Best Recliner Chair to Buy Online for home India 2021


Best Recliner Chair to Buy Online for home 


Best Recliner Chair to Buy Online for home 


If you are looking for a recliner chair then this article will help you to know about them as there are so many beautiful Recliner chairs available but it is a really difficult task to select one.

We have brought some of the best recliner chairs that can provide the comfort you are looking for they are suitable for home and office.

So, let us discuss which are the best recliner chair to buy online in India.

Our top 3 Pick for the best recliner chair to buy online

Royaloak Divine Rocking Recliner Chair

The Couch Cell Recliner Chair

Furny Elisse Recliner Chair

Overall Best Selling

Good chair for height up to 6 feet

Top rated recliner chair

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Recliner Chair 

Product Size

Warranty Availability 

1. Royaloak Divine Rocking Recliner Chair

36 X 29 X 38 inches.

10 Days warranty

2. The Couch Cell Recliner Chair

38 X 34 X 27.50 Inches

 3 months warranty

3. Furny Elisse Recliner Chair

32 X 37 X 39 Inches.

1 year warranty

4. AE Designs Recliner Chair 

48 X 25 X 30 Inches

6 months warranty

5. Theater Seating Modern Reclining Chair

In Open Position
63 x 26.6 x 30 Inches.

Chair comes with Warranty.

6. Kgn Design Recliner Chair 

98.80 X 101.60 X 33 Inches.

6 months warranty

About: Best Recliner chair to buy online for home


1. Royaloak Divine Rocking Recliner Chair


Best Recliner Chair to Buy Online



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The first in our list is Royaloak’s brown color single seating chair which is made from fabric, cushioning, and padding material quality of soft suede to enhance its look, and the wood used is solid and sturdy.

The chair is not Pre-assembled so assembly requires and chair offers different kind of reclining positions for comfort, footrest, and backrest is adjustable.

The locking system is manual and chair-size is large enough it is suitable for the person up to a height of 5.10”

It is very easy to clean so you can maintain the chair in terms of its look, also this helps to keep your chair dust-free to maintain hygiene, Helpful for back health and armrest is large enough to relax on them.

Key Features:

  • The structure of the chair is German.
  • Releases stress and give a pain-free experience.
  • Suitable for lying down after a hectic day.
  • Inner Seating Area around 20 inches.
  • Product Size: Length-36 X Width-29 X Height-38 inches.
  • Weight of Chair up to 35 KG.
  • The product comes with 10 Days warranty.
  • Warranty on manufacturing defects.


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2. The Couch Cell Recliner Chair


Best Recliner Chair to Buy Online



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Next in our list is couch cell manual dark brown recliner chair, this product designed from AE designs brand they make some of the best furniture for home and office.

Making and styling of the chair is modern, looks good as the body is off premium quality sturdy wood, stuffing and cushioning is of Leatherette which ensures user comfort and blissful experience.

Anyone can use it as it is suitable for a person of height up to 6 feet, the locking system of the chair is manual for safety and the chair comes with floor-standing installation.

Key Features:

  • Looks trendy and compact chair.
  • Weight Capacity is above 120 KG.
  • Product size: Length: 38 X Width: 34 X Height: 27.50 Inches
  • Chair Weight: 40 KG.
  • The chair comes with an adjustable backrest and footrest.
  • Installation and Assemble require.
  • The product Comes with a Warranty of up to 3 months.


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3. Furny Elisse Recliner Chair


Best Recliner Chair to Buy Online



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Furny Elisse this brand makes some of the very rich-looking chairs their every product looks attractive which can give your home or office a different look.

So is this blue color chair can bring a lot to the table, the capacity of the chair is one-seater, this chair is suitable for home and the structure is of German appliance

The quality of the chair is soft as cushioning made from good quality of fabric and the main material is of wood, User has to assemble the product and the chair is of free-standing installation, the locking system is manual.

