Best Massager for back and neck in India 2021- Reviews


Best Massager for back and neck in India 2021- Reviews

Looking for a back and neck massager to get relief from constant pain and stiffness?

Not to worry in this article we are going to discuss in detail about some of the top quality and best selling massager which is useful to massage your back and neck.

As back pain or stiffness in muscles can be very frustrating and very dangerous in long term, these back massagers are not only helpful to get relief of pain but also helps to release stress.

The best thing about back massagers is that some of them are very easy to use while sitting and doing work at home or office.

We have researched for hours before jumping to the conclusion on which massager machine will be perfect for getting rid of pain at the same time safe to use.

So let us discuss in detail one by one about Massager for back and neck.



Best Massager Machine 

Special Features

Available On 

JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine 

Shiatsu & kneading massage therapy

Grin Health Full Back Massager 

12 extensive kneading rotation

Dr. Trust Physio (USA) Body Massager

Heating therapy & Kneading massage 

GHK H75 Full Back & Neck Massager

Rollers, Heating & Vibration massage 

AGARO MARVEL Body Massager 

8 different massaging heads


About: Best Massager for back and neck in India 


1. JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine 


Best Massager for back and neck



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JSB is one of the most popular and well-known brands in India for health or fitness products, this massager is very effective to get rid of back pain, it is Model No: HF64 standing in our list at 1st position.

The machine is a bit heavy as the weight of the massager is 7.80kg, build quality is very compact and solid gives very deep massage to your entire back as it has inbuilt rollers that rotate very effectively.

Also, it has heating therapy that gives instant relief from pain or fatigue, very flexible, and easy to use as the design is very sleek and height is adjustable to massage your neck. 

You can get massage sessions anytime anywhere be at the home, office, or in your car, there is vibration therapy at the seat that helps to massage your thigh and hips which ensures quick pain relief and rejuvenate blood circulation in the lower body.

The vibration speed can be adjustable between 3-speed settings, it gives a shiatsu massage experience with a kneading massage that presses your stiff muscle gently so you can get much-needed relaxation.

You can set your massage sessions as it has an auto mode that turns off the device after 15 minutes, the unique thing about the massager is rollers at the neck as it is adjustable so you can massage the neck & shoulder as well.

Key Features:

  • Made quality is compact and solid.
  • Usable for home, office, and in the car.
  • Rollers are adjustable massages on your neck & shoulder.
  • Rollers rotate effectively massages your entire back.
  • Heating therapy gives quick pain relief.
  • Seat Vibration therapy massages hips and thighs.
  • The vibration setting is adjustable up to 3 levels.
  • Shiatsu & kneading massage therapy.
  • Auto mode turns off the device after 15 minutes.
  • The massager has a 1-year warranty.


  • None but expensive product.


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2. Grin Health Full Shiatsu Back Massager 


Best Massager for back and neck



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Grin Health’s back massager model no: GHM206 one of the top-rated products, it has a weight of up to 4.60 kg and made with high-quality plastic material, the massager works on electric power supply there are inbuilt long 1-meter cable connects with electricity easily.

Users get a remote control for ease of use, it allows you to easily on or off the functions like heat, shiatsu massage, Thai massage & seat vibration mode.

You can also use the auto mode function with a remote which ensures complete safety as the device turns off automatically after 15 minutes of use.

It has a 3D kneading massage interchange that revolves around your affected area gently but very effectively that reaches deep into the muscles to get rid of stress and pain.

The massager has 12 extensive kneading rotation interchange that helps to massage your entire back from lower to upper back and infrared heating treatment provides quick pain relief.

This is not only helpful for a back massage you can use it for thighs and hips as well, as it has a vibration seat that helps to massage your lower body parts quite efficiently.

Overall provide ultimate comfort as you can use it anywhere by sitting on a chair at home or office and even while driving a car.

Key Features:

  • Made with good plastic material, easy and safe to use.
  • 3D Kneading & Rolling massager.
  • 12 kneading shiatsu helps to massage the upper & lower back.
  • Shiatsu massage provides very effective sessions.
  • Vibration seat massage helps to target thighs & hips.
  • The infrared heating technique releases pain quickly.
  • High-quality PU leather & inbuilt 3D mesh.
  • You can fix the massager on your chair.
  • Inbuilt storage bag to keep remote safe.
  • 15 minutes auto mode function provides safety.
  • Size of massager: 65 x 45.9 x 19.1 cm
  • The massager has 6 months warranty register on the manufactures website less than 30 days of purchase.


  • The warranty is only 6 months.


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3. Dr. Trust Physio (USA) Electric Body Massager




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Up next body massager from Dr. Trust Physio, it is Model no: Shiatsunew ideal for back, shoulder, and neck pain, this is very portable and easy to carry as the weight of the product is only 1.90 kg.

Build quality is decent as made with faux leather that ensures durability, not only back but the user can also massage waist, belly, hip, thigh & calves.

It gives shiatsu kneading massage experience to get rid of pain and releases stress thanks to inbuilt 8 nodes that rotates very effectively to give a gentle but powerful massage session.

