Best Laptop under 30000 to buy online in India 2022- Reviews


Best Laptop under 30000 to buy online in India 2022- Reviews


Best Laptop under 30000 to buy online in India 2022- Reviews


If you are looking for a laptop under the budget of 30000, then you must be on a tight budget but you may have to compromise few things while buying in this budget.

As in a budget of 30k you cannot expect to perform your laptop like a pro, it will be suitable for your basic needs if you are looking laptop for video editing or to work on any other software.

You will not be satisfied you should look out for a higher range of laptops for you, in this budget it will be ideal for basic works like data entry, record maintaining of your business, online classes and meetings, etc.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best laptop under 30000 and things you should consider in order to get one best for you.

Note: some of these laptops may vary in price little but are worth each penny you spend on them.

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Top 3 Best Laptop under 30000 in India 

Best Laptop Under 30000


Available on 

1. HP 1V4G6PA Laptop 

 1-year warranty

2. ASUS VivoBook Classic Laptop 

 1-year on device 6 months on accessories

3. AVITA Essential Laptop 

18 + 6 Months warranty


About: Best Laptop under 30000 to buy online in India


1. HP 1V4G6PA Laptop 


Best Laptop under 30000 to buy online



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HP at the 1st on our list this laptop one of the best selling under the budget of 30000, the weight of the product is light only about 1.74 kg and the design is sleek.

So, if you are working from home or in marketing have to travel a lot with a laptop this will be your ideal choice as it is one of the lightest laptops and the HP is one of the top brands.

Let us come to the technical parts operating system in the laptop is windows-10 home preloaded that comes with lifetime viability, the graphics are Intel UHD that provides good and quick visibility.

The processor type in a laptop is Pentium with the speed of the processor is 2.4 GHz and the processor model number is Intel Pentium Gold 6405U which is decent for your basic work but if you are into gaming it may not fulfill your need.

The ram size is 4GB and 1TB HDD rotational speed 5400 RPM with maximum memory supports 16GB and the Ram memory technology is DDR4 which is quite good in budget performs well with decent capacity.

The graphic card interface is merged into the laptop, the display size of the laptop is 15.6” HD with LED display type which is considered to be good for screen quality and resolution is 1366 X 768.

The battery life in this laptop is large enough up to 7 hours, another uniqueness about the laptop is it has an HP TrueVision HD camera with an inbuilt microphone dual array digital microphone that is helpful for online classes or meetings.

Key Features:

  • The processor type is Intel Pentium Gold 6405U.
  • 4 GHz base frequency, 2 MB L3 cache & 2 cores.
  • Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity.
  • LED Display size is 15.6-Inch HD 1366 x 768.
  • Memory & Storage is 4 GB DDR4 with 1TB HDD 5400 RPM
  • Intel UHD Graphics keeps the visibility clear.
  • HP TrueVision HD camera with integrated dual array digital microphone.
  • Ports SuperSpeed USB Type-C, SuperSpeed USB Type-A.
  • Other ports MicroSD card reader, Without CD-Drive.
  • Battery life is up to 7 hours.
  • The laptop comes with a 1-year warranty.


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2. ASUS VivoBook Classic Laptop 


Best Laptop under 30000 to buy online



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Up next Laptop from Asus Model No: M409DA-EK484T it is lighter in terms of weight than HP Intel Premium so if you want lighter weight then this is another suitable choice weight of the product is only 1.60kg.

The display technology is LCD with the size of the screen is 14” which is lesser than the HP laptop but the resolution is better in this product it is HD resolution with high-quality pixel size full HD 1920 x 1080.

The uniqueness of the display is it has highly protected from anti-glare coating so you can work more efficiently without any discomfort and disturbance thanks to the FHD panel.

The operating system is Windows10 Home and the processor type in this Laptop is AMD Ryzen 3 3250U is ideal for official work and for surfing works faster it is good in the budget under 30k.

Ram size is 4GB technology of ram memory is DDR4, maximum memory support in a laptop is 12GB with hardware size 1TB and the hardware rotational speed is 5400RPM all this combination is excellent and good for your basic needs.

Overall good laptop efficiently performs well, it has a dual-storage system that allows you to store movies, photos, etc to avail of this you can install apps on SSD it will ensure you less loading time.

The keyboard is large enough and the chicklet keyboard is compact and ensures long easy operation, it also ensures user-friendly typing without any hassle due to 1.4mm key travel.

Battery life is large enough and the uniqueness about the battery is if you are in hurry for meetings keep the laptop for 49 minutes for charging and the laptop charges for 60 minutes.

 Key Features:

  • Lightweight laptop 1.60kg and design are very trendy.
  • AMD Ryzen 3 3250U Processor, 2.6 GHz frequency.
  • Memory 4GB DDR4 2400MHz onboard RAM upgradeable up to 12GB.
  • Storage capacity 1TB SATA 5400RPM 2.5-inch HDD.
  • Empty 1x M.2 Slot for SSD storage expansion.
  • Integrated AMD Radeon R3 Graphics.
  • The display size is 14.0-inch, LED-backlit FHD 1920×1080 60Hz Anti-Glare Panel.
  • Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity.
  • Very sleek design body size is 23.1mm.
  • Full-size chiclet keyboard with 1.4mm key travel distance.
  • Multiple Ports 3.5mm Combo Audio Jack, HDMI 1.4, USB 2.0 Type-A.
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C, and Micro SD card reader.
  • Fingerprint reader with VGA Web Camera.
  • Wi-Fi 5 with Bluetooth 4.2, Built-in speaker, and microphone.
  • The laptop comes with a 1-year warranty for the device and for accessories 6 months.