The chair looks quite trendy and fashionable, chair suitable for the person whose height is up to 6 feet and the footrest is adjustable as per comfort.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for home specially designed for living room.
  • Solid and sturdy chair.
  • Armrest and Footrest for premium comfort.
  • Product Size: Length-32 X Width- 37 X Height- 39 Inches.
  • Foot Rest Size is around 20.5 Inches.
  • Chair Weight is up to 30 KG
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • The warranty covers only manufacturing defects.


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4. AE Designs Recliner Chair 




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AE designs this olive-brown chair standing in our list at 4th position due to its quality and solidness, the best thing about this chair is that it is very easy to install.

Anyone can install in no time without any help or support the main material quality of the chair is fabric, the chair promises to give the complete resting hours thanks to its reclining position up to 170 degrees.

The making of the chair is very stylish and modern, the armrest is wide enough to rest on, the footrest is adjustable and it has a lock system for safety.

Key Features:

  • Frame Quality: Wood
  • Stationery Recliner Chair.
  • Fits into the room easily.
  • Chair Size: Approximately Length- 48 X Width- 25 X Height- 30 Inches.
  • Product Weight is up to 40 KG.
  • The product comes with 6 months warranty.
  • The warranty covers only manufacturing defects.


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5. Theater Seating Modern Reclining Chair




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Next to this black color contemporary chair which is very versatile, looks good and the making of the chair is sturdy enough to support you while resting on it.

Installation is very easy as it has only 3 parts to attached and the chair is ready to use, chair comes with 4 supportive legs to provide firmness on any surface.

Adjustable to different angles from 95 degrees to 160 degrees which makes this product very flexible to use for taking a quick nap to read to watching movies and playing games.

Adding more to the flexibility footrest and backrest are adjustable as per comfort, the making of the chair is of premium quality PU material.

The material is water-resistant which helps you to wash and clean the chair to maintain its look and hygiene, best thing about this chair is it has a weight capacity of up to 125 KG.

Key Features:

  • Slim Design fits into the living room and office.
  • The armrest is a curve in shape which gives comfort.
  • Easy to Install and 4 screws provided to balance the chair.
  • Frame quality is steel and cushioning is of sturdy foam.
  • Loading Capacity is up to 125 Kg.
  • The seating area Width is 19.4 and the Depth is 19.8 Inches.
  • Back Support size: Height- 25.2 and Width- 20.5 Inches
  • Chair size in Open Position: Length- 63 x Width- 26.6 x Height- 30 Inches.
  • The chair comes with a Warranty.


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6. Kgn Design Recliner Chair 




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The KGN Designer recliner chair can be a great solution for your comfort and at the same time may look attractive at home or office.

It is the latest technology rocker recliner chair which ensures the user to stay back and forth, the best thing about this chair when the chair is not leaning down it looks symmetrical which look like a regular chair.

The quality of the chair from leather-lite and thicket high-quality foam ensures to provide user softness while seating, the frame is solid and durable as instruments used of iron and plywood.

The footrest is adjustable, Armrest is a curve shape and the seating area is wider and softer as it is designed with a zero wall recliner.

Key Features:

  • A solid and sturdy chair with good quality Foam.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Well-built footrest for better reclining movement.
  • No Assembly Require as it is already assembled.
  • Fibre cleans the recliner with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean with a light wet cloth.
  • Chair Size: Length- 98.80 X Breadth-101.60 X Height- 33 Inches.
  • The product comes with 6 months manufacturer warranty
  • Keep Away from direct disclosure to sunlight.


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Advantages of Recliner Chair:

There are many benefits of the Recliner chair let us discuss some of them.


Recliner Chair you can also call them as Sofa is very blissful to lay down after long and Hectic day, these chairs are not only useful to use after tiring, there are some more health benefits as well.

It also Recliners release stress, Improves blood circulation, it is even best for Pregnant women and elders as you can lay down very comfortably.

Highly Beneficial for the person who is injured or heavyweight as these people find it difficult to sit recline chair make sure them to sit, lay down by adjusting chair as per their mood and comfort.

Sitting and doing work for long hours can cause pains in your back, Neck or Shoulder, best Recliner chair can give a lot of rest and you can work for long hours, not only for health this kind of chair widely used for watching movies, readings and taking a quick nap.