It has infrared heating therapy that ensures to get quick pain relief, releases stress as it gives intensifying therapy but heat does not reach above 40 degrees to keep you safe.

For extra safety it has an auto mode of 15 minutes device turns off immediately once reaches the time and also has thermal protection so it is completely safe to use, the bi-directional motion moves in both directions to give maximum benefit, very easy to control you can also select the intensity level of your massage sessions.

It requires an electrical connection so it is usable at home or office but you can also use it in your car as a user get vehicle mounted car lighter plug.

Key Features:

  • Material made with faux leather.
  • Very flexible and lightweight.
  • Massages your neck, shoulder & back.
  • Multiple body massage belly, thighs, calves, waist & hips.
  • Shiatsu kneading massage with 8 nodes rotates effectively.
  • Infrared heating therapy improves blood circulation.
  • Very effective releases stress, tension, and pain relief.
  • Provides very healthy massage, Usable at home, office & car.
  • Auto mode of 15 minutes ensures safety.
  • Heating reaches up to 40 degrees for safe use.
  • Easy control buttons on/off options & intensity adjustable.
  • The massager has a 1-year warranty.


  • No vibration massage.


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4. GHK H75 Full Back & Neck Massager


Best Massager for back and neck



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GHK Model No: H75 standing in our list at 4th position the weight of the product is 6.50 kg which is heavy but very easily fits into the chair.

It is suitable to massage your lower and upper back with the neck as well, as inbuilt rollers at the top ensure to rotate effectively to reach deep into the muscles.

For back massage it has a good combination of rollers and heating therapy, rollers move around body parts very gently and heating massage improves blood circulation.

Seating space provides vibration massage treatment that is helpful to massage your thigh and hip, it is completely safe to use due to 15 minutes auto turn-off modes.

User can use at the home, office, and car as it comes with electric charger and car charger, it is made with good quality material which ensures durability.

Key Features:

  • A well-built massager ensures durability.
  • Easy and flexible to use.
  • Heating therapy improves blood circulation.
  • Seat Vibration massage for thighs and hips.
  • Inbuilt rollers at the neck to massage your neck area.
  • Heating and rollers massage your entire back.
  • Provides relaxation from pain and releases stress.
  • Auto modes for safety turn off automatically after 15 minutes.
  • The massager has a 1-year warranty.


  • Pricey product.


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5. AGARO MARVEL Electric Body Massager 



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The next massager machine from Agaro marvel is Model no: 33213, a very portable and lightweight product as the weight of the device is only 825 grams.

You can massage most of the body parts and very affordable when it comes to price, it requires electricity to operate, handles are sturdy & non-skiddy.

Making & build the product is a good quality of plastic, it has the capacity to provide a deep massaging experience to get relax from pain and stiff muscles.

The massager has 8 different massaging heads that are detachable so the user can use it for different massage techniques and an inbuilt cloth mesh cover ensures safety from twisting.

You can adjust the intensity of the massage sessions up to 6 levels as per your comfort, vibration massage ensures to get a soothing massage that helps to relax your muscles.

Vibration massage is also adjustable as per comfort up to 5 levels, it has 5 massage modes that help to keeps massage as per need, it also has 15 minutes auto turn off options for safety.

Key Features:

  • Made with good quality plastic material.
  • Handles are sturdy and non-skiddy.
  • Suitable for full body massage.
  • Comes with 8 detachable massage heads.
  • Vibration therapy adjustable up to 5 levels.
  • The intensity of massage adjustable up to 6 levels.
  • Cloth Mesh cover ensures no tangling of skin hair.
  • Less electricity consumption only up to 28 watts.
  • Easy and safe to use, a Very affordable product.
  • 15 minutes auto turn-off options.
  • The massager has a 1-year warranty.


  • No heating therapies.


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Best Massager for back and neck: Types of Back & Neck Massager

There are many types of massager machines available that are helpful to massage the back and neck, but some of them are usable for other body parts as well.

Moreover while purchasing massager we must know different types of the massager, so some of them are as discussed below.


Cushion massager:

This is also known as a pillow massager these are very easy to use and portable design, this machine can help you to target your lower back pain or neck pain.

With this massager, you can massage the neck or back but at one time you can target one body part.

Most of the cushion massager has massaging techniques such as kneading, vibration & heating therapy that gives great massaging experience.


Seat massager:

This massage device at one time can target your lower & upper back with neck and shoulder, most of the seat massager also has vibration massage pads at the bottom.

This vibration massage helps to target your thighs and hips to get rid of the pain by releasing muscle tensions.

It has a kneading and shiatsu massage technique that presses your affected area softly but gives a powerful message and heating therapy improves blood circulation into the body.

There are inbuilt rollers that move around your targeted area very smoothly and gently which gives ultimate comfort and ensures high quality of massage sessions.


Belt Massager:

As the name suggests this massager made in belt designed that can be wrapped around the affected area, belt massager uses the technique such as heating, shiatsu & kneading massage.

Users can target body parts such as the back, shoulder, waist, thighs & calves by using a belt massager.


