Best gaming monitor under 15000 in India 2022- Reviews


Best gaming monitor under 15000 in India 2022


Top best gaming monitor under 15000 in India 

Best gaming monitor

Key Features & Our Review

Editors choice 

AOPEN Curve Gaming Monitor

Display 27” with Full HD, 250 nits brightness 

Panel: VA panel 

Response rate 4ms.

Refresh rate 144hz refresh

Flickerless, & AMD FreeSync Technology

1800R curved display 

Ports HDMI, VGA, DVI Ports 

Warranty 3 years 

Top Rated

LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor

24” screen size Full HD, 300 nits brightness

TN panel & 170 viewing angle

1ms response rate 

Refresh rate 144hz refresh

Flicker-Free technology 

Radeon Free sync technique.

HDMI, display & headphone ports

3 years.warranty 

Value for Money 

Acer Nitro Gaming Monitors

23.8” full HD display, 250 nits brightness.

IPS panel

Response rate 0.5ms

165hz refresh rate

AMD Radeon FreeSync technology 

Display port, HDMI port

3 years.warranty 

Best in budget 

AOC Curved Gaming Monitor

23.6” Full HD resolution

VA panel

1ms response rate

144hz refresh rate

AMD FreeSync technology.

HDMI, display, and VGA ports

1500R curvature display.

3 years.warranty 

2nd Top Rated

Acer Gaming Monitor (KG271P) 

27” Full HD 1920 x 1080, 400 nits brightness

TN panel, Stereo speakers.

Response rate 0.7ms

Refresh rate 165hz

AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology

Flicker Less Technology.

DVI Dual, HDMI, DP Ports

2nd Value for Money 

BenQ Zowie XL2411P Monitor

24” Full HD display

IPS panel.

1ms response time.

144hz refresh rate

Flicker-free technology

eQualizer technology

HDMI, display port & DVI-D.

3.3 years warranty.

Best gaming monitor under 15000 in India 

Are you looking for the best monitor for gaming under 15000? But not yet found one then do not worry as the end of this post you are going to get one top monitor for your gaming purpose.

As we have done a long 48 hours of the hunt before listing on this list of reviews you are going to see all types of different panels so you can select as per your requirement.

At the same time, I have also written a detailed buying guide for the best gaming monitor under 15000 so let us start discussing each one of them one by one.

Note: some of these monitors may vary in price little but are worth each penny you spend on them.

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1. AOPEN Curve  Gaming Monitor

Best Curve Gaming monitor in India with 27” screen & 144hz refresh rate.


Best gaming monitor under 15000


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AOPEN monitor is the best gaming monitor in India in the budget as it sports with balanced VA panel which is great for gaming to editing work.

The monitor powered by large size 27” with Full HD 1080p resolution & 250 nits brightness gives you a high-quality gaming experience as it has well supported 144hz refresh rate.

It has powerful elements capacity to handle your gameplay with ease thanks to the quick response time of 4ms.

No need to worry about blurriness while playing high-intensity games as the monitor is developed with Flickerless Technology and does not harm your eyes as the monitor has blue light protection to keep you comfortable while using.

To help you the smoother gaming experience you get to see excellent technology AMD FreeSync which is specially developed for minimizing the scamper display.

If you like to watch videos and want to have experience of cinematic viewing then you are at the right product as 1800R curved display will take care of your needs.

Overall best 144hz gaming monitor comes with a very trendy design that catches the eyes, also it comes with HDMI, VGA, DVI Ports with Inbox Cables, also you get a 3-year warranty.


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2. LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor

Best TN panel monitor with 24″ screen size, 144hz refresh rate, and 300 nits brightness with 1ms response rate 


Best gaming monitor under 15000


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With a combination of TN panel & 170 viewing angle which also offers you a 24” screen size Full HD 1920 x 1080 with the help of 300 nits brightness this is ideal for Esports gaming.

You will enjoy your Esports gaming quite comfortably as you get powerful support from technology Flicker-Free that keeps everything away that can make your screen flicker.

