Best full body massager machine in India 2021- Reviews


Best full body massager machine in India 2021


Best full body massager machine in India 2021


If you are above 30-35 years then you might have started feeling stiffness, pain in your body and this is the age where little issues start to occur, and if you do not pay attention to the time it can become severe at times.

The best solution to this is a regular massage to heal your body, as it has many adventurous benefits of effective massage, the cost of massage might be a big issue for you as it is important to take massage regularly to get rid of pain, stiffness.

There are full body massage chairs available in India, but they are too costly to buy if you have the budget then it is excellent you can go with it but if you have a limited budget then this article going to discuss the alternative.

We are going to review some of the best full body massager machine in India so let us start reviewing them one by one but before that many questions arises such as is it safe to buy online? so below is our answer to this.


Top-quality pick from best full body therapy machine 

HOPZ Electric Full Body Massager Chair 

Renpho Cordless Handle Massager 

AGARO Electric Hammer Massager

Best mid budget massage chair 

Top quality and Deep tissue massager

Budget friendly 


Benefits of buying a full body massager spa online:

  • Door delivery no need to step out of the home.
  • Online you get good discounts due to rising competition.
  • There is no headache of bargaining.
  • Good and easy return facility.
  • All big brands are available on online platforms.
  • On some products, you may get EMI options.

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Best body massager

Special Features 

Available on 

HOPZ Electric Full Body Massager Chair 

Massager and Sofa for comfort 

Renpho Cordless handle Massager 

5 diffrent massage heads 

HoMedics Percussion handle Massager

Sleek and easy to carry anywhere

AGARO Electric Hammer Massager

5 diffrent massage heads 

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About: Best full body massager machine 


1. HOPZ Electric Full Body Massager Chair 


Best full body massager machine in India



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First, we are going to review this very uniquely designed massager chair that you can call a sofa, it is designed and inspiration is European style sofa that is not only suitable to massage your body but also a good way to add furniture to your home.

You can also seat on it comfortably like you seat on it on another sofa or chair when not in use as it works on the electric source, the material made of high-quality ABS plastic that ensures durability and it is a BPA-free product.

The BPA-free product means it takes away the chemical elements from certain plastic that minimizes the risk of diseases such as diabetes, fertility, skin issues, etc, it means this is completely safe to use.

The massager has vibration therapy that is very helpful for increasing blood circulation into your body, which leads to reducing the pain, aches, improves the spine position by eliminating the stress on your nerves.

It is a good way to relax your muscles especially if you are into the gym and weight lifting then will be an ideal option to get some massage after tiring sessions, it is also a stress reliever, overall effective product but if it had heating could have been better but at the price range, it is still decent.

It is a good option for those who are looking for a massager chair but due to the lack of budget can not buy it, as it does a decent job to get rid of pain and stiffness, also efficient for those who like to have little therapy after a tiring day.

Key Features:

  • It is one of the best full-body recliner massage chairs at an affordable price.
  • Good and effective massage therapy in the comfort of your home.
  • It can be suitable for your home furniture while not in use.
  • Releases stress, pain, aches, and ensures relaxing time.
  • Improves spine position and posture of the body.
  • Vibration massage therapy increases blood circulation into the body.
  • Completely safe to use as the plastic used is skin-friendly BPA-free. 


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2. Renpho Cordless Electric handle Massager 


Best full body massager machine in India



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Up next on our list handled body massager from Renpho, this is also known as an Electric body massager very portable and easy to carry anywhere you go due to its sleek design and reasonably lightweight.

The handle of the body massager equipped with silicon material that gives very sturdy gripping while massaging session, and it is long enough to use for the hard-to-reach body area.

This deep tissue massager machine comes with 5 different kinds of heads that are detachable can be used for different motives which we are going to elaborate below, but one more good thing is it does not necessarily require electricity as it works on a battery.

