Best leg and foot massager in India 2021- Reviews


Best leg and foot massager in India 2021- Reviews


Best leg and foot massager in India 2021- Reviews


Life is so busy today it is taking a toll on everyone pain and stiffness in the legs are the most common issue found today even in youngsters due to tough hectic life.

Some people may have pain due to age, even if the person in sports or gym weight lifting, running the stiffness pain in tissue can be a most common problem.

The best solution is to go for massagers that will be with you for a long time so you do not have to worry about spending money each time on those expensive spas.

The one-time investment can bring a lot of joy to your overall health of legs, feet, and calf, if you are looking for the best leg and foot massager machine then in this article, we are going to discuss one of the best-selling massagers.

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Best Leg Massager 

Type of massager 

Available On

JSB HF111 Leg Foot Massager Machine 

Leg Foot and calf massager 

JSB HF05 Leg & Foot Massager

Foot Ankle and Calf massager 

BODYFRIEND Classic Plus Leg Massager

Shiatsu Leg Massager

Lifelong LLM99 Leg Massager 

foot, ankle & calf Massager


JSB HF111 Leg Foot Massager Machine 


Best leg and foot massager in India


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Key Features:

  • Leg foot massager machine for pain relief.
  • The massager has the capacity to massage your foot, calf, and ankle at one time.
  • It has inbuilt airbags that massage body parts efficiently.
  • It gives soothing compressed air massage.
  • It has reflexology foot rolling massage that stimulates sole points.
  • Intensity massage adjustable between 3 levels.
  • It gives kneading massage and heating therapy gives quick pain relief.
  • It is foldable as it is adjustable up to 110 degrees.
  • Safe to use as the machine has 15 minutes auto turn off the function.
  • User can use while sitting or recline as the machine is adjustable up to 45 degrees.
  • The fabric cover has the closure of zipping allows easy to remove and wash.
  • The control panels are easy to understand and operate.
  • Machine-made with high-quality material rubber.
  • Product size: 51.6 x 56 x 60.5 cm.
  • The massage machine comes with a 1-year warranty.


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Best leg and foot massager: Advantages of Leg and foot massager


Before start reviewing this leg massager from JSB HF111, it is important to understand the why leg and foot massage machine is so effective and popular, so below are some of the advantages of leg massager as there are multiple benefits we have to discuss each one of them in detail.

  • As we are busy and do work sitting at one place we do not give leg muscles care that is needed to keep them healthy and fine, after taking massager from the machine it improves blood circulation into your leg.
  • Another important thing is most of the people wear very tight jeans, trousers men and women both, few women also wear tight and long heels sandals that leads to poor blood circulation into the feet, these leg and foot massagers ensure to increase blood circulation in such cases.
  • It is a great way to relax yes after a tiring and hectic day it is ideal to give some rest to your body especially to your legs after the massage session over you will feel much better and relax.
  • Few studies conduct and found as it relaxes human beings this leads to better sleep at night, so it is a good idea to massage while going to bed.
  • It is a good way to treat swelling yes these leg and foot massagers are the best way to help to reduce the swelling especially for a person who is into fitness or sports, if you are a weight lifter it will be better to massage on leg day exercise.
  • If you are going through stress or anxiety after massaging you will feel more relaxing it helps to get rid of stress and anxiety, lifts your mood, and keeps you active for the next day.
  • Removes all the stiffness and tensions from your feet’ muscles and tissues as it helps to regenerate healthy legs by stimulating small tissues and nerves from your feet.
  • As it boosts your mood you work more efficiently as result it helps to improve brain activity, there are certain points at your sole which helps to keep your blood flow healthy and fine.
  • If you are suffering from high BP or arthritis, varicose veins, edema issues the leg massager can be very effective on reducing or controlling such problems, women during menstrual pain can utilize it to reduce some pain.


About: Best leg and foot massager in India 



JSB Is one of the top brands in India, they have a huge range of products for health and fitness, they have been making some compact yet quality performing products for many decades.

They have a collection of products such as body massagers, massage chairs, cervical pillows, leg elevation pillows, knee massagers, foot spa massagers, face massagers,s and many more unique products.

This JSB HF111 model is one of the hot-selling products it has many functions that keep this leg massager durable and at the same time solve the issue of pain stiffness in your foot, ankle, and calf.



Best leg and foot massager: Different kind of massage techniques


1.Air Pressure massage:

Air pressure massage is one of the new techniques, massage that helps blood in your body to flow efficiently, it squeezes your skin and tired muscles that helps to activate the blood flow as a result you feel much better and gets relief from tiredness.

JSBHF 111 has an air pressure massage technique that is gentle on your skin and muscles yet gives powerful massage under the air pressure, you will definitely feel more active your feet’ health will improve after regular massage sessions.


2. Vibration massage:

Vibration massage is one of the oldest massage techniques that very effectively increases blood circulation, an important process to active your nerve and releases stress from muscles.

Complete body vibration massage can be the best way to relax your body but it is also important to your legs, ankles, as well as they, go through a lot every day, the machine produces good intensify vibration massage to your tired legs.