The refresh rate of 144hz per second keeps your frame rate faster so you can enjoy the good visuals without harming your eyes as it is enabled with eye shield technology.

It also has the capacity to give you an ultra-quick response time of 1ms & the Radeon Free sync technique is there to keep your gaming session smooth without any Stuttering & tearing.

If you play FPS & RTS games then you are going to enjoy your time on this best gaming monitor as you get custom gaming modes that help you enhance your game & the Dynamic Action Sync technique reduces any lag.

This is another best wall mount monitor in India that has ports such as HDMI, display, and headphone ports also you get a warranty of 3 years.

Overall a quality product for gaming as it also has a stabilizer enabled that helps you in a dark screen that makes your screen slightly brighter than some of the other monitors.


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3. Acer Nitro Gaming Monitor

Cheapest Best 165hz gaming monitor with 0.5ms response time.


Best gaming monitor under 15000


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Acer is a big player when it comes to making the best gaming devices and they are the leading brands in the market any pro gamers just enjoy their gaming monitors.

Why not make top quality in the lowest budget, Acer Nitro monitor aims to give gamers an outstanding gaming experience while not compromising on the quality of watching videos.

As it is featured with an IPS panel that is specially crafted for gaming and videos as it comes with a lightning response time of 0.5ms & 165hz refresh rate with 23.8” full HD 1920 x 1080 & 250 nits brightness.

Honestly, this is an excellent function in the best budget gaming monitors as it helps you to have always an edge over your rival in the game.

The highlighted point about this product is that it helps you to mount on the wall, other options such as tilt & Swivel adjustment it is enough to provide you ultra-comfort while playing games.

To avoid tearing & stuttering this device is equipped with AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology so you can just enjoy your game without any discomfort.

Its design is also made by keeping in mind for gamers Zero Frame Design & Thin Bezel make display looks elegant, also best monitor for video editing with solid features you get stereo speakers.

This monitor has 3 years warranty also comes with 1 display port, 2 HDMI ports, and a DP cable.


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4. AOC Curved Gaming Monitor


Best gaming monitor under 15000


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AOC curved gaming monitor features a robust configuration that has the capability to take your gaming experience to new levels, and the good thing is it’s the best budget gaming monitor in India.

This monitor is powered by a VA panel that gives you excellent performance combine with IPS and TN panels so this is another best option for professional gamers to editing work as it supports multitasking.

You get a 23.6” Full HD resolution display with a 1ms response rate and excellent color gradient helps immensely during editing.

It also has a 144hz refresh rate per second ensures quality videos on a fast continuous base without any tearing, blurriness in images as it is built-in with AMD FreeSync technology.

Flicker-free technology keeps your eyes comfortable and does no harm, You get ports connectivity options such as HDMI, display port, and VGA ports.

Moreover to ensure this is a top product for professional gamers it has 1500R curvature that helps in smoothening intensifying gaming.

The overall design looks quite sleek and attractive you can adjust the height up to 130mm and the curvy design looks stylish, warranty on the monitor is 3 years.


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5. Acer Gaming Monitor (KG271P) 


Best gaming monitor under 15000


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This gaming monitor sports with 27” Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution & response time of 0.7ms paired enough to deliver one of the most smooth, seamless gaming experiences.

It is equipped with a TN panel display which is a powerful configuration for gamers as far as monitors are concerned as you get excellent support from refresh rate 165hz per seconds, also good sound ensured by stereo speakers.

Which gives you consensus images at brisk space also the highlighted features among all its 400 nits brightness which is quite helpful in editing work where with quality display brighter screen matters the most.

You do not have to worry about the display suturing, tearing as it has developed with AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology & very easy on your eyes protects due to Flicker Less Technology.

Zero frame design narrow bezels allows you to get maximum screen presence also you get 178 wide viewing angle for premium comfort while playing intensity games.

Overall excellent choice for pro gamers in the low budget comes with tilt adjusting option and ports connectivity such as DVI Dual, HDMI, DP Ports with Inbox DP Cable.