The battery capacity is 140 minutes which is more than enough for use several times as maximum massage to body you should take about 10 to 20 minutes, you can also manage the intensity of your message as it comes with 5 adjustable speeds.

The percussion modes you can adjust as per the requirement as it comes with 5 modes, overall it is completely safe to use as it has auto turn off options after 20 minutes and motor quality is very strong gives 3600 pulses per minute to get effective and healing massage to your body.

Roundheads: It is a basic massage head that you can target normal body muscle points.

Point head: This is also for small tissues and muscles but if you want to target specific triggering points then this will be best for you for Eg: you can use this while massaging your arms or biceps.

Intensive head: You can use this while targeting bigger body parts such as the back.

3 Point head: If you want to heal your body with a soft and soothing massage using this 3-point shape head, you can use it as it gives very relaxing therapy.

Curved head: This is very effective for body parts such as legs, & arms.


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3. HoMedics Percussion handle Massager




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3rd on our list of best fully body massager machine in India, this product from HoMedics this is one of the best selling product online as it gives a very strong yet very soft massage to heal your body.

This percussion massager device is very light in weight only about 1.12kgs and the handle is long enough to target your entire body including the back.

The making is solid as it is made with plastic material, if the user wants to massage their body they have to use electricity power source, it is another good option which you can carry outdoors easily and the handled massager is very effectively reduced pain.

User can adjust the speed of the session among four levels you get option such as low, medium, high and maximum you can select as per your comfort, it comes with 2 heads which is adjustable one is for a firm massage and the other is for soft massage.

These heads move very efficiently 3100 pulses per minute that help to get rid of pain and stiffness from body parts such as back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, thighs calves, and hamstrings.


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4. AGARO Electric Hammer Massager


Best full body massager machine in India



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4th on our list of best full body massager machine, this electric full body handled massager will be a good pick for those who have very little budget and can not afford to get a product that has a high price.

It gives very effective percussion massage due to vibration technology and comes with 5 different removable massage heads to target different body parts and have 5 massage modes so users can go as per their comfort.

It is designed for safety as well as it has an auto shut option where once the massage session time reaches 15 minutes device automatically shut off, overall very good product for pain & stress relief as it ensures deep tissue massage that relaxes your small tissues and muscles.

There are 5 detachable massage heads you can use as given below details.

Round Head: This is the basic head that is suitable for the full-body you can massage any body part, this gives a very percussive massage.

Flower shape head: Your calf and abdomen body part is mostly neglected but this flower shape head ensures to squeeze your muscles to get very soothing effective sessions as it provides you reflexology kind of massage therapy.

Wave head: To target body parts such as thighs & arms you can use this head to massage.

Finger shape head: It is made for finger pressing massage technique therefore it is called a finger head, it is useful to target thighs and hips.

Brush Head: If you are looking to massage the neck using this head it can give you relief from pain, it is good to use if you have any issues with the abdomen as well.


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Frequently Asked Questions about the best full-body massager machine:


What can I use for a massage at home?

If you are not using a massager at home, you can apply good body massage oil or lotion, but if you are going to use a massager then do not apply oil just use the machine and follow the guide that the brand has given you.

There will be a choice you will get if you are looking to target full body then you should go for either massager chair or handle massage machine, both are effective but expensive massage chair will have some amazing features whereas cheapest massage chair will have basic massage technique.

The benefit of the chair or massage sofa you just have to seat and enjoy the massage by making some settings, whereas handle massager still you have to move around your body part manually to reach affected areas but still as I discussed it can do the job and these are available at economical prices.


Does a massage chair require or use a lot of electricity?

Well, this is the most common question arises, and most of the user’s concern about this point but honestly it does not take much electricity consumption it can maximum take 200 to 250 watts which are very lesser than most of the home appliances.


Is massager good for back pain?

If you are looking specifically to target back and lower back pain then you can also go with the best back massager as they allow you to massage your body parts such as neck and shoulder, but it is always good to have a massager device that targets multiple parts all depend on you.

