Best Neck massager pillow for pain relief in India 2021


Best Neck massager pillow for pain relief in India 2021


Best Neck massager pillow for pain relief in India 2021


Pain in the neck is one of the most common issues for most of the human now a day the main problem is stress not mentally but what our body physically go through during the day.

With overstress life we often face pain and stiffness in the neck but another problem is that few people face pain due to the wrong sleeping pattern, the best way to give relaxing time to the neck is massage.

But frequent massage sessions can lead to heavy money spending so it is always better to get one piece of equipment at home that can give you massage literally at any time of the day you do not have to keep paying the money to use it.

A neck massager pillow is an excellent source of massage to your stiff neck and the amazing thing is there are many massagers available that can be carried anywhere you go.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the Best Neck massager pillow for pain relief in India.


Neck massagers 

Special Features 

Available on 

Dr. Physio (USA) 3D Cushion Massager 

It has 3D massage heads 

KosmoCare 2 in 1 Neck Massager 

4 heated kneading nodes

ASkyl Travel Neck Massager 

Kneading and vibration massage 

 GHK H80 Neck Kneading Massager 

 Kneading and rolling massage

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1. Dr. Physio (USA) 3D Cushion Massager 


Best Neck massager pillow for pain relief in India



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This Massager product is from Dr, Physio the brand is specialized in making health-related products and they make some of the durable yet top-performing massagers.

If you have pain in your neck and even at the back especially if you are facing cervical issues you can use this massage machine to get relief from such pain.

It has a heating massage technique magnetic therapy that helps the user to get quick pain relief so you can get comfort by increasing blood circulation into your body.

The massager comes with 6 kneading nodes that revolve around your affected area during the massage sessions and shiatsu massage also helps you to get effective results in a quick time.

These massage nodes move in the reverse direction in each session so others can also use them, these all qualities help to get relief from aches and muscle stress.

Tap massage is also very effective for your muscle health this massager also has a tapping kind of massage technique, it will not automatically play you have to active tap massage with help of a remote.

Overall, very compact and effective massager machine for your body, and the build quality of the product is also quite good as the material used for making is silicon.

Key Features:

  • It is made with high-quality silicone material.
  • It has 3D massage heads for relaxing massage sessions.
  • Helps to get rid of pain even for cervical pain.
  • This massager also helps with weight loss.
  • Tapping massage useful for the full body.
  • It has a shiatsu massage technique as well.
  • Heating therapy helps to increase blood circulation.
  • Magnetic therapy is effective to recover your body faster.
  • The speed is adjustable as per requirement.
  • The massager comes with 1 year + 6 months warranty.


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2. KosmoCare 2 in 1 Neck Massager 


Best Neck massager pillow for pain relief in India



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If you are looking for a massager then this Kosmocare massager will be the best choice at a reasonable price as it is not only suitable for neck massage but also the user can massage back and shoulder as well.

Before discussing the massage technique in this massager let us know the quality of the product so the material used in this massager is covered with good quality PU that is a form of leather.

The rollers inbuilt in this product is in U shape which is quite good to use while massaging your body parts neck, back and shoulder as well, these rollers offer user very effective kneading massage sessions that move in 3D rotation to give you a gentle massage.

The shiatsu massage technique helps the user to get a more natural massage feeling so while getting a massage you more feel like someone is pressing your body with fingers, heating therapy ensures instant pain relief.

Key Features:

  • It is made with good quality material.
  • 4 heated kneading nodes that auto-reverse each minute.
  • It gives a natural massage experience due to the shiatsu massage technique.
  • Very portable easy to carry anywhere in your car, office, and home.
  • Easy to operate control buttons easy to understand.
  • The intensity of the massage can be adjustable as per comfort.
  • 20 minutes auto turn-off ensures safety while using.
  • It is easy to clean comes with a dustproof bag.
  • The user gets a car charger and adaptor.
  • The massager comes with a 1-year warranty.


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3. ASkyl Travel Neck Massager 




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3rd on our list this massager pillow which is specially designed for massaging while traveling the user can use as at home as well but if you are a frequent traveler this can be the best option.

The weight of this neck massage pillow is just 0.495 grams that makes it very portable user can carry it anywhere easily, it is made with material fabric Velboa & Foam that is very soft and fine which does not irritate the user while massaging sessions.

The U-shape design fits perfectly at your neck without any discomfort, if you have cervical pain and suffering from such an issue you can use it for massage.

Pillow massager has kneading massage techniques that roll around your affected area softly to get pain relief, the massager gives vibration massage and also shiatsu massage.

Vibration massage is helpful to increase blood circulation into the body and shiatsu massage gives a more intimate massage feeling, user can adjust the massage intensity within 3 levels.

The unique thing is you can select the massage techniques that you want for your body If you want kneading and vibration both you can use it or you can select any one of them.