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3. AVITA Essential Laptop 


Best Laptop under 30000 to buy online


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3rd on our list of best laptops under 30000 to buy online from AVITA brand model no: NE14A2INC433-CR it is one of the best laptops in online, design-wise it is quite unique and weight of the product is only 1.30kg which is light and ideal for working professional.

The operating system in this laptop is preloaded windows 10 home in S mode and the screen display size is 14” with a 1920X1080 FHD display which is great for visibility.

The graphic chipset brand in the laptop is Intel and the graphic coprocessor is Intel UHD Graphics 600 with graphic card integrated with a laptop, the graphic is quite clear and good for viewing images.

The processor type in this laptop is Celeron N4000 with a base processor speed of 1.10 GHz that has a maximum speed of 2.60 GHz works decently and can do your daily working.

The ram size is 4GB with hard drive storage size is up to 128GB SSD and memory technology in AVITA essential laptop is LPDDR4, battery life is up to 6 hours which is good in the budget.

The overall good quality laptop made with material aluminum and the color is quite different concrete grey makes it look different from the rest, it is one of the cheapest laptops so if your budget is low it is an ideal laptop for users.

Key features:

  • It is Celeron N4000 processor.
  • 1.10 GHz base processor speed, with a maximum speed of 2.60 GHz.
  • Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home in S Mode operating system.
  • The display size is a 14-inch screen 1920X1080 FHD display.
  • Connectivity with 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM with intel integrated UHD Graphics.
  • Hard drive storage is 128 GB SSD.
  • Thin and light Laptop weight 1.37kg, Made with good quality aluminum Body.
  • Battery Life is up to 6 hours.
  • Ports and Optical Drive USB 3.0 Type-A, Full-Size HDMI and Micro SD Card Reader.
  • The laptop comes with an 18 + 6 months warranty. 


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Things to consider while buying the best laptop Under 30000


Buying a laptop is one of the toughest tasks as many models and brands available in the market make the job more difficult and confusing.

Since the budget is under 30000 it makes it tougher to get one best quality and performer for you, but still, if you keep few things in mind your job will be a lot easier and you will be firm about what you want.

So below are some of the points to consider while buying a laptop.



Before anything decide your purpose of buying it may sound silly but write down the brownie points of what you are going to do with your laptop and mark my word it works really well.



Once you decided the purpose now decide the budget this will make your search even easier as all our effort of thinking goes scratching your head on budget.



The processor is one of the important elements in the laptop as all the performance speed depending on the processor of the laptop, it is also called CPU or central processing unit.

Though a processor of above 3.50GHz is considered to be best since the budget is under 30000 you may have to settle with 2.40GHz to anything above that these are quite affordable and ideal for basic working, you can also download movies and songs, etc.

But if you are thinking that you will download the high apps and software it may not be a good idea and your laptop will not work properly and efficiently.


Ram size:

Ram has the responsibility of storing data into the system, if you are a gamer or video editor you should consider ram size of 8GB or above, in the budget of the laptop under 30000 you will see ram size 4GB in most of the laptop there will be rare laptops with 8GB in this budget.


Hard Disk:

There are two types of Hard disk SSD and HDD, SSD is more ideal as they work for longer, and works efficiently whereas HDD is less expensive with good storage capacity but may not work as efficiently as SSD.

The good thing is you can find SSD and HDD hard disk storage in Under 30000 laptops, storage capacity will be depending on the product to product.


Graphics card:

This is another important aspect of a laptop graphic card that ensures to show you images there are multiple graphic card qualities available in laptops, it all depends on you how much graphic card size you want on a laptop.



The display is what you see on your monitor you can see laptops from display size of 14” to 15.5” you can go for as per your comfort and need, nowadays laptop with higher display size is considered to be better.

15.5” display size is more common in laptops, but as discussed selection is completely depending on your comfort but our recommendation will be 15.5”



There is no doubt that you should choose a good resolution Full HD will be our preference, it is measured in pixels and it is also important for the display 1920X1080 pixel with FHD is more common in the latest laptops.


Battery life:

We all know laptop needs to have battery while working in laptops you will find the battery life between 5 hours to 7 hours, 5 hours mostly in gaming laptops as they consume more power but in basic official work laptop, it will have 6 or 7 hours of battery life.



This is completely depending on brands how they will provide a warranty most of the brands do provide a warranty of 1 year, but some may provide up to 2 years.

Moreover, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the warranty as if the brand provides an extended warranty some may ask you to register on their website in a certain period of time to claim an extended warranty later if needed.




We have just discussed Best Laptop under 30000 to buy online in India, some of the top quality brands are HP, ASUS, ACER, and Avita as well.

These all brands make some of the best and durable products that will be suitable for your needs if you are a video editor or into gaming, these laptops are not suitable for you.

It is important to understand the operating system, processor type, storage capacity of the laptop as this combination will decide how it will work for you.

Hope this article about the best laptop under 30000 to buy online helps you to know about the product, in this budget, you can do your office work and as also discuss you can also enjoy downloading movies and songs.


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