Handled massager:

The handled massager comes with inbuilt handles, the user has to manually move around the affected body parts to massage.

Most of the massager comes with techniques like vibration, kneading massage, heating therapy depends on each product so while buying once always check if your device has heating treatment.

The massager comes with multiple types of detachable heads that you can use for different purposes; these are effective to get rid of pain and also affordable for anyone.



Best Massager for back and neck:  Advantages of Back & Neck massager


  • Pain relief:

Most of the massager has many techniques such as kneading, shiatsu massage, vibration, inbuilt rollers, and heating therapy, all this combination helps to get rid of pain or fatigue & stiffness in muscles.


  • Releases stress & tension:

Today everyone is so busy with a hectic life schedule we all have many things to achieve be it in professional life or in personal life, in this all process we often get a lot of stress or tension.

We more concentrate on work but very less on our physical health which can be very harmful to the long term, but by using the massager machine it really gives fresh and energetic feeling so you get rid of all the stress or tension.


  • Improves Blood circulation:

Massager techniques like rollers, vibration, or heating therapy make sure to reach deep into the body which leads to an increase in blood circulation.

Specially rollers rotate very efficiently to give a very authentic massage experience and vibration to helps in improving blood circulation on affected areas.


  • Improves Sleep:

As we discussed that regular use of a massager can release your stress and tension which gives a very energetic feeling which automatically helps to improve your sleep so you can get more relaxing hours after a hectic & tiring day.


Best Massager for back and neck: Buying Guide

We have discussed types of the massager and their advantages but while choosing the best massager for the back & neck we must consider few things while buying, some of the points we have covered below.


Different types of Massage techniques:

Multiple body massage techniques make massager effective some of the most important different types of methods as below.


  • Nodes:

If the device has multiple nodes then the massager can give you very intensifying massage sessions, as nodes help to reach deep into the muscle to give quick pain relief.


  • Shiatsu:

This massage technique is first introduced in Japan so you can call it a Japanese massage technique; massager with shiatsu technique gives a very soft feeling.

The user feels like someone pressing or rubbing with fingers this is a highly beneficial massager especially for pains & for most chronic issues.


  • Kneading:

Kneading massage techniques in massager machine is highly used with shiatsu massage as kneading helps to release the muscle stress & improves muscle flexibility.


  • Vibration:

Another great technique to release stress or tensions from muscles is the vibration massage technique these are too very effective massage and increases the flexibility in your muscles.


  • Heat:

There is a misconception about heating therapy in massager machines that it is harmful to use but it is not true at all.

Heating therapy is a great way to give instant pain relief most of the devices come with infrared heating treatment where inbuilt lights provide the heat during massage sessions.

For safety almost each and every brand provides auto shut-off or timer options, heating treatment is a proven technique to get rid of pain relief instantly.


  • Attachments:

These multiple attaching modes you can find mostly in handled massager machine you can get about 3-8 different attaching modes depending on the product to product.

These attaching modes are helpful to massage your body for different purposes as per need and comfort.


Shape and Size:

This sounds very simple and most people avoid it while selecting massager but the shape of the product is very important along with size.

A massager should have the capacity to target your body parts especially if you are looking for back massage then see if the device has adjustable height as it helps to adjust as per the need to massage multiple body parts.

If looking for a handled massager then make sure it has long and non-skiddy handles which can easily reach your back parts.


Auto Turn off:

This you can find in most of the massager, you just have to press the button and your device will be automatically turned off after 10-15 minutes once reach the time.

Few devices come with a timer option where you can set up the time of your massage sessions, these things help to keep you safe from overusing.


Adjustable settings:

Massager should have an adjustable speed setting for your massage sessions so you can set up the speed or intensity of your sessions as per comfort to get relaxation.



This is depending on the product to product but most of the brands do provide 6 months to 2 years warranty on the back and neck massagers.

Always read the terms and conditions carefully as few brands may ask you to register on their website after purchasing a product 15 or 30 days after purchasing to claim a warranty.


Price & Budget:

You can get the back and neck massager at price as low as 1000 to 20,000 select the product as per your budget.

Expensive products do have multiple advanced features whereas low-budget products may have some basic massage techniques.


Read manual:

Read the manual carefully before start using the massager for safety, if you have confused about how to use then you can watch the videos on YouTube.

You will find videos on YouTube and a few brands to make videos on how to use massager & upload on YouTube for their customers.


Most of the users do not understand the importance of quality of usage, as if you overuse anything it can be more harmful than the benefits so we suggest you use it wisely.

Studies suggest that massage for 10 to 15 minutes will be ideal to get the best results and also remember to keep or store at a safe place after every use.



We have just discussed the best back and neck massager with multiple other things such as types of massager to buying guide.

Above listed massager is one of the best-selling products, if your budget allows going for JSB HF64 Back Massager Machine as it has multiple massage techniques.

If your budget is low you can also go for AGARO MARVEL Body Massager as it comes at a low price and can be effective to get rid of the pain but it comes with limited massage techniques.



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