top-quality shoe:


Many people in India considered styling and design while buying running shoes and forgets the main purpose of it, our main aim should be to get high-quality shoes that will help you to run efficiently and at the same time product is durable and styling should be last in your checklist.


Upper body:

The upper part is one of the key things it has to be of good quality the style you can pick anything but most of the runners do prefer lace-up style but it really does not matter you can go for anything moreover most of the upper body made of knitted fabric or mesh, but the mesh is one of the popular qualities.


Counter Lining:

The counter lining is one of the key elements in shoes as it makes sure to keep your shoe inner seams proper so it can stay durable always check the counter lining properly while checking the running shoes.



Next is the insole, this can be irritating but some of the insoles come out and you have to keep it in place every time you wear the shoe but it is actually good for you as you can always add any extra layer if needed in case it does not make you comfortable

So, it is better to go for an insole that easily removed, the insole material is made of rubber which is considered to be good.



This one is a tricky part your running shoe should have properly filled with foam cushioning as the midsole is important for your ankle support and knees, the midsole in running shoes is actually between upper and outsole.



In running shoes most common material used for outsole is rubber, it actually helps to give proper support while running especially when your foot lands on the ground, it makes sure not to slip or not to put a lot of stress on your feet.


Stack Height:

Stack also provides proper cushioning to your shoes for upper to lower part stack height is considered to be good anything between 20mm to 24mm you can select as per comfort.


Weight of the shoes:

If you are considering running shoes then you must consider lightweight shoes as many people choose heavier shoes which are not suitable for running and then they again search for a product which wastes your time and money, go for a shoe that is the lightest in terms of weight.



Now, at last, it comes to styling if the shoe is meeting all quality requirement and the weight you can see if it looks stylish good thing is in higher budget shoes you can get multiple ranges of the shoe which looks attractive and trendy.



This is completely depending on the brand in a cheaper price shoe you may not get the warranty but you can get a replacement facility but remember to read the details carefully if you are buying cheap price shoes.

With higher price running shoe brands do provide warranty anything between 30 days to 90 days, always read the terms and conditions about the warranty before getting one for you.




So here it is we have discussed the best running shoes under 10000, many people ask about where to shop running shoe is it safe to buy online? the answer is yes it is completely safe as all the top brands are on the online portal. 

All the top brands do provide replacement facilities and for higher price warranty as well ensure to read warranty details, some of the best brands are Asics, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and many more.

Lastly, remember durability does not completely depend on quality and brands you have to take care of the shoe regular cleaning is important, after every use keep them at a safe place you can store them in a small carry clothing carry bag.

Also, make sure not to use any polishers while cleaning shoe, hope this article guide you to know about best running shoes under 10000 in India if you have any query please post your comments we will be happy to guide you.


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