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6. BenQ Zowie XL2411P Monitor


Best gaming monitor under 15000


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This is another flawless option for the best monitor for those who are looking monitor for gaming & editing as it sports a 24” Full HD display that has an IPS panel.

That supports the editing to gaming also you can enjoy watching videos as color accuracy is better than other panel types.

It is also paired with a 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time you can get a good visual while playing games and editing videos or photos, flicker-free technology does not allow any blurriness on screen.

As 1ms response time is considered to be perfect for pro-gaming especially if you play FPS games you are going to enjoy your games a lot as it supports perfectly FPS.

The highlighted features of this monitor that make it the best monitor for editing are its unique eQualizer technology & color liveliness that ensures clear visuals.

You get ports connectivity options such as HDMI, display port & DVI-D headset/mic input, for comfort you can adjust the height up to 130mm.

Also, other options of adjustability such as tilt & swivel, overall excellent monitor come with lower blue light that keeps your eyes less irritating thus you can use it for a long time, the monitor has 3.3 years warranty.


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7. LG Ultragear Monitor ( 24GL650F )



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This is the best 144hz gaming monitor under 15000 equipped with 1ms response time helps in countering your enemies to always have an edge over your competitor.

It is sports with TN panel which specially design pro gaming and also work efficiently for those who are wanting to have proper set up for tournaments.

It comes with screen size 24” with 300 nits brightness which is good in the budget, The highlighted technology of this best gaming monitor under 15000 is its Dynamic action sync that ensures no lag in performance.

This monitor sports with On-screen control which is a unique function find of LG which helps you to give comfortable use as you can manage the display split, manage the monitor pre-set display.

AMD Radeon Freesync technology not only helps in crystal clear images but also maximizes the FPS rate thus it gives you a smooth gaming experience.

It is also having a black stabilizer which is good while you stuck on a darker screen stabilizer gives better clarity so you can target your enemy efficiently.

You get to see ports connectivity such as HDMI, display port & headphone, other features such as adjustable height, mountable to the wall, tilt option, overall excellent for gaming with 3 years warranty.


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8. ViewSonic Gaming Monitor



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This stylish monitor is next on our list for the best gaming monitor in India in curved designs, as it has the narrowest bezels you can enjoy quality screen presence comes with a 24” full HD resolution screen.

It is powered by a TN display that offers you a 144hz refresh rate with 1ms response time ensures quality frames at a high level to enjoy your gaming as you get to see quality images on a regular basis.

Adding more to quality pictures and images it is equipped with AMD Free Sync technology & a 1800R curved display that ensures you enjoy watching high-resolution videos including an advantage in gaming.

Monitor has furnished with various features that shield your eyes from damaging you have anti-glare technology allows you to seat for long hours without any discomfort.

Also, other functions such as blue light filter, flicker-free technology-enabled in this monitor to give you more comfort, it also has tilt adjustment so you can set it up as per your comfort.

This ViewSonic monitor featured top-quality stereo speakers to enjoy listing to music to videos, you have ports options such as HDMI, display ports and a warranty on the monitor is 3 years.


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 9. LG Gaming Monitor



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This LG gaming monitor can be best for you if you like to have a large screen size monitor as it featured with 27” Full HD 1920 x 1080 TN panel.

You get to see a wide viewing angle and 300 nits brightness excellent for comfortable use, you can enjoy esports games on this device as it is paired with a 1ms response time & 75hz refresh rate.

Response time is excellent for better visuals though the 75hz refresh rate is decent but could have been a little more at least 120hz, AMD free sync & flicker-free technology gives you smooth and clear pictures.

It has Crosshair technology which is the invention of LG where you can aim your target accurately before shooting this helps you to counter your enemy efficiently.

This is another monitor that helps you to play games efficiently especially on darker screens as it sports with a black stabilizer, while ports support you get HDMI, VGA, display ports.

Other functions such as mountable to the wall, adjustable tilt make sure to comfortable use and warranty this product comes with 3 years.