Here I have said you can go with a back massager there is the reason I have put this point as these back, neck, and shoulder massagers will have some effective massage techniques such as heating therapy, shiatsu massage and some may have vibration too.

Therefore it is very useful to target your affected body part if you are suffering from long pain, or have any kind of injury, etc, these are very effective for you.


Is vibration massager safe?

Everything has some positive points and some negative points, usually, vibration massage is completely safe as long as you are taking in the right direction.

Whenever you start taking vibration therapy start with a low-intensity check if your body handling the pressure that puts into your muscles and tissues, then gradually increase speed then you may not have any harm.

If you do not follow the instructions properly as per studies people faced the issues such as back or lumbar injuries, but as I said if not used properly.


How long can I use an electric massager machine?

I will suggest you rather read the manual whichever product you select at first place, as discussed above go slow try to go with low speed and the good thing is most of the electric massagers will have options like auto turn off anything between 15 to 20 minutes.

As per some experts, 15 or a maximum of 20 minutes is more than enough to get efficient massage sessions, but if you are using it on the initial stage go with 10 minutes for the safer side.


How often should I use a body massager?

It is completely depending on you, these massagers can be used every day as well but then time should be lesser, ideally, I will recommend to at beginning once a week for 10-15 minutes and then once you get comfortable 2-3 days a week will be beneficial for healing your tired body.


What are the benefits of a body massager?

  • These full body therapy machines are specially made for providing human beings with much-needed relaxing time from tired and hectic days.
  • It eases your nerves to keep you calm and also releases stress from your muscles, there are many small tissues in our body that require stimulation and reviving that helps to refresh your body.
  • Regular and proper massage can benefit you with align your spine and also very helpful for keeping your body posture in shape.
  • It is a good way to reduce body pain especially due to age, some studies also suggest that these are very helpful for arthritis pain and some machines are good for stimulating the body’s secretion of endorphins.
  • As full-body therapy machines can be used for entire body parts it increases the blood circulation into your body, there are also seen positive effects for those who have issues such as digestion and also good for diabetic person they can use best leg massager.


What is good in full body therapy machine?

  • This very tricky to say the list as many kinds of massagers available from handled massagers to massage chairs, leg massagers, and back massager machines.
  • But since you are looking for a full body massager you should get a massager with the following features again it is all depending on budget, the shiatsu massage technique considered to best as they give your body a feeling of finger pressing massage.
  • Try to get a massager that has therapy such as vibration and thermal massage technique that is popularly known as heating massage but if budget is low you might have to compromise within this case vibration massage will be a better choice.
  • It has to have intensity adjustability some may have 3 adjustable intensities or some may have 5 intensities you can go with anyone.
  • If you are going for a handle massager then it should have multiple heads as we have discussed above how it helps to massage your different body parts for multiple reasons 3 to 6 massage heads are ideal.
  • Another thing that must keep in mind especially with a handle message that if it has a cord then it will have at least a long 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters.
  • If your selected device work on battery then it is best but keep your eye on battery capacity.
  • Long handles ease of use, effectiveness, portability, and durability are some of the important elements to look out for while purchasing massager.
  • If you have a budget and looking for a zero gravity massage chair then we have written a detailed article on it you can read it.
  • Budget best full-body massager machine should have good vibration therapy, comfortable seating positions and if possible if it has heating massage then it is good to go with it.
  • Material quality is another thing you should look out for most of the devices made from plastic such as ABS or PVC these are considered to be good options.



Conclusion and final words:

While concluding we suggest if you have a higher budget you must go with a full body zero gravity massage chair instead of cheaper options, but if you are looking massager for a mid or low-budget then a basic massager can also fulfill your requirements.

If you are going for a handle massager try to get a product that has multiple heads and for safety auto turn-off option should be there, hope this article helps you to understand about best full body massager machine.

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