This vibration technique basically pushes your muscles and smallest of tissues in a very effective way to get rid of all the stress also make sure to keeps you activate and vitalize.


3. Reflexology massage:

This massage technique is used for arms, hands, and feet sole as well, in this case, we are going to explain how this technique is effective in the leg massager how it works for your feet especially to your sole.

In JSB HF111 foot and leg massager, it has developed with 24 reflexology rollers at the sole which rolls around your feet sole to give your feet strong massage that leads to generating blood flow on feet which is essential for pain relief.

Your sole muscles or your sole points regenerate, the user to feel more energetic and active, study also suggests that it can really lift your mood and also help in case of anxiety or stress.


4. Kneading massage and airbags:

This massage technique has the major responsibility of massage or spa sessions so let us understand the importance of airbags in leg massagers or for that matter any kind of massagers.

The airbags found mostly in leg massagers or in massage chairs; these airbags have all the responsibility to give your affected area solid massage sessions, airbags press, squeezes your muscles smoothly user feels more natural spa massage sessions.

The airbags in leg massager depending on product to product how many airbags inbuilt in the massager, but this JSB HF111 massager has 20 airbags inbuilt, pressure can be controlled as per users’ comfort and need.

These 20 airbags as said earlier press, squeeze, and compress your muscle tissue smoothly to give you much-needed comfort, always remember the airbags are the most important element in leg massagers.


5. Thermal Heating therapy:

Who does not know the importance of heating therapy especially while body pain?

Heating therapy is one of the traditional treatments and it’s never been old as in today’s modern world as well heating makes sure to get rid of pain instantly especially to your joints and muscles.

In this massager, there is heating therapy that is adjustable as per users need which is a good thing as everyone have their own comfort it’s better to check with the low temperature at the beginning and then adjust it as you get comfortable.

JSB HF111 foot massager has heating therapy for your thighs and calves so you can use it if needed.



Speed Adjustment:

The adjustment to speed is key in the massagers this leg massager has 3 levels of adjustable intensity, vibration massage also has adjustable up to 3 levels and other functions such as kneading can be adjusted up to 3 levels.



The design of the product is very unique it is the closed design which is highly popular as said it massages multiple parts of your legs all at the same time so you do not have to keep massaging your every body part one by one.

Another best thing is it has many massage techniques that help the user to get the maximum benefit which we have discussed above, the panel is built-in with a massager machine that makes life easy to operate.

Hygiene is very important so to make sure to keep the massager’s fabric clean and neat it can be removed easily as there is a zip included which allows the user to remove it.


Build quality:

The material quality or making is one of the key factors as no matter what functions and advanced technologies used in leg massager if the quality is poor the product does not last for a long time.

This machine JSB-HF111 made with a good material quality of rubber and finishing with leather that ensures the durability of the product, the weight of the machine is quite heavy though up to 26kgs but understandably so as it is made for home massage.

The motor is long-lasting and durable as it is made with heavy-duty and also ensures not to consume a lot of electricity while the massager is on.






The product size is quite sleek but not that you can take them while going out if you want to carry with you, it is foldable though as it is adjustable up to 110 degree which allows user to store at a safe place, saves space.

Though the overall size of the machine’s Height is about 57cms, the bottom length is 49 cm and the upper side length is 51cms, the width of the machine is 40cms.


Easy and safe to use:

Ease of use is one of the key things as the machine can be used by anyone from men to women including elders and it is important that elders especially understand the control.

This leg and foot massager is very easy to understand as the control panel is at the machine and indicates everything, also the machine is easy to operate just the user has to press the power button, and the machine starts.

Safety is another thing important while operating, to ensure safety this massager has 15 minutes auto turn-off facility which means once the 15 minutes reach machine automatically turns off.



Best leg and foot massager: Suggestions

  • It is important to know few things as the leg massagers are so tempting that users fall in love with them and they just take extra massage sessions which not at all a good idea.
  • As massaging for a long time cannot give you the desire results instead it will harm you the best time of the massage is 15 minutes and the good thing is it has 15 minutes auto turn-off the function.
  • Now that you know the duration of the massage for better results it is also important to know the frequency of massage, you can use it twice a week in the beginning if needed and later reduce it once a week.
  • After massage sessions, the human body gets relaxation and feels comfortable most of the time you may feel sleepy so better to take the massage after a hectic working day or schedule it on holidays so you can get maximum benefit.  
  • Though it is a very useful product for your legs it will be better for women during pregnancy to take suggestions from your doctors if you can use it for leg and foot massage.



Conclusion about JSB HF111 foot and leg massager

We have discussed in detail about JSBHF foot and leg massager, it is definitely a high-quality massager that has unique functions and the user can really enjoy their time.

Quality-wise also it is very compact and the strong only thing is if you are above 5.6” this massager may not cover few parts of your legs overall it has the capacity to massage your complete leg, foot even you can massage your knee.

JSB HF111 definitely solves a lot of issues such as pain, improves blood circulation, and releases stress also has many benefits it is perfect for home use something must have at home.

That is the conclusion about the best leg and foot massage machine if you want to know more about the best leg massagers you can also read the below articles.



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