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10. Samsung Gaming Monitor



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Up next on our list of best gaming monitor under 15000 from Samsung, this cheapest monitor comes with a bezel-less design that gives you more screen space which is good for gaming.

It is featured with Full HD 24” screen and 75hz refresh rate is decent for playing games, highlight of this product its game mode technology that enables you to find your rivals even from the dark screen.

Since it has game mode settings the color accuracy of the monitor is something you rely on, you can expect decent ports support from HDMI, display ports.

AMD Radeon Freesync is there to help in quality images & videos as it does not allow any stuttering, tearing, also with flicker-free technology, an eye saver mode display is easy on your eyes does not harm while longer use.

Overall good monitor for gaming in budget 75hz refresh rate is decent but it covers up with game mode technology which enhances your performance.


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11. Acer Nitro Gaming Monitor



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If you have a very low budget then you can consider this best gaming monitor under 15000, it featured with VA panel that is equipped with a display size of 21.5” Full HD resolution with 250 nits brightness.

You can enjoy the quality visuals without any lag and ghosting as it is paired with a 1ms response rate & a 75hz refresh rate is good considering budget.

It is powered by AMD FreeSync technology that gives you crystal clear images without any tearing and for a more comfortable visual experience, it has 178-degree wide viewing angles.

The highlight of this monitor is its black boost function that allows you to adjust the dark levels up to 11 levels which can enhance your gaming with well-supported Acer games modes helps you upgrade visuals according to situations.

This monitor overall good for gamers comes with multiple techniques to protect your eyes such as flicker-less display, blue light protection & ComfyView Display that minimizes the harmful reflections.

Overall good for editing to gaming, also comes with flexible ports support such as VGA, HDMI Ports and it has 3 years warranty.


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Buying Guide for Best gaming Monitor under 15000 

Different Types of Panels:


TN panel:

These panels are specially designed for gaming thus it is a good choice if your focus is only gaming, it provides your excellent response time with a good refresh rate.

Which ensures you a very immersive gaming experience at the budget option thus many gamers prefer TN panels especially Esports gamers, you will get much best gaming monitor under 15000 with TN panels.

But the downside of the TN panels is its color gradient or I should say color accuracy it has an average performance so if you are into editing then the TN panel will lag in performance.


VA panel:

If you are looking for the best gaming monitor under 15000 and if you are getting a VA panel then it’s definitely worth going with it.

Especially if you are into editing and at the same time want to play high-end gaming then the VA panel will work for you.

As its features such as response time, refresh rate is good but at the same time, color gradient is better quality than TN panel.

So basically, it’s a combination of IPS panel & TN panel, we have listed some of the top VN panels above you can read the details above.


IPS panel: 

Though many gamers do not prefer IPS panels it has a little edge over when compared to TN panels and that is its durability.

Also, if you are someone who likes to watch videos on high resolution then IPS monitors are good for you as color gradients in IPS panels are better when compared to TN Panel.

As far as gaming is concerned you can play games but due to the low response rate it will not perform as fast as TN or VA panel, you can get a refresh rate in the IPS panel from 60hz, 75hz to 144hz.


Display size and resolution:

Best gaming monitors under 15000 available with different sizes of the screen which is better to choose? Apparently, the answer will be 27” and definitely large screen size is always better for your gaming experience.

But if the 27” display has a decent response & refresh rate then it will be a concern if you want to be a pro gamer.

So, without compromising on the quality of screen rate you have to select a gaming monitor overall even a 24” display also has the capability to give you an efficient gaming experience.

In the best gaming monitor under 15000, you have to settle with 1920 x 1080 resolution which is not bad either but if you want to have higher quality such as 4K then they are a little expensive.

Brightness can be a concern for many 250 nits is decent whereas 300 nits can give you a good experience also there are few monitors available with 400nits brightness which can be excellent.


Response time:

Here response rate is as crucial as refresh rate & display size, 1ms or 2ms response rate is excellent for pro-gaming which is easily found in TN panels and in VA panels as well.

IPS panel will lag bit where you may see anything between 4ms to 5ms which will perform decently, you have to keep things in mind that a low response rate is better for gaming.