Key Features:

  • It is designed for travelers also usable at home.
  • Made with good quality fabric Velboa and foam.
  • Soft and comfortable massager pillow.
  • 2 Kneading nodes rotational massage with vibration massage.
  • Relive muscle tension and pain, also suitable for cervical pain.
  • The intensity of the massage is adjustable up to 3 levels.
  • It has a shiatsu massage technique.
  • The device is rechargeable full recharge runs for 1.5 hours.
  • Does not create noise, easy to use.
  • The material is washable and removable.
  • 10 minutes auto turn-off option to ensure safety.
  • The massager comes with a bag and USB charger.


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4. GHK H80 Neck Kneading Massager 


Best Neck massager pillow for pain relief in India



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GHK H80 neck massage pillow is also a helpful device to massage your other body parts such as back with lower back, arms, even legs as well but you have to target each body part separately.

Material quality is decently good,  you can keep this in your car and get a massage while driving as the device comes with an inbuilt elastic band that helps to tie it near your neck area.

It has inbuilt roller heads that give quite a solid message to your muscles so they can get relaxation also improves blood circulation into the body.

The machine also offers a user kneading massage which is great for relief from aches and pain, the overall the product is very easy to use and anyone can operate.

Key Features:

  • The machine is very portable.
  • Users can tie this massage in their car near the seat.
  • The multifunctional massager helps to relax.
  • Release muscle stress Improves blood flow.
  • It is built with a high-quality rubber elastic band.
  • It helps to massage multiple body parts.
  • Users can massage the back, lower back, arms and legs as well.
  • It has a kneading and rolling massage technique.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • The massager pillow comes with a 1-year warranty.


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Best Neck massager pillow: Types of Neck massagers

1. Manual massager:

The manual neck massagers user has to use manually, in this type of massager you may not see the massage techniques it can do basic massage but if you have issues like cervical problems it is not that effective.


2. Electric massager:

Electric massagers are runs on electric power these massagers are very effective for cervical issues as they will have massage techniques that help in pain relief.

Anyone can use this massager effectively to get rid of pain, few massagers are chargeable as well these are specially designed to use outside in your car or while traveling in flight or train.



Best Neck massager pillow: Buying Guide

So, we have just discussed the Best Neck massager pillow for pain relief, but it is also important to understand the things we must consider while buying these massagers as the results are important but durability is also a crucial point in order to keep the product usable for a long time.



Build quality:

For longevity and durability, the first thing that is important is the material quality and build quality of the product make sure the product is made with high-quality material.

The material used for making such a product can depend on each brand and also depend on the product to product but most of the products made with silicone, PU leather, or polyester.


Different types of Massage techniques in neck massager:

The neck massager is very economical in price so the technique in this kind of product is quite basic which is sufficient for your muscles and tissues to get rid of pain and stress.

Some of the common and most used techniques in these massagers are as below, the technique of massager depending on the product to product it is not necessary that your massager will have all these techniques in the product.



It is a very important aspect in neck massagers as these rollers have the sole responsibility to move around the affected area to give a soothing and gentle massage to your tired muscles.



Vibration massage efficiently increases blood circulation into the body so that your body can get a healing process to get rid of stiffness and pain in muscles.



We all know that heating or thermal therapy is the best way to treat any kind of a pain in your body, if the massager has heating or thermal therapy it will be good for your muscles.

There will be some lights included in the massager that will help the machine to create heat to give you a healing massage.


4.Shiatsu massage:

This actually included in rollers but have to mention this separately, this massage technique you will find in almost every massager, shiatsu massage makes sure to give an organic feeling while massaging session.


Intensity speed:

Adjustable speed of massage can be used as per your comfort and requirement, most of the massagers will have an adjustable speed between 3 to 5 levels depending on the product.

Always make sure to start using with lower speed to understand the behavior or speed of the massage once you get comfortable gradually increase the speed.  


Auto-off function:

Safety is one of the important aspects while using this kind of product as overuse can harm your skin, so always better to choose a product that will have an auto turn-off option.

Almost every brand creates massagers with this functionality you will see auto turn off from 10 minutes to 20 minutes in neck massagers.


Multiple body massage:

Even if you are looking massager for the neck if possible, you can try to get a massager that helps to massage your other body parts so you can use it to give relaxing time to body parts such as shoulder, back, lower back, arms, etc.



Each and every brand provides a warranty but it is always better to read warranty details the user gets the warranty from 3months to 1 year depending on brand to brand.


Read manual Guide:

Before start using read the manual carefully so you can understand how to set up, how to use the product or you can always check the videos on YouTube if wants more guidance about how to use them.


Budget and pricing:

Neck massagers or pillow massagers are available from cheapest to expensive price but the pricey product also available not in huge range you can get this kind of massager from 300 to 20000.

The higher price products offer users advanced techniques whereas the lower budget will have basic techniques.




Hope we have helped you to know and understand about the neck massagers the best thing about massagers pillows is that you can use them literally anywhere at the home, office, or even in the car.

This quality of cushion massagers makes sure that you can use it at your comfort and at your available time, some of the designs are made for frequent travelers so they can use it while on tour.

For best results, you can use it daily but not for a longer time if you are taking it once in while using it once or twice a week for 10 to 15 minutes for better results.



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