Chair design looks very cool and attractive you can make a very good impression on your guest at home and visitors at the office as chairs enhance the look of your home decor.



Disadvantages of Recliner Chair:

With many benefits there are some disadvantages of Recliner chair as well

The first thing is they occupy a lot of space as they are slightly bigger in size if you have less space at home or office then this chair may not be a good one for you.

Secondly, they are not easy to move as these chairs are heavier in weight than the normal traditional chair so once you kept in one place you may not be able to move them regularly.

Lastly, as there are modern and stylish chair and comes with many advance functionalities, they are quite expensive than the normal chair.



Buying Guide:

Recliner Chair can be beneficial but choosing a right quality product is essential so let us discuss important elements of recliner chair which make them a good quality of the chair.

Before start discussing buying guide, we must know what is the basic meaning of a recliner chair.


What is Recliner Chair?

Reclining simply means the laydown or lean back, these are the armchair who provides the luxury to adjust as per user’s comfort, user can lay down chair back, these chairs is equipped with a backrest, armrest, and footrest for premium comfort.


Space and Dimension:

First thing you must know while buying recliners size of the chair so you can fix the space where you going to keep them either at home or office, although the chair can be suitable for a bedroom, hall or balcony.

But make sure to measure the space in order to avoid the spacing problems as not to forget these are adjustable so you have to make space accordingly.


Weight Capacity:

Loading capacity of the chair is another important point as the device must hold your weight, if the chair cannot hold weight then it won’t be useful and it can really make an impact on chairs durability.

Most of the chairs have maximum weight capacity but most of the chairs do contain at least from 100 Kg to above 120 kg capacity but suggest you if you are an overweight person then check your weight and then buy a recliner.


Weight of Chair:

Chair weight plays a crucial role in moving them conveniently if the weight of the product is bulky and overweight then it will be very difficult to make move and it won’t be user friendly as you will need someone to make a movement, the weight of chair depending on making but it may vary around 30 KG to 40 KG.


Upholstery Material Quality:

The best quality of the product is another thing to consider as your comfort, softness, longevity all depending on the quality of material most of the good qualities of material considered to be polyurethane, leather and, Leatherette

As leather can be quite expensive at times few manufacturers consider PU material as they are less expensive than leather but while buying them make sure PU is of good quality.

Leather is made from animals and PU actually made by humans these are like Leather only but the feel would be slightly different than Leather.



Make sure to read the frame quality as your chair’s complete performance, shape, and durability depending on frame quality as well, you must know the wood used in the product so you can maintain it for years.


Cushioning of Chair:

Padding of recliner is a must as these are actually who provide you comfortable seating and supports your back, frame of the chair must be furnished with good quality foam which will have good density.


Reclining Method:

There are mainly two reclining method manual and power or electronic, most of the people do prefer manual as they are easier to control whereas power reclining method works on electronics and they work on power so you need to have the proper plugs to connect them as a result they may restrict you at one place.

Manual method means users have to handle physically in order to adjust them, if you are buying a chair for elders, disabled or Injured you may go for power chair but if only your budget allows.

As a manual chair is quite affordable and economical than the power chair, we recommend you to go for manuals as they do not need any power to work and useful in any situation even if the loss of electricity at your place.



Warranty depending on brand to brand they may provide you 6 months to a 1-year warranty or some may provide less warranty period.


Budget and Price:

The price of a chair varies and available in different ranges we suggest you not to compromise on quality and durability of the product just to save few bugs as if you bought the chair and do not last long then it will be waste of your money and time.


Care Instruction:

All fabrics tear easily and can damage with sharp-edged toys, buckles, Jewelry, and domestic pets. Snags, when they do occur, should be trimmed using scissors.




Recliners give a lot of comforts so it must have at our home, not only at Home but these are very useful in Offices as well as we spend most of our time in office.

Among the above listed our pick will be the Royaloak Divine Rocking Recliner Chair as it has almost all the features though all of them are best-selling chairs.

Hope we have helped you to know more about recliner chair but if any query you can post your comments.



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