FreeSync Technology:

If you are looking for the best gaming monitor under 15000 then you will get to see Free sync technology which helps in less tearing, stuttering, or lag in quality pictures.

This is important for gaming Smoothness which you may not get in regular monitors, this is the invention of AMD so you will get this feature at a little cheaper price.

There is another technology G sync which is established by Nvidia but to get this type of monitor you may have to extend your budget.


Eye Protection:

We know that gaming is such long hours sitting in front of big-screen so sometimes itching in our eyes or irritation is common even if you are into editing work you need a lot of concentration.

To counter that many brands make monitors that are powered by unique technologies to keep your eyes comfortable and safe, mostly Flicker-less technology monitors you should select.



Frequently asked questions:


Which is the best gaming Monitor Under 15000?

This is depending on your need but again either TN panels or VN panels you must select so above we have listed the best gaming monitor under 15000 here are some of the top-rated monitors.

1. AOPEN Gaming Monitor.

2. Acer Nitro Gaming Monitor.

3. LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor.

4. AOC Curved Gaming Monitor.


Which is the best IPS monitor under 15000?

If you are looking for the best gaming monitor with an excellent IPS panel Acer Nitro gaming monitor can be an excellent pick as among all IPS panels it is featured with a good response and refreshes rate with a 23.8” FHD screen.


Which is the best Curved Monitor Under 15000?

Curved gaming monitor in trend due to its sleek presence we have listed quite a few best-curved monitors on our list top among them AOPEN Gaming Monitor followed by AOC Curved Gaming Monitor


Which is the best TN panel monitor under 15000?

As TN panels are slightly cheaper than other types of panels you get to see the huge collection that makes it actually even difficult to choose, we have listed above many TN panels among them top-selling is as below.

LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor.

Acer Gaming Monitor with 27” screen size.

LG Ultragear Gaming Monitor (24GL650F )


Which is the best VN panel monitor under 15000?

In the budget of the best gaming monitor under 15000, AOPEN Curve Gaming Monitor offers you excellent features that can take your gaming to another level as it comes with a 27” display, 144hz refresh rate & decent 4ms response rate.

If you are not satisfied with the response rate then you can consider another best gaming monitor under 15k AOC Curved Gaming Monitor that comes with a 1ms response rate, & 144hz refresh rate.


Which is the best 144hz gaming monitor under 15000?

If you are looking for the best 144hz gaming monitor under 15000 then below are some of the top-rated 5 best options you have also we have done a detailed review above for these products.

AOPEN monitor for gaming, LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro Gaming Monitor along with AOC Curved Gaming Monitor & BenQ Zowie XL2411P Monitor.


Which panel is better IPS, TN & VN panel?

Overall TN panels are made especially for gaming but there are a few IPS panels that can give you an excellent gaming experience at the same time quite durable than TN.

A panel will have the little upper hand when it comes to performance as you get a combination of both TN & IPS panels.

Here if your budget is very low you can go with TN panel monitors you can definitely be going to enjoy your gaming but the VN panel is slightly better for multi-tasking you can also do editing and gaming.

So all and all it depends on your requirement if gaming is only concern TN panels are best but want to use for other works VN panels or for that matter IPS panel with good response rate & refresh rate can be selected.


Can I use a Gaming monitor for editing?

Yes, gaming monitors can be used for editing but as I discussed as TN Panels are average performers when it comes to the color gradient in this case VN panel monitor is what you should look for.


What should be the display size of the gaming monitor?

Higher the size is better for you but as I cover this during buying guide that for gaming not only display but also refresh rate & response time does matter so if it meets all these 3 elements you can go with 27”

But if even a 24” screen size comes with a fast refresh rate & response time then a 24” display monitor is a better choice for your gaming needs.



Conclusion about best gaming Monitor Under 15000

So here it is we have discussed in detail about best monitor for gaming under 15k hope this post helps you to know about budget gaming monitors but if you have any query post your comments our the team will be happy to